Former Facebook Exec Warns Society Will Collapse Within 30 Years As Robots Steal Half Of All Jobs

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We've all seen the sci-fi classics where armies of robots are created with the intention of replacing menial tasks but ultimately gain consciousness, turn hostile and eradicate the human race.  There, we just re-wrote the scripts of countless Hollywood hits in one sentence.

And while a small fraction of 'doomsday preppers' have labored under the assumption that a robot apocalypse or some other catastrophic event could wipe out the human race, the masses of civilization generally choose to go about their lives with the belief that mass disruption events are no more likely to occur than their favorite Disney fairytales. 

But, former Facebook executive Antonio Garcia Martinez, says the societal threat of technological advances are far more dire than anyone really understands. 

Martinez worked as a project manager for the social media giant in Silicon Valley but became terrified by the relentless march of technology. He reckons that machines will have taken half of humanity’s jobs within 30 years, sparking revolt and armed conflict.  So he quit his job, fled his home and now lives in woodland north of Seattle with a gun for protection. More from The Sun:

“If the world really does end, there aren’t going to be many places to run."


“Within 30 years, half of humanity won’t have a job. It could get ugly. There could be a revolution."


“I’ve seen what the world will look like in five to 10 years."


"You may not believe it but it's coming, and it's coming in the form of a self-driving truck that's going to run you over."


"There are 300 million guns in this country, one for every man, woman and child, and they're mostly in the hands of those who are getting economically displaced. There could be a revolt."


"You don't realise it but we're in a race between technology and politics, and technologists are winning. They're way ahead."


"They will destroy jobs and disrupt economies before we even react to them and we really should be thinking about that."



And while most will simply dismiss the notion that societal turmoil could result from the continued displacement of jobs/wages, artificial intelligence pioneer Jeremy Howard says people really "aren't scared enough."

Programme host Jamie Bartlett, director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, said: "The tech gods are selling us all a better future but Silicon Valley's promise to build a better world relies on tearing up the world as it is. They call it 'disruption'."


"The mantra of Silicon Valley is that disruption is always good, and through smartphones and digital technology we can create more efficient, more convenient, faster services and everyone wins from that."


"But behind that beautifully designed app or that slick platform there's a quite brutal form of capitalism unfolding and it's leaving some of the poorest people in society behind."


"There's a risk Silicon Valley's promise to build a better world could inflict a nightmare future on millions of us."


"The big secret in Silicon Valley is that the next wave of disruption could tear apart the way capitalism works, and as a result the way we live our lives could be utterly transformed."

Artificial intelligence pioneer Jeremy Howard said: "People aren't scared enough."


"They're saying 'Don't worry about it, there will always be more jobs'."

Of course, we've heard all of these arguments somewhere before:

"We are being afflicted with a new disease of which some readers may not have heard the name, but of which they will hear a great deal in the years to come—namely, technological unemployment" - Keynes, 1930


“Labor will become less and less important. . . More and more workers will be replaced by machines. I do not see that new industries can employ everybody who wants a job” - Leontief, 1952

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I am Jobe's picture

Screw 30 Years. It's already happening. Most are watching fucking asleep watching Netflix and looking for love 

Blue Balls's picture

Was this a SNL skit?  I hope so or this dude is a idiot.

kliguy38's picture

LOL............yup they are taking them all NOW

SethPoor's picture

He has no friends. He has no life.

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If my job is wiped out by a robot, I’ll learn another skill to provide for my family.

There used to be armies of typists typing and re-typing the same document all day long. Those jobs were replaced by computers and printers.

What happened to those people? Did they all die off?

This Facebook guy, along with Musk, needs to get a shovel and start digging, just to do something productive.


just the tip's picture

and tell him not to stop when he gets to the bottom.

BaBaBouy's picture

We make the Robots, then they will Make Us ...

Manthong's picture


Well, the good news is we will not need women anymoar…

Between high silicone androids and androgyny all of our needs (except for reproduction)  will be met. --

..and they can be programmed to be silent.

Sanity Bear's picture

it's not actually a surprise that Facebook is run by paranoid nihilists

ParkAveFlasher's picture

What these men don't understand is that they are not actually in control.  Society tolerates them no less than they tell themselves they tolerate society.  The vast majority of people have no psychological void that necessitates the wil to power over their fellows, unlike the sociopath **elite**.  As they threaten to pull out stops they correspondingly threaten the integrity of the human pyramid that they seek to lord over.  The fall is greater for them who loft themselves upward with such grand statements.

