Pence Blasts NYTimes For "Absurd Fake News" Suggesting He'll Run In 2020

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Last night, the New York Times ran an article (see: Republican Shadow Campaign for 2020 Takes Shape as Trump Doubts Grow) suggesting, among other things, that Mike Pence was quietly preparing for a Presidential run in 2020 on the chance that Mueller, the mainstream media and the intelligence community is ultimately successful in taking down Trump.  They even suggested that members of Pence's team have openly admitted as much to potential donors at fundraising events.  Here are a couple of the key excerpts:

Senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse have already been to Iowa this year, Gov. John Kasich is eyeing a return visit to New Hampshire, and Mike Pence’s schedule is so full of political events that Republicans joke that he is acting more like a second-term vice president hoping to clear the field than a No. 2 sworn in a little over six months ago.


Mr. Pence has been the pacesetter. Though it is customary for vice presidents to keep a full political calendar, he has gone a step further, creating an independent power base, cementing his status as Mr. Trump’s heir apparent and promoting himself as the main conduit between the Republican donor class and the administration.


The vice president created his own political fund-raising committee, Great America Committee, shrugging off warnings from some high-profile Republicans that it would create speculation about his intentions. The group, set up with help from Jack Oliver, a former fund-raiser for George W. Bush, has overshadowed Mr. Trump’s own primary outside political group, America First Action, even raising more in disclosed donations.


Mr. Pence’s aides, however, have been less restrained in private, according to two people briefed on the conversations. In a June meeting with Al Hubbard, an Indiana Republican who was a top economic official in Mr. Bush’s White House, an aide to the vice president, Marty Obst, said that they wanted to be prepared to run in case there was an opening in 2020 and that Mr. Pence would need Mr. Hubbard’s help, according to a Republican briefed on the meeting. Reached on the phone, Mr. Hubbard declined to comment.


Mr. Ayers has signaled to multiple major Republican donors that Mr. Pence wants to be ready.

This morning, Mike Pence has issued the following official statement blasting the New York Times article as just more "fake news" while saying that any suggestion he may be looking to undermine Trump's presidency was simply "laughable and absurd."

"Today's article in the New York Times is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family and our entire team.  The allegations in this article are catergorically false and represent just the latest attempt by the media to divide this Administration."


"Thanks to the President's leadership, we are rebuilding the military, ISIS is on the run, and we've seen more than 1 million jobs created while the stock market hits all time highs."


"The American people know that I could not be more honored to be working side by side with a president who is making America great again."


"Whatever fake news may come our way, my entire team will continue to focus all our efforts to advance the President's agenda and see him re-elected in 2020.  Any suggestion otherwise is both laughable and absurd."


Not surprisingly, reporters have already taken Pence's statement as a sign of further discord in the White House and evidence of a growing divide between Trump and Pence...


...of course, if we were the cynical types, we might suggest that was the goal of the article all along.

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order66's picture

Cannot believe how aggressively these fuckheads claim ownership of the markets. What a colossal mistake. Volatility regime is about to do a 180.

The only thing that'll be more interesting (predictable) are the scapegoating and complaining when they own a tanking market and are faced with TARP 2 which no politician would dare support at this point.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Interesting that you make a valid and accurate comment at times.

Certainly not very often though.

EuroPox's picture

But it is only half right ... if Trump claims that market highs are all due to him, who gets the blame if the Dums try to impeach him and the market tanks?

toady's picture

They think it's a feather in their caps, but it's really a black eye.

Honest John's picture

Of course he's responsible for the continued market rally.  All he has to say is that he's considering keeping Yellen and the party continues on.

BritBob's picture

Pence needs to take some weight of the Presidents shoulders and deal with the Spanish.

Ceuta: an unofficial Russian naval ‘base’ in the Strait of Gibraltar? Right-wing groups in the US and UK criticize frequent stopovers in the Spanish enclave

(El Pais, March 2016)

Spanish Guardia Civil vessel Rio Cedena twice tried to disrupt the visit by ballistic missile sub USS Florida as it was approaching the British Overseas Territory on the southern tip of Spain.

According to the 
Sun, the incident has caused outrage among senior officials in Gibraltar with one 'top source' saying: 'This is not only a very dangerous game for the Spanish to play but it is unbecoming of a NATO ally to treat the US Navy with such contempt.'

(Daily Mail 6 May 2016)


Looks like Spain will try and play the Gibraltar card  (A worthless sovereignty claim): Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law:

Gibraltar is an important NATO base.


