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Nah --


That's Mr. Fuji...

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Harold Sakata lives on in still life.

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I'm starting to think that the Neocons have been saving this Korean War thing for a prez. that they don't approve of?

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kim vs trump in 18 holes - winner takes about it mr Kim? oh and kim make sure that ball you start with is the one you finish with

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Since all that Obama did was play golf during his 8 years in the WhidHau$e, Why not put that joker against Gordo Gook?

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Well, Trump has his Penfold Hearts. Kim must have played the wrong ball somewhere on the 18th fairway. As they are playing strict rules, Kim loses both the hole and the match.

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Nmewn's Highly Caffeinated Morning Musings

So, running on the premise that only a complete psycho would initiate a sequence of events that would turn not only himself but 3/4 of his country into ash, I predict L'il Kim dies in a fiery plane crash on his way to meet Xi in Peking for secret consultations, followed by an elaborate state funeral fit for a national hero.


Now this nuclear bomb Google managed to set off in the closet outside their boardroom is absolutely fascinating to me on multiple levels. They were in fact, on the side of the Ninth Circus Court against Trumps authority to suspend visa's generally and H1B's specific to "the corporate them" (along with Apple, Twitter, Microsoft etc) even as it was importing the very "maleness" it ordered it's HR Department to deride as intolerable "politically incorrect speech". Leaving aside what we all know to be true (the importation of cheap foreign labor to pad its bottom line) the two-faced hypocrisy of Eric Schmidt is only surpassed by the "gender & minority gap" of Googles own board of directors and...because a picture is worth a thousand words...behold...

...I dunno, on the whole it looks sorta "male-ish" to me. But I guess as long as the check clears they figured a few "token wymenz" is good enough...I mean, they have to keep up "appearances" because appearances is really all that matters...amiright?...lmao!!!


Short musical interlude with Les Paul & Billy Gibbons, cuz a little nonsensical fun never hurt anybody...


And just so there are no misunderstandings, that lame ass little pocket inside the front pocket of Dockers pants that snags your car keys like some sort of Chinese finger trap is still driving me crazy, I've now made it my mission in life to track down the SOB's responsible and deliver the slow & painful death they so richly deserve ;-)

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I thought from the graphic.... hmm, "new usual suspects list"

Saw ZZ Top at the Stardust Ballroom (rollerskating rink) back in (year redacted) in Corpus Christi, Texas at the cost of $.50 at the door.

that lil' ol'band from Texas.

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There's a talk show host in Little Rock who regularly brags how his Gary, IN high school prom featured for their entertainment, a hardly-known but talented band of brothers, known as the Jackson Five.

Keep in mind in the early 70's, I keenly recall Jackson Five cartoons on the TV. They were countered with another talented band of brothers with their own cartoon show; The Osmond Five from Provo, maybe Ogden. If not ironic enough, both bands had a talented sister. Janet has done well with her career, even showing us her nipple during the Super Bowl. Olive, who you know as Marie, continues her shows with brother and former frontman Donny now in Vegas. Her country music career worked out o.k. in the mid-80's and I played her hits while working in the Ozarks at that time, but you'll see her pitching one of those weight loss programs. Neither have aged badly.

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I thought about the massive importation of cheap South Asian tech labor and how those statistics would look vis the poor showing of women and minorities of color. And I am certain those numbers would not look pretty at all and I am also certain that whoever wades into that deep swamp will be called a racist and a bigot.

Self righteous hypocrisy is the crux of the Google biscuit.

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Obviously there is a problem with that list of board members.  Where are all the dark skinded people?

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"I predict L'il Kim dies in a fiery plane crash on his way to meet Xi in Peking for secret consultations"

Now there's a thought. Watch this space.

I also heard that Kim has tripled the number of food-tasters before he eats, so by the time they've all finished scoffing and the plate gets round to him, there's nothing left but a few grains of rice and some Kung Po sauce (!!)

