CNN Offers Citizens of Hawaii Advice on How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

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Following up on last night's broadcast from deep within a nuclear fallout shelter, CNN doubled down on their fear mongering today -- offering advice to the citizens of Hawaii on how to survive on a nuclear attack.

Here are the important bullet points.

Hawaii is the first US state to prepare for nuclear attack from N. Korea.
Everyone CNN spoke to in Hawaii assumed that in the event of a nuclear attack, they'd all die. THIS IS NOT TRUE (fake news).
N. Korea possesses a nuclear bomb like the one we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- 1940s grade garbage.
Tens of thousand of people die on the initial impact, but many more died of radiation poisoning.
CNN reports Hawaiians have 15 minutes to 'take over' for nuclear impact, should N. Korea launch a missile towards them.
Seek shelter and find out where your local nuclear bunker is located. Oh, and have 2 weeks worth of supplies to survive the nuclear holocaust.

Utterly absurd.

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CNN's logo at the end is trying to mimic the RT logo!

Bunch of fucking LOSERS...

RT's 'cube' is GREEN, and CNN's is RED.

Back in the old days, we used to call commies 'REDS' (CNN is a little too much in your face since they ARE commies).

Get in the basement of a concrete building (Cut to shot of government bunker. Seriously, the 'general public' isn't allowed in, you know).


I became quite depressed several years ago when I came to the realization that RIA NOVOSTI was a more honest source of REAL news than any of the US mainstream. SURE, they have their own agenda (but they tell you what it is UP FRONT, so you can cut through the crap and get REAL NEWS).

Their female presenters are attractive (mostly), but demure; and still have some sense of modesty when it comes to dress. RIGHT UP FRONT: They are called 'presenters' (NOT 'reporters'), so you KNOW they are reading a script written by someone else.

IF there was a Nagasaki-sized airburst over, say, Honolulu, CNN is SURE that the death toll would be 'acceptable' in todays' 'modern' age of cell phones and Uber and Tesla and OSB houses built on concrete slabs that don't have basements. After all, 15 minutes will give you enough time... as you sit in your car on the freeway out of town in a gridlock and watch the approaching fireball (right after the shockwave and the heatwave that melted the pavement in front of you)...

The conflaguration from the nat. gas lines and the electric grid and the gas stations and all the cars and trucks with fuel in them and the propane tanks in the barbeques in the back yards and...

It'd be like DRESDEN, or NAGASAKI, or HIROSHIMA. 30 minutes, TOPS. Casualties in the city would be 75%-90% within 6 hours.



'I have been authorized to assure you that there is NO, REASONABLE, cause, for alarm.'

WHO the fuck ARE these 'reporters'; and WHO the FUCK writes their SCRIPTS?


I'm so RONERY...

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as has been said, the stupid is strong with this one.


Look, people, have you looked at a map of the Pacific ocean lately? Have you?

Go and look. Can you find Hawaii on that map? Well? Can you? Do you know how small Hawaii is as compared to the rest of the Pacific Ocean?


Now, CNN, the jew-Arts-graduate network, wants you to believe that Kim El Jung (or whatever the fuck his name is), the guy that can't manage to install an AC power grid in North Korea, something every other Western country did in the 1930's, that this guy can build a missle AND a guidance system to find Hawaii in the middle of the pacific Ocean?


You believe that?


It took the United States 25 years and billions and billions to figure that out but this guy has done it in his backyard garage with some pirated shit he bought off ebay?


Yah, ok, enjoy your hysteria.



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paddle/sail to palmyra atoll. 1000+ miles south.

You're welcome.

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If I was a teenager and they warned the public of an incoming nuke I know what I would have done....

MontgomeryScott's picture

You would have gone and fucked your younger sister's hot girlfriend?

Aubiekong's picture

Like the elite would warn the general public of a  nuclear attack.  It would cause panic and might keep the elite from getting to their own bunkers.  Sorry little sheeple you will be sacrificed for the protection of the elite class....

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Need help finding N Korea on map? Probably shouldn’t ask New Yorkers


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CNN trying to create fear and chaos like little Brian Williams.  No mention that Barry Obama kept the mini nuke's buried and quiet.

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If a war is indeed the result of this mindless Iraq-esque replay of CNN fake news warmongering bullshit they will all this time around pay in spades, collectively and with their individual frauds and Deep State shills being exterminated by an enraged public on the streets. CNN was assurred they would all have a place in the bunkers under Blowbama, and apparently still hallucinate that they will somehow survive WWIII. They are sadly mistaken.

