James O’Keefe Hints At New York Times Undercover Sting

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Is the New York Times about to get the CNN treatment from James O’Keefe of Project Veritas?

It all started with an innocent Monday afternoon poke at the ‘failing’ New York Times, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim (and which undoubtedly influenced the 2016 U.S. election with it’s overt anti-Trump bias).

Hours later, O’Keefe replied with a huge teaser…


The last time O’Keefe set his sights on the MSM, CNN suffered a a multi-combo takedown from which they’ll never recover, after Project Veritas journalists infiltrated the Fake News Network with hidden cameras.

Not only was host Van Jones caught on film calling the Russia narrative a “big nothing burger,” Project Veritas also scored footage of a CNN producer who said the ‘Russia’ story is fake news pushed for ratings, and a hate-filled associate producer’s vitriol for conservatives – stating “American voters are stupid as shit,” and admitting to a company-wide hatred for President Trump.

Finally, after hand-grenading billions in value, AT&T announced three days ago that they are considering jettisoning the Fake News Network (along with TMZ) as part of their purchase of CNN parent company Time Warner, announced in late 2016.


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deuty assistant to President Trump, hailed the O’Keeffe sting as ‘complete vindication for the president,’ in a June interview with Breitbart.

“I think this is the day when the Left rues ever coming up with the phrase ‘Fake News’ because now we have the evidence. We have the consequences of systematic generation of Fake News, happening at the epicenter of one of the places that was producing the most of it,” he said.

“It’s just a testament to the determination of the president,” Gorka continued. “He sticks with what he knows to be true. He hangs in there doggedly and finally. Thanks to intrepid people like James O’Keefe, we have the evidence, and people are getting fired.”

So what’s O’Keefe got on the New York Times? Inquiring minds want to know if perhaps one of O’Keefe’s operatives was even at that charity event former FBI Director James Comey attended during his visit to the grey lady in late June.

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SweetDoug's picture




You'd think this would be big news, eh?


Not a peep on the mid-stream media.


It's why we hate'em and are turning off, tuning out, and dropping away in droves.




messystateofaffairs's picture

Whats a self made Maronite Christian Lebanese doing with a  Jewish rag like the jew yawk times. Carlos should know better.

voting machine's picture

George Webb is lucky he wasn't dragged out of his vehicle and shot several hundred times...

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

You mean 'and shot himself in the head hundreds of times'.

Thom Paine's picture

I notice Breibart also has a scoop.

The NY Times soliciting leaks from government officials.

A crime.


Michael Musashi's picture

The issue is, will Trump take them down or will he say, "I love New York, and the Times is a historic paper... I'll let them solve this issue."

To me, seems like Trump likes his enemies in New York more than they really like him.

Trump is swimming with sharks, and I feel like he doesn't completely get the full extent of it.


seataka's picture


The psychological attack on Trump.. I have seen this done before, to a retired investment banker, multimillionaire, the guy that did the Nigerian bond buy back years ago... Mr Robert Minton. Everything I have seen done to Trump reminds me of what I witnessed being done to Mr Minton.  

He was an anti-scientology crusader... and saved my life back ine 90's after I got sued for releasing XENU to the world,  in the alt.scientology.war
I've written Trump using that Whitehouse.gov access widget to try to explain some of this....

Typically those surrounding the target are placed or existing ones are compromised.  to control communications in a way that further the program goals...so i doubt he knows any of this.

At this time they are trying to destroy his willingness to keep trying.... That is why the legal attacks on his family.   It doesn't matter if there is no merit, it creates  stress... and the stress follows a reaction curve towards complete mental collapse


Anything that lets him know you stand behind him, to support him, will help... they are also trying to convince him that he is crazy....Sooo warn him he is being lied to by people he thinks are telling him the truth...  Tell him you are there, and it will help delay or prevent the desired mental collapse.

LINK to page with image from Dr William Sargant regarding Combat Exhaustion

Whitehouse CONTACT Page

redc1c4's picture

ISTR that the NYY was pissing iteslf a few weeks back, thinking PV staff were on site...

James O'keefe is the #FakeNewsMedia's boogie man.

JailBanksters's picture

Questioning the #ew York Times motives will make him an Anti-Smiterer


1.21 jigawatts's picture

If O'Keefe was a finance guy he could do a sting on ETF issuers talking about how they manipulate PM prices to take advantage of the "stupid Goyim."

stant's picture

GOD " the new York times is dead"

PresidentCamacho's picture

hold a new york times up to the mirror and read what is says.

