The Common Sense Way To Get Rid Of Kim Jong-Un

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By Chris at

That will never happen!

Much to the consternation of the little men in that incestuous, insular, politically inbred, inward looking place called Washington DC, young Kim is firing rockets into the air to much fanfare in his desperately poor paradise.

This week, the UN security council unanimously approved sanctions against the naughty boy north of Seoul. Stupid, stupid (which I'll come to in a moment)!

In the meantime, more brilliance from Washington:

I’ll hit North Korea with fire and fury, vows Donald Trump

Oy vey! Here we go.

An entire bottle of Kalashnikov vodka laced with Prozac guaranteed to blow your head clean off is required to understand the logic. Hang on while I pour myself a glass.

North Korea poses less danger to the US than a bunch of angry Saudi teenagers with boxcutters and a belief that 72 virgins await them should they kill the infidel.

You know why?

The damage they could do was truly asymmetric relative to the damage their enemy could do.

It's a topic I discussed recently when suggesting the economics of warfare have changed:

What we’re seeing is power shifting into the hands of individuals or at least small groups as apposed to large groups.


This same dynamic is at work with respect to war.


All wars are won or lost due to either side’s ability to secure supply lines, logistics, transportation, provisions, military hardware, and communications. And the ability to pay for all of them. Just as any business which can’t finance its plans goes belly up so, too, does any army.


Now, imagine an army with the ability to decentralise all of these elements.


This army is actually technologically and economically backward. This doesn’t sound threatening until you realise that:

  • This army can and does utilise the technology and economics of its enemy. No need to develop its own.
  • Transportation is not only provided to them but provided by their enemy.
  • This army benefits from acquiring its transport, provisions, and even military hardware from its enemy.
  • This army uses the communication tools necessary to conduct attacks at fractional cost… tools produced more often than not by its enemy… now out in the public realm


Would this not be a pretty powerful army?

Surely it hasn't escaped the geniuses at the UN and in that five sided building that houses more wet-lipped psychopaths than a maximum security prison that nuclear weapons can quite easily be delivered by angry Algerian teenagers in oh, I dunno... a car, a truck, a boat, or a private plane.

And being intelligent readers, you'll well know that there seems no shortage of angry Algerian teenagers quite willing to carry out such a task. Why, oh why build an incredibly expensive missile system to do what can be done easily, at lower cost, and delivered with greater precision to unguarded targets?

The answer is that young Kim needs a show of force to legitimise his very existence to the North Korean people.

The fact he's recently stepped up his rhetoric should be treated as evidence of domestic pressures on his regime. And this means that there exists an excellent opportunity to bring down his regime... but it'll absolutely never be used (more on that in a minute).

This brings me back to sanctions...

Those sanctions just provided Kim more fuel to fire up his domestic popularity than he could ever have garnered on his own. His response was precisely what you'd expect of every self-respecting dictator. He barked at them and used it as further evidence of the evil that "his people" must overcome.

The clowns at the UN sipping US$10 water must have said to themselves, "Well, we'll hit him hard with these sanctions. We'll deprive his people of goods and services and Kim will cave in and change his tune."

Why? Because he cares so much for them and can't stand to see them starve? Really? Are these people that dumb?

Or maybe they think to themselves,
"His people will become so fed up with starving they'll overthrow him".

This tactic has worked splendidly before. Oh wait! No, wrong! It's
never worked before.

How it is that the inescapable logic and hard evidence defies entry into their cognitive functions requires another glass of Kalashnikov.

Dictators are bullies by nature, and bullies everywhere operate on a platform of fear, intimidation, and a show of resolute strength. Weakness of any sort is as dangerous as any nuclear weapon to them. Why would Kim risk being seen as weak and ineffective when doing so would threaten his very regime?

This would be like the Pope coming out saying,
"Sorry folks it's all a hoax. There is no God."

Sanctions act only to bolster a dictator's resolve.

