Two-Thirds Of Americans Say North Korea Poses "Very Serious" Threat

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It appears the mainstream media propaganda machine is working...

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s assurances this morning may have been in vain: A new poll shows that most Americans believe North Korea poses a serious threat to the US, and an even larger number fear the restive state could pull off a successful nuclear strike.  

According to a CNN poll, almost two-thirds of Americans - 62% -  say Kim Jong Un's isolated dictatorship poses a "very serious" threat to the US, the most since CNN launched the poll back in 2000. The figure increased from 48% in March. Furthermore, 77% say they think North Korea can launch a missile that would be able to hit the US.

And those numbers may already be outdated. The poll was finished on Monday, before Trump promised to retaliate with “fire and fury and…power” – an implicit threat of a nuclear strike – if North Korean leader Kim Jong Un kept threatening the US. Kim responded by threatening to nuke the US territory of Guam. Fears intensified following reports that US intelligence agencies now believe the North possesses a nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside one of its ICBMs, echoing an assessment by the Japanese government. These newfound capabilities would enable the North to reach the US mainland, one of the Kim regime’s long-term goals.

The polling data showed that only 37% of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the North Korea situation.

“Trump merited more negative than positive reviews for his handling of the situation with North Korea. Half (50%) say they disapprove of Donald Trump's handling of it, 37% say they approve and another 13% say they aren't sure about his handling of the issue.”

Yet in a sign that his aggressive rhetoric is resonating with the public, 50% of Americans say the US should take “military action” against the North.

“The public is split on whether the US should take military action in response to the country's recent weapons testing and development, and partisan divisions emerge on questions about how the US should respond. Overall, 50% say they favor taking military action in response to testing of weapons that could reach the US, 43% oppose it. Three-quarters of Republicans favor a military response (74%) but that dips to 47% among independents and 34% among Democrats.”

Americans now believe the North poses a bigger threat than Iran or China.   

With six in 10 people polled calling North Korea a very serious threat, the country is now viewed as a more serious threat than Iran (33%) or China (20%), and is about on par with the perceived threat posed by ISIS (64%). Fewer, however, said they saw the country's military and weapons capabilities as a crisis for the United States (32% saw it that way).”

Most Americans believe that after decades of coddling the Kim regime, China should play a leading role in restraining in neighbor and beneficiary.

“Trump has frequently said that China should take a lead role in dealing with North Korea, and Americans generally agree, with 70% saying that China should take a major role in responding to the weapons testing. But just about as many, 68%, say that the US should take a major role.”

While Tillerson’s reassurances and North Korea’s decision to release a Canadian prisoner seemed the signal détente, at least for now, Trump has reveled in playing bad cop, taunting the North by taking credit for a decision to “renovate and modernize” the US’s nuclear arsenal.


Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports that Germany foreign ministry has warned against a “military solution” to the escalating crisis, while Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged Russia and China to intervene to stave off a nuclear confrontation.

“In comments aimed as much at Mr. Trump as Mr. Kim, the Berlin foreign ministry said that “a military solution” cannot be “the answer in the quest for a nuclear weapon-free east Asia.”

The latest series of hostilities involving the US and the North began after Kim Jong Un launched a series of ICBMS, including a test on the July 4 holiday that prompted the UN to pass new sanctions. Markets have certainly been shaken by the drama, though US stocks remain near record highs. Which begs the question: Will Americans' worries about nuclear annihilation stop them from buying the f**king dip?


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It doesn't surprise me most of the American population is functionally retarded. 

lakecity55's picture

I disagree. Most are mal-informed.


Manthong's picture


How goddam dare you try to F with the updates on my Samsung


Soul Glow's picture

2/3rds of Americans think a samsung is their boyfriend.  And to their credit it does fibrate.

BennyBoy's picture


"North Korea Poses "Very Serious" Threat"


back to basics's picture

2/3 of Americans also can't place N.Korea on a map

PT's picture

"According to a CNN poll ..." :

What more do you need to know?

PT's picture

Many pollsters are saying that Hillary is going to win the election ...





PT's picture

What is your flimsy referendum compared to my rock solid poll?



(For those who don't know, the original was the suspicious housewife with her, "What is your flimsy proof against my rock solid intuition?")