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Chocolate Cake !

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Perfect, William!!

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USSA is truly evil but the swamp in Washing town takes the biscuit. Trump and his reptilian cohorts imagine that like cockroaches and sundry burrowing vermin they will come crawling out of their rat holes when this "snafu" fizzles out. The problem as USual has nothing to do with Korea and the genocide perpetrated there in the 1950's by mass murdering Pentacon filth, the problem is the flushing of the Saudi Mercan IOU I$I$ backed fiat filth toilet paper dollah and the end of the anglozionazi free lunch. Genocide on credit is over and if the USSA doesn't finally grasp that, we may all be well and truly over. We are fast approaching the point where the rabid mongrels and supremacist scum in Washing town might just have to be "taken out" like their NAZI Adolf creation a generation before them.


"Remember that 72 years ago today, the United States dropped the second atomic bomb on Japan, killing around 39,000 people in Nagasaki. Three days earlier, the first A-bomb killed around 66,000 people in Hiroshima. But a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula would make those strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like pinpricks. Experts say even a conventional war between the U.S. and the DPRK could kill more than 1 million people; a nuclear exchange, therefore, might result in tens of millions of casualties. Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, has admitted that such a preemptive strike by the U.S. would be a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

Does the president care? Graham doesn’t seem to think so. Trump’s former ghostwriter Tony Schwartz, who spent 18 months in his company while working on The Art of the Deal, has called the president a “sociopath.” In fact, one quote more than any other stood out from Schwartz’s much-discussed interview with the New Yorker in July 2016 and, perhaps, should keep us all awake at night. “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes,” said Schwartz, “there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

We can’t say we weren’t warned."

This article was first published by The Intercept  -

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There were no angels in the first Korean conflict, except the innocents sacrificed by all sides.

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So if you replace the name of the war with the name of the city it just feels different.

Pyongyang, 1953

Seoul, 2018 ???????

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Ah; but, there were Angels there in Vietnam, William, I assure you there were.

Up in the trees one would hear them whisper inperceptibly.  

Real Angels, man.   Real.   I swear it.

Beautiful creatures between their lives.  The living departed and yet again to be reborn.

So in love with their friends and their kin that they descended to watch over them in their struggle.

They are William.   They are here because we are here.  They are all around us, even now.

Love draws them to us here before it is their time to breathe again.   

This is why it is so hard to hear them speak: they cannot speak again yet with voices as we...

They come like fireflies of hope through the void to illuminate the darkness of our despairs.

Chesterton and Werfel and Aligheri did not speak lightly, and they knew exactly what they were talking about..

Yes, the wars must be fought, and evil is astride the Earth; but, these wars cannot be won with cynacism and violence alone.  

A greater power must be envoked and honored if victory is to be ours, William.

I may be sorely outnumbered and at disadvantage; But, I still have love in my heart, and I still whisper back to the angels that surround me.  

I have no fear for I know that a blessed respite and rest awaits me on the Star of the Unborn in the arms of the Mother that made me -and made me indestructable and eternal.

J.W.R. III - Padarn Beisrudd - D.A. - The Throxx Of Vron ...


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more propaganda crap 

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What do you mean by that?  You don't have to be here if you don't like us.  None of us will lose any sleep.

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Quite right Mani.

I prefer to read tidbits of your daily life experiences than that stuff.

Although I was a tad concerned recently when you reported having taken your daughter out for a ride on the bike and got up to 90mph. "Hopefully it didn't end like this."

ha-ha :-)

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I am sure everyone is dying to hear this moron's definition of Propaganda and how this slapstick photochop is an example thereof.

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And of course we'll never hear from him because his comment was just one of those slogans plucked out of thin air with no possible truth in it.



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I think they played golf on the Moon.

The rest of us just pay our taxes.

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Very interesting that China has been one big disappointment for the golf industrial complex. A number of reasons for that, but officially, the sport is considered elitist and discouraged.

