China Threatens "Small Scale Military Operation" To Remove India From Bhutan Border

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In the latest escalation between two nuclear powers, China has turned the war threat amplifier up to '11' by threatening India (in an article published a Chinese state-controlled newspaper) that it could conduct a "small-scale military operation" to expel Indian troops from a contested region in the Himalayas.

The latest standoff started in June, after Chinese troops started building a road on a remote plateau, which is disputed by China and Bhutan.  Indian troops countered by moving to the flashpoint zone to halt the work, with China accusing them of violating its territorial sovereignty and calling for their immediate withdrawal.

China then added a large number of troops to the region:

"The crossing of the mutually recognised national borders on the part of India... is a serious violation of China's territory and runs against the international law," Chinese defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian told a press conference quoted by AFP, adding that "the determination and the willingness and the resolve of China to defend its sovereignty is indomitable, and it will safeguard its sovereignty and security interests at whatever cost."


He also said that "border troops have taken emergency response measures in the area and will further step up deployment and trainings in response to the situation," without giving any details about the deployment.

Then it escalated with a Chinese Ministry of Defense official now warning explicitly that Indian troops must leave the contested area if they do not want war.

And now, it has become more specific, with The Independent reporting that Chinese and Indian media have taken a strident approach, with an article in the Chinese state-owned Global Times quoting a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences saying China is preparing to initiate a "limited war" to push Indian soldiers out of the area.

Hu Zhiyong told the paper: "The series of remarks from the Chinese side within a 24-hour period sends a signal to India that there is no way China will tolerate the Indian troops' incursion into Chinese territory for too long.


"If India refuses to withdraw, China may conduct a small-scale military operation within two weeks."


He went on to say the military operation would aim to seize Indian personnel lingering in Chinese territory or expel them.


"India, which has stirred up the incident, should bear all the consequences," he added. "And no matter how the standoff ends, Sino-Indian ties have been severely damaged and strategic distrust will linger."

An Indian magazine's front cover last month showed a map of China shorn of Tibet and self-ruled Taiwan also ignited public anger on Chinese social media with thousands of angry posts.

"China has made it clear that there is no room for negotiation and the only solution is the unconditional and immediate withdrawal of Indian troops from the region," said a commentary by the official Xinhua News Agency.


"If China backs down now, India may be emboldened to make more trouble in the future," it added.

As we noted previously, this isn’t the first time that these two nations have been at each other’s throats over their borders. In 1962 their armies clashed, leading to defeat of the Indian army, and thousands of casualties on both sides. Based on the rhetoric coming out of Beijing’s state sponsored media, it appears that China is willing to replicate that conflict.


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Maybe they could work it out over a cup of tea...

The_Juggernaut's picture

Wtf? Somebody's throwing a war and we're not invited? What's the world coming to?

wee-weed up's picture

Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment?

MillionDollarButter's picture

China unchecked.  Do they even really care about this piece of land?  No.

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Speaking to a young Indian man I work with, he has explained to me that China is constantly land grabbing at borders. And that India has a defence pact with Bhutan, India sees Bhutan as a buffer and equally sees china building a road their as severely dangerous to themselves. I don't see either party backing down and have a pretty good feeling this is going to escalate sooner rather than later.

Low IQ fan of VVP's picture

and guess what? China see Bhutan and Nepal as buffer too. China also see Bhutan's defense pact with India as a threat as that basically make Bhutan a quasi-colony of India, not just in its sphere of influence--not even North Korea is like despite what the West believe there exist a defense pact between China and the Norks. Also China's still kind of pissed that Sikkim went completely Indian when it used to be a trio with Nepal and Bhutan.

Zero Point's picture

It's pretty obvious China wants to swallow Bhutan and also India's isolated and difficult to defend Northern provinces.

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

Give the Neocons time. They're working on it. :( As despicable as they are, they're working on it.

Yen Cross's picture

  We all know how small becomes yuuge?

   I'll just stick the "tip" in honey.

Bigly's picture

I was always concerned about India/Pakistan.

A China/India confrontation would be infinitely larger....

SAIAN's picture

I dunno... all the Indians have come to the UK so I doubt there will be any casualties if China bombed the hell out of India.

lolmao500's picture

India cannot allow the chicoms to take that area. If they do, China will be able to cut India in 2 with the ``chicken neck`` gap between east and west india that is only 25 km and theres like 1 road which would be a bitch to reconquer.

