Trump Tweet Spikes Gold To 2-Month Highs

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Extending its overnight safe-haven buying within Asia, gold has spiked above recent highs - to its highest since early June - following President Trump's latest tweet on America's nuclear arsenal...

At the same time every effort is being made - by crushing VIX - to save stocks from a more perilous drop.

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algos come, algos go. at the end of the day, gold +/- 0,75%. in the meantime, besides fleeced comex specs, much huffing and puffing, moronic text blocks from Reuters' and Bloomberg's fully-automated (lobotomized) article generators, concerned looking bondies on CNBC mumbling idiotic phrases with the strings "gold", "geopolitical" strewn in so as to make them sound somehow important.

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It's The "My Dick Is Bigger Than Your Dick" Syndrome...

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They don't have to call no-one, the Robots are programmed day and night with the Special Algos...
It's auto and fixed in the systems like a Virus.

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Ah That explains why you bugs voted for em


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Hahaha, "I voted for Trump to increase the price of gold and all I got was this stupid bitcoin explosion".

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Plenty of ZHers here who own both and Trump has nothing to do with it either.

You two morons deserve each other.

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Gold is good to have if nuclear war breaks out.

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For one, gold is almost as effective as lead in blocking gamma and x-rays from a nuclear explosion.

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WRONG! Metals wound up in EW waves ready to burst. Nothing Trump about it.

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The only things that will survive are cockroaches and gold. Bitchez.

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you mean... the bankers will survive?

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So diving into the pile of coins in the vault ala Uncle Scrooge is a good thing...who knew.

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DAmnit, need a bigger stack (I've been frequenting the gym lately). 

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Yay, maybe the Gold I bought 7 fucking years ago might appreciate a little now.

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You mean get back to break even? Sucks buying the top tick.

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You have to admit...Trump succeeded in getting the Russia investigation out of the headlines.

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So isn't lead.  Lots of lead.  In the form of bullets.  :-)

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Don't worry, the central bankers/financiers will print the paper price right back down shortly...


When you control the money supply, you care not who makes the "laws", you can OWN everything and you can make the "price" of anything whatever you want it to be...


"Full Faith and Credit"  motherfuckers...

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It works until it doesn't ...ala Venezuela

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LOL!!!  Remind us, how long has this been going on in Japan again?

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I'm in no rush. I've owned auto insurance my whole life...never had to use it.

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gold will settle down at 1300 at least 

1) big sell of on the market 

2) weak dollar 

3) North Korea 


I don't think they are going to slam the gold right now 

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I don't think they have an option right now.

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Gold is very near to breaking out of a seven-year downtrend, in which case it could move up rather quickly. We're not there just yet, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

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The only thing reacting to Trump's tweets are the press and the sheep they are supposed to distract.

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I have to admit it is fun watching all these useless pieces of shit in the MSM panic.


Fuck em Doc!

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The folks know what Trumps doing and the press thinks everybody in fly over country are stupid.

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All is under control.  In a free market the gold price would have spiked 100s of dollars.

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Somebody better do something pronto or the stawks will open in the red, god forbid.

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Get back to me when either silver or gold price doubles, otherwise, this is a nothing burger. Both of these metals are underpriced by an order of magnitude, a 4% move is a joke. They'll be slammed back down by midday. When the financial system breaks is when you'll start to see notable movement in these prices, not before.

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Trump Tweet makes people buy paper with gold written on it.  Am I the only one facepalming with the logic behind the COMEX?

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It's just like the news media. There is real and fake. Gold is the same. When it really matters only physical will do.

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And I just bought JNUG this morning at 17.04 for a little entertainment. Old habits die hard, I should know better by now. The stacks always make me happy,..the stocks, not as consistent.

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I just happened to pick up some 10 oz stackers from Scottsdale on sale last night (seriously, weren't they watching the news). Since my purchase, silver is up about 40 cents, so no big deal, but maybe, just once, I caught the price right.

I'm not naive, however, so I expect the central bank consortium of moustache twirling evil-doers to slam the price right back down at the opening of the equity markets in NY.

Funny thing about keeping the silver price suppressed, they're indavertently lowering the price of solar panels at the same time. Have these central bankers lost touch with the oil barons, do they not care? Or, are they closet climate-changers and tree-huggers?

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I purchased two Scottsdale 10 oz stackers yesterday. I mean people are fools for not stacking silver right now. I also bought 9 rolls of Mercury dimes the other day too. This horrible Trump adiministation is getting hedged against. 

I stacked silver under Obama but now that Trump is in office I am buying a lot more. I also put a good amount in cryptos all for the sole purpose of making huge gains to buy more silver. Things just got real!

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And you are "buying low." I understand that's what investors are supposed to do. Of course the "fiat bugs" tell us that prices for our barbarous relics will go much lower. 

I'm waiting for the day silver goes negative - when you sell a coin to somebody you have to pay them a couple of copper dimes every week to make them take it off your hands.

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Yep I don't care how low it goes on paper. The only price is what will be charged for physical delivery or the value of silver in direct trade. I urge them bastards to press it down some more!

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Remember, last week the price of silver plummeted 55 cents (from $16.75 to $16.20) - about 3 percent - in about one hours time. The "reason" for this - passed down by the offical Reason Givers - was that some government-created employment report was better news than expected. 

"They" can always knock down the price in a matter of minutes for really any reason.

I think the next big cliff dive will come when Congress approves an increase in the debt ceiling. 

The undeniable "message" of this vote:

"World, please be advised ... The government of the United States of America is going to print as much paper money as it needs for as long as it wants." But - and this is key - said vote will avert a "crisis." Drop the balloons ..

Gold and silver prices will be crushed in celebration of said "crisis" being averted. ("Another one gone, and another one gone, another (crisis) bites the dust ..") 

In reality this will be a celebration of the eternal life of the fiat printing press. Another victory for the Status Quo and a "Screw You" to the few remaining Gold Bugs. Watch and see if I'm right.

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After the thermonuclear war the only thing left will be cockroaches and Hillary.


oh wait, those are the same thing.

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Kockroaches and Kardashians, that's what I used to say would be all that's left after a nuclear strike.  Because no matter what, for some reason those girls keep right on getting paid no matter what happens to them....

Why?  I have no idea.

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I sure hope wallstreet has plenty of Back up Generators, I would hate to see us loose an Up day because of a Nuclear Strike.

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the MERS database makes a bit more sense.

wait till you see what's in store for your warranty deed.

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If we had genuinely free markets, Trump's tweets would send gold to TWO-DECADE highs.

I mean, have we been closer to nuclear war in the last two decades than we have now? Maybe six decades.

And we have also thoroughly pissed off Russia and China, giving us an instant Cold War Redux. This ought to be worth at least a double-digit percentage increase in the "safe haven" assets.

... BTW, gold and silver will be knocked back down soon enough. Some BS government stat is surely coming out tomorrow, or some Fed member will make some boring speech somewhere. And we always have the never-fails "Fed expected to raise rates .25 percent at some point in the future" headlines.

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Since ZH is busy dropping the ball on Bitfinex, here's a good writeup about what I was talking about regarding Tether and its QE-Like usage by BFX. They're going to be the next Gox, you heard it here first.

Seriously, read this shit - and if you have anything on BFX, move it off, NOW.