Thom Paine's picture

Project Veritas should do the same to those anti Trump Republican Congressmen

Bay of Pigs's picture

I'm sure McCain, McConnell and Ryan have crossed their minds.

CheapBastard's picture

Lets hope the New York Slime is removed from our society like the plague was.

DuneCreature's picture

~~~))) .......Get A Close Look At Corruption In Action.........(((~~~

It looks like we are about to see how the FBI (JTTF) sets up a patsy.

(Patsy = Dupe or Scapegoat = Lee Harvey Oswald, Omar Mateen, Adam Lance, Sirhan Sirhan, Egyptian Air Force (USS Liberty bombing), 19 Arab highjackers, Tsanaev brothers, James Holmes, etc, etc.)

George Webb is going to court in Zanesville Ohio for his preliminary hearing on the charges of "Sleeping In his truck" .. Actually probably worded more like a DWI charge - Driving While Under The Influence Of Alcohol. ....... But since he wasn't driving and on private property all they could charge him with is being 'In the vehicle with the ignition keys in his possession.' Or 'sleeping in his truck'. ...

No Probable Cause in South Carolina Ports Case =

(Note - I personally believe George was lured out to a bogus meeting BY the FBI to begin with, but that would be all but impossible to prove so must be discounted all together. .... Just my personal opinion based on past MO.)

George's contention is that the FBI (Specially Andrew McCabe operating through one of the agents under his command) is intentionally harassing him. .. The FBI and the FBI through their liaison officer to local law enforcement was tasked with picking up George Webb and charging him with 'something' or 'anything' to allow him to be taken into custody and thereby be harassed, delayed, detained and caused monetary expenses and mental and emotional distress.

This is known as Stasi Secret Police Tactics for covering up something the FBI (or elements at the FBI) don't want uncovered. Namely the vast espionage, bank fraud and car theft ring operated by the Awan Brothers from Pakistan in conjunction with the FBI, HRC and other elements within the US government.

The FBI (JTTF) is covering McCabe and Comey's ass for treason basically.

Let's see how far George gets demanding a jury trial and forcing discovery of FBI communications. ... I don't think George is going to plea bargain to a lesser charge.

Any bets that the state drops the charges like a hot rock?

Or will McCabe, The JTTF and the Ohio judge double down to show George 'who the crime boss really is' in this country.

Live Hard, My Bet Is The FBI Is REALLY Stupid, Arrogant And Powerful Enough To Suppress All The Evidence Against The State's (FBI) Case And Get A Conviction Of George To Rub Everyone's Face In The Coming JTTF Shit Pie We Will All Get Served One Day, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

DjangoCat's picture

Thanks Dune, my best wishes to George Webb.

He keeps pushing and they keep losing.  I'm with him.

moneybots's picture

"Patsy = Dupe or Scapegoat = Lee Harvey Oswald"


Oswald Killed JFK.

DuneCreature's picture

According to the Warren Commission.

Live Hard, With One Of Those Top Secret U-Turn Bullets, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

WillyGroper's picture

as CAF would say, it's time to come clean with ourselves.

don't bank with the swamp.

file extensions on your tax return en masse.

disconnect the voluntary ankle bracelet that's destroying your health...at the very least, make a little farraday cage to foil their pings.

aluminum screen wire in a pliable leather wrap should doit.

DuneCreature's picture

Too little too late.

Don't get me wrong, I love CAF. .. She's a Bravehart.

It will take radical jumps to get ahead of AI.

There seems to a big push to fast track the 5G rollout.

5G is packing some serious horsepower.

BIG problem.

I've noticed at 4G levels if I'm close to a cell tower (line of sight at a few hundred yards) a 'Blocking Pouch' won't kill the signal. .. It used to work great too.

Now multiply that by x 10-20-30 or ?


Live Hard, It Looks To Me Like It Might Take Being 400 - 500 Ft Underground To Kill 5G Ping, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

WillyGroper's picture

"'Blocking Pouch' won't kill the signal."


an RF analyzer will prove it.

5G is shorter wavelength...my guess is how they'll get a skeletal bio sig.  for digital $$$ ???

don't remember if all of CA got 5G stopped or certain counties per CAF...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9phPxT7_LY

this guy is EHS & a neurosurgeon.  just found this on the same channel.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1OyxhdZr18

DuneCreature's picture

Look, I'm telling you a signal will get through if there is enough RF gain. ....... How do I know this? ... Because the last time we were in town I got a telemarkerting call with the phone IN THE POUCH. .. I had made the pouch a few years ago when all the towers were 3G and tested the snot out of it. All good, even a hundred yards from a cell tower. ... I haven't tested it with 4G nearly as much but up until now it has always blocked calls and pings. ... They have pumped up the signal strength here lately. .. The pouch still blocks everything at the ranch (The closest tower is a mile and maybe a half away from here). ... But in town there towers and cell antennas everywhere. ... They have turned up the output too.

BTW how do you propose getting an RF meter into a cell phone pouch and reading it all closed up? ... You have a remote reading mini-meter?

Live Hard, 5G Is Going To Be A Bear To Block, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

WillyGroper's picture

what is your pouch made of?  mil uses copper screen wire for protected buildings.  my bud has his whole house wrapped in aluminum screen wire & cannot even get a teevee signal inside.  he has a cell tower & a hospital covered in antennas in very close proximity that meausres 6KuW per meter sq.   his cellar, top covered also, reads .1

you don't have to get the meter into the pouch.  just measure with the phone inside it turned on.  if the signal is getting thru with the audio on, the analyzer, you will hear/see a constant stream of modulated digital pulses the same as you hear from a smart meter, although frequencies may vary.

a tin can on top of that would add to the protection...Barry Trower's suggestion.  

if you're measuring beyond those measures,  you got some purple haze goin on up in hya.

DuneCreature's picture

One layer of copper screen, two layers of HD aluminum foil, three layers of Dacron. ....... I just test it with another phone. .. If you can make it ring, add more layers. .. Over lap seams (no holes) and Velcro to hold the flap down tight. ......... AND a padded aluminum (fishing flies) box if you really want to make sure. .....

I didn't have the box with me on the trip that picked up the incoming signals. .. It goes with me next trip to see if adding that does it the job. The pouch fits inside too. ...... I can use the fly box at home, it flips open with one hand, sits on the desk, holds two bare phones and I don't need the hassle of the pouch. It works fine alone. ... The box doesn't quite fit in a jeans pocket though. ... I could probably find one that will, if necessary. .......... More testing to follow.

My R&D budget is slim right now,... If you know what I mean? ... I going to address that soon.

Live Hard, A Good RF Meter (Strength and Frequency) Is On My Wish List And Becoming More Important With The 5G Roll-Out, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

WillyGroper's picture

well, if you're testing it with another call, it's damn sure getting thru.

i wonder if the foil is amplifying it?  try removing it for giggles.

just started watching this & it's damn sure enlightening...hahaha

all these folks tatted up are going to drop like flies...metals in the ink.

i understand much better why Barry Trower spoke of the impossibility to calculate freqs from towers.

Jack Kruse gives you the reverse physiologically by cellular function.  he's saying sunlight will help mitigate EHS.



DuneCreature's picture

Oh, interesting stuff.

Things I need to get up to speed on too.

Thanks a bunch for the link(s), WG.

Live Hard, This Is Why We Need All Kinds Of Experts In This Battle Of Wits, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

DuneCreature's picture

