North Korea May Be In Possession Of A Miniature Nuclear Warhead, Japan Warns

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One day after Kim Jong Un's regime balked at this weekend's UN sanctions, promising retaliation and threatening to attack the US with a nuclear weapon, Japan's government has released a new 500-page report in which it warns that the threat from North Korean nuclear weapons has reached a “new stage” and that Pyongyang’s weapons program had “advanced considerably,” to the point where it was possible that the regime had acquired the ability to miniaturize nuclear warheads.

The white paper, approved by Japan’s cabinet on Tuesday morning, was published less than two weeks after North Korea test-fired its second ICBM, which US experts have said may be able to reach most of the continental United States.

According to the Guardian, "Japan’s defence ministry said that security threats had reached a new stage after the North conducted two nuclear tests and more than 20 ballistic missile launches last year."

The report went on to speculate that North Korea had improved its technological expertise to the point where it could theoretically marry a nuclear warhead with a missile.

“It is conceivable that North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme has already considerably advanced and it is possible that North Korea has already achieved the miniaturisation of nuclear bombs into warheads and has acquired nuclear warheads,” the ministry said.

“North Korea’s development of ballistic missiles and its nuclear programme are becoming increasingly real and imminent problems for the Asia-Pacific region including Japan, as well as the rest of the world,” said the report.

While it has yet to be confirmed, some experts believe the North has already miniaturised its nuclear capability, even as others believe the regime is still several years away from being able to do so.

Scott LaFoy, a Washington-based imagery analyst focusing on ballistic missile and space technologies, said the report reflected “an increasing belief that North Korea either has or is very close to having a nuclear warhead”. Based on data and projections by experts at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, LaFoy told the Guardian: “I lean towards believing North Korea is either in possession of a device, or the potential sixth nuclear test will be the practical test of said device.

“The Japanese defence white paper doesn’t add much to this due to its expected government vagueness, but it is consistent with what I’m seeing.”

To be sure, Japan - which would be first in the line of attack - has reasons to stir the pot and escalate the situation, hoping for pre-emptive military intervention from the US. “North Korea’s missiles represent a deepening threat. That, along with China’s continued threatening behavior in the East China Sea and South China Sea, is a major concern for Japan,” the country’s defense minister, Itsunori Onodera, told reporters in Tokyo.

Japan has held several evacuation drills in recent months in preparation for a North Korean missile attack, while Onodera is among those who have called for the country to acquire the ability to strike North Korean bases if it is attacked.


That would require a drastic change in Japan’s defence posture to allow it to use offensive weapons, such as bombers and cruise missiles capable of striking targets overseas – a move that would inevitably prompt a debate on whether the country was honouring the defensive posture required by its “pacifist” constitution.

Japan’s self-defense forces have dramatically increased their involvement in joint exercises with the US, and the defense ministry already plans to upgrade its ship-to-air and mobile missile defence capabilities, the Guardian adds. 

And now that Trump has a military veteran advising him, Japan may get its wish. The wildcard remains China, which has promised to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea agreed at the weekend, even though it claims it has the most to lose from weakening its close trade links with Pyongyang. Beijing has been criticised for failing to enforce previous sanctions packages, but China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, said the measures were necessary to demonstrate international opposition to North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons programs.

“Owing to China’s traditional economic ties with North Korea, it will mainly be China paying the price for implementing the resolution,” a Chinese foreign ministry statement quoted Wang as saying at a regional security forum in Manila on Monday.

If NKorea indeed is in possession of the technology, it is very likely that Kim's next provocative move will not be an ICBM launch but rather another nuclear test.

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Mr.BlingBling's picture

Similarly, I MAY have had a threesome last night with Miss Universe and Miss America.

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My fellow Americans better start thinking differently about going to war.  The days of 3 killed in a day are quickly coming to an end.  In a modern war the death toll will be high--much higher than most people can imagine. 

If you don't get it--consider that we lost 3,000 peope on 9/11.  In WWII we lost that many in a day several times.  And we stayed the course.

Even North Korea, lobbing a couple dozen missiles at the same time would cause panic and death on this continent that we have not seen since the Civil War.  Imagine how freaked out the snowflakes are going to be about that.

