Poland May Demand Billions In Reparations From Germany For World War II

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As deep cracks have emerged in the formerly pristine diplomatic relations between Poland and the EU over the past few months, some burried ghosts from Europe's past are making an unexpected come back.

Eight years after the fall of the Nazi regime, Poland decided to forego further reparations from Germany. But now there are renewed calls for those reparations to be paid. More than 72 years after the end of the Second World War, Polish politicians are demanding that Germany pay their country reparations. A research office of Poland’s lower house of parliament, the Sejm, is reviewing whether this would be possible according to TheLocal.

The analysis should be complete by August 11th, Sejm representative Arkadiusz Mularczyk of the leading Law and Justice party (PiS) told news agency PAP last week. The review comes after comments made by the powerful head of the PiS, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who last week accused Germany of "rejecting" its Second World War responsibilities, going as far as to suggest Berlin should pay reparations.

A demonstration marking the 73rd anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Photo

"We are talking about huge sums and also the fact that the Germans have for years rejected their responsibility for the Second World War," Kaczynski told Catholic radio station Radio Maryja.

Kaczynski's brother and former President Lech Kaczynski - who died in 2010 - had estimated when he was mayor of Warsaw that the had cost the capital city alone $45.3 billion.

In August 1953, Poland’s former communist government was under pressure from the Soviet Union when it decided not to take further compensation from Germany as a way to help solve “the German question in the spirit of democracy and peace.” The Second World War had begun with the Nazis’ invasion of Poland and the war ultimately cost around six million Polish citizens their lives.

And as we wait for Poland's decision, the rumblings are growing louder inside the government: “It is not genuine that Poland renounced reparations that were due to us from Germany,” said Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz to Polish news channel TVP Info.

Meanwhile, German government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said that Germany “stands by its responsibility in the Second World War, politically, morally and financially." But she added that the question of reparations had already been legally and politically resolved. Macierewicz argues that the former communist government had been used as a puppet for the Soviet Union at the time of its decision.

Without any discussion, the Germans owe Poland war reparations,” Macierewicz said.

Relations between Berlin and Warsaw have been on edge recently over issues including Germany’s push to share responsibility for refugees across Europe - which Poland has rejected - to the European Commission’s infringement procedure against PiS plans to have more control over the judiciary. Last month the EU sued Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, forcing them to accept refugees even as the rest of Europe turns a blind eye to the 100 thousand refugees that have made landfall in recent months in Italy.

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Doom and Dust's picture

Poland has a habit of self-destructing when it appears to be succeeding as a country.

Solid growth, rising wages, prosperity like none before - and they throw it all away. What is that, Slavic degeneracy?

Throw them out of the EU already, make them beg to come in and demand a more constructive attitude toward Russia and an end to trojan horsery in the service of DC.

JohninMK's picture

Nothing to do with the US driving a wedge into the EU to weaken it, especially Germany, amd return it to being a collection of obedient vassals.

Is it?

a Smudge by any other name's picture

I dunno. Seems Brussels drove a wedge between themselves and reality. Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey seem less and less appreciative of zer uberfraumenschen. Did hair gell suddenly go out of style or do you think it's more serious?

Vadogga66's picture

All those eastern countries got a huge benefit from as you call it Brussels. Time for them going back to the Mob.

Volku's picture

EU is a German Nazi Left Reich, and a Financial Pyramid. 

The industry, factories, farms are destoyed first by so name privatisation and EU regulations  so to enter the market to free flow of German products into new member. 

Kotzbomber747's picture

"Poland may demand billions in reparations..."

Key word: "may."

As usual, a lot of hype about nothing on ZH or all the other doom-gloom websites and 'experts,' just count all the "perhaps'" "shoulds," and "coulds."

Teja's picture

This hype is coming from Poland itself, not from ZH. A classic case of creating external conflicts to distract from internal problems or actions.

Did you read about the voting contest to design a new Polish Passport, where also images of buildings in Lithuania and Belarus are offered to the voters, in parts of those countries which belonged to Poland before WWII? Same game.

Of course, the demands are rather unrealistic, especially as Poland has annexed large areas of Germany as reparation. Germany would probably ask them to give those back, only then receiving reparation payments... and regarding to the territories lost in the eastern part of Poland, telling Poland to go complain to the USSR.

I agree with the first poster in regards that Polish politicians tend to shoot into their own foot as soon as things seem to go too smoothly. I just hope that the Polish people are resilient enough to survive this idiocy.


jcaz's picture

The Polish Military Plan- wait 72 years to launch your counter-offensive......