People starved of resources are by nature less resourceful and actually less trusting of foreign influence - the very thing that those who are bringing the sanctions actually say they want. And so overthrowing him becomes even less of a probability. Well done guys!

Typically, the politics behind such things has less to do with logic than it does money. As I mentioned 
when discussing Trump and Russia, you can't take away the rice bowls:



Why Washington and the Establishment Need a Russian Enemy

Without a Russian threat the need for NATO is… well, jeez Louise, there isn’t one. Hmmm.

After all, NATO doesn’t need Eurofighters to deal with angry Algerian teenagers. They were built to do combat with Ivan. What if Ivan isn’t the threat they need him to be?

 Europe (and NATO) actually need weapons designed for a knife fight in a cubicle. Nuclear submarines seem like overkill for jihadists donning exploding underwear and yelling “Allahu Akbar” in a Paris subway. You sure as hell can’t fight him with a Mig-29. The problem is, none of this works for the lobbying military contractors sucking at the teat of Washington.

Scrap the 20 F-22 Raptor jets boys. We’ve got an order for… Oh, jeez… An order for… 45,000 stab vests??… No, that can’t be right.”Without NATO Lockheed Martin may not build as many ugly and ludicrously expensive planes.

Without a Russian enemy Halliburton don’t provide “services”. Rice bowls are at risk. It’s about the money. It’s always about the money.

The Actual Solution

You have to make the distinction between a government and a people. They're absolutely not the same thing.

Now, if you want to get rid of the North Korean people, then it makes perfect sense to turn North Korea into glass. That's easy: Conjure up a reason like weapons of mass destruction and then go at it. We all remember Iraq. On the other hand, if your objective is to "liberate" them, the solution is really quite simple.

You immediately eliminate all sanctions and you absolutely let goods, services, and information flow. Immediately open the borders to allow North Koreans visa access to the rest of the world.

The Berlin Wall fell not because those nasty Commies got bombed to smithereens... or because they saw the light and came around to a smarter way of doing things.

No, it fell because information spread. I'd go so far as to say that it was the fax machine which brought down the Berlin Wall.

It sure as hell wasn't some busybody know it alls in DC or any of the think tanks that litter the halls of power-like plastic bags on the side of an African highway.

If the West completely opened up to North Korea, there would be a greater infiltration of goods and services into North Korea, and this, much like the fax machine, would bring resources and information to the people of the country (remember, without resources it's tough to displace Kim). More importantly, it would eliminate the ability of Kim to adequately have a terrible foe.

Show me one country with a desperately poor populace that has posed any real threat to the dictator running the show. Now go and read your history books and you'll find that when a populace develops a middle class status the risks to the regime are much much higher.

This is where China is now, and it's a balancing act - one, I might add, that China have been managing remarkably well by providing increased economic freedom while limiting political freedom (not unlike Singapore).

The reason the West will not eliminate sanctions is because our Western leaders refuse to allow overwhelming evidence to influence their repeatedly failed policies.

And so here we are...

The risks ratcheting higher everyday, and we know it only takes one stupid move and we'll have cities in smoking ruins.

It'll never be "tactical" or short. Forget about what the generals say.

Wars are more unpredictable than an epileptic on a bronco. Take a look at Iraq. It was going to be a cakewalk as was Afghanistan... and Somalia... and Vietnam.


Wow Poll 10 Aug 2017

Cast your vote here and also see what others think will happen

- Chris

"There are very few examples looking back over the last 25 to 30 years where sanctions have actually succeeded". — Nicholas Burns, former US diplomat


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wafm's picture

wrong question. the real one is"how do we get rid of jewmerica".

poetic justice's picture

You said it... Most Governments World-wide are just Globalist cocksuckers, stooges and lackeys. You are never going to see any sort of rationalist thinking until we remove the bastards from the face of the Earth.

MedTechEntrepreneur's picture

That must have been written by someones kid.   good lord...