Isaiah 19:

11 Surely the princes of Zoan are fools;
Pharaoh’s wise counselors give foolish counsel.
How do you say to Pharaoh, “I am the son of the wise,
The son of ancient kings?”
12 Where are they?
Where are your wise men?
Let them tell you now,
And let them know what the LORD of hosts has purposed against Egypt.
13 The princes of Zoan have become fools;
The princes of Noph[b] are deceived;
They have also deluded Egypt,
Those who are the mainstay of its tribes.
14 The LORD has mingled a perverse spirit in her midst;
And they have caused Egypt to err in all her work,
As a drunken man staggers in his vomit.

Mr 9x19's picture

you know the facts ..... :


N.Y.C, 1905 ; where is the car
N.Y.C 1913, where is the horse...

less than 10 years....


2006 : where is the smartphone
2017 : yea they make nokia 33.10 again, cooool !! so oldschool !!!


you could only phone and text in great small nokia phone, now with a smartphone you can lead a company...

sincerly, i have no visiblity of the culture of occident over 10 years.


i just been to Mc donalds today because we had no choice to eat on vacation,  ratio of the consumers/size of the place : 2:1

the system is slowly coming to saturation. it was hell.

every places i visit, over over over population, everywhere, it is a virus.


more consuming, more people, less ressource, less jobs... simple equation to me.

Manthong's picture

geez... how low can one go?

Sonny Brakes's picture

Ladies in the typing pool were making $40,000/year in the late 80s & early 90s.They became legal aids when computers came along.

Maghreb's picture

Sounds clever but have you not asked why wages are basically the same since the 70´s and yet everything is getting more expensive? Why Birth rates are down and it takes two parents working to support a single child family? Truth is the U.S economy is a meat grinder and only going to get worse. Outsorucing most labour jobs was the first step and higher level of automization will be the next. Those future scapes of tommorow in the movies won´t exist because populatioon growth isn´t high enough to warrant that much construction.

Organ harvesting, narcotics and sexual slavery are the big growth industries of tommorow......

Welcome to the End of History Looney. 

Falling Down's picture

A neighbor of mine back where I'm from told me how much she started out at in a unionized factory that made power accessory stuff for autos. $12/hour in '79. I don't know what the equivalent wage would be today, but I'd imagine it would be over $30/hour.  

Got my first factory job in '99 after getting out of the service, at $8/hour through Manpower staffing. 18 years later, I still se job postings for factory work in the $9-$12/hour range. One I saw this past week listed an engineering wage of $45K/year.

We're in a race to the bottom, really, but people have no choice these days in certain industries but to take whatever shit wage they're offered.  

Stackers's picture

Same moronic predictions were made 150 years with the invention of powered looms, sewing machines, combine harvesters, and a whole host of labor reducing machines. The exact opposite occurred.

techpriest's picture

Personally, I see half of humanity not working -> women go back home to take care of the family, and men retire and help their kids around 50.

Sounds awesome to me.

JRev's picture

Half Life 3 will come out before that happens.

techpriest's picture

I see you get my avatar reference very well.

JRev's picture

Indeed ;) 

I was gonna go with, "You'll be living in City 17 before that fantasy land" but took the low-hanging vaporware.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Former Facebook Exec Warns Society Will Collapse Within 30 Years As Robots Steal Half Of All Jobs

My response: Sorry to deliver the bad news, we don't have anything close to 30 years. The scientific decay rates for lots of things predict a much short time frame that will alter our reality. With the earth polar shift now underway and Sun hibernation cycle set to begin, our realities in this world are about to begin to change radically. Note this is just the science talking. When we add in Biblical prophecy element, a lot of changes are predicted to begin within the 2017-18 time frame.

Of course, along with all the above, mankind has embarked on the science of genetic tinkering in humans, animals, food and biological warfare weapons.

It is absolutely stunning how fast the genetic tinkering is moving along. I think many have referred to this as opening up the FORBIDDEN GATE of TRANSHUMANISM. This messing with the DNA and RNA is really weird and very distrubing.

TuPhat's picture

Indeed, much more disturbing than robots.  Actually a lot of people already don't have jobs and a large part of them aren't even looking.  I don't see a revolution because of it.  The revolution might happen when the EBT cards stop working but not because people stop working.

Maghreb's picture

Population increased seven times meaning demand always rose. Now we have zero population growth in the developed world and an attempt to cut energy use by the Greens. Very very different situation......

thedespised's picture

this time, the facts back up the narrative 100%

apadictionary's picture

fk you einstein. tell us what we haven't already heard before.

tmosley's picture

Society AS WE KNOW IT will collapse. But it will be in a good way, just like when agrarian society as they knew it collapsed, forcing the end of the terribly unfree feudal system, and ushering in the industrial era and the rise of the middle class.