At least there will be construction jobs and a pruned employment pool.


QIG's picture

I agree, here is the pattern they have established up to now: (BTW, I like your attitude!)



1. Murder one man - JFK

2 Burder one family - Ruby Ridge

3. Murder a bunch of families - WACO

4 Murder hundreds of people - OKC

5. Murder thousands of people - 911

(6)  To be murdered - tens of thousands by a suitcase nukes pretending to be from missiles from N. Korea (Those missile we see going off ther were never made by teh likes of Kim and his elves in the N. Korean militsary-industrial complex. They are obviously world class imports. From who?)


They must be wondering when Americans are going to disolve into fear.


Never happen. This is geting to be a game of "catch them", and I think we are just about to do that.



DjangoCat's picture

"They" are certainly more visible today than ever before, but they are very powerful.  They have all the bombs and all the money.  Are they also like the Wicked Witch of the West, where a cup full of water will cause them to shrivel and die?  

Or is it the blaze of light shone in the dark corners where "they" live that will cause their demise.  I certainly hope they cannot live in the light, and that we can light up a huge spotlight on the gory mess.  

Those who don't want to see should, at least, get out of the way.

Antivenom's picture

I heard there are sharp shooters in Chicago needing a job.

land_of_the_few's picture

That rules out the economists, then.

east of eden's picture

Yep, six months ago they said it would be years until NK miniturized a warhead, now they have one, right.

land_of_the_few's picture

Well obviously they will coincidentally do it just when Japan wants. I mean why would NK not do exactly what Japan wants when it is desperate to gin up a war.

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Ho yee fook!

Kim no luv u long time Merica.

Kim put cream of sumyunguy in your poontang.

QIG's picture

You say KimChi with nuke cream? You numba 1 GI. Love you too much.

QIG's picture

We can now start lobbying missiles to them tit-fot-tat on "reverse trajectories". w/Dummy warheads.


If they use a real war head, then we up grade from dummy accodingling, on the missile that is returned to their launching point.


It might be fun for a while. Like Ping-Pong.


If they do any serious dmage with one of their launches, then, of course, we turn N. Korea into a glass ashtray with a 20,000 year half life. That would be a nice barrier to China over land approaches to South Korea. A permanent one.

land_of_the_few's picture

The way things are going, you're more likely to get yours first. And that's nothing to do with Korea.

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My Johnson may be 2 feet long.

Anteater's picture

And you may 'have the capability' to shrink it to a 6" braunschweiger!


Hard to believe two entire generations of Right Stuff and Blue Team

spooks and scientists have made their 30-and-Out pensions for life

pushing the We Lost the War, but Kim Has the Bmob! trope. Bad guys!


Here's what we do know: DPRK continues to receive millions of tons

of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer, and millions of barrels of Fuel Oil to

run their agriculture and industry. These are well-known components

of ANFO, the commericial, low-tech, global mining explosive. Tests

by US military described ANFO as the 'largest non-nuclear explosion

ever produced'. Operation Divine Strake was declassified and made

available to any nation that wants to make a big bang. Not nukes, ANFO.

The DPRK test yield is paltry. Three railroad tank cars of ANFO parked

in a mine shaft, and you create the spook frenzy heard round the world.

No radioactivity has ever been detected by five overflying nations.


As to missile technology, DPRK is still firmly at the Sputnik stage.

They claim to have orbited a transistor-radio sized satellite, but it

has no signal and immediately decayed from orbit. The latest test

rose to some high vertical altitude, but DPRK has no inertial control

technology to send a missile of that size downrange. They shot an

empty missile straight up, then it fell back into the sea as debris.

Were they to put a warhead on it, all they could achieve is to blow

up some random paddy. Not only do they have no inertial stability,

they have no re-entry control and especially no targeting control.

Were they to solve the downrange problem and re-entry stability

problems, all they could achieve is to blow up some random field.


No nukes. No ICBMs. Kinda like Trump's Agenda. So what's our move?

