Gold Spikes To 2-Month Highs As Equity 'Traders' Buy-The-F**king-Fire-And-Fury-Dip

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Buy The Fucking Fire And Fury...

Interrestingly the BTFDers arrived right on cue as Europe closed and then got some ignition when NYT ran a story saying Trump's words were his own and not 'policy'... Then again into the close, VIX was smashed lower in a desperate bid to get S&P green...



Dow down for a 2nd straight day!!!!


Since "Fire and Fury", gold has outperformed, bonds are bid, and stocks offered...


Nasdaq and Small Caps underperformed today but all major indices were red on the day (Dow not helped by DIS accounting for all 35 down Dow points)...Trannies managed to get back to even as a general buying panic struck with 15 minutes to the close


FANG Stocks erased most of their post-NFLX earnings ramp gains as early BTFDers failed... FANG is down over 6% from its highs around AMZN earnings


But while investors fled to safe havens like bonds and bullion, they also rotated into AAPL - sending it to a new record high... (AAPL up 6 of the last 7 days)


VIX broke above 12 and its 200-day moving-average for the first time in a month...but of course was instantly pressured back lower because why buy protection in front of global thermonuclear war...


Treasuries rallied today extending their safe-haven bid from last night's "Fire & Fury" comments...


The long-end has erased all payrolls losses...


The Dollar Index ended the day unchanged after spiking on an early Trump tweet and fading for the rest of the day...


Ugly data from DOE on Gasoline inventories (but a big draw on crude) dipped WTI/RBOB but as the dollar sank late on so commods rallied... (NOTE, WTI bounced perfectly off $49.00)


Gold spiked up to 2-month highs...


As ye olde Gold-USDJPY pair was very active...

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Gold weekly - bullish ENGULFING provided we close above or at todays close

Surprise MuthaFucka!

Take a look at NUGT and JNUG monthly chart with volume bars. Massive volume for these derivatives in 2017 Bigly.

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Nuke detonates, Dow knee jerk down 1000, closes end of day higher. I'm calling it now

BTFD conditioning 

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Fantastic avitar!  BTFD "Buy the fucking detonation."

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exactly, couple million of slants dead,who the fuck cares

turn the page ... and BUY BUY BUY

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If you ever needed proof of manipulated U.S. markets, today is the day; what utter bullshit in the unicorn meat futures market known as the SP500 & Dow30. "Plunge Protection Team" at the ready so many times today it was sickening to watch ... and the spikes? Oh well, it's biz as usual to crucify shorts, especially on a day where action, if described as pathetic, is an insult to pathetic. Simply put, the U.S. is losing traders and trading biz to other overseas markets, cuz they don't want the bullshit. And aftter today, how can you blame anybody to swear off U.S. stocks? WTF.

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Quit trying to short.  You will NEVER time this crash, never.  Get it through your head.  EVEN, just EVEN if you did, they would change the exchange rules so you would still LOSE.  Remember last crash?  They cancelled almost all of the winning hands, called it some kinda "market event".  Look man, when something is not working, has not worked in 8 freakin years, it may be time to look quit looking at the Mawquets and the banks, and start looking in the mirror.  Maybe, just maybe, you can't short this market right now.  How 'bout maybe trying something else ...

vegas's picture

Short? Really, that's what you think I do? Get a fucking clue first, OK? I rarely short the market cuz over time it's 80% up, 20% flat to down. Why be short? However, when the idiots at the FED refuse to let markets take their natural course [some selling], it simply makes things worse when it eventually comes.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Don't know what you do Vegas, just saying the obvious and you just repeated it for me. Your words "However, when the idiots at the FED refuse to let markets take their natural course"...   If you know they are manipulating up, don't fight it, be up!  That's all I'm saying.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

I’d agree the late summer holding algos were in force, but don’t really see this as signs of manipulation – and this from a full-time trader who’d love to blame evil forces for the tight range.  Instead, the sad truth is that mean-reversion algos are still the dominant intraday force, and will always be in control unless higher than average volume, evidence that buy-side pensions or risk-parity hurricanes are blowing through, is present to override late-day VWAP reversions or, in the case of SPY & QQQs, strong enough to drown strong auto-buys at the Daily 20EMAs, the most important of all quant levels. Sadly, the fact that the weekly IWM 20 EMA was breached, and Daily lower Keltner was tagged, must be seen as minor victories.

