1400-Quake Swarm Prompts Question "If Yellowstone Erupted, What Would Be Left?"

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Yellowstone volcano has been struck by 1,400 earthquakes in recent weeks, leading to fears that the supervolcano is ready to blow and wipe out life on Earth.

Seismic activity around the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, US, is not uncommon, but the heaviest swarm in half a decade has people very concerned.

Since June 12, The Express reports there has been over 1,400 tremors in the region, and experts state that the swarm could go on for another month.

However, seismologists state that there is nothing to be concerned about yet. Jamie Farrell at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City told New Scientist:

“This is a large swarm but it is not the largest swarm we’ve recorded in Yellowstone.


“Earthquake swarms are fairly common in Yellowstone.


“There is no indication that this swarm is related to magma moving through the shallow crust.”

Neverthelesss, following Montana’s biggest earthquake in 34 years, a 5.4 tremor in early June, which is on the same fault line as Yellowstone, and coupled with the swarm of quakes in the National Park, many are convinced that the supervolcano is now ready to blow.

One local wrote on Twitter: “Earthquake in Bozeman = truly terrified Yellowstone volcano gonna go off.”

So what would happen?

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Thoresen's picture

N Korea will be blamed.
But there will be no one around to debate it.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

1400-Quake Swarm Prompts Question "If Yellowstone Erupted, What Would Be Left?"

My response: Maybe I better visit the park before it blows.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Experts say there is no reason to be alarmed.

That's what all experts say before catastrophe. Like Yellen.

vato poco's picture

shorter ZH weekend doom porn: FEAR! FEAR!! FEAR!!!

tmosley's picture

>Heaviest swarm in half a decade

Wake me up when it is the heaviest swarm in 100,000 years. Jesus fuck.

froze25's picture

If this was a major issue why wouldn't they just construct the world's largest Geothermal power plant there and transfer the energy out via a nice controlled method that produces electricity, tons of it?

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

Exactly! They have had this unending source of energy in old faithful and instead of utilizing it, they turn it into a spectacle and park. Hey! I'm all for parks! Prob enough energy there to power the whole west but they build nuclear reactors on fault lines.

armada's picture

IF Yellowstone erupted????

They said the same thing about ozone layer, climate change, fossil fuel, blah, blah, blah.


Gold Pedant's picture

They said "half a decade." That's like these pompous fat white insurance agents folding their arms on camera and claiming experience for "a quarter of a century." Great, now we know that you have kids in college and can now focus on other stuff. Thanks, Statefarm! I feel like a hundred times safer than I would have purchasing an Alex Jones ProPur system or whatever.

Manthong's picture


The rings on a single Mann’s tree indicate a catastrophic inverse hockey stick and a drop in global temperatures of 9 degrees C within the next three weeks.

We are doomed.

Déjà view's picture

Physics 101...
Warm objects expand...every action has a reaction...


Dizzy Malscience's picture


Can we get the Chinese to build monster watertight  arcs to save our august leadership in time?

nmewn's picture

They should build an enviromentally friendly underground ice wall around it so it just chills out and it knows we mean no harm. 

The preceding public service message is Gaia approved ;-)

Dugald's picture


You can't go....You can't spell......its Ark...

osolomio's picture

He meant arcs He said arcs

Visualize it then you will understand things like

Ray Croc did

fucking genius

Old_Dog's picture

How many Russian billionaires do you know who will fly you over there in time?

Silverfoot's picture

I see what you did there... you snuck in an extra "M".....  hahahaha

Lost My Shorts's picture

The prophets of doom
will always find room
in a world full of worry and fear,
tip cigarrettes, chemistry sets,
and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

So I'm going back to my little old shack
and drink me a bottle of wine
that was mis en bouteille
before my birthday
and have me a fucking good time.

Amicus Curiae's picture

Rofl;-) but that mann wont show you data let alone his ring

prob something to be grateful for(ringwise)

August's picture

I'm counting on the Retired Green Beret to keep me informed re Yellowstone.

He's a talented guy, but if he lets me down, I've still got access to Bill Nye....

erkme73's picture

You're slipping spammer.  I see a name change was in order.  Did Tyler actually start banning your 50+ <5week old accounts?

hidflect's picture

If you shrunk the earth to the size of an apple, the crust on which we stand would be thinner than the skin of that apple. You don't want to build geothermal right on the weakest spot.

