Nasdaq Leads Stocks Lower As FANGs Tumble To 3-Week Lows

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Well that escalated quickly...

NASDAQ is down over 1% since Trump's "Fire & Fury" comments...


FANG Stocks have nearly erased all of their post-NFLX-earnings gains...


As the entire crew all falter (led today by NFLX after Disney's bombshell).

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But Bitcoin is now almost 3 times the value of are we stupid or what...the new toy in town

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De Dip, Boss, de Dip!

That is my best Tatto imitation.  Yes, the market is a Fantasy Island.

Lewshine's picture

This so-called pullback has nothing to do with N. Korea as the Jim Cramers of the world would have you believe. ALL MOVEMENT in the equity market, both up or down, are carefully orchestrated. The only thing more manipulated than the upside moves we've seen since 2008, is the delicate, white knuckled pullbacks so carefully ALLOWED for the soul purpose of adding perceived risk where there is absolutely none. This is not to say that the Central Banks around the world are not looking for the perfect headline to bail on this exhausted manufactured drama. They are, and when THAT issue is allowed for our digestion, The Fed will point their wicked finger at that ALLOWED cause - And history will be written as to what caused the greatest economic collapse the world has ever seen. But not before they shred every inch of financial flesh from all the oxygen breather's on this planet. <drops mic>

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Car Salesman: This car was $1000 a month ago.

Buyer: What is it now?

Car Salesman: Today it's $3000

Buyer:  Why is it so much more expensive?

Car Saleman: Because everyone wants one.

Buyer: I think I'll wait until the price goes back down or just get a different vehicle.

Car Salesman: You FOOL! You will never have the opportunity to own the car again, they are just going to go up in price... FOREVER.

rejected's picture

Yes,,, complain about currency being created out of thin air then go Ga Ga over something that doesn't even exist!

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

why are you comparing 1oz to 1 coin?

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errr mah gerd!




Wake me up when they drop 50%.

Aw Yeah's picture

Hmmm, here comes the VIX. Monkeys, bring out your hammers.

rejected's picture

Did ZH just call the bottom?


agNau's picture

Next up......
Trump & Little KJU @ Mar-Ma-Lago.....
Shaking hands and sharing a piece of chocolate cake.

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I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.  [/Otter]

onthedeschutes's picture

Tillerson is getting ready to "cut the cake"

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Cancel your Netflix today.

Buy a $30 Google Chromecast dongle and watch all the netflix junk and everyrhing else on the internet for FREE forever.

Iskiab's picture

Great concept, poor implementation.

All google's competitors are trying their hardest to make sure it's not compatible with anything; Skype, apple, etc... Everyone is trying their hardest to control the market so we'll end up with a bunch of substandard products.

Your still best off connecting your laptop/iPad to your tv

TheSilentMajority's picture

Works perfectly bro.

Try it.

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With regard the FAANG's:

Proctor & Gamble and ad-bots...    

When it finally lands on a few key heads that 'Fakebook' is reality, not just sarcasm.

Racer's picture

And..... wait for it...... PPT will be out and about buying everything they can get their grubby mits on

TheNuclearGenie's picture

You morons never learn. The market will never ever go down because the central banks will buy stocks to keep it up. Yet you bitch here every day about the same issue. I said many months ago to invest in the us stock markets. I have been making a killing since 09-10 and it keeps rising. I know the fed and the rest got my back... nobodys got yours... make your choice.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

If the Fed would cut QE tomorrow and let the FAANG's drop about 40% back to where their earnings are related to the stock price all of this politically correct echo chamber nonsense would disappear in a month. Do it now and get it over with. We're going to have to feel the pain sooner or later.