~~~~~~~))))....... GW Post Hearing Report .......((((~~~~~~~

Save this video IF you give a shit about one of We The People getting 'Rail Roaded' by a bunch of kangaroos and stunt monkeys working for the US Stasi (FBI - JTTF).


Lots of copies of this information on record (saved) is going to be important in the future.

Time to make a big Federal Case out of illegal harassment from a state law enforcement agency (a national and state agency acting together actually). ... This is going to be the MO (Modus Operandi) for the JTTF going forward. ...

You can easily be next. ......... Oh, right, right, right, you're not a troublemaker like George so you don't have to worry about getting framed up by the JTTF. ...
Is that what you think?

Let me let you in on a little secret.

They won't frame you because you're making trouble. .. They will frame you because you have assets they want and they KNOW that you WON'T make trouble. .. When they are done with you, won't have the means to make trouble either.

More later.............

Later is here:

Trial date = Sept. 12 2017

Motion to Suppress =

JTTF Fusion Center

Live Hard, Cheer George On Because He Is Taking The First Wave Of Heat For Our Asse(t)s, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

WillyGroper's picture

i thing they have the same law where i live.  wonder if they were in the back seat if it would make a difference?  it's all bullshit.

they own the courts.

DuneCreature's picture

A little more background on what is REALLY going on here for those unfamiliar with George Webb and his investigations.