QIG's picture

Thank you for posting. I think by virtue of the number of negatives you garnered, it wust be a pretty important posting! :^)  ("They" are not very smart, are they? )

it aint paranoia if they really are out too harm you's picture

You missed the point of the negative arrows. Britboooob comments only to push his one or two issues that are arcane and inanely repetetive. WE don't care about Gilbraltor nor Falkland Islands. These subjects are NEVER on point to what is being discussed. The least he could do is address something that has some small interest to the rest of us- like Brexit and how its going by someone on the ground in Britain. or England, or whatever.

fulliautomatix's picture

UK owns Gibralta the same way Russia owns Crimea.

Ricki13th's picture

Get ready for President Pence folks. 

QIG's picture

If they can kill off Trump, they will kill offf Pence in the second blow as a matter of course.

The slime behind the attack on trump have been around for thousands of years, called by different names from age to age. These people are in this for all the marbles or they would not be so damn obvious.  They have no "compassion", they only want to kill and to conquer.


If Trump goes down this way, if we let that happen, "America" is a wrap. God loses, you lose, and your family is gone into transhumanism and hell..

847328_3527's picture

Maybe Pence will get mad enough to go wake Sessions up and cut off his Ambien supply and do his freaking job.

chunga's picture

Pence and Sessions are cut from the same cloth imo.

DavidFL's picture

No loyality exists anymore - these creeps are like roaming street dogs - they will cornhole each other on a moments notice!

two hoots's picture

This new (select) make the news media is all about social manipulation.  They suggest stuff that people can take as the only possible solution.  They restrict decision making by saying there is only "one" choice well ahead of policy decisions.  They tweak headlines to suggest other than reality.  They chose goofy pictures that draw on emotions.  They print anecdotal stories that support their position. They are a sad lot stuck on regime change at no concern for the nation or it's people.  They have other plans for all of that.

RagaMuffin's picture

NYT is like a drunk who can't put down his 100proof bottle of TDS....................

dirty fingernails's picture

What a lying sack of shit. Pence is sabotaging Trump and he's got the support of both parties. Sure wouldn't surprise me if he was into pizza, too. His smile is freaking creepy.

bigkahuna's picture

looks like a cross between pope benedict (retired) and emperor palpatine (taken on soros form)

FoggyWorld's picture

He seems to spend every other weekend out there raising money for his very OWN Pence campaign war chest.   Wonder why.

Doom and Dust's picture

Today's article in the New York Times is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family and our entire team.

And to me and everyone else - cause it's true.


dirty fingernails's picture

Yep. Fake assed newz or not, even a blind hog finds a nut occassionally.

The Gladiator's picture

When is everybody gonna learn that it matters not who sits in the big chair?

They all have the same orders when they take that seat. Trump has shown that by starting off with a bang,then doing exactly what he was told.

dirty fingernails's picture

It doesn't matter for us, but it does for them. Class differences. We have class...

williambanzai7's picture

The NYT is the head of the media crime family.

Bay of Pigs's picture

They are the very defintion of Operation Mockingbird.

100% Deep State owned.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Bay,

What you site is the Core or heart of the problem.

To state the obvious; the CIA has deeply humiliated the American people in their attempt to tie the American people to be responsible for the CIA's crimes against humanity across the world.

The CIA appears to be the world's greatest threat to peace and prosperity. It is the penultimate terrorist organization, being the direct or indirect creator of all other terrorist organizations. It also appears to be the world's penultimate illegal drug smuggler and pusher making all other illegal drug trading possible and instigating the horrors of addiction and suffering around the world.

If I believed that the CIA was working in any way on behalf of the US government and the American people then it would be sad and shameful indeed. However, it is my belief that the CIA instead was captured long ago, as was the secret military operations and now works for a hidden power that wants to dominate or failing that, destroy humanity.

The Agency is Cancer. There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.

Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

And yet, there is something positive in this. By experiencing and knowing evil, we can choose the path of light or choose to ignore both dark amd light. It is a choice we all must make if we intend to evolve from being animals ruled by this world and its illusions.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Stated truthfully and eloquently brother.

As JFK stated after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, "the CIA needs to be smashed into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds".

QIG's picture

CIA was, is, and always will be the vatican. The Vagtican invented communism in the 1600's in the "Reductions" in Paraguay. It has pushed comminsim, always, to remove the "protestors" (Protest-ants). It is called New World Order today, but they call it different things to dope the nasty baggage they collect along the way.


It is a profound time in the afairs of man. We can either straighten ourselves, and fly right, or we will persisit in the win/lose context, and inherit "a desolation of obomination".

Chupacabra-322's picture

Agreed. Jesuit trained.

