Loretta Lynch Communicated With DOJ Officials Using Grandmother's Name As Alias [UPDATED]

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Loretta Lynch has been busted using an alias to communicate with DOJ officials, per a breaking tweet by Kim Dotcom last night. The revelation comes after internet sleuths sifted through a new release of emails obtained via FOIA request by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) last week (link here to PDF) and found an email from “Elizabeth Carlisle” to colleagues, thanking “to all who worked on this.”

And as Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported last night, users in Reddit’s  “The_Donald” forum discovered that “Lizzie Carlisle” was Lynch’s grandmother’s name – Lizzie Carlisle Harris!

The hunt begins for all communications with Loretta “Elizabeth Carlisle” Lynch…


Meanwhile, this isn’t the first case of a high level Democrat using an alias. Contained within leaked emails released by Wikileaks during the 2016 election is an email from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “Dianne Reynolds” – later identified as daughter Chelsea Clinton, from the night of the Benghazi attack. Of note, Hillary tells Chelsea that the attack was conducted by an ‘Al Queda-Like’ group, and not an ‘angry mob’ protesting over an anti-Islam YouTube video, as the Obama administration told the American Public.

Not only was this top-secret information that Chelsea wasn’t cleared to know, it suggests that high level Democrats and/or their families employed aliases in order to covertly communicate.


Which begs a few questions

Why are top Democrats using aliases to communicate with each other? How many other former government officials or their family members have done so? And what does this mean for any current investigations into the previous administration?

Tarmac Meeting

Another bombshell revealed in ACLJ’s release concerns several of the emails obtained address the secretive “tarmac” meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, which happened right around the time the Obama administration began issuing FOIA requests to unmask the Trump team.


One with the subject line “FLAG”was correspondence between FBI officials (Richard Quinn, FBI Media/Investigative Publicity, and Michael Kortan) and DOJ officials concerning “flag[ing] a story . . . about a casual, unscheduled meeting between former president Bill Clinton and the AG.” The DOJ official instructs the FBI to “let me know if you get any questions about this” and provides “[o]ur talkers [DOJ talking points] on this”. The talking points, however are redacted.

Another email to the FBI contains the subject line “security details coordinate between Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton?”

On July 1, 2016 – just days before our FOIA request – a DOJ email chain under the subject line, “FBI just called,” indicates that the “FBI . . . is looking for guidance” in responding to media inquiries about news reports that the FBI had prevented the press from taking pictures of the Clinton Lynch meeting. The discussion then went off email to several phone calls (of which we are not able to obtain records). An hour later, Carolyn Pokomy of the Office of the Attorney General stated, “I will let Rybicki know.” Jim Rybicki was the Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor to FBI Director Jim Comey. The information that was to be provided to Rybicki is redacted.

Lynch had previously said that the tarmac meeting was ‘unscheduled’ described as ann ‘ambush’ by former President Bill Clinton, and that she ‘wouldn’t do it again.’ The ACLJ’s document dump suggests otherwise, as the FBI and DOJ scrambled to do damage control.

UPDATE: Jordan Sekulow of ACLJ discusses the FOIA request and tarmac meeting on Fox


Between the tarmac meeting and new evidence that Lynch’s meeting with Clinton was scheduled and coordinated, it appears a cadre of former high ranking Democrats have some explaining to do, again.


h/t Cuchulian

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lostinafog's picture

No wonder Obama quit smoking.  If he lit one up in a room full of these runts, the methane explosion would take out a city block.

joey stalin's picture

Loretta Lynch is a proud Affirmative Action graduate of Harvard University, like inbreed George Dubya Bush.  She summoned all her great intellectual powers to find a fool-proof way to hide her identity.  With imbeciles like this in charge, I would be surprised if the Russians, or anyone else who spent a full day in primary school, couldn't figure out how to take control of Amerika.

b0yzero's picture

Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and company will all spend the rest of their lives behind bars. 

missionshk's picture

isnt it ironic that we have godzillion laws and none are applied to the corruption that makes them..  but only to everyone else?

DjangoCat's picture

USA... United Scammers Anonymous

KrazyMax's picture

Definitely both!

nmewn's picture

I'm just gonna go ahead and ask the obvious question...