Day 290 Summary = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQGMVeAGG74

Live Hard, You Won't See This Information On The NYT Website Or Visiting 'The FBI **`` Vault! ``**' (Of Totally Redacted 10-Year-Old Useless Documents)', Die Free

~ DC v7.4

runnymede's picture

This bears repeating---

Gracias to DuneCreature for his efforts. It may not always be expressed, but there is great value in his work to update the sentient.

The GW saga will I suspect have much greater resonance than it does at the moment.

If you see this post personally DC--- sincere appreciation and thanks. 

I expect that we will meet someday on a modern-day Runnymede field when we confront our own King John with a magna carta libertatum re-claiming our God given rights of sovereignty; with piano wire if necessary.

The beers are on me after--

DuneCreature's picture

I appreciate the appreciation of my efforts, runnymede.

I may need to step off of the front lines soon. .. I have several forces tugging at me from different directions at present.

Feel free to keep promoting George's case and investigations even if you don't want to be as 'in the face of assholes' as I tend to be. .. It IS important, as you well know.

Truth be told, AI AL has us all on the same 'list' be ye delicate and diplomatic or a screaming counter-asshole like moi. ... It is mildly satisfying being IN THEIR FACE with gusto. Mocking the evil-minded assholes at every turn gives me the warm fuzzy feeling most people get hiding behind cover pretending they aren't out to kill and or enslave (asset strip) us all. (Not that I don't appreciate good solid cover too,....during an air raid. ... I'm crazy, not stupid.)

Maybe we can make the forces of this heinous behavior back down without a massive amount of violence if we can rally enough good souls,...if not, we need to be ready for battle with the good souls we have at any given hour.

At my fire pit (huge outdoor fire place actually) beers are on whomever is closest to the ice chest. .. We shall meet there and toast victory, or meet there to toast the fallen or we will be there in spirit to be toasted to. .. One way or another we will meet more than likely.

Live Hard, Keep Those Eye Balls Pointed At George Webb, He Is Point Man For Us And We Need To Back Him Up, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

QIG's picture

Rules for Engagement:


The Gladiator's picture

Honesty may not be the best policy,but is the only policy with a proverb.

Honest Sam's picture

I spoke the truth once and didn't have a backup plan.  Bad move.  Very bad move. 

Having an aversion to missing Superbowl 2018, death is not an option, and speaking of options, my January 2020 TEVA 20 calls would vanish into the ether if no one is watching them.  I wanna stick around for that event. 

Lying is evolution tricking fate.  As such it is endemic the world over, among even the most innocent of animals, little furry creatures that have developed Big Eyes to lure you into their den so they can eat you for their own survival.

And lastly, lying is a tool.  Used properly is it more valuable than truth. 

You gotta have a gimmick. Or should do. 

As for the helpless, empathy is also a tool, and a finite resource. Only so much to go around. If I used my allotment to help all the helpless I see in 24 hours, I'd be helpless too.  

Darwin was right.  

God doesn't love me and never did, and never will. In fact that son of a bitch needs some time in Gitmo, on the Waterboard. 

Fear is actually a good thing.  It prevents early death. Or worse. 

My enemies have for the most part been seen dead, floating by me alive and well on the riverbank. 



runnymede's picture

Consider reading (free downloads on several sites) an essay; a roughly15 min read:

Why We Do Not Behave like Human Beings by Ralph Adams Cram

People are largely anthropoid, Darwin's theory notwithstanding. They are doing exactly as nature made them. 

The essay above, if you have the cognitive abilities sufficient to understand it; which I believe you do, will give valuable perspective

Honest Sam's picture

My very next distraction from this lovely day, when I should be outside on my bike, or throwing balls interminably to my spirited puppy.



After reading first 5 pages:

The part about Nationalism runs counter to my own thoughts about nation states, or specifically, the citizens of nation states. The entire process of amalgamation, merger, acquisition thru hostile and friendly methods, consolidation.....these are all anathema to a free society.

The logical ending of it is everything owned by a single person.  That would be an Apocalypse.  (See: any number of 007 movies and others for verification and confirmation)

I'll continue but he already has my antenna at maximum height for skepticism.

optimator's picture

Keyser.  For somes not older than dirt like us may I bring the John Birch Society, predicting 50 years ago what we have today?


Lucretius's picture

I'll just leave this here, for any that might care to peruse...


BTW, a kindly reminder, please don't feed the trolls, it is about as rewarding as having a fist fight with a child, and reflects poorly on you.

