Where The Jobs Were: Waiters And Bartenders Topped The List

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We already showed that contrary to the strong headline payrolls print, the sole source of job gains in July was part-time jobs, which rose by 393K in the month, the biggest monthly increase since September 2016, as full-time jobs sunk by 54K. Which is why it should not surprise that of the 209K jobs added according to the Establishment survey, the sector that added the most jobs was the "food services and drinking places", i.e. "waiters and barenders" category, which added 53,000 jobs, the highest monthly increase since March 2014. There have now been 89 consecutive months without a decline for waiter and bartender jobs, the strongest sector for US employment. Needless to say, these jobs fall within leisure and hospitality, that sector pays the worst wages, an average of $13.35 an hour, and $331.08 a week.

Next was professional and business services, which added 49,000 jobs. Within this category, administrative and waste services added 30,000 jobs, while temp workers rose by 14,700. The good news here is that hourly pay for this group averaged $26.07, and weekly pay $928.09, up 2.5% from a year ago. The bad news is that most of the jobs were in administrative and temp services, the lowest paying groupings.

Health care added 39,000 jobs, with job gains occurring in ambulatory health care services (+30,000) and hospitals (+7,000). Health care has added 327,000 jobs  over the past year.

Employment in mining was essentially unchanged in July (+1,000).

While no other sector made a significant contribution to the July report, it is worth pointing out that for the second consecutive month there wasn't a major job sector with a decline in jobs.

Commenting on the job distribution, Andrew Zatlin of SouthBay Research said "manufacturing hiring is settling down: oil related capex hiring is pausing and autos are hitting the brakes. This offsets other gains. That leaves services to drive the hiring, and it's mostly positive. Healthcare hiring strengthened after the ACA repeal debacle.  Temp hiring is also steady."

In its observation of overall wge growth, which surprised to the upside rising 2.5% for all workers from a year ago, more than the 2.4% expected, that number can often be skewed by gains at the top. Furthermore, these are nominal numbers: assuming a 1.6% CPI as reported in June, that means "real" wage growth is roughly 1%. As the WSJ points out, "it's hard to push the economy very far when consumers are seeing only 1% wage growth."

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Is that how these things work? Not sure

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... Waiters And Bartenders Topped The List

That’s the ugly “beauty” of a Service Economy.

Why’s China so eager to become a Service Economy as well? Beats me…   ;-)


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Do these numbers include all the rapefugees Starbucks hired?

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'Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die'

Wonder how much the merry industry accounted for in the job numbers.

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The 0.01% have to tip somebody....

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This was documented by HuffPo under Obammy's regime too and the lunatard left never had issue.  It was a miraculous recovery.


My money says this doesn't make it thru the day without leftist mouth breathers whining about this.

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Hey man, the dude needs someone to make his white russians...

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I thought he was a white russian

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400k and no so good jobs shit shit shit ...as old soldier now at 66 ...be advised ...now/currently... 10,000 a day retire ... that would be ahh about 300,000 good jobs for the most part ... give or take also 10,000 a day had to cash out ... 401K ... like i will about 3 years ... if we make it to there so... net net looks bad ...real bad 400K bad jobs  -300k good jobs = we are fucked...

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Hey man, stop with the common sense already  /s

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Yeah. Need a chart. Too much math

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What's a great way to stay on american soil and eventually be a citizen? A job.

Who became president not that long ago? Trump.

Those jobs were there all along. Common sense you say sarcastically...

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Yeah - these guys have been putting this concocted data out for way too long. They have no idea how many jobs were created or lost. They DO do a good job of pretending to care though. Also, I believe that ZH along with the intended audience of a bunch of financial geeks are the only people who watch this with any kind of scrutiny. Everyone else sees the headline and thats it.

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The algorithms only read the headline.... why should anyone read the content?

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"it's hard to push the economy very far when consumers are seeing only 1% wage growth."

