Imperial Folly Brings Russia And Germany Together

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Authored by Pepe Escobar via,

The Empire of Whiners simply can't get enough when it comes to huff, puff and pout as the Empire of Sanctions.

With an Orwellian 99% majority that would delight the Kim dynasty in North Korea, the "representative democracy" Capitol Hill has bulldozed its latest House/Senate sanctions package, aimed mostly at Russia, but also targeting Iran and North Korea.

The White House's announcement - late Friday afternoon in the middle of summer - that President Trump has approved and will sign the bill was literally buried in the news cycle amidst the proverbial 24/7 Russia-gate related hysteria.   

Trump will be required to justify to Congress, in writing, any initiative to ease sanctions on Russia. And Congress is entitled to launch an automatic review of any such initiative.

Translation; the death knell of any possibility for the White House to reset relations with Russia. Congress in fact is just ratifying the ongoing Russia demonization campaign orchestrated by the neocon and neoliberalcon deep state/War Party establishment.

Economic war has been declared against Russia for at least three years now. The difference is this latest package also declares economic war against Europe, especially Germany.

That centers on the energy front, by demonizing the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and forcing the EU to buy US natural gas.

Make no mistake; the EU leadership will counterpunch. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission (EC), put it mildly when he said, "America first cannot mean that Europe's interests come last."

On the Russia front, what the Empire of Sanctions faces does not even qualify as a hollow victory. Kommersant has reported that Moscow, among other actions, will retaliate by banning all American IT companies and all US agricultural products from the Russian market, as well as exporting titanium to Boeing (30% of which comes from Russia).

On the Russia-China strategic partnership front, trying to restrict Russia-EU energy deals will only allow more currency swaps between the ruble and the yuan; a key plank of the post-US dollar multipolar world.  

And then there's the possible, major game-changer; the German front.

The Fools on the Hill

Even without considering the stellar historical record of Washington not only meddling but bombing and regime-changing vast swathes of the planet — from Iraq and Libya to the current threats against Iran, Venezuela and North Korea — the Russia-gate hysteria about meddling in the 2016 US presidential election is a non-story, by now thoroughly debunked.

The heart of the matter is, once again, energy wars.

According to a Middle East-based US energy source not hostage to the Beltway consensus, "the message in these sanctions is the EU has no future unless it buys US natural gas to cut out Russia. To deny Russia the natural gas market of the EU was the goal behind the just lost war in Syria to put the Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Syria-Turkey-EU pipeline in and the opening to Iran for an Iran-Iraq-Syria-Turkey-EU pipeline. None of these plans worked."

The source adds as evidence the 2014 oil price war against Russia, orchestrated by "the dumping of Gulf States' surplus oil or reserve capacity on the world market. Since this has failed to bring Russia to its knees, the destruction of the Russian natural gas market in the EU has become a national priority for the United States."

As it stands, 30% of all EU oil and natural gas imports come from Russia. In parallel, the Russia-China energy partnership is being progressively enhanced. Russia is already geared to increase oil and gas exports to China and Asia as a whole.

The leadership in Berlin is now convinced that Washington is jeopardizing Germany's energy diversification/energy security via the  sanctions war. Russian natural gas and oil is secured by overland routes and is not dependent on the oceans, which, as the energy source stresses, "are no longer under United States control. If Russia in response to United States belligerency drops an Iron Curtain over Europe, and redirects all its natural gas and oil exports to China and Asia, Europe will be utterly dependent on largely insecure sources of natural gas and oil such as the Middle East and Africa."

And that bring us to the "nuclear" possibility in the horizon; a Germany-Russia alignment in a Reinsurance Treaty, as first established by Bismarck. CIA-related US Think Tankland is now actively discussing the possibility.    

Another US business/political source, also a practitioner of thinking outside the (Beltway) box, stresses, "this is what it's all about. That is the true goal of Russia, and the United States has fallen into the trap. The United States has had enough of Germany and what it considers dumping of German products on the United States through rigged currency. They are now threatening Germany with sanctions, and there is nothing Germany can do with the EU on their back facing vetoes from Poland, who is giving them trouble once again. The fools in Congress are really going after Germany, and throwing Germany in the arms of Russia."

The US as the New Carthage

A possible Germany-Russia alliance, as I've written before, rounds up the China/Russia/Germany entente capable of reorganizing the entire Eurasian land mass.

The Russia-China strategic partnership is extremely attractive to German business, as it smoothes access via the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). According to the business/political source,

"the US is at war with China and Russia (but not Trump, our President) and Germany is having second thoughts about being nuclear cannon fodder for the US.