Low IQ fan of VVP's picture

Just give Assam to them Bangladeshi--they need lands to distribute their 100 millions stuck on bunch of silty river islands that always get flooded; beside those in Assam feel the same as "East Pakistan" used to feel about Islamabad, and we know how that went.

directaction's picture

India is about to get its teeth smashed in.

Bigly's picture

And no cash to go to a dentist.

847328_3527's picture

Can India be tossed any further backwards then it is already? Is there such a thing as a 4th world country?

Plus, India is most likely short on manpower since 95% of their Indians live in Sunnyvale.

directaction's picture

China will send some guys over to Sunnyvale and smash their teeth in, too.

TBT or not TBT's picture

They'll drive up I-5 from Irvine ready to bash heads with keyboards and mouse-Fu.   It'll be ON.  

historian40's picture

India-  Outsourcing location from everything from calls to the IRS to creating a diversion for war.

mvlazysusan's picture

The land does NOT belong to India.

Should kill each and every Indian there and then mention that the Indiand lacked the proper visa. 

CurveBall's picture

India has a defence pact with Bhutan

TempEst's picture

That land doesn't belong to China either. I hope they expose your real identity and bring you to court for calling for the killing of someone you bloody moron. Do you want US troops in South Korea or Japan to be killed by the Norks because  they are on land that isn't theirs either? That's what I thought.

Dun_Dulind's picture

India has more important things to do like stop raping and start building toilets.

directaction's picture

Easy there. Crapping in the street and raping is part of their culture. We should say nice things about other countries' rich cultural diversity.

Mile High Perv's picture

A little introspection on our own state of affairs ...

Would like to draw your attention to the rape stats ...

Also, many of the official rape cases filed in India are due to relationship break-ups (some weird law "empowering" women, I guess) -

Centerist's picture

Those numbers refer to cases--not convictions.  It is becoming increasingly common for case numbers in the US to be inflated by politically-motivated groups.

All you have to do is read about the practices carried out in US universities against male students to get an idea.

DaBears's picture

China talks a lot of shit boosting their military, let's see them in action.

NoWayJose's picture

Let's begin with a small scale limited operation in Poland...

-A. Hitler

ChimiBonga's picture

Yeah, gimmie 2 curry dumplings... and a large farva!

Ms No's picture

If these globalist pricks really wanted to cut down the population having India start shit with China could end up pretty damn bad.  If China, India got into a full scale conflict it would be horrific even without nukes.  You could also see Pakistan drawn in pretty easily.  In 2015 China was estimated at 1.37 billion and India 1.28 billion (estimated because no damn way they can count them all.  Talk about finding Waldo.  Good luck).  Pakistan is the 6th most populous nation with 195 million. 

2.65 BILLION DAMN PEOPLE.  It's just mind blowing.  The population of the earth is estimated at 7.5 billion.  Indonesia would be the forth most populous after the US.

historian40's picture

If you think like one of the antichrists that run the global empire, a war between China and India is perfect.  Get rid of a lot of useless eaters, occupy China while the US puppet attacks North Korea, drag Russa and Europe into the war they've spent several years in the making.  If the pawns forget the puppet master, hwen all is said and done, we're all exhausted and ready for anything called peace.

It fits with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  That original "wikileaks" that is attacked as everything from forgery(copy of a real work) to "anti-semitic" propaganda(anything the jews hate).



harrybrown's picture

100% +

indeed the truth is THEE most emotionally distabalizing thing you can say to the chosenites,
its their cryptonite. Oh & how they love to use their fav catch phrase "more ignorance & hate"

With so many survivors from the camps, it makes one wonder just how many really did die,
esp with many being counted 3 times on the "list of dead".. theres no business like shoa business!

Anyway, back on topic. I'll bet 5 kilo's of 999 silver China whips India's arse in a fight!

Death to the zionist money changers

OverTheHedge's picture

Read The Years of Rice and Salt for a serious look at India and China having a go at each other. Makes modernEuropean wars look like irrelevant skirmishes.