Intraday algos are mean-reverting in all chart time frames simultaneously, but do so within the arc of buy-side volume and fed-fueled action.  In other words, they’ll ignite momentum, but rely on others to do the real dirty work required for solid directional moves.  Thus far, not many are playing, but that could always change ...

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Dump a little pump a lot. Dump a little pump a lot more. Almost as good as sex for banksters and politicos. Used to be 18 day cycles now it's daily, just to think it used to be illegal to inside trade, and it used to be a market and individuals investing in promising organizations.

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Two Theives and a Liar's picture

Lately I've been thinking if the markets are about CON-fidence...and "everyone" knows they are rigged...then how is CON-fidence "maintained" (when it's an open ponzi fraud)?

Perhaps the principle of "M.A.D" (Mutually Assured Destitution)?

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Yes, the message of the markets is as plain as day, you will be allowed to win a little if you go long.  You will be eaten alive if you go short.

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TSLA is out to sell $1.5 billion in junk bonds. That's a Big Ben-sized bell ringing right there.

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Naz being kept afloat by Apple. Apple, who missed their iPhone #s, messed around with their tax rate to "beat" EPS, is dead in China, and absolutely everyone knows (except Tim Cook evidently) is going to delay the iPhone 8 by at least a month probably much longer. They just goose it every single time there is selling in the index

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

We are going to be late, don't tell the boss!

Squid Viscous's picture

boss, the plane!!

it looks like AAPL ...launching another $2 for no fucking reason whatsoever

to save us from a down day! again!

rayban's picture

Spot on. Today the ramp was via ES and NQ, both closing positive for the day.


Peacefulwarrior's picture

Until we see the Wide Moat AAPL sits in shrink (significantly) Their miss is a buying opportunity

dark fiber's picture

Show me the bars or stop talking about gold.  There is more risk in those gold tagged ETFs than all the other markets combined.

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

If there is thermonuclear war, "stawk" market protection is the least of your worries.

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Gold must break $1300 on this current run or else its just gonna get raped, pilaged and ass fucked again.

Gold stocks still stuck in comatose state which is still NOT a bullish sign for any huge breakout in gold prices.

Fahq Yuhaad's picture

Right. Gold must tongue-punch the $1300 fart box. Not very likely.

Fahq Yuhaad's picture

A "sovereign account" bought a couple of tons of the "imminent 260 ton purchase" Andrew Maguire was droning on about in June and which was supposed to propel the gold price into the 2000s.

Rick Cerone's picture

I've seen this before.

Rinse and repeat.

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If Trumps allows the clown committee to start a war, he is such a LOSER.

Peacefulwarrior's picture

Trump truly love's America and the military mindset but Trump will never commit to anything that drops the rock on top of the adversary's head unless it has huge upside to his "winning" legacy.

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The U.S. economy is “broken” and the bubble blows bigger…

American Snipper's picture

Bitcoin is going to explode to $100,000.00

Fahq Yuhaad's picture

BUY! NOW!! Watch your thumb drive quintuple in value !!

Stormtrooper's picture

Add 9 more zeros to that.  Because, as the dollar, and every other fiat, goes to zero, everything based on it will go much higher.

FreeNewEnergy's picture

It's a nothing-sausage, because nothing-burgers are so 2016.

quadraspleen's picture

He's more machine now, than man. Twisted and evil...

macdavy's picture

chubby finger wont let gold break 1300

Snaffew's picture

whatever, as one author recently pointed out...if there is an exchange or a war, the global CB's would jump right in and probably spike the markets.  There just is no more downside until a nuke takes out wall st...and even then, it might be a 5 percent dip only to be bought.

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  I keep laughing at that stupid YID attorney that declined the 1toz gold bar in my pocket as a retainer.