I have discussed this in Germany, and they are thinking of renewing the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia.


No one trusts this US Congress; it is considered a lunatic asylum. Merkel may be asked to leave for the leadership of the UN, and then the treaty would be signed. It will shake the world and end any thought of the United States being a global power, which it isn't anymore."

The source adds, half in zest, "we think that Brzezinski died under the pressure of the realization that this was coming and that all his hatred of Russia and his life work to destroy them was becoming utterly undone."

So, in a sense, it's "welcome to the 1930s all over again and the rise of nationalism in Europe. This time Germany will not make the mistakes of 1914 and 1941 but will stand against their traditional Anglo-Saxon enemies. The United States has truly become today's Carthage and the disorder in Congress reflects the same stupidity of Carthage facing Rome. Legislators undermined their genius Hannibal as they are undermining the greatest president of the United States since Andrew Jackson. As Sophocles wrote in 'Antigone', 'God first makes mad those he wishes to destroy.' This Congress is mad."


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Canadian Dirtlump's picture

I had read that there is more rail traffic from Germany to Russia than there is from Germany to Europe. This shouldn't be news to anyone, but the combination of the REAL economic effects of a fruitless sanctions regime and mongoloid hysteria peddled by the US ( who don't see ANY of the ramifications ) have those who needlessly feel the pinch starting to bitch. Sociopaths are wired to do nothing but destroy themselves.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

I genuinely believe that 'good shall triumph over evil' is a fundamental and immutable law of the universe. 

Despite their best efforts to the contrary, the psychopathic minority will invite their own demise, hopefully ushering in a period of stability, harmony and human evolution that seriously hinders the reformatuon of these baby-eaters. 

The more light that is shone upon the cockroaches, the easier they will be to crush and the less they will be able to hide under the rocks and in the trash pile. 

A critical mass grasping this is all that is required. 


philipat's picture

I just hope that in the process of the Empire crumbling they don't take out the rest of the world in the process. As of now, we are at any moment in time just 15 minutes away from a nuclear exchange which would kill all or most of us on the planet. And mistakes DO happen which, in the present atmosphere of mistrust, are even more possible.

Déjà view's picture

How much longer does U.S. market beckon...with 330Mn consumers...many deep in U.S. Gov't @ 107%/GDP...

EuroZone's picture

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Offthebeach's picture

Bulky, heavy low cost crap is best land shiped by train.  Not much value.

Russia has always bought out German cucks.  Germany has enough coal and nuclear to be energy sufficient, but Russia has been a big cash supporter  of some German politicians and of German green ( commie ) anti-nuke and anti-coal. 

US couldn't of run without Soviet titanium.  The Blackbird SR71 jet was almost all titanium.  Puti says no sale to Boeing but good luck with that.  Even the Soviets couldn't keep their comrades from selling.  Boeing will just have a "Canadian Company" buy it.  


Freedom Lover's picture

You forget Germany outlawed Nuclear Power. All plants must be closed by 2020. That will not change unless Merkle and the Social Democrates are removed from power. That is highly unlikely.

new game's picture

sanctions(laws) NEVER work if the DEMAND IS REAL. look at history. war against drugs(oil, naty same difference). prohibition, sex you name it. these fuks will fuk themselves and we the plebs too.

we need leaders that promote trade, not this war machine to control the "enemies" resources.

or coral the market, or fuk the competitor via war and sanctions. blatently obvious and germany has woke up-good.

as an american i have become anti-american due to our leadership. wow-i said that..

nice article, thanks

StarGate's picture

Absolutely Putin wanted to ally with USA and it made sense to Trump. Russia has gold, oil and Christians. Since its inception, Russia and USA were allies until the Communists murdered the Russian royal family and enslaved the people. Now Russia is free of communism.

The stupid self destructive US Congress (except 5 or so) by pretending to believe the Dem-CIA non-existent Russia story have created an alignment between Russia, China, Iran and now it seems Germany. Which destroys trade with USA.

Congress - stupid overpaid arrogant dinosaurs.

Yen Cross's picture

   Annnd ~ the top keeps spinning.

  The deck gets reshuffled, and some people shoot themselves in the back of the head , with nailguns, 4-5 times<

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Imagine. If you were hoss enough to shoot yourself 4 times to do the job, you'd be strong enough to not be compelled to kill yourself.

Yen Cross's picture

 I'd rather not.  The preface of my comment, was in relation to corruption, larceny, obstruction of justice, ect...