The robot revolution will usher out the "work to live" system and replace it with the "work to self-actualize" system. People will do productive work for their own benefit rather than material gain, because they already have all the material they could ever want, thanks to an unlimited robotic workforce comprised of a near-infinite number of ASI super-beings doing the drudgework of providing us will all the goods and services we could ever want.

It will be good so long as some military moron doesn't beat the civillian sector to the punch and build an AGI without morality and a directive to use deadly force.

JRev's picture

tmosley, you know my position. I think AGI is a pipe dream at best and the "God" (i.e. facade) of a Priest Class of coding technocrats at worst. But this statement...

"It will be good so long as some military moron doesn't beat the civillian sector to the punch and build an AGI without morality and a directive to use deadly force."

...begets some serious questions, as I can't think of a single major software company, research University, or chip manufacturer that isn't subsidized, at least in part, by In-Q-Tel, DARPA, or the cadre of other MIC goons. Google? Check. Facebag? Check. Intel? "Intel Inside," after all. SRI? Pffft. IBM? Ask Herman Hollerith. They've been front-running the Transhuman era since the Mother of All Demos:

There are two, and only two, outcomes of the "automate to zero" model: Complete abundance or total dictatorship. There is virtually no funding or research for the former, with the rare exception of the cypherpunks. Your vision of the future may come to fruition, but the odds are heavily against you.

Y'know, there was a Harvard professor back in the day who was a victim of MKULTRA at the University of Michigan. Wrote a book called "Industrial Society and its Future." Some called it a Manifesto. It's a fascinating read and equally as prescient as Timothy May's early writings on cryptoanarchy, but from the other side of the coin. A Dutch team did a fantastic documentary on this subject back in the mid-2000s but you'd never see anything like it aired Stateside:

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Agree, lack of critical, factual thinking is astonishing in the "idealism/positivism defecating" leftists or religitards. All the evidence is for cattle being prepared for culling and only the aristocracy moving forward on the evolutionary path.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

I always laugh my ass off when I see idealists defecating positivism when there is clear that there is nothing to be optimistic about. Human society is split into cattle - 99%, cattle farmers and farm owners - 1%. This is how it was all over our history since the first day when a clever dude realized that he can own his own kin just convincing them that they are imaginary ghosts walking into their meat enclosures till death - which is going to liberate them, but they will have to report about their naughtiness and lack of servitude to an imaginary leader who's going from there on to convict them to an eternity of pain and suffering for disobeying the priest directions or, if complying they will be rewarded with an eternity of milk, honey and harp concerts. The " defecating positivism idealist" AKA "libtard, communist, left fascist" just lacks enough intelligence and insight into the reality of the human psyche and that the reality can't be manipulated and changed behind its natural boundaries, and that the cattle will always be and remain cattle and the smart guys will remain or raise to the level of leaders - aka cattle owner, ever, for the time the human race will exist, and that will end with the cattle culling and the elites moving to the next stage of the evolution of the intelligence - the hybrid human-machine, the android.

tmosley's picture

Does it feel good to masturbate to the idea of inevitable death in public?

I'd be embarrassed myself.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

I'm not the one who believes in ghosts and imaginary stories with a psychopathic grandpa, so who's the one committing public mental masturbation here?!


tmosley's picture

You are either really reaching with your metaphors, or you are hallucinating, because I have no idea what you are talking about.

unsafe-space-time's picture

Anyone who is a leader is not because they are smart or genetically superior, it's because they are psychopaths. The cattle are slaves not because of Christianity, but because of fear and desire of material wealth and security.  they are slaves because they follow satan.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Oh, and he cites from the story book named the bible and he expexts his answer to be regarded for more than a brainfart ...

Sanity Bear's picture

A truly insipid vision of the future.

thedespised's picture

No, we're in for a world of shit.  99% of the population doesn't know how to do things, like survive, and doesn't believe bad things happen.  It's already well underway, and it'll be primetime news within a month max.    Society will go into serious problems for some years.

toady's picture

He was a quiet man...

joep3joep3's picture

The answer is the union robot. The union robot will charge dues that will be shiphoned off by the union robot creator. The union robot will slow the job down for safty reasons. The union robot will fight the other robots by collectively forming a union so that they are the only bidders on state jobs. The union robot will vote democratic even after they are dead (or dismantled). The union robot will have shadow robots that will relay the activities or other non union robots.

mkkby's picture

We are supposed to believe some stupid spic who couldn't cut it at FB.  Trump, check this asshole for a green card.

I'm not worried about robots taking our jobs.  I'm worried about robots watching our every move, then handing us over to robocop when we don't think the right way.  This is a much more likely future.  Every electronic gizmo is already a spy machine.

