EURUSD Tumbles Below 1.17 As Near-Record Longs Begin Unwind

Tyler Durden's picture

For the first time since July 28th, following the post-FOMC surge to 1.19, EURUSD has dropped back to a 1.16 handle...

And EURCHF is really tumbling...


As it appears the near-record long speculative position in the euro is starting to unwind...


The question is - what happens next?


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barndoor's picture

Just wait until Trump tweets that he's going to build a dome over Guam and get the North Koreans to pay for it.

The DJT-baggers will love that shit!

barndoor's picture

I always get a bit excited when the value of my PM gets a little bump, then I remember that I bought it as a hedge against disaster and the feeling subsides...

SimmerDown's picture

Well, sitting on your stack you can say (probably to yourself) "I love the smell of radiation in the morning."

Seasmoke's picture

Ever notice how-talk of NKorea always gets quiet on Friday 4pm until Monday 6am.  Funny how that works. 

XBroker1's picture

haha Kim has a curfew ...

buzzsaw99's picture

draghi and nirp are bullish for the euro.  /s