But...but...but.... Paulsen just said that we have great wage growth and this economy can go on forever!!!

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Real wage growth?

Which planet is he on?

Which solar system, for that matter?

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He is either in a parallel universe, another delusional thinker, or just a paid liar and shill.  And Trump takes credit for this.  Talk about another corrupt asshole running the show.

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Trump is doing his part with all the hiring at the White House.

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Yeah, but it's a zero sum game... he should be firing 4 or 5 for each hire if he really wants to help the citizens!

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Glorified beggars. 

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Bartenders and waiters needed to circulate all of the QE. Bubbbbbbbbbbles.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0vCZLGQByA  Greg Hunter has a good one today

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Thanks for the link. he is on top of the facts and reports well.

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So Everyone is a bartender or a waiter. Can't think of a better reason to hammer Gold !!!

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Its friday and gold is usually hammered. 

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Are we up to Summer recovery #9?
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It's "rekoberry" not "recovery."

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I couldn't in good faith work serving people alcohol, or fast carb junk food. Good thing I don't have to.

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AS LONG AS the big boys can keep importing their labor force, everything is simply wonderful!  Just kidding!!!





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what no Opioids pushers and hookers. O yes single moms 

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The bull market in waiters could continue forever.  We can all make a living waiting on each other.

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Always a nice touch when your bartender has a Master's Degree.

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Obamacare is killing the hiring of full time staff.

Intent was to eliminate the bourgeoise... I mean the middle class.

Kulaks must be eradicated in order to get the just utopian society that Obama craves...

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Obamacare will be repealed.  We're waiting for Kid Rock now. 

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Maybe he'll start an escort service (for all the right reasons), then add them to the service economy job numbers?

Oughta put us at full-employment, I reckon.

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I suppose it makes sense to walk into a job interview on the last day of the month, when 6999 of the same job have been hired thus far in the month. You must instantly be hired in order to make the report come out perfectly at 7000.

Of course, if it is the end of the month and 6,000 jobs have been created - then you can forget about it - because no one wants to report 6,001!

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Once a Powerhouse Industrial-Techno Economy

America now reduced to absinthe-soaked Tinker Toys.

Economic non-growth, strange non-profits,

an empire of tattooed baristas,

gender-shifting half humans,

trajectory unknown.

Low sperm counts,

beget no sperm counts.

Human devolution is Earth's relief.



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Who made it so?


How will you take revenge?

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When people lose their job, house etc. they become depressed and consume alcohol.  Hence the increase in Bartenders.  Recession proof occupation.  Who do Bartenders serve ?  Other Bartenders and themselves.  LET'S PARTY like its 2007 !

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why is it that the number of new p/t jobs less the loss of ft jobs, is greater than todays reported increase in total jobs?    are 'total jobs' in todays reports some kind of full-time equivalent?

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Let them eat cake; no, no let them serve cake.

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Making America Part-time Again

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I'll bring this story up at the bar tonight and see what the other patrons think...

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They are going to need to rename the "service" industry because service at the restaurants and pubs that I frequent is almost non-existent.  The waitstaff disappears for long stretches of time.  I am guessing to play with their phones and ingest drugs.  

I can cook steak and burgers on my grill and my fridge is only a few feet away if I want another beverage.  Really isn't much of a treat to go out and not get waited on.

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If the service sucks why do you frequent the places? Duh.

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He probably doesn't know how to shop.

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"That leaves services to drive the hiring, and it's mostly positive."

Which is another way of saying that the cart drives the horse...

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An oldie but a goodie joke

So a laid off welder, mechanic,machinist walk into a bar and the Bartender says

 You are all hired part -time at 8 bucks an hour


Wait , that's not as funny as I remember it

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Thanks to the globalistss shipping many jobs overseas such as through nafta.

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Now all you have to do is fire them before the months end.

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I thought a lot of the "jobs" were fake made up numbers, er 'seasonally adjusted'