The Cooler King's picture

Here's a REGIONAL SAMPLING of the 2/3rds:


THREAT: Nancy Pelosi District ~ "OMG! Could one of those missles hit my vineyards?"

THREAT: Maxine Waters District ~ "Impeach Trump before one of those missles hits Tupac's grave"

NON - THREAT: Las Vegas District, Steve Wynn ~ "Try it FAT BOY & you won't be laundering any more money in my casinos"

THREAT: Illinois/Rahm Emmanuel ~ "Everything is a threat to us because we're so fucked up"

THREAT: Hamptons: ~  "If this happens, are we gonna have to switch from sushi to gefilte for our solar eclipse party?"

NON THREAT: PA/Ohio/WV/ ~ "I got my oxy, this ain't gonna hurt a bit"

THREAT: Chappaqua, NY ~ "These headlines suck because now people are more worried about the Norks than the Russians"

THREAT: Washington, DC ~ "COMET Pizza is closed for business"

THREAT: Atlanta/Hank Johnson District ~ "Guam gonna tip ovah!"

NON THREAT: Fort Knox Kentucky ~ "No use tryin' to pull that Goldfinger shit on us, ain't no gold here anyway. & besides, we have Odd Job as a human shield"

Kotzbomber747's picture

2/3 of Americans probably can't find the US on a map, let alone North Korea.

Honey-Badger's picture

Same bullshit CNN pumped out during the elections, Hillary 90% winning!

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

nudge theory 001:

Two-Thirds Of Americans...

-pay their bills on time ...

-shower everyday...

-vote for Obama...

-[just put some bullshit you want the sheeple to do HERE]

the unit previously claimed to have nudged forward the payment of £30m a year in income tax by introducing new reminder letters that informed recipients that most of their neighbours had already paid.

On the advice of the nudge unit, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs tested some new styles of reminder letter, which included a startling statistic: that most people living in the recipient's town or postcode had already paid.

bigkahuna's picture

Fat ass needs to be careful with what he says and does now....the fucking eye of sauron is starting to look his way.

For that matter, all of us need to start watching out - if fat ass does not get a clue, we are all in for it.

Koba the Dread's picture


who the F is fatass? That could apply to about 80% of all Americans.

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

 It showed that small changes to the wording of letters, such as "Nine out of ten people pay their tax on time", brought forth millions in tax paid

Giant Meteor's picture

"Mainstream media" when playing this up, are downright cheerful ..

847328_3527's picture

Most Americans can't find SK on a map, let alone worry about them shooting missiles at us.


However, people of Japan and SK are a little more worried but still not so much from what their newspapers say and on the street interviews show. They are basically  a stone's throw away.

Mementoil's picture

Over the past few months, North Korea has repeatedly threatened the US with nuclear annihilation.
these were not just words, they actually made those videos describing how American cities go up in flames.
Now, you can think that going to war with North Korea is a bad idea, and that's a legitimate opinion.
But saying that North Korea "is not a threat to the US"?
That's a little silly.

Giant Meteor's picture

From what I can determine, with absolute 100% certainty, the US is an even greater threat, to the US ..

That is definitely "silly",  but yet there it is, just the same  ..

Fire and fury, wing of bat, bubble bubble boil and trouble ..

The great devolution ..

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

But saying that North Korea "is not a threat to the US"?
That's a little silly.

North Korea does not have an independent (((central bank)))... right (((Mementoil))) ?

Mementoil's picture

If you've been reading my comments you know full well that I oppose Fed policies such as ZIRP, QE etc. And that I consider them as a threat to the future of the US and the rest of the western world.
But it's naive to assume that there aren't any other threats out there.

Mr Hankey's picture

Annihilation? Hyperbole much ? You  would really like to believe that  wouldn't you 

Eyes Opened's picture

"But saying that North Korea "is not a threat to the US"?
That's a little silly."

Are u speaking officially for Israel ?? or just as an Israeli citizen ?...

Winston Churchill's picture

Says who ?

If you still believe anything Uncle Scam or its propaganda arm,the MSM,you

really are on the wrong site.ZH has been co opted over recent years but is still far better

than MSM.

