Dismal Chinese Trade Data Sparks Panic-Buying In US Stocks

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Because nothing says 'panic-buy' stocks like the worst Chinese trade data of the year.

Something 'odd' ocurred at 0943ET. Stocks were lower and VIX higher, when suddenly...

Nasdaq was panic-bid...


VIX was monkey-hammered...


And "Most Shorted" Stocks were squeezed higher...


Of course, this week does line up for a melt-up...

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I though it was CNBC's "Tax reform headline..either way...BTFD

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 ... Sparks Panic-Buying In US Stocks

Panic-Buying is just a reflex, just like Panic-Defecation and Panic-Masturbation.  ;-)


spastic_colon's picture

panic masturbation lol i'll just take your word for it................

peopledontwanttruth's picture

3.5 hours into the side effects of the little blue pill so you don't have to go to the hospital in 30 minutes

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It's not your Fathers market anymore....

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yes because co's like tesla are issuing debt to increase production lolololololololol..........

finance 101

-make an outrageous claim of sales and production when stock price goes down

-issue a ton of debt and say its for production increase due to demand

-use the debt to buyback stock instead

-use the state owned media to claim banner earnings to hide the scam when stock goes up

-keep collecting rent from the taxpayers subsidies (aka gov't)

did i miss anything?? sorry for the repeat but was worth mentioning.............

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Today's straight-line "market" ramp brought to you by the formula y=mx+b, and the Federal Reserve and it's global central bank counterparts.  

order66's picture

Actually not what happened. Labor market gauge pushed out shorts from previous ATH. Nothing to see here. 2491 area was a layup since the 1st.

rayban's picture

$ bid, rates up, and stocks up on JOLTS? Seriously? It was a ramp, maybe a pump and dum ramp. It will be interesting to see where this "market" closes.

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and apple up almost $3... because... why the fuck not?

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Yep, time to buy US Dollars, Stocks and then smash the fuck out of gold and silver. All going according to script..

U4 eee aaa's picture

nothing new here

you do realize that it is cheaper for the Fed to print than it is for you to type Tylers

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Over half of Chinese millionaires are thinking about leaving China.


Too-Big-to-Bail's picture

Panic buying? Is that similar to panic selling only in reverse?


Sorry, I'm not buying what you're selling

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As the melt-up gets closer, North Korea gets ramped up. At least we know the guys steering and throttling the boat are paying attention. 

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...just got short ES futures at 2484.75...This knee-jerk rally this am puts us very close to a run of the lemmings....

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Maybe because of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in China at 8:19 am.