Croesus's picture

Poland got half of Germany...that's not enough?

Otoh, Merkel needs to be shot, for her Islamization of Europe.

geno-econ's picture

Tha new Polish bill represents cost of running concentration camps for the Nazi's during WWII and Merkel's migration policy resulting in limiting Polish migrants into UK.  NATO will recieve a similar bill in seventy years.  It is a Polish version of Capitalism and allegiance to the highest bidder. 

totenkopf88's picture

MPGA-  Make Prussia Great Again

Volku's picture

but Poland  lost 3/4 of its land, 8 mln citizens, over 90 % of Warsaw(capital) buildings and infrastructure, many cities, towns, bridges, lives lost forever and these all by GERMANS and Russians

geno-econ's picture

Poland has always been caught in the middle of East-West struggle.   Germany invaded Poland and USSR liberated Poland during WWII only to be subjegated by Soviets, and now a pawn of NATO against Russia.  Culturely, linguisticaly and religiously also a mixture, with border territory continuously changing---yet many Poles dream of returning to the splendor of a  Royal Empire---very sad.

Déjà view's picture

Poland lost more territory east of Curzon Line than it gained from Germany...

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Uh, check your history books there, slick. Germany AND the USSR invaded Poland in 1939, and each took half of Polish territory. It's funny how everyone forgets that. It's also funny how Britain and France were obliged by treaty to declare war against both belligerents, and yet strangely, only declared war on Germany.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

For real. Historically Poland seems to be someplace to stomp through on your way to fight somebody else.

caconhma's picture

Sorry, it were England, France, and the USA who pushed Poland to start genocide of ethnic Germans living in Poland. Poland was too stupid thinking they would be in Berlin in two weeks. It was Stalin who together with FDR started the WW2.  The US Lend-Lease to the Stalin's Soviet Union has started 5 years before the WW2  after Zionists declared a war on Nazi Germany in 1933.


BarkingCat's picture

The USSR did not liberate Poland. Germany invaded from the West and the USSR shortly thereafter invaded from the East. After World War II the country became a Soviet satellite. Not willingly. The same thing happened to Czechoslovakia and I believe also Hungary.

Try reading some history.

Automatic Choke's picture

simplified slightly, Poland's role in history has been little more than an acceleration ramp for tanks heading from Berlin to Moscow, or from Moscow to Berlin. Nice flat farmland, with swamps and mountains blocking alternate paths. the curse of geography.

they should read more history, though..... excessive WW1 reparations from germany to france were arguably a major cause of WW2....

squint's picture

" USSR liberated Poland"

Heard of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? How about Katyn?

The soviets invaded Poland from the east about 2 weeks after the German invasion. Add insult to injury, once the tables turned and they were attacked by the Germans, they later encouraged the Polish underground uprising in Warsaw with offer of help.

While the Poles were being slaughtered, they stood by on the other side of the Vistula without raising a hand and denied western allies soviet air bases to bring supplies to the Poles.

"Meanwhile, the Red Army, which had been detained during the first days of the insurrection by a German assault, occupied a position at Praga, a suburb across the Vistula River from Warsaw, and remained idle. In addition, the Soviet government refused to allow the western Allies to use Soviet air bases to airlift supplies to the beleaguered Poles."



F..k this kind of liberation and decades of communist utopia!



Kayman's picture

"Poland got half of Germany...that's not enough?"

Most of Eastern Poland was taken by Stalin. That's not enough?

Otoh, Merket needs to be shot, for her Islamization of Europe.

spavarotti's picture

Which half - to be more precise?

squint's picture

To get a full picture of what "Poland got" and "lost" may be helpful to look at the Curzon line. Check out the 1st map on top left.


GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Brussels is a cesspool on par with, and perhaps worse than, DC.

Wang Dang SP's picture

Just don't accept reparations in €uro's.

EuroZone's picture

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Lumberjack's picture

We know who you are and what you really ae doing...


Now back to the matter at hand. Poland just wants a few free dolphin submarines...

Yog Soggoth's picture

Nothing at all to do with the muslim hordes?

Thom Paine's picture

Fucking joking.  Make them beg to get back into a sick sinster group that is all about removing democracy, liberty and freedom from countries and their people?

The EU is a sinister bucket of nazi shit.

