China Unveils New Weapons - From Stealth Fighters To ICBMs

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Authored by Jeffrey Lin and P.W.Singer via,

As part of the People's Liberation Army's 90th anniversary celebration - it was founded on August 1, 1927 -  President Xi Jinping (in military fatigues) hosted a giant parade at the Zhurihe Training Center.

Zhurihe - Zhurihe certainly has enough room to hold all the people and equipment for a parade with thousands of soldiers, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles, and dozens of ICBMs. -Xinhua News Agency

Here, PLA's most elite forces demonstrated how far China has come in modern warfare. CCTV broadcast the session, which means a domestic and global audience of millions saw the army's showcase of tanks, stealth fighters, artillery, and ICBMs.

A group of ZTZ-99A heavy main battle tanks marched among the first parade units, followed by a variety of tracked ZDB-04A and wheeled ZBL-09 infantry fighting vehicles. The military procession then followed with PLZ-07 and heavy PLZ-04 self-propelled howitzers, PHL-03 heavy rocket launchers, and ZBD-003 airborne IFVs.

Tanks and Tanks Again - The ZTZ-99A is China's heaviest and most armored tank, with a weight of 60-plus tons. In the background, you can see the transporter erector launcher (TEL) vehicles for the CJ-10 cruise missiles. -Xinhua News Agency

Combat support vehicles were not forgotten. Combat engineering vehicles, BZK-006 UAV launch vehicles, communications vehicles, and even fuel tankers followed.

There was plenty of air power, too. A trio of J-20 stealth fighters flew over the parade, followed by Y-20 heavy transport aircraft, KJ-2000 AEW&C aircraft, J-16 strike fighters, J-15 carrier fighters, and J-10B fighters. The latest H-6K bombers, along with H-6U aerial tankers and Y-9 transports, also made an appearance.

J-20 - Three J-20 stealth fighters led the aerial portion of the PLA's 90th anniversary parade. -Xinhua News Agency

Z-10 attack and Z-18 transport helicopters showed up, flying in formations shaped like "90," as well as the Chinese characters for 8-1 (a reference to August 1), with the Z-18 transports landing to disgorge airmobile infantry.

The highlight was likely the public debut of not just one, but 16 DF-31AG intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The DF-31AG is an improvement over the 7,146-mile-range DF-31A ICBM. It carries a larger, reinforced missile canister likely carrying a more powerful missile with increased range or payload. The DF-31AG also uses an all-terrain 8X8 launch vehicle, enabling it to go off-road, which will make it much harder to find compared to its truck-launched predecessor. 

DF-31AG - Sixteen DF-31AG ICBMs marched in the parade. China likely has more DF-31AGs in addition to those, thanks to a recent, rapid build-up of Chinese nuclear forces. -Xinhua News Agency

The presence of 16 new ICBMs (there are likely other DF-31AGs not present at the parade), along with several dozen other ICBMs, shows that China's nuclear global strike capacity is growing in size and capability. 

Guns and Rockets - PLZ-05, PLZ-05 howitzers, PHL-03 heavy multiple rocket launchers, along with AFT-10 missile launchers in the background, are becoming the go-to fire support options for Chinese mechanized brigades and divisions. -Xinhua News Agency

Other missiles present: the DF-31A ICBM, the DF-26 intermediate-range ballistic missile, and the DF-16 short-range ballistic missile. Surface-to-air missiles were well represented by HQ-9B and HQ-16 SAMs, as well as LD-2000 and PGZ-07 anti-air cannons. The surface-attack options were represented by CJ-10 cruise missiles, YJ-62 and YJ-83 anti-ship missiles, and YJ-12 supersonic anti-ship missile.

The fact that the parade took place not in Beijing, but in Inner Mongolia, was symbolic. Zhurihe hosts the PLA's annual Stride exercises. These wargames pit the resident "Blue Team" (a mechanized infantry brigade that uses NATO tactics) against visiting PLA units. These wargames are played in a variety of urban, hill, and open-area locations, often under intensive conditions, including simulated nuclear battlefields.

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It is as if the-elephant-in-the-room is being pretended to not exist, when "EVERYONE" fucking knows that it is standing there, shitting-all-over-the-God-damned carpeting.



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Did you see the ICBMs? Where do you think EMPs come from?

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If and EMP is used on both sides and the War comes down to ground forces, the USA still going to get fucked..... and I agree with you on the high-tech angle, since it is susceptible to jamming, failure & malfunction- that's why the human element still matter big time. USA unfortunately has stretched out its military personnel across the globe to exhausting levels, whereas the Chinese & Russian troops remain a concentrated block force.  

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If the fight starts against China, Russia won't get involved.

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Hence my demand for an all-woman army. If America had an all-woman army, the next time some bunch of ragged peasants beats the crap out of it we could just shrug our shoulders and say, "No wonder we lost. Iit was just a bunch of girls."

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And the dumbshit liberals want to take all our guns from the hell can we defend you queers from an invasion when you do this?

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Whose ground forces are going to fuck with the US? That's got to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen, even on the Internet.

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What an eloquent gift you have with words.