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Like a dumbass, golf course maintenance is my field of expertise and wasted too much time doing it.  Who has time for playing golf?  I have worked at five golf courses over the last twenty years.  I used to play every day and I got pretty good at the game.  I have seen thousands of golfers blame the course or employees for why they suck at golf.  Don't blame the course, just blame yourself for the fact that you suck at golf and should be doing something else.  What sort of swing was that?

Fun game but time consuming.  I have buckets of Titleist ProV1s.(both types).  I still have an unopened case of Strata Tour Aces from way back.  That was a damned good golf ball those Stratas.  The more I became involved in trying to run a golf course the less I wanted to play.  Too many hours.  Too many assholes. 

Honestly, I was thinking about what else I could grow instead of the golf courses.  I don't think golf is elitist but it is expensive.  It's pasture pool after all.  I would do a bocce ball type of green for a court.  I do the local community garden here and we are giving veggies away.  I like broccoli but it is starting to overrun us.  I told the Mrs M NO ZUCCHINI plants.  Well, do you think she listened?

We are good on zucchini now.  Do you want some of them before they become torpedoes?

You have to smile.            

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Meanwhile, Russian Air Force planes today circled over Trump's golf club in Virginia, the Pentagon, CIA HQ, and Washington DC.

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This has been going on since 2002.


Nothing ever mentioned in the MSM under Bushco or Barry.


It's Trump so...LOOK!! It's his coluding buddies the Russkies keeping an eye on him.


More Bullshit from the press.

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... pursuant to treaty, with the permission of the federal government.

What's your point?

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head for the bunker

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Jimmy Carter could not be reached for a comment ;-)

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Has anyone played the free Kim Jong Un golf game?  Trump may be a good golfer but Kim Jong Un only scores holes in one.  Even on a par 768 in the mountains.  It's worth a chuckle.

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The kimchi course study in the rough stuff.

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So, those were not eggs you uncoverred, but golf balls!

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So is Trump 007?
Is Deep State Goldfinger?

Deep state does remind me of a montage of all Bond villains.

Who is Pussy Galore?

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If it's got a Pussy, Trump will grab 'em!

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Trump is Goldmember - William cut the pic a little high

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Pussy Galore of the Deep State is Blythe Masters :-)

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Ah ha. Yes indeed. Instead of flying over Ft. Knox with knock out gas, She will fly around spreading blockchain and cryptos, making all the traditional financials worthless. Looks like a Bond Girl also.

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Deep state is Goldman. Look at what a revolving door between the two.

Pussy Galore could have been Kirsten Powers 20 years ago.

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As we approach this hazard, it may be a good idea to hole out in the bunker with an LPGA foursome, play the long game, take a penalty stroke and keep shagging until sudden death.

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A pitiful pussy grab at humor!


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Another 5 day, I fuck myself up the ass Soros Bitch. 

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A pitiful pussy grab at humor!


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Sir Willy- You have arrived in a new stratosphere with your two new works above and with theme music as the frosting on the cake!

LOL!!! Great stuff!

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Who throws a nuke?  Honestly?!?!


I know why we never got to see 'Stanky' Obummer's horrible

golf games, 'cause the MSM covered for him.

But I read Trump is a very good golfer and still no coverage.

What gives?


Oh, wait.....

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Just once I'd like to see a world leader / businessman do something OTHER THAN golf.  Build model steam engines, fly radio control aeroplanes, hell!  Even do a great big jigsaw puzzle.  A jigsaw puzzle wouldn't be that exciting but at least it is not Golf.

Oh hang on, now I remember.  There is one:

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Hasn't Trump played more rounds of golf already than all the other presidents combined? I am pretty sure that is a fact. Considering all he does is spew bullshit on twitter that is no surprise. Twitter bullshit is Trumptard mind candy:)

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If Trump wants to play golf and tweet that is fine with me so long as he doesn't go full retard and come up with some fucked up bullshit like Obamacare.