North Korea Responds To Trump Threat, Says It Is "Seriously Considering" Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike On Guam

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Challenge accepted.

If Trump thought that his bluff would be sufficient to finally shut up North Korea, and put an end to Kim's provocative behavior, well... bluff called because North Korea's state-run KCNA news agency reported moments ago that not only did N.Korea escalate the tensions up another notch, but explicitly warned that it could carry out a "pre-emptive operation once the US shows signs of provocation", and that it is "seriously considering a strategy to strike Guam with mid-to-long range missiles."

Story highlights from Reuters:


And the full report:

U.S Should be Prudent under Present Acute Situation: Spokesman For KPA Strategic Force


Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army (KPA) released the following statement on August 8:


Recently, the U.S. test-fired ICBM Minuteman-3 at its Vandenberg Air Force Base in Califrnia State targeting the DPRK, the fourth one this year, openly staged an actual nuclear strike drill targeting the strategic objects of the DPRK by mobilizing its nuclear strategic bombers formation stationed at its Anderson Air Force Base on Guam in the Pacific. It is driving the regional situation to an extreme pitch by bringing various kinds of nuclear strategic hardware before the very eyes of the DPRK. The Strategic Force of the KPA has taken special note of such maneuvers.


Such military maneuvers of the U.S. may provoke a dangerous conflict under the present extremely acute situation prevailing on the Korean peninsula.


Typically, the nuclear strategic bombers from Guam frequent the sky above south Korea to openly stage actual war drills and muscle-flexing in a bid to strike the strategic bases of the DPRK. This grave situation requires the KPA to closely watch Guam, the outpost and beachhead for invading the DPRK, and necessarily take practical actions of significance to neutralize it.


In the morning of August 8 the air pirates of Guam again appeared in the sky above south Korea to stage a mad-cap drill simulating an actual war.


Supreme Commander of the revolutionary forces of the DPRK Kim Jong Un, estimating the nature of the military action taken by the U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific region, once recommended examination of a powerful and effective action plan for containing the U.S. imperialists' aggression hardware as the U.S. forces are resorting to inappropriate and reckless military actions in the sensitive area, while going on the rampage in the waters off the Korean peninsula and the Pacific waters.


The KPA Strategic Force is now carefully examining the operational plan for making an enveloping fire at the areas around Guam with medium-to-long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 in order to contain the U.S. major military bases on Guam including the Anderson Air Force Base in which the U.S. strategic bombers, which get on the nerves of the DPRK and threaten and blackmail it through their frequent visits to the sky above south Korea, are stationed and to send a serious warning signal to the U.S.


It should immediately stop its reckless military provocation against the state of the DPRK so that the latter would not be forced to make an unavoidable military choice.


The plan is to be soon reported to the Supreme Command soon after going through full examination and completion and will be put into practice in a multi-concurrent and consecutive way any moment once Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the nuclear force of the DPRK, makes a decision.


The execution of this plan will offer an occasion for the Yankees to be the first to experience the might of the strategic weapons of the DPRK closest. 


Explicitly speaking again, the strategic weapons which the DPRK manufactured at the cost of blood and sweat, risking everything, are not a bargaining  thing for getting acknowledgement from others and for bartering for anything, but they serve as substantial military means for resolutely countering the  U.S. political and economic pressure and military threat as what has been observed now.


Will only the U.S. have option called "preventive war" as is claimed by it?


It is a daydream for the U.S. to think that its mainland is an invulnerable Heavenly kingdom.


The U.S. should clearly face up to the fact that the ballistic rockets of the Strategic Force of the KPA are now on constant standby, facing the Pacific Ocean and pay deep attention to their azimuth angle for launch.


It should make a proper option so as not to regret today in the future.

Incidentally, here is a 1999 interview courtesy of @NorthmanTrader, laying out Donald Trump's thoughts on launching a pre-emptive strike on North Korea.

Needless to say, with both leaders determined to keep escalating until the adversary folds, this seemingly inevitable military conflict will not have a happy ending.

The good news for Guam, is that the US has had a THAAD anti-ballistic missile battery on the Pacific island since 2015; in fact it was the first permanent deployment of THAAD outside continental United States.

On the American Territory of Guam in the western Pacific, is Task Force Talon, the world’s only deployed and active THAAD battery site. This is the world’s newest missile defense capability that can intercept missiles in lower space and in the upper atmosphere with its extremely powerful, long range X-Band radar that defends U.S. soil and American citizens in Guam against North Korean ballistic missiles. Equally important, Task Force Talon projects U.S. strategic air power into Asia through B-52 bombers deployed at Anderson Air Force Base and a U.S. submarine navy port as well as the largest American fuel and munitions depot in the Pacific. Last month, the B-52 squadron from Guam was used in power projecting flights over the internationally disputed artificial Chinese islands in the South China Sea. This squadron has also  flown over the DMZ in warning to North Korea in the past. Task Force Talon in Guam remains indispensable not only for American power projection, but also delivering extended deterrence for U.S. allies in the Asia Pacific region.