The central planners's picture

What its this about? Check mate Trump or feed the MIC gang? Or simply gain nat gas market?

Yen Cross's picture

  Thank You for asking.  There's never "check mate" in geo-politics. 

  It's more about one-upmanship.   Bishops chasing knights and rooks chasing Queens.

   Okay, here's my two cents. I think Trump layed the wood on the North Koreans, with China.

 I also think Trump is done negotiating with North Korea, and will take unilateral action.

  Additionally, the Germans have very significant issues to deal with,[strong currency, massive ECB debt obligations< Bund uptake< and Merkel is not a good leader.

The central planners's picture

I dont think the US  will dare to take any unilateral action in NK unless it involves sort type of kinetic cyber action. Any other thing will risk the lives of millions in Seul, and McCain will be watermouthing of ecxitement.

Yen Cross's picture

 You're wrong.

  No lives will be risked, and it will be over before you know it.

  This about preservation of technology vs attrition, and nothing more.

The central planners's picture

Even in the case the US neutralize the NK regime then you have another problem and it is the power vacuum that will be left over and who will fill it.

Yen Cross's picture

   That's a serious problem, and represents decades of diplomacy from Rusu/ Sino relations.

  As with most political situations, problems manifest themselves over many years/decades, and the incompetent elected or appointed dolts, don't have understanding of the times[past] or access to the perrtinent files.

The central planners's picture

That reminds me the power vacumm the brittish left in India/ Pakistan. Still there is problem there.

Yen Cross's picture

Yes.  The British however, have been able to, through finance, been able to turn two cultures against eachother.

 Sound familiar?

garcam123's picture

I get the distinct feeling that you think you know what you are blabbing're source must be cnn.

I think you are a fool.......just sayin.......try and follow up with any facts you can find.....otherwise stupid spew.....clown!

JohninMK's picture

Yen Cross "no lives risked"

Hope you are right but I suspect not. You seem to be assuming no 'dead hand' trigger will be activated if the NK leadership/nuke facilities are wiped out or attempted to be wiped out, as mountain bunkers are difficult targets, like Cheyenne Mountain and Tora Bora for example.

The thousands of guns aimed south are unlikely to be wiped out and will do serious damage, maybe not to US interests (the NK missiles will hit them) but certainly to the SKs.

Also the NK still have their earlier safeguard WMD, chemical weapons, which may be already in position, Israeli Samson Option style, at strategic locations in the US and elsewhere. Plus they could well already be on the tops of missiles aimed at US bases in SK.

An out of the blue strike is not a good option. If it was it would have already happened.

Plus the Chinese and Russians will be very unhappy, probably leading to further closer ties with Russia. The Law of Unintended Consequences is ready and willing.

StarGate's picture

Please explain "preservation of tech and attrition".

chiswickcat's picture

It's about American gas lobbying AND Neo cons not wanting Russia to have an 'energy' hold over NATO countries.

scaleindependent's picture

What if the US wins and America strengthens its economic and military grip on the world. 

What if the US speaks nice things but acts like a drunk bully with a gun and this bully is the cop.  What if then America forces the world to ...

BlackChicken's picture

Perhaps we should stop listening to this bullshit from the "media" and just focus on working hard and being the best people we can be?

Not to be milk toast about the implementation, but focused on our realities while remaining strong, and standing up to abject stupidity.

chiswickcat's picture

You mean turn a blind eye to the shenanigans and destructive actions of our leaders?

SgtMilstar's picture

War (WW III) this time will be about exporting, not importing oil which caused WW II in Asia.   

radbug's picture

Merkel's Own Goal, the migrant issue, plus Article 7 & Poland, will see Congress back Poland and Germany forsake Washington in favour of Moscow.

sinbad2's picture

Merkel has been a CIA asset her whole life, the refugee chaos in Europe is US policy.

Mutti should retire to Virginia.

Winston Churchill's picture

Read Pikes letter to Mazziin 1870 and tell us again whose policy the immigrant folly is ?

Mutti is just the latest pawn.

HalinCA's picture

That would be too sad ... the Poles in the middle again, only this time with a 'ally' 4 thousand miles away ...  hard to imagine they are stupid enough to go along with that plan ...

11b40's picture

Yes, that 4,000 mile energy supply chain over water would be a total disaster in time of conflict.  How would you like to work on a LNG tanker during wartime?  How hard would it be to shut down Polish energy terminals, either by embargo, or by blowing them up?  Lights out Poland.