The CIA was formed in London formerly called the OSS which was a subsidiary of the British SIS (British Secret Intelligence Service) set up by the Bank of England during its formation.

There wasn't a single American involved in the formation of the OSS.

"The OSS was actually set up by four members of the British Chief of Staff: Lord Louis Mountbatten (formerly Battenberg), a cousin of the King, and related to the Frankfort banking families. Rothschild and Cassel; Charles Hambro, director of Special Operations Executive, and director of Hambros Bank; Col.Stewart Menzies, head of Secret Intelligence Service; and William Stephenson, in charge of SIS American operations."

~ page 140, World Order (Our Secret Rulers) written by American historian, author, and speaker Eustace Mullins.?

"The American secret service was never anything but a British operation.directed at all levels by representatives of the British Crown. OSS agents received advanced training for the European theater at Bletchley Park, British espionage headquarters. This site was chosen because it was only ten miles from Woburn Abbey, where Lord Beaverbrook' s agent, Sefton Delmer, operated the British "dirty tricks" center and other propaganda activities. Woburn Abbey was the ancestral home of the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock. The British Bureau of Psychological, Warfare operated as the Tavistock Institute. "

- page 141, World Order (Our Secret Rulers) written by American historian, author, and speaker Eustace Mullins.

Anteater's picture

You do realize Trump went to Jesuit school?

And was indoctrinated in their military academy?

And was polished in the Jesuits Wharton academy?

Anteater's picture

And Trump is the spox for the NYC crime family.

They're like Hans and Fritz, a cartoon created by the Khazar Wehrmacht.

A 'shiney object' comfortable distraction from our growing insolvency.

SRV's picture

Isn't it nice that the Sunday shows get a new helping of Deep State propaganda every weekend to kick Trump with... meh

trailer park boys's picture

I'm sure most of us, at some time in the past, believed what we heard on the Sunday morning news shows as gospel - after all, the US government wouldn't lie to us, and the news hosts appeared so sincere and truthful. But after being lied to over the years - again and again - from Vietnam to Iran-Contra to Iraqi WMD to NSA spying on all of us - Well, unless you are a hopeless, non-critical thinking zombie, you begin to question all those who enter our living rooms every day. Suddenly the subtle lies and propaganda become easier to spot. The attempts to mold our thinking become more apparent. You begin to understand that the mainstream media is just the publicity arm of the Establishment. The internet, with alternative news sites such as Zerohedge, have made thinking people more aware of the REAL world we live in. I fear for it's future.

QIG's picture

God is boss. His will be done. BUT, we can nudge him a bit by asking for some help So, pray. See Mathew 6:9 and Psalms 118:8

DavidFL's picture

Perhaps you would be happier on some religious site - CBN ? I know I would certainly appreciate that!


rejected's picture

I wouldn't be expecting too much help from kicked out Jehovah but you can bet we'll be getting all sorts of 'help' from the High Priestess Yellen. 

QIG's picture

By design. Most real working Americans are too busy on the farm to get to read the latest poop. Hit them when they are home with some time to look.

trailer park boys's picture

Reading liberal websites, they are all confidant that Trump will be GONE before 2020. And they consider Pence to be a booby prize as the next president, therefore they are actively working on Pence's downfall also. I'm sure that the liberal's wetdream is the triumphant return of Hillary Clinton.

Mineshaft Gap's picture

Imagine liberal mental anguish should Trump not only survive the coup but go on to win reelection, ideally over their handpicked identity politics dessert, say, a chocolate marshmallow bunny like Kamala Harris.

Enough schadenfreude to fill everyone's corncob pipe, boys!

trailer park boys's picture

Trump isn't a strong candidate. It just goes to show how horrible the dem picks such as Hillary are. And an Identity Politiker such as Kamala Harris has no chance of winning. Just remember that the dems and republicans are just a show for the rest of us - they ALL belong to one party - the Establishment.

Manipulism's picture

Fake statement from a fake pol.

Tenshin Headache's picture

He did a good job as governor and was well-liked.

I think he is one of those unfortunate people who look fake but are real. Time will tell. If he's a psychopath, he's a damned good one.

WolfgangCire's picture

just another psychopath. it is a  prerequisite for presidency 

QIG's picture

 new QIG Aug 6, 2017 1:09 PM

Have you ever seen any time like this, with the losing party trying to unseat the elected President?


No, you have not, and neither have I. The last people in the USA to see anything like this were those who fought the civil war.

At the conclusion of the civil war, the Foreign Banks took over the USA covertly, and have been trying all this time to make it "legal".