Does this type of behavior and activity by public officials arise from their glaring ignorance in not knowing how email, servers and the internet actually work or their arrogance in knowing that when they get caught nothing will happen to them? 

...either way, we are left with only two conclusions (gross incompetence or a complete breakdown in the rule of law) and neither of them are good for us. 

mrviolin22's picture

The Democrats were sure they would win the election. So, they were sure it would all be "handled." They had huge rigging and cheating and illegal voting....revealed by the Jill Stein recount which abruptly stopped as more and more evidence of rigging came out, too many ballots for example.

I think Jeff Sessions has been in "the club" too long and knows that all his Senate friends are guilty of high crimes. He doesn't want to proscuite them. 

We need an outsider like Sherriff Joe Arpiao. These Senators are involved in trafficing in Sex slavery and also drugs. The US Gov. is the biggest drug gang.

Quick's picture

I'm so pissed off that fucking democrats are investigating Trump while the Barry the magic Kenyan and his tribe of jungle bunnies walks free when EVERYONE knows they are guilty as hell !!

I don't even know how to express my disdain for the leftist assholes. 

Gen. Ripper's picture

Captain Quick, you've failed to recognize leftists for the enemy. That's what they are.

Automatic Choke's picture

"I don't even know how to express my disdain for the leftist assholes. "

I dunno....you seem to have done pretty well.

knotjammin2's picture

Hang in there.  In a short time you will be able to express your "didain" in the form of a AR15 and a thirty round mag.  These asshast have no idea how close they are to being removed......one way or another.  I've been reading a lot of comments lately and I believe most taxpayers are there.  I'm going long on "short rope and lamp post".

11b40's picture

Guess you are forgetting that Republicans control the House, Senate, and Presidency.  The fucking Dems are not doing anything that the fucking Reps are not allowing them to do.  That dickhead Lindsay McCain is even co-sponsoring a 'bi-partisan' bill to make sure Trump can't fire Mueller while Congress is in recess.  If you can't get your head around the fact that party politics is nothing but a diversion, you will never figure out the game.  2 cheeks of the same ass.  Different bumper sticker slogans for different audiences, but same results at the end of the day.  Judge them on their actions, not their words.

(and I do know his last name is really Graham)

Arctic Frost's picture

Actually, I felt this same way until something occurred to me. Once again by attacking the President for things he hasn't even done the Anti-Trumpers have hurt themselves more than Trump could ever do on his own.

Trump wouldn't have fired Mueller anyway and now Americans are going to have a nice little list showing them exactly who NOT to vote for in 2018. So go on you "bi-partisan" bunnies, we can't WAIT to see who votes for this baby!

11b40's picture

This goes back to understanding the game.  For example, Lindsey can't be voted out until 2020.  Dirty deeds are done by those with the safest position, and the vote counts on controversial issues are razor thin to protect the most representatives.

Thanks for playing, though.  Your participation is most appreciated.  Did you send money, too?

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Try justice delivered at 928fps.

NukeChinaNow's picture

I don't even know how to express my disdain for the leftist assholes.

RIGHTEOUS FURY, my friend, That'd sum it up if I'm not mistaken. Once I thought I was wrong-

but I was mistaken.


NukeChinaNow's picture

But it's exactly why we voted for President Triumph though we all knew he was not a 'republican' or 'conservative'.

We believed he would tell the truth unlike what we'd been strung along with for many years, ie., I'll repeal obamacare tax theft...and then never did anything about it. FOOKING LIARS. Thank God for the Lake of Fire, but I demand honesty NOW...not later.

BUt hey, what do I know? I'm just an ol' US Navy vet.

Arctic Frost's picture

You're absolutely right and no matter what they succeed in doing to President Trump they have already failed BIG TIME! THEY ARE EXPOSED!

His winning the election has caused ALL of the swappers to come out and show their true affiliations and surprise, surprise it isn't and has NEVER been the American people. We all bitched and moaned but we've never had the transparency we do now as to why we MUST vote new people in.


JohnG's picture

Special prosecutor?