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omg, emp, my bitcoins are fucked!

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Looks like the rest of the world ain't so afraid of Uncle Sam no more. Eventually the world tires of the Empire and begins to undermine it.

BTW, maybe this explains North Korea's sudden giant leap in missile tech. I am quite sure China loves to tweak the nose of the US via NK.

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Why would someone down-vote your accurate in-sight?



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Triggers. They can be vicious.

Fingers don't pull triggers. Ideas pull triggers.

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Guns don't kill people, Rappers do!


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Aspiring rappers are the worst...

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Lindsey, I'm sure the person who down-voted both Cog's and your post is someone who runs around with his thumb in the air shouting, "We're number one!"

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'is someone who runs around with his thumb in the air shouting, "We're number one!"'

So your typical American Fucktard then?!


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We have the terrorist Bwill Quinton to thank for helping the chicoms & norks...the same Klintons the deep state wanted in remember that when the SHTF. 

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The tech for that came from Iran.
Those two have been in bed for decades.

I have very good friends that escaped the downfall of Tehran. Iranians are not bad people. Like we are not bad people.

Govt of NK..certifiable. I am sure the people of NK are not bad people.

But money is money. Money and power makes the world go round.

The longer I live, the more sure I am that NOBODY knows what the fuck is going on. Everyone just wants a fat fucking payday.

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Plus 300 million China man army

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Gay pride parade...

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I saw you there with your dick naked marching.

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 I thought China agreed to help with the Orks?

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How much of it based outside their borders?

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Oh our peaceful little Chinese friends, building a military from our productive capacity and career employment abandoned for the sake of Wall Street and the Imperial City of Washington D.C.

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There is a word for what (((they))) did to us, all, and that word is 











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Lindsey, are you a Chinaman? You seem to write from top to bottom like Chinamens do. Prety much everybody else in the world writes left to right except Jews who write right to left. Anything to be different.

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"Lindsey" is the latest nick of "flaunt" and "flapdoodle". You can tell because he uses the same (((parenthesis))) to highlight words. Apparently he now identifies as a woman.

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The Chinese don't write top to bottom???!!!

Maybe a thousand years ago they did...Errr, How did the Americans write a thousand years ago?


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For that word to apply, (((they))) would have to have been on our side.

(((They))) used multi-generational Infiltration, Deception and Takeovers - as would any invasive species.

You know what you need to do with an Invasive Species, don't you?

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Wall Street and the military-industrial created a monster that will pounce on the US one day.

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The meatheads forget that the US helped set up Communist China as well as the USSR.

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Will pounch? Will pounce? Where are you writing from, 1950?

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(1993) New York Times: CIA Chief Says Israel Has Been Selling China Advance Military Technology For At Least A Decade

(2013) U.S. Furious With Israel For Selling Advanced Military Technology To China

(2007) Israel Flagged As Top Spy Threat To U.S. In New Snowden/NSA Document



LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Just as it was with Emperor Napoleon 1, (((they))) fund and arm both sides, and reap-the-rewards, regardless of the outcome.




It never ends, nor will it ever end, does it?



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Linsey, you ended your comment with the initials JFC. What is that, some kind of fried chicken from Japan?

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Nice links, but....

That (2007) header for the last one is misleading.  The article was published in 2014, based on a leak from Snowden in ....  well, the article doesn't attribute that, although it does mention that the information came from Snowden via Greenwald's online vehicle, The Intercept. It is Newsweek, so I don't expect "complete reporting" standards.

No argument from me about Isreali State's standing as a threat to US security. Just re-read the USS Liberty incident summary. Blood-boiling FUBAR that was.  I always knew Johnson was a weasel, but I didn't know he was a traitor!  And that's provable! 

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"Israel was singled out in 2007 as a top espionage threat against the U.S. government, including its intelligence services, in a newly published National Security Agency (NSA) document obtained by fugitive leaker Edward Snowden, according to a news report Monday."

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China does not need nuclear weapons. The US is broke!!! All they have to do is stop sopping up all those dollars sloshing out at the rate of 48 billion (or so) per month. Trump is hastening this process. If he eliminates the budget deficit then those dollars will stop coming anyway as no one will have them to send back.

THIS is why the government NEEDS the deficit!!! The producer countries buy our bonds and fund us in this way. 

There are soooo many ways the US can be screwed. Most just involve a fountain pen (or the digital equivalent.)

My bet is the MIC knows this but just likes to keep the pot stirred.

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 China is $31T stated in debt. They make .gov usa look like pikers.

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True, true, but they're an independant nation, not like the Nips who are a fully owned vassal state of the U.S.


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Yes, because Communist China, that has uninhabited cities and visibly manipulates its currency is such a bastion of wealth and stability. Remember, no matter how bad the US might be, the wealthy party members send their kids here for school.

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There's something fishy about the "uninhabited cities" rumors.  With a population pressing the seams, it is odd to say the least.

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 Ummm, the ghost cities do exist, and the dwellings are mostly owned by speculators. I agree, that the local population should be housed in these places.

 When I have some extra time, I'll send some videos that show the walls of these apartment buildings built out of compressed sand.