East Indian's picture

"India 1.28 billion (estimated because no damn way they can count them all)"


No. Every ten years India conducts an extensive census, and counts everyone, including the homeless. The figures are very reliable. It is one of the few things that India does well. 

Ms No's picture

I see it going down like this: You are citizen number 1,246,582,341.  You are number 1,246,582,34?  F*CK!  How many people are going potty out in the bush while they are counting?  There could easily be a million people going to the john out of sight at any given time.  It seems a very hard task.  Natives in the US are famous for trying to evade it.  A lot of people try to evade it.


lurker since 2012's picture

Yes you are right, possible answer for Cenus worker, follow the shit!

EhKnowKneeMass's picture

A cogent argument. Didn't see your response before posting mine below. Could have saved me some typing. :-)

The leaders of both the countries are globalist stooge. Their masters put them there. Their masters will ask them to pull the trigger, too.

They will be miles deep in an underground nuclear shelter when the bomb will go off and Dr. Strangelove will say, "Mein Führer! I can walk!"

The breeding programme will begin after the radiation subsides.

Mpizzie's picture

Best thing China could do is install their escaltors everywhere, because if you look on Liveleak, people die constantly from Chinese escaltors.  Hot gates of escalators.   

Just remember - limited numbers of Chinese troops only got actual underwear LAST YEAR.

We'll know if it's serious if we start seeing reports of China moving large quantities of tanks, APC's, etc., to the area.  Most of the Chinese military is not modernized, so they will have to move modernized units to the area for a fight with India.

India is Western trained, backed, a mix of Soviet and Western hardware, and has been fighting Pakistan for a long time, along with being involved in Western military excursions for a while.  

I have a feeling China is in for a rude awakening if it picks a fight with the Indian military.  

It's a battle proven army against an unproven army with something to prove.

Wouldn't surprise me if the Chinese do it just to get some practice that isn't Africans trying to take their diamond fields.

Keeping an eye on Nightwatch, suggest you all subscribe to it.


buttmint's picture

......many in the West have never heard of the Chinese "reclaiming" their territory in 1979 from the Vietnamese. Research to see how well that went. They lost over 25k troops in one battle (Mon Cai) in one day. Ahem----they got a nasty taste of VX gas...yeah, nerve gas.

Search: Battles of Lao Cai and Mon Cai. If you head along the coast from Ha Long north, the border crossing is there at Mon Cai.

If you take train from HaNoi and head NW towards Sapa, the train will stop at Lao Cai. I've been to both places. The azzhat Chinese thought that with General Vo Nguyen Giap
preoccupied kicking the shit outta Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, that "tjhey could just help themselves to some territory."


The Chinese got their ass kicked by seasoned Vietnamese troops. They cut their losses and scrambled back home........

lost username's picture

The primary strength of the Chinese military is huge #'s willing to die for whatever patriotic excuse they choose to shovel out. Chairman XI is looking to show his seriousness on the world stage and this could be an avenue for him to do this. If he decides that this is "Chinese territory" in accordance with Sun Tzu they will fight for it. Their past victory against the Indians will cloud their judgement and they believe the Indians will back down (probably correct --75% chance if I was a bookie). If the Indians start to fight -- the Chinese will throw a couple of hundred thousand troops at them and "see what happens". They have no problem axing 2 or 3 hundred thousand troops to make a point.

EhKnowKneeMass's picture

Mr. Pandey, I believe you were once a Modi supporter. Are you still one? I believe, you were also a supporter of his demonetization effort? Has your position changed? What about your thoughts on GST?

Wasn't GST supposed to be a Good and Simple Tax (Modi's own word)? Has it turned out to be one? The highest GST rate is 28%, the highest in the world (

Now, the council has approved a cess hike to 25% for many cars. It must be monsoon season in India and it is surely raining taxes. Are the neutered plebes happy at the government extracting its pound of flesh?

Everybody say, NaMo, NaMo, NaMo just like USA, USA, USA.

Omega_Man's picture

mexico and canada should take parts of USA

historian40's picture

All three are proxy members, and will be on paper soon, members of the North American Union.  No borders, no wall for the Trump worshipers(it'll never happen in any real capacity).

Wanna talk about Treason, there it is, in real time.  Why are those guys joining for pay and perks under the guise of defending the Constitution not doing their job?  Never mind, it's the pay and perks....