AriusArmenian's picture

It will be ironic indeed if the US Empire of Insanity is brought down by US Congress overreach.

Royotoyo's picture

Escobar is in fantasy land.  Germany may need cheap Russian gas for its manufacturing sector, but it needs access to the US' consumer and financial markets much, much more. So it will bend the knee regardless.  Unfortunately, for all of us, Frau Merkel is going nowhere except to reelection.  Why they love her so much there I cannot fathom, but love her they do.

Common_Law's picture

They love her because the government fines tech companies $500,000 for every post they don't remove online. WWW (world war web)

sinbad2's picture

The US market is only 9% of German exports, and shrinking, China is 6.5% and growing very rapidly.

As for the financial markets, well the US is collapsing economically, and Germany is a creditor, they lend money to the US.

Pol Pot's picture

Actually you are wrong....Germany does not need American consumer markets at all. The only major German products American consumers really buy are German cars...and they will buy no matter what. Owning a German car is aspirational, in the eyes of Americans owning a German car shows you have succeeded...even if the only way you can drive one is on lease and no money down. What other cars to Americans aspire to drive...Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus....not a fat's Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche....
But the world over wants not only German cars but their machine tools, manufactured industrial goods, chemical products, products that improve infracstructure, productivity, and a businesses bottom line...
What the fuck to we export....Facebook...Netflix...CNN.....apps that no one uses....iPhones that are made in China....McDonald's...and our number one export.....Democracy at the barrel of a gun......
Germany is and has been quietly developing deep economic ties with both Russia and China in preparation for the new Silk Road...German engineering and highend manufacturing, cheap Russian energy, and a huge Chinese market with low cost manufacturing and many billions an g up and coming consumers in Asia and Africa....who needs the US to provide anything....the world can easily live without fakebook and Google...

giovanni_f's picture

that's why the Angloimperialists buy Germany via the stock market with their used toilet paper US$s. Mutti Merkel is an US asset brought and kept in power to make sure Germany remains a vasall and forgets about its own strategic necessities. Not a fat chance Germany will regain its souvereignty. The US military presence in Germany - the biggest outside the US by the way - is so far perceived as sort of symbolic by the Germans. They might learn soon that the US means business when it comes to keep Germany firmly under US control in order to prevent Germany and Russia to develop Eurasia.

JohninMK's picture

Nail on the head.

The Germans moved into Russia in a big way as soon as they could after the wall came down. Unlike the financially raping Banksters they went in for the long term primarily with factories. There are an estimated 5000 German/Russian operations in Russia.

The US will do everything it can to forestall it but the next 100 years belongs to Germany/Russia/China.

Freddie's picture

Consumer yes but financial not so much. Merkel is horrible and it is sickening the non-choices Germans get along with the vile US Congress.

Bingo Hammer's picture

Sorry but that US market you speak of is IMPLODING while the Asian market is EXPLODING...the days of "bending the knee" to the US are nearly over; the parasitic/vampiric "little country" in the ME that has virtually drained its host (the US) dry will soon abandon its diseased host and move on, but unfortunately, it has put so many poisoned eggs into the US Congress basket that it cant seem to pull out....and thus they will see the "Sampson Option" as their ONLY OPTION

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Nobody needs to sell to a bankrupt offering toilet paper for their goods, you are the one living in fantasy land.

neutrino3's picture

Just reminder of germallogic. Remote ownership on once sold and payed goods. Pee-chish.

Sanctions on people that dare to buy turbines for Crimea in artificially provoked catastrophic electro-situation. Siemens' plant in Russia is forbidden to sell them for Crimea, also Russia. But retroactive. After moneyz are all in.

Yes, yes, f-course. Ze onkl sam did it. Zwee are always victims and occupied.



gregga777's picture

There are 535 insane war criminals in the United States CONgress.

Counterfiat's picture

'"welcome to the 1930s all over again and the rise of nationalism in Europe. This time Germany will not make the mistakes of 1914 and 1941 but will stand against their traditional Anglo-Saxon enemies. '

No, nationalism will make a stand against zionist marxism but now with a resurgent Russia as an ally, that is what USA/Israel/ClintonCNN fears. Can Trump join in?


sinbad2's picture

I wouldn't count on that. Although I admire German science and engineering, when it comes to politics, they are fools.

louie1's picture

Unfortuneately Europe is a complete vassal state of the US. The Europeans do not have the guts to stand up for their own interests. They arr worse than stupid


chiswickcat's picture

As a European resident, I must say, I resemble that comment!

shutterbug's picture

you "resemble" that comment? You are like that? ...