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An interview with Richard Andrew Grove, AIG insider (4 parts):

I suggest you take the time to listen/watch.

HERE is the spin-off of the website formerly named 'Eighth Estate':


Terror, terror, terror, terrorists, terrorists, ANTHRAX, WMDs, "you are either with us or you're with the terrorrorists", "you have misunderestimated me",...

YES, propaganda is ALWAYS the method whereby the 'ignorant, unwashed masses' are totally mind-controlled in to supporting whichever WAR that their bankster masters desires (because, WAR is MOAR!).

Einstein was SUPPOSEDLY quoted as stating that he wasn't sure how WW III would be fought, but that WW IV would be fought with sticks and rocks.

I never did USMC (they wanted me TOO BADLY), but Grandpa and Grandma are in Arlington, and Dad and Mom are in a military cemetery in Southern NM. (Grandpa retired Lt. Colonel, career man, former test pilot and pilot trainer for USMC in WW II, and Dad was 'former', and did an 'interservice transfer' in to USN before going to Thule, Greenland to help build NORAD).


I'm NOT an 'expat'. I am working to be accepted as one of my C. in C. G. Washington's 'Winter soldiers'. Shit's getting REAL, you know, grunt!

There IS NO SAFE SPACE in the WORLD if shit goes TRULY HOT.

Doing the expatriation thing only gives one a few hours, days, or weeks (depending on location).

Let that thought sink in, as those here in the TRENCHES are still working to mitigate the SHIT (as a TRUE, HONEST Marine would do).

I hope you listen to Richard Andrew Grove and Jack Blood (the first link provided).


Scott out.


You've been here for 2 weeks and one day.

You are in Jakarta (I wonder what it was like there when Krakatoa erupted).

Your primary job is to protect Imas from the tribulation that is upon us.


It ain't easy, but it sure will be FUN!

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Doom porn.  Lead up to false flag attack on Guam by the "NK".  Don't fall for this!

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

The war will come soon, but it will be a war against the media propagandists.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

The war against CNN fake news can't come soon wnough.  They need to be taken out on the streets, exterminated, their Atlanta headquarters burned to the ground, their frauds and Deep State shills and traitors hung from lampposts.  This time around their treasonous, seditious propaganda spewing will be silenced - permanently.

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But before you die, don't forget to mail all your money as a donation to the Democratic Party because you must thank Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for your demise. The few GOP voters in Hawaii left should thank George Bush and send a check to the GOP.

The people can suffer die and the country become a ruin but we must preserve the DC Swamp for the Globalist Socialist Liberal Ivy League Elite!

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You might as well just sit in your basement wine cellar or in your cannabis grow because your going to die of radiation poisoning anyways. It depends on the type of nukee used. If its a high altitude EMP or neutron weapon society will be in total chaos anyways because nothing will work for decades. At least a clean burn from a blast will just take out a certain area but not have the same capabilities.

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EMP memes vastly overrated.  Check out Jim Stone's assessment.  Don't be duped.

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So happy to see that our company has turned off CNN from all TV sets on all floors. We now get the local PA chanel with local news etc. 

Almost everyone is relieved that CNN and the Russia, Russia 24hrs a day propaganda is gone. 


oldguyonBMXbike's picture

They just switched to talking about North Korea 24/7

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better advice would be how to survive a CNN fake news attack....

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

CNN fake news is barely hanging on by it's fingernails now, ratings in the toilet, forced to dedicate a solid half of their propaganda air time to bogus, bullshit revenue generating ads for Africa and third-world shitholes - "ïn association with."

Following the collapse of the corporation the individual CNN fake news frauds and shills will be investigated and prosecuted for lying and shilling America and the world into the illegal Iraq, Afghan, Libya and Syria wars and all U.S. military deaths resulting from their lies and warmongering propaganda.  They will not escape.


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The real threat is from the MIC uncorking a nuck and blaming it on the Nork's.

Dg4884's picture

Can we get a tactical nuke to hit CNN?  Is that too much to ask?  Let the faux war drums beat.  This way we can rain hellfire on the nukeless NK.

fuckstar's picture

30 box cutters and a distraction will do. A box of purple kittens in each elevator should be enough.

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There are NO Nukes.

There is NO nuclear power.

Do your research.

Don't be a lemming.


creeko's picture

Damn straight, man. 


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They say the globalist satanists live off of human fear.

If that's true, they sure are trying to scare the Hell into people.