East Indian's picture

geothermals are not even pinpricks on that skin. We can comfortably drain some energy and get some electricity too. At worst, it will become a vent for the magma below, but since the pressure will be much less than an eruption, you will have only spectacular lava flows, columns and plugs! Drill the next one!

Spinkter's picture

Cause spotted owl and such, dontcha know?

Lore's picture

@ tmosley: Exactly. I mentioned before how a local seismologist is thoroughly frustrated. It's like CAGW alarmism to a real climate scientist: sensationalism and disinformation sows confusion and hysteria and makes more work for those who are trying to encourage sensible perspective. 

JRobby's picture

MSM can make a hangnail into a state of emergency in 8 minutes.

And the sheep respond like they are wired to a car battery.

political_proxy's picture

Just like political US news coverage.

Crisismode's picture

More fear-mongering Bullshit.

Based on crap science

and crap logic.


When will you admit that the sensationalist doom is a dead-end routine??


veritas semper vinces's picture

Unfortunately ,we did not have CNN 100,000 years ago,so no way to know the real news.


TruthHunter's picture

Doom porn peddlers love to ignore that  the last super eruption was followed by a series

of merely inconvenient  smaller eruptions.


The bears and wolves might be wiped out, but not civilization.

JRobby's picture

Animals and birds will leave the area. Then you know it's time to GTFO

The Gun Is Good's picture

Lava-front property for me! Yay!

keep the bastards honest's picture

shallow reporting of doom porn. There is a great deal more info which could be given. Earthquake activity has increased markedly worldwide in the last year let alone  the last couple of years.

The Pacific plate is copping it and  many many more deep earthquakes 200,330 and up to 600 klm deep which trigger larger shallower ones in specific patterns of pressure movement.. all refuted ie said to not be possible or possible of prediction of size and position, by US professionals.

So too bad. More are coming its way. NZ south island has weakened its crust, its old ridge down is fractured and a new one is forming to its east, and  its getting constant small quakes. Italy has broken and it too has constant small quakes.

US over the past year is getting lots more and quakes at the weak fracking breaks in the earths crust are breaking fracking  drill holes walls which allows material to spead out sideways thru shale layers , triggering secondary quakes which break more drill hole casings. 


Amicus Curiae's picture

its pretty regular that quakes rise when the sunspots drop ,

and suns been quite spotfree so far this yr 40+ days? or more

2009 was the longest series of spotfree days  since ive been taking notice

zippedydoodah's picture

Do you work for the New York Times?

Mr 9x19's picture

to me, 2008 as the end of capitalism is not a catastroph, it's just we passed from oligarchy to fail-o-cracy : from the moment bailout come into play, banksters realized the less efficient they are, the more bailing they got, it is a kind of reversed darwinism.

this civilization is fubar.

J S Bach's picture

It's funny how they put "global stock markets would crash!" in there.  Ha!  Like people will really care about markets were such a catastrophe to occur.  But, even at the end of the world, it's still all about the almighty dollar, isn't it?

general ambivalent's picture

I'm sure the Fed already has its version of Dead Hand up and running. Hammering down the price of bottled water could be pretty useful for anyone left.

Lore's picture

As an emergency services volunteer, I once attended a symposium for health care workers about procedure in the event of a pandemic, and the overriding priority was to prevent people from self-quarantining by staying in their homes, because that would hurt the economy.  I kid you not; those were the exact words, and there wasn't a single expression of surprise or consternation in the room. 

keep the bastards honest's picture


likely a pandemic in the next few years acording to Martin Armstrongs cycles.

OverTheHedge's picture

That would be the "Oh shit!" We're all going to die!!" Alarm and Despondency inverse happiness index?

JRobby's picture

Because one must accelerate the die off as a good citizen

Deplorable's picture

If you are lucky, it will blow when you are there.

Lucretius's picture

Agreed Gus, what better way to start the day than with a cup-o-mud and some ZH quality doom porn! I'm all a quiver.

yogibear's picture

Someone with many nukes could simultaneously detonate them on the fault line and speed up the process.