Mr Hankey's picture

They made videos? Launch everything we have. 

malek's picture

And over the same past few months, the US only charmed North Korea??

How fuckin stoopid are you.

Common_Law's picture

I wonder how many would say invading them in the first place was a good idea?

You remember.. that time we killed millions in the name of freedom or something.. mostly civilians too. And at the time we had a 90%+ effective tax rate for the "rich". So who were the communists?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I wonder how many would say invading them in the first place was a good idea?

Two thirds believe Abraham Lincoln invaded Korea.

Actually, it was Grant in 1871...

Gardentoolnumber5's picture
As John Stormer pointed out in his book, None Dare Call It Treason, the US while attacking NK, under the guise of fighting communism, were at the time practicing communism by feeding the enemy. What a f'ed up way to win a war... winning hearts and minds they call it. Sadly we still see the model being used today and that is exactly why the US can't win a war. Bring the troops home!
UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

You remember that time Uncle Joe and Mousie Dung Killed tens of millions of innocents in their own countries in the name of Marxism, or something...mostly civilians too?

lew1024's picture

Very true.

And that justifies our killing of Korean civilians how?

hestroy's picture

Yes. But they are both.

new game's picture

fake news, 1/2 truths and outright lies(propaganda) is what is fed to a hungry population that CAN'T think critically and question the narrative.

plus one for the chicken hawk types and Mic complex that consider humans foder or casualties.

real question should be "are we as a human population willing to allow the usa to continue this quest as supreme power that pushes rogue states to these extremes? iran next? 

the rest of the sane world should be confronting mericas bankers(MIC) and their quest for this one world order bullshit, which will never happen anyways as it is an impossible task. like herding cats or rooting out isis. all fuking bullshit. opposite of trying to co exist. bad vs good. these are just plain and simple; bad people ruling good people that are not holding these fuks accountable. we the people are failing AGAIN...

Nexus789's picture

Poor defense of the indefensible. Good try though.

Eyes Opened's picture

"I disagree. Most are malWARE-informed."


keep the bastards honest's picture

and the article makes no mention of Guam where  brave South Dakota airmen made their way to ready themselves for attack on NK according to ZH.

Guam is presently posing a threat to attack on NK and he has threatened them.  Not shown on the  map in the article either. Just lazy article.

Juggernaut x2's picture

97% couldn't find N Korea on a map

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


It doesn't surprise me most of the American population is functionally retarded.

...functionally retarded infantile pansy-ass whiners who are afraid of their own shadows for whom the prospect of their enslavers murdering millions in far away places makes their tiny pee-pees hard as they thump their chests. Exceptional indeed.

new game's picture


Cloud9.5's picture

Lies, damn lies and statistics, forget the polls.  Half the country voted against the perpetual war machine in the last election.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Remember that the wars done by a Left Psychopath or a Right Psychopath were always cheered by the majority of the American population.This should tell you something.

So,when I hear that the .gov is guilty and the people can't do  anything,I disagree. The people not only allowed all these abominations,but were "proud to be an American"

If,on the other hand ,there were millions in the streets protesting wars( and same sex marriages,multiculturalism,the Fed,the bail outs of the banks and so on),maybe ...

Every nation has the leadership it deserves.

Eyes Opened's picture

Anyone who has seen Mark Dice interviewing US citizens & asking them simple basic questions which they have nooo clue about will not be surprised by this headline... they are not just "ill-informed" ... they are willfully & proudly ignorant of the reality they live in...

When a citizen thinks Mount Rushmore is in India or Jesus was SHOT ?? by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300s its pretty obvious they're a sandwich short of a picnic...


Bill of Rights's picture

Fact... and another thing I was never polled so this is a lie.

doctor10's picture

gettin' right up there with

MFL5591's picture

Rothchild/Bush/Clinton/McCain and Graham ( otherwise known as the deep state)  have again gotten their way.  The war machine wins, the young amaericans men and woman go to slaughter over another lie promoted by the insane media!  Sick shit!  

Sam Clemons's picture

Doesn't this feel like he's just another Osama Bin Laden like puppet enemy?  How do we always have green screen videos of the guy and his people?

Badsamm's picture

"Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage, and basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass," said Jonathan Gruber