Since there's not a thing I can do about Nork nukes . . . meh, it's likely more government media lies.

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War is a racket and CNN is the sales department.

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but not to worry - nobody in their right mind is listening to CNN anymore.

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#1 Cut off CNN and your TV
#2 Build a shelter.

TheVillageIdiot's picture

Fear porn No diferent than GWBushwhacker saying to hang 6 mm plastic and duct tape to fight chemicals of mass destruction in 2001

lakecity55's picture

Yellow Tape! He has Yellow Tape!

espirit's picture

Better check that tape. Mine went bad.

Oh well, I'll just fire up the grill and crack open a Bud - That never gets old. 

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You should try real beer!


JailBanksters's picture

Just change the Date and replay this, it's as good as



1940s Trade garbage? What kind of shitty ass reporter would put that in "the news". Lol. Omg. This cuntry has devolved into idiocracy. God help us. Please let them wipe the islands off the planet. And cali too. Please? 

Extra biggass fries anyone?

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If a NK missile hits Hawaii or anywhere else in the U.S.,  it's because we let it.  We have the tech to knock all of Kim's BS out of the sky within seconds of detecting a launch.  

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

Indeed. Unfortunately "we" allowed our TRILLIONS of tax dollars be pocketed by the DC criminals, rather than demand it be accounted for.

It is high time for "us" to take responsibility, take out CNN fake news by any means necessary, execute their frauds and hacks, hold those that survive accountable for the hundreds of thousands of deaths they have caused worldwide and eradicate the other "mainstream media" attempting to once again lie and shill America into yet another bullshit, bogus "war." Something else is going on.... and this hysterical replay is designed to distract from it. They didn't even bother to change the script.

Fellow Veterans, it is now time to avenge our dead, murdered by these scumbags. We are 10 MILLION strong, heavily armed, trained and more than capable of stopping this treason and ongoing threat to the Republic in it's tracks.

Semper Fi.


UndertheDRADIS's picture

Why not just pull up a few AEGIS cruisers and slap his missiles out of the sky at the twelve-mile-limit? That way his people can admire how it falls from the sky and splashes down in their own fishing grounds.

lakecity55's picture

Indeed. We have stuff nobody has seen yet.

I have seen some of it, but it must remain in Secret Squirrel Whirl until needed.

Would it not be more better and bigly than to remove the Threat Kim Dumb Dong perceives and negotiate a way out of this trap?
We would save a lot of money and there would be no fallout.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

K-Strike, Kinetic Strike, THOR, God Rods. Whatever they call it, I bet the US has a couple of dozen in orbit being repositioned even as we speak.

idontcare's picture

We've seen it.  It's been around since the middle '80's.  Before Silicon Valley, bright students worked on Reagan's Star Wars initiative which was real and paid for multiple degrees.  You didn't have to worry about idiots like Kim's daddy by the late 90's and you don't have to worry about Jr. now.

Not too much is secret, it's just that people would rather get their info quickly from shill news aggregators and late night conspiracy woo woo shows than do their own research and/or think rationally.   Fear of annihilation sells.  Heck, the publication we are talking through right now has thrived on the fear of total global economic armaggedon and a concomitant Mad Max reality for a decade now.   

You'll never have any "news" outlet say "it's a beautiful day outside so get off your computer or away from your TV, play with kittens and puppies, eat ice cream, and take a walk in nature enjoying that you are alive!"  because after about the 3d day of running these types of stories, readership/viewership would decrease to nil.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Indeed. CNN is now relying solely on fear these days. That includes lots of other outlets too.

bh2's picture

Important to remember the Korean War never actually ended. There's been only a truce all these many years. Perhaps the time has come to bring it to a final conclusion.

1033eruth's picture

God I hate this line of reasoning.  How many years has it been since conflict?  THEN SHUT YOUR STUPID YAP, anal retentive prick.  Tired of hearing this crap as if it supposed to mean something.  The media is providing the justification for Uncle Fraud to spend titanic sums of money "fixing the problem".  Stop being a rube.

steveo77's picture

I kind of think NK bozo boy thinks his country can become like conquered Japan or Germany.   Fat ass chance


steveo77's picture

Shameful CNN, there are almost no concrete buildings, and those are governement buildings -- good luck getting in there considering Hawaii doesnt allow citizens to carry guns, LOL

And of 1M people on Oahu, I used to be maybe 1 of 5000 that had food and water for 2 weeks, the other 900,000 zombies would kill to get that.


I moved.

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Seems to me that CNN is guilty of terrorism.