And throw it all away, you mean by allowing 100 thousands of ME muslims destroy their country, a allow some foreign pedophile own the Treasury, Foreign Affairs, and Juciciary.  The Poles may as well all go suicide now, because the EU don't see them as people, only possession.

Maybe if Poland promised Brussels a never ending supply of 4 year old boy anuses all would be forgiven.

If Nuland said only one decent thing in her entire life it was ..fuck the EU

Blanco Diablo's picture

One could almost think that John McCain rulez Poland.

I think the Polish people are good but they end up with leaders like the US.

land_of_the_few's picture

All Hail the great Polish hero, Prawo Jazdy!

Free Prawo Jazdy!


Cunning as a fox, tougher than Clint Eastwood, faster than Schumacher!

charlewar's picture

EU already unravelling like a cheap suit.

MK13's picture

Wrong history bud. Poland was in world's 10 top economies before WWII - that took a back seat with war and communism.

Poland was the only EU country wo recession in 2008/9.

This is tit for tat for forcing Poland to take refugees it doesn't want. Poland is hitting germany with leftist idiocy that germany is trying to destroy itself with - if Germany is looking for social justice, it will pay for it. Look for every country in Central Europe to follow lead.

BarkingCat's picture

Finally someone with a brain has analyzed the situation.

 It is quite clear that Germany runs the EU.

 Germany has all on its own decided to invite third world trash into its country and then are trying to force other nations to share in providing homes and subsistence for those who arrived thanks to Germany's invitation.

 Nations that do not want to partake in Germany's guilt trip are being pressured by every possible way to submit.

The Greeks also bought up reparations for WW2 but were financially blackmailed by Merkel  (do what we say or the ECB will cut you off).


The topic of WW2 reparations is Poland's counterattack and only the opening salvo.

This is really the  beginning of internal war within the EU.

Don't forget that Poland does not stand alone. They are united with the other 3 members of Visegrad 4 - Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.  You can also be sure that Bulgaria shares their sentiment when it comes to the 3rd worlder invasion. 

squint's picture

You can add Serbia to the list. The Italian people fully support this effort so don't get distracted by their unrepresentative governments and that of the others as I'm sure you know that well.

This is HUGE!

squint's picture

You may be referring to the 1970s under Gierek with heavy industry where they were in the 10th place, ahead of South Korea if I remember correctly.

Regardless, not bad for a destroyed nation with ongoing exploitation by the Soviets.

Kayman's picture

"Poland has a habit of self-destructing when it appears to be succeeding as a country." ?????????

Yeah, shame on those Poles, encouraging Stalin and Hitler to invade and slaughter their people????

What Poland is doing today is the only way to save the country. Detente with Russia is the best they will ever get. And Germany will self-destruct- something the Germans are very good at; an unbroken history of over-reaching with blinders on.

OliverAnd's picture

Please Poland show the Greeks how it can be done. Please!

SAIAN's picture

Why do I get the feeling that the UK will fork the same amount to the EU to give to Poland.

HowdyDoody's picture

Ah those Polish Nazis, sucking at the EU funding tit for all their infrastructure upgrades and now they want moar. I wonder where they got that idea from? It's time to tell these Nazi collaborator fskers to get lost. They are on their way to becoming the New Ukraine.

Medals awarded to Poles serving in the Wermacht during WW II.

The Barking Baltics just love to spit in the communal soup bowl.


Volku's picture

you know NO HISTORY 

POLAND was invaded 

Germans were Nazis

Poles have most medals for rescuing other nations from Germans Beasts facing the risk of their, their families and neighbours

Your comments shows you are German Left Nazi Troll

Teja's picture

Your comments shows you are German Left Nazi Troll

The combination of Left and Nazi is quite rare, and this guy is even speaking English... so not really probable. More likely a Huge Fan Of Putin (and his money).

Volku's picture

and what was the Hitler's Party

National Socialists German Workers' Party you dope Teja


spavarotti's picture

"The combination of Left and Nazi is quite rare"


This is this rare combination. You think otherwise? Read your script again.

Volku's picture

you know NO HISTORY 

POLAND was invaded 

Germans were Nazis

Poles have most medals for rescuing other nations from Germans Beasts facing the risk of their, their families and neighbours

Your comments shows you are German Left Nazi Troll

Herodotus's picture

Poland started WWII by attacking Germany and the radio station at Gleiwitz.

BandGap's picture

You are truly stupid.

Try reading a book.

totenkopf88's picture

Polish massacres of ethnic Germans- look it up. Poles are some nasty pieces of work.