The 'move' is for Pacific Fleet to outspend Atlantic Fleet. The 'game' is

to fund a new US heavy-launch missile and nuclear warhead program

that is already underway, in total violation of globals arms treaties. The

goal is to push the Luciferian Satanists at the Pentagon to $1 TRILLION

a year, devoted entirely to Baphomet and their other various Goat G'-ds.


And our only chance to survive as a republic, is to stop them.


Je suis Koko!


aloha_snakbar's picture

War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Ignorance is Strength

We have always been at war with North Korea


Why dont we just air drop that ugly, bony Indian bitch with the hair helmet, Nimrata Randhawa on NK and be done with it...

joey stalin's picture

If this is true, then why are the dumbfuck Japs doing everything in their power to provoke North Korea to attack them?  Perhaps traditional Jap suicidal tendencies.

VIS MAIOR's picture


I NEED MONEY  )))))     and this is america what have to by "scary" kim with his super sport traine soldiers...  


dogismycopilot's picture

Read this book and you will look at the North Korean Issue in a different light



Note: I normally don't pimp books this hard, but it is well cited, well sourced, and definately explains a lot of what we have seen in the past years. 

autofixer's picture

Nukes are simply protection from invasion or regime change.  There will be no invasion.  There will be no nuclear war.  Status quo.    

historian40's picture

More rumor and scaremongering.

Consuelo's picture



Does anyone here remember:

'Suitcase Nukes'...?

From like, back in the Billy Jeff era...?

There ya go.



sheikurbootie's picture

DPNK is not a stable country.  Anyone remember this?  The topedoes cut the ship (Corvette) in half.

Now, imagine the attack on a US carrier group with a small nuke.  I think the threat is very real and Trump should allow the Navy leaders to take off the gloves to protect the fleet.

The bottom line remains for the US to be OUT of SK.  We don't need 50,000 troops in a foreign country for 70 years!  Trump is ending the drain on the economy.

Consuelo's picture



Ok, so we need to be out of South Korea, and we don't need 50k troops there, etc., but...

The Navy should take the gloves off...?   As what - a parting gift as they sail away...?

sheikurbootie's picture

DPNK has nukes, subs, suicide torpedoes.  I'm fearful of them launching a surprise attack against a large target (carrier).  DPNK is not normal, not stable, bat shit crazy and no one has done anything to stop them.  They feel like no one will retailate. 

That's why I think using a US Navy "gloves off" defensive posture and killing anything that could remotely be a sneak attack.  Just don't report it afterwards and DPNK might never know it happened.

What about the DPNK delivering a nuke on a suicide sub to our fleet OR coast of Cali?

lakecity55's picture

If we leave, fat kid has no reason to attack US.

We simply inform him if he launches a nuke after we pull out, he will be obliterated, no warning.

We would also save money. Trump can put those troops on the Mexican border to stave off the cartels.

I'd bet Andy Jackson would have those boys on the border, not in Asia.

roadhazard's picture

I'm going with, NO the Norks do not have mini nukes.    

JailBanksters's picture

WOW, that "MAY" be really scarey.

Japan "COULD" have mad cow disease, so we should ban all trade with Japan


DjangoCat's picture

Heard this all before with Iraq and Iran.  Fear mongering preparatory to invasion and murder.

Herdee's picture

You have to see through the American propaganda. Whatever Pakistan has, North Korea has. That's where 100% of the technology transfer came from.

romanmoment's picture

Fat boy may have a nuke hiding in his lunch bag, we have 15000 the size of an 18 wheeler that can hit a lanced boil on his fat ass within 33 minutes and turn NK into a glowing amber that the satelites will surely pick-up as evidence of increased power in the Hermit Kingdom.

order66's picture

All bullshit. Couldn't deliver it even if they had it.

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Hey, Japan, nukes are evil. Just put your fingers in your ears and think peaceful thoughts and I am sure that the bogeyman will go away! Go lay some flowers at the Hiroshima memorial. That's make you feel better about yourself.

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NORTH KOREA MAY BE IN POSSESSION OF A MINIATURE NUCLEAR WEAPON. Then again, it may not be inpossession of a miniature nuclear weapon. Does anyone report the news anymore or is it all now just click-bait speculation.