It isn't.

Pense is a man in self-conflict. If he decided to make of his career helping to win the USA  civil war for the people, we will win, and he will go down in history as a "man".

If he plays his "what if we lose safety cards" scenario to the end, we will see him recorded as a weasel, who stabbed Trump and his own people in the back. Isn't it "enough" for him to have achieved the VP position?

We are in this for all the marbles, folks, and Meuller and his gang of foreign agent/barristers are the slime of the earth.

Congress is totally captured by "money" and "power and fear of job loss" and is reporting to foreign masters.

I stand with trump and will until we die together, or win

VIS MAIOR's picture

The persons present were trump, and the defendants PENCE von Neurath and rommey  in their capacities as Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, usa Foreign Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Navy respectively, General von mattis , Minister of War, and General von Madfuckingdog, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

pence is goebels or rommey     its same scenario just names change..  now are nazis usa !!  or again....? 

Anteater's picture

So the world will hear Trump 'took cyanide with Melania in his

Mar-a-Lago bunker', when it's revealed his Bankers and Generals

have looted SS/MC into insolvency, and America has lost the

Greater Israel War, and we're all stripped of our assets, living in

internment camp tents, surviving on potatoes and scraps of

raw dog meat our Chindian guards throw after giving face-jobs?


But then US history will show that's not what happened at all, ...

that Trump was found hiding under a sewer cover in NYC, and 

was thereafter hung in a barn by a Patriots Tribunal, after making

a long and often incoherent speech about himself and his two

elder sons, Uday and Qusay?


I like the latter story. Hitler was many things, but not a bunko-artist,

flim-flam man, draft-dodger, tax-cheater, pussy grabbing con man.

He was a man for his time.

This Trump is nothing more than the spox face for the NYC mafiya,

but without Reagan's dignity, humility and strong sense of morality.

Gosh, think how many times Reagan said, 'We shouldn't be doing this!'

then they would have to hold him down, a sock between his teeth, and

have Nancy administer the electro-shock!


Trump'll be bleached by Khazarim so many times he won't know his

own name by 2020. They'll try to run Ivanka against some Hillary freund

from the Democrat side, but the People will refuse to chose between

an Eva Peron and an Imelda Marcos, after OMB has leaked that SS/MC

will be insolvent by 2021 anyway, that 'fracking miracle' is already LD50,

Fed tax revenues from a giggered American citizenry are just

cannibalizing each other, that 'America' really now only exists as

Mil.Gov.Fed employees, sychophantly serving their Bankers and

Generals ReichsMinisters.


I believe 20-20 is when Americans will finally wake up and see again.

I think 20-20 is when we refuse to fight the Khazars wars, refuse to

sing their Khazar anthem, refuse to spend their fiat toilet paper on

gew-gaws made by slaves worse off than we are!!

A time when we hold out a helping hand instead of giving a finger,

and sing America the Beautiful in church, instead of How Much Is

That Doggy in the Window.


A time when relentlessly evil CGI perpetual-war action-figure

franchises are shunned by our youth for outdoor sports,

 when they firm up and stand up to the Khazars' blitzkreig of

pharmaceutical drugs and nutritionless fast foods that are

robbing their strength and purpose. A time of backyard gardens,

and neighborhood buying clubs, and most of all, an end to the

hunched over glowing blue eye, the i-phone and i-phablet.

Waking up to reality again.


But I'm just being old and senile. The Khazar bling culture has

spread worldwide now, and their grift and looting is at every level of

government, ripping out and RIFing down all health and human

services into the debt and depravity that comes with penury. We

may 'wake up' by 20-20, but to lives totally 'expectation managed'

by invisible AI, when 'history' will be Khazar history, not our own,

and we'll be like those cigar store Indians, wrapped in small-pox

blankets on street-corners, hoping to day labor or donate blood.


And our brain-washed maxed-out-credit kids will rat-race by,

'Look at those old bums!'


WHO'S OUT THERE!?  This one's for you, Danny!

blue51's picture

Just another day in , Watch the Goyim elbow & stab each other, for a spot at the NWO kiddie picnic table .

az_patriot's picture

This is nothing more than the NYT attempting to drive the narrative by INVENTING the narrative.  It's a play right out of the Rules for Radicals handbook.

Here's a newsflash for the liberal loonies:  Trump will not only remain in office, he will be RE-ELECTED.  While I'm not thrilled with everything Trump says and does, the liberals and Democrats piss me off FAR, FAR more.  I -- along with millions of other voters -- are going to take Trump and shove him down your snowflake throat for another 4 years.  Buckle up, buttercup...