QIG's picture



World Communism seeks to control: Education, Health Care, and Employment. That is the formula for controlling it all.


The penalty for anyone in the USA "conciously" and "witingly" following and/or supporting this program should be death at the end of a rope, in public. They are committing murder of a soverign people.


ps: Advise against running out and joining the Birch Society. I tried that once, and even years ago they were thorughly "compromised", and probably are still.

B190769Sonny's picture

A nation with $20 Trillion in debt run by corrupt politicians who rely on a complicit media.    Really..... and we think all is well in the USA becasue we are playing the "Gotcha Game?"    Really.   Wake up folks we need more movement to the get our house in order.  

BetterRalph's picture

nytimes . com
Down for everyone or just me?
It's just me you know, a wise squid user.

incharge1976's picture

But the NYT is real news because they always use two unnamed sources.


Dumpster Elite's picture

"...persons who are familiar with friends of relatives of those involved."

blindfaith's picture



Folks, what has happened is the LEFT, not liberals...there is a difference, has gathered as a group and as a group, a tribe, found they can undermine the credibility of ANY truth by repeating lies.  That simple.

Truth is truth

Credibility is credibility

Justice is justice.

You do not need 'amplifiers' adjective or adverbs to modify a noun which can stand all by itself and be understood. Example: social justice warrior.  There is either JUSTICE or not, there is no such thing as "social justice".  There is no such thing as " the real truth", truth is truth.  There is either credibility or there is none. 

All these organizations and smarmy powdered face media fakes are bound and determined to make The USA into a failed state.  THAT IS THEIR GOAL..to turn the USA into a failed state.  Teach you to HATE.

If CNN can not understand the difference between a "GREEN CARD' and illegal immigration, then CNN is an enemy alien of the USA not an patriot  That goes for the Mexican owner NYT and the rotten Washington Post. 


They are all traitors and the likes of some Silican Balley companies, you know who, are too.

Make 'freedom of speech' illegal is their intended goal unless it comes from them of course.

Honest Sam's picture

That's because they have read, studied, re-read, swallowed whole and never shat out the "Rules for Radicals"  tenets of Saul Alinsky.

Repeat a lie long enough, and the masses have no thinking capacity to know that it's not the truth.  If it's repeated endlessly then it moves into the realm of, 'belief', not fact. 

And nothing is harder to shake than a 'believer'.  Look at 6 billion people who chalk their existence up to some joker who says he knows everything (but won't share it) is everywhere (but hidden so you can't ever see her) put two original human beans in a lush garden a long time ago, and then kicked their asses out, naked and afraid, because they ate a pomme de terre.  

And then there's Mohammed. Vishnu.  Kalki.  and all the others, figments of some schoids diseased brain, that he managed to sell to billions of clueless humans. 

Too bad the consrvatives never studied Alinsky to have a bulwark of ready armaments to counter his strategy to acquire power. 

QIG's picture

The LEFT and LIBERALS  are the same thing. "Liberal" was a word chosen by the Communist Party of the USA in the 30's because it had a pleasant connotation, as in "the host is liberal with his food and drink".

It means communism when it says "Liberal".

Plain, simple, and TRUE. (Look it up, or read "Toward Soviet America" written in the 30's. (Most copies in the Libraries were taken out and burned long ago.)

We are now in a "fight" to preserve our elected President. The communists are the enemy. They do not belong in the USA, at all. And yes, the "wall" will be reqired now, both at the South and also at the North - if we are to preserve our nation. My God help us always to do just that. Amen.

blindfaith's picture

I have to disagree.  SOME Words change meaning over time.  A Democrat was a Republican during Lincoln's time and visa versa.  What we have now is people USING words to misinform and mislead. I know many "LIBERALS" who ARE NOT left and voted for Trump, just like me.  I know Left wingers who have no relation to "Liberals" the are more like Marxists, and I can't bear them or their twisted minds.  There is  a difference.  Conservative and 'right' and alt right are not all the same thing either.  This lumping folks into groups without considering where the line is drawn on dogma, does not help the conservative, right or alt right cause.  It does reinforce the leftists agenda, round them up and put them in locked freight cars headed East because 'they are all the same'.

Indeed, the communists now are the leftists just like in 1909 to 1959 Russia (I am read), during Mao's reign, Cuba Castro horror show, Venezuela destruction, and many others examples which the leftists refuse to even consider.    The agenda is Soro's Marxism agenda, make everyone a suspect not in your clan, while you destroy their brotherhood and their country.