Master, I see you bought extra window cleaner.  That could be uesd to make explosives.  Ring, ring...

Inannasbitch's picture

'Most are watching fucking asleep watching Netflix and looking for love' 


what the frig is this? Was it supposed to have been like:


Most are watching, but are fucking asleep, or they perfer to be watching Netflix thinking and looking for love.


Most are watching others fucking, and sleeping, others watch Netflix and look for love on Thia websites.  


Inannasbitch's picture

'Most are watching fucking asleep watching Netflix and looking for love' 


what the frig is this? Was it supposed to have been like:


Most are watching, but are fucking asleep, or they perfer to be watching Netflix thinking and looking for love.


Most are watching others fucking, and sleeping, others watch Netflix and look for love on Thia websites.  


junction's picture

The Russia sanctions bill passed in Congress by  a vote of 419-3 in the House and 98-2 in the Senate.  Which is proof that robots have already taken over Congress, only there are humans fronting for the robots.  On Wall Street and elsewhere, tens of thousands of trading desk jobs have already been taken over by algorithms.  The problem isn't automation but the total collapse everywhere of educational systems that are supposed to add intellectual value to students.  You know, the ability to read and write, critical thought and job related learning skills like addition and knowledge of scientific skills.  Education stuff that Common Core can't teach.  Filling medical schools and resdidency programs with candidates chosen on the basis of skin color, nation of origin and bogus Indian and Pakistani degrees is one solution, these guys will become incompetent doctors good only at prescribing opioids, watching patients die and filling job openings with other medical incompetents who come from their village.  In other words, culling out Americans with the wrong skin color and religion.

TuPhat's picture

There is no such future as mentioned in the article.  Tesla will actually make useful cars before robots can take over.  They will need even smaller more powerful batteries than cars do and we don't have any such thing.

order66's picture

This nutjob is right at home here in the tin foil sections of ZH.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Electrical Grounding in NICU:

order66, your gross over-simplifications are

an apparent symptom of your IGNORANCE!


Sofa King's picture

This article makes no fucking sense. Are they grounding the kid through some kind of anti-static wrist wrap or the incubator itself. The best I can tell, if that incubator has a heat source and other sorts of monitoring equipment attached to it, it better be fucking grounded already.

Sounds like bad data collection to me.

If you think that does't happen, years ago the factory of a well known, yellow, generator company was pumping out units and telling everyone they would only drop to 55Hz on a full block load. I called bullshit during the witness testing, they threatened to sue, until that is, when I showed them that their recording equipment had a lower limit of 55Hz. In reality, shit was going down to 30Hz. World is full of these grounding scammers.

pods's picture

The EMR from the incubators was messing with the premies vagal tone. Grounding the premie reverses this. 

Not sure why that doesn't make sense?


Radical Marijuana's picture

I merely mentioned that link as a symbolic example of one of the tips of the iceberg in relation to the metaphorical ad hominem regarding people who were allegedly insane because they thought that "tin foil" hats could protect them.

There is lots of evidence that some people are much more vulnerable to others to various kinds of electromagnetic pollution. One would expect the youngest, such as premature births, to be especially sensitive.

Some overarching concerns could indeed be various deliberate weaponizations of ever subtler abilities to influence brain functions through various applications of electromagnetic energy.

A world in which there are robots everywhere, doing everything, would also be a world where there was much more background electromagnetic pollution than there already is. In that context, the possible weaponized robots might not merely be "coming for your jobs," but actually attacking your sanity.

In the recent past, I have found that some of the comments posted by order66 tended to grossly understate the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization is more and dominated by the maximization of maliciousness. Thus, the robots enter into a world where there has already been longstanding War On Consciousness waged by the ruling classes against those they ruled over.

Since Congress appears to have become more and more completely crazy and corrupted, there has not been any good investigations of the black budget development of technologies such as those known as MK Ultra mind control. Indeed, as far as I know, since the Church committee revealed some of what the CIA was doing back in the early 1970s, Congress has never bothered to publicly examine the development of possible mind control technologies since then.

I have no doubt that there are now an abundance of technologies which are kept almost totally secret, and which I may not be even able to understand, because the science behind those technologies has also been kept secret. (We do know that there are at least 6,000 patents have been classified as national security secrets.)

Whatever the most advanced military robots, with the most advanced weaponized mind control technologies, might be able to actually do is perhaps worse than I can imagine or understand, due to the basic science behind those abilities having also been suppressed.

In that context, order66 annoyed me with his glib dismissal of "tin foil." Therefore, I responded with one recent example of some realities regarding electromagnetic pollution effects ...