Finally, here is the statement issued moments ago by Madeline Z. Bordallo, Guam rep.

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land_of_the_few's picture

Since Ukraine means literally "border lands" there is no reason why "the Ukraine" would not make sense in English - "the border lands". Alternatively, English speakers could start referring to it as "the border lands of Russia".

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Roger. Appreciate the clarification and sorry I missed your point on quick, first read.

Oldwood's picture

We should not engage in ANY military conflicts until we can commit as a people, as a nation, to actually win. Our inability to win is not because we lack the manpower, weapons or technology. We only lack will, and not the will of our soldiers, but of our leaders, who see opportunity in conflict but lack the moral conviction to follow through....and of course there is trillions to be made in the interim.

What I find truly odd is the fact that our moral sensibilities have been altered considerably in the last seventy years and what we now accept as normal has only existed in the last few seconds of our evolution. This gives me doubt that it will be lasting, reversion to the MEAN soon at hand.

Bay Area Guy's picture

I find no fault in anything you've said.  My post was merely responding to the comment above mine that the US would have to coordinate with Russia and China and, as you noted, Russia and China have no interest at all in seeing a successful American resolution to this issue.

The gauntlet has been thrown down on both sides.  Given the two personalities involved, I don't think it's a matter of if one of them whips his missile(s) out, it's a matter of when.  To both, it's going to be a matter of saving face now.  And we all know how face saving maneuvers work out.

And to think I'm supposed to fly to Singapore in November.  Hopefully, the Antarctic route will be open and Singapore will still accept US citizens into their country.

Stinkytofu's picture


The US simply cannot fight the norks in a conventional war, they've been digging in and preparing

defences since the end of the last war."


why must this be "conventional"?  by that i mean invade, regime change, nation build.


why not just destroy anything that moves, and then go away.

sit back and watch.  if anything else moves, destroy that, and go away.

lather.  rinse.  repeat.

HRClinton's picture

It's the Neocons' wet dream, to provoke NK into striking something like Guam.

At that point, the US Congress would declare war (just like after Pearl Harbor), and China or Russia could do bugger all.

Never, ever underestimate the deviousness of the imperial, globalist (((Neocons))).

Give Me Some Truth's picture

We could do nothing. Sail our ships home. Park our planes. Wish North Korea good luck. Enjoy college football season. Drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains when the leaves turn. Get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

No one dies. Doesn't cost a cent and will actually save us trillions in new money printing.

I don't know. This might be What Jesus Would Do.

Oldwood's picture

Jesus ended up nailed to a wooden cross. What's YOUR plan?

NK has been working towards this goal for decades and is finally nearing their goal and YOUR solution is to bury your head in entertainment. Did you miss the note about "bread and circuses"?

Give Me Some Truth's picture

My plan is in the first sentence: Do nothing.

North Korea is not going to launch a nuclear attack against America, especially if we bring our ships and planes home.

I still think that Jesus would call for peace. In fact, he did even knowing that he could end up nailed to a cross.

dogismycopilot's picture

We are reaping the fruit sown by the DEMOCRATIC ISIS PARTY OF USSA who forced Trump into 'acting tough' with Russia. IF Trump and Putin had been allowed to talk and negotiate, Fat Boy would be finished already.

Instead, the US Congress/MIC/Democratic Islamic Mafia has herded China, Russia, Iran and North Korea closer together.

Only President Putin can stop this insane train.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Fat Boy is all bark, no bite. "

I think you got that backwards.  He aint falling for the bullying. What a surprise, I was thinking the fire and fury remark Kim Jong Un would start crying for forgiveness. 

The Squid's picture

Noticed a lot of you trolls on here lately shrieking about the threat of EMPs.

Could one of you please post an example of the calculations you have done to show how the propagation of an EMP across electrical infrastructure, such as the power grid would occur, and also the mechanism by whicn, and level of effect, an EMP would have on modern electronic systems and things such as vehicles which these days do not use vulnerable items such as distributors etc for ignition?

Both me and SETH RICH are waiting for your reasoned resposes.




MonkeyKnutz's picture

Here is a good place to start reading.  Mind you they only tested vehicles up to 2002, and they wer not tested to E1 calss EMPs, which are given off by nuclear explosions that can destroy items TAHT ARE NOT CONNECTED TO LONG LINES.  They were only tested at solar flare levels.

Fisherman Blue's picture

The most important thing is that central banks knock the hell out of gold.

NEKO's picture

How does NK know if a B1 bomber is on a training/threatening mission or is really carrying nukes to drop on them. At what point does NK open fire?

Loose tweets and gun-ho generals makes for Dangerous games indeed.... on both sides.

willy up the creek's picture

The Norks under present leadership represent an existential threat to the U.S. and all of its people.  We're in this god awful mess because previous presidents have been pussies.  Is Trump a blowhard and a pussy?  We need to destroy the threat.  By any and all means.  Yesterday.  

Faster, please.   

HRClinton's picture

You sound like you're retarded, or have a Neocon willy up your brown creek. 

yogibear's picture

Someone is going to shoot first.

Going to get real hot somewhere.

dogismycopilot's picture

no one even needs to shoot. Imagine some airman drops a nuclear war head while loading it on Guam and the bomb explodes and creates a small dirty bomb (explosives go off, some contamination, etc.).

You think Uncle Sam will say it was an accident? Hell no, they will say NK hit them with a dud and let slip the dogs of war.

One accident is all it will take. 

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

yes I agree its just a penis showing game. Trump is not winning. 

This guy called it right, he is saying NORTH KOREA will fire at US soon. Also he said to buy bitcoin when it was at $100 :-0 

SHOCKING!! CLIICK HERE!!  THIS GUY Nailed  it in JULY, and told members to get in, he thinks the price of BITCOIN will be at $5000 by xmas. SEE PROOF!! 


Demon Slayer's picture

He's a maniacal egoist, but he will not strike Guam. Even a madman has some self preservation in him. He will not strike Guam, because within an hour, his country would be a parking lot and he knows it.

SheHunter's picture

lotsa people like you and me will become a quiet, forgotten statistic.

Nostradumbass's picture

(((we're))) gonna get our USA puppet to do our bidding once again...

drendebe10's picture

Wrong fukn target rice bowl haircut fatso boy. Point it @ dc when all elected turds & bureaucratic do nothings are in session there.

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture



Prepare, accordingly, People.


You're welcome.


nuubee's picture

Guam? Do we still have a base there?

runswithscissors's picture

Ha Ha the joke is on Kim...Guam has already capsized due to too many Marines there!

Michael Musashi's picture

Yes, plus over 100K Americans.

Do you know that Guam lost more young men in the dual Middle East wars than any town in the mainland USA?

Guam is America.

Fiberton's picture

LOL I remember that congressman asking that. Was halarious.

gilhgvc's picture

yes and THIS time it might really tip over

Koba the Dread's picture

Yeah, we've got the entire women's Marine Corp on Guam getting their ribbons for cooking and cleaning and preserving fruit and, well for making pretty ribbons. You go, girls!

GoingBig's picture

okay, so I guess you know nothing about the Pacific Theater so I will go easy on you. Guam is the US's largest western base on home territory. It is home to Anderson AFB and the Marines 3 MEF will be based there.  The marines are leaving Okinawa in the next couple of years and will be home based here. 

Guam would also be the likely strike against Kim as there is still a B52 squadron (I think, its been a year since Ive been there) and full complement of B1's. Can't remember is B2s are there yet. 

Make no mistake, we are there and even have a sub port and dry dock facility. 

black calx's picture

"Theater" is a very accurate word!

FUBO's picture

At least someone on here knows what the fuck they're talking about in regards to Guam.

researchfix's picture

Guam is not US, it is annexed. Without popular vote, the inhabitants were simply driven away.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: Guam

I thought the entire island had disappeared from rising ocean levels, a victim of "climate change."

If the U.S. is going to launch bomber strikes from Guam they probably have to hurry up before all the runways are under water. 


Demon Slayer's picture

We do, but we need to be careful how many troops we put on it, because Hank Johnson warned us that he was concerned that even a few more troops on that island could cause it to capsize..

indaknow's picture

More balls than brains that's for sure. 

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

U S S A about to start a new war............................


fake weapon mass destruction

fake war on terror

fake chemical weapons.......................



the psychopaths and the pedophiles run the show..........................................


total darkness is coming..............................................



MsCreant's picture

Just...Just...Just shut up already. 

DJZZ's picture

Apparently he's acting out, triggered and can't find his way back to a safe space. he of draft age?

hxc's picture

Fuck off neocuck

FreeShitter's picture

Best way too boost stawks? Create fake false flag bullshit chaos, scare sheep into selling, algos buys all dips and market goes higher...rinse repeat. War with NK ends quickly just as stawks rip higher squeezing the shit out of the big players.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: "Fake WMD" and Fake this, fake that ...

I know war is imminent and we are "for real" this time because all the networks and newspapers are running the requisite "North Korea scare" stories around the clock. They have all gotten the memo from the Deep State. Commence the BS we give you. Scare thy people. 

To which the editors in chief and publishers and producers salute: "Yes, mein Fuhrer!"


MsCreant's picture

Man, if you live in Guam about now...


Anteater's picture

Largest AFB outside CONUS, and I can tell you exactly what

they're doing, is bringing the nukes out of the bunkers and

refueling the cruise missiles and warming up the largest

fleet of B1s, B2s and B52s outside of the Arizona boneyard.

This is Viet Nam Meets Hiroshima in Rage in the Cage!!

All because Little Jared got his dick stuck in the honey pot.

therealestg9's picture

Can you elaborate on Jared? How's he involved in this?

El Vaquero's picture

He's alluding to the Russkie attorney that Kushner met with.  The nothingburger.  He's claiming that this is the tail wagging the dog.  

BeepBeepRichie's picture

Looks like china and russia will have some new "citizens"