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Stopped reading at the bullshit "Saudi teenagers with boxcutters" thingy. Fucking idiot!










Herdee's picture

Close to a million man army and the ability to arm the whole population. I don't see anybody from the U.S. winning on the ground. It'd be a bloodbath.

moman's picture

Stupid 'Peacenic' does this plan sell bombs?

tangent's picture

This article is correct but forgot to mention that the troops in South Korea should be wtithdrawn immediately.

Wahooo's picture

This solution makes too much sense to work. MIC would never approve and therefore neither would OrangeTop.

Aristofani's picture

The author, who seems in his understanding of the political economy of the world,  to have either just finished high school or still doing an undergraduate degree, fails to realize The United States in the region has a central objective that does not concern Kim Jong-un or his nuclear weapons. Rather, it is driven by the perennial necessity to increase forces in the region for the purposes of maintaining a balance of military force (Asian Pivot) and ultimately trying to contain the rise of the People's Republic of China (PRC). One might even argue that this strategy poses dangers not only to the entire region but, in the case of a confrontation between Washington and Beijing, the entire planet, given the nuclear arsenal possessed by the United States and the People's Republic of China.

A more mature analysis of the situation, intellectually and emotionally here.

Avoiding Nuclear War: Why Kim Jong-Un’s Strategy Makes Sense


slvrizgold's picture

Stopped reading when you said 911 was done by Saudis with boxcutters.  Fuck off dumbass.

Precious Hawk's picture

In 1814 we took a little trip

Down the Colonel Paknac to the mighty Missisip


We hid behind the cotton bales and watched the British come

There must have been a hundred of them beating on the drum

We stood quite still til we saw them good and well



Not fair said the British. They should have lined up like we did and let us shoot them.

There is no need for any suicide bombers today.

Unconventional war means unconventional methods.

The fact that the NY bridges have not been targetted yet means that there is not really any internal, organised, war party representing the terrorists.  The slightest thought would have them parking trucks in strategic places adn bringing NY/DC to a halt; at regular intervals.

The USA would shut down.

Then a couple of well placed bombs and the infrastructure can be taken down.

Unconventional yes, but unexpected no.

The threat of terrorism in the USA is minute compared to Merkel's follies in Europe.










Sirius Wonderblast's picture

Well said. Attacks on people (includng soldiers) change nothing as countries/governments have plenty more of them and it suits the purpose of ever more war/spending. To succeed in war attack infrastriucture, and see how quickly the governments change their tune - and most likely stop the funding, arming, and training if "moderate" rebels.

Demologos's picture

Here's a solution no one has mentioned yet. Send in the Kardashians!

Pol Pot's picture

The author does not seem to understand who the puppeteer is behind's the CIA...always has been the CIA...and will continue to be as long as they can assure that there are two Koreas. Having two koreas has great value for the military and security industrial complex...and serves to keep thousands of American soldiers near both the Chinese and Russian borders...Amerika always needs to have a ready to serve up boogie man waiting in the wings and none are better than a "crazy" leaders that the company serves up in NK.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

I am bored with NK. It does not effect me. How do we break up Google and throw the pieces to the wind?

south40_dreams's picture

Liberals are praying for civil war from the Mueller inquisition, like they pray to Al Gore for a weather apocalypse, just like they pray for nuclear Armageddon from NK. The liberals have become a death cult, just like their sister organization the mooslims.

dunce's picture

North korea is a surrogate for China. They can shut them down with a phone call but do not want to. We need to tell china if he fires a nuke, all of our retaliation will be on them.

Demologos's picture

Great screen name! Did you even read the article? Next time try responding to what the author said.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

We don't need to "get Rid" of anybody. Except our own Deep State Criminal Traitors, and ISIS/Islam. End of story.

What a bunch of chicken shit losers on ZH these days.

HoyeruNew's picture

the writer thinks he is so smart and that he is pointing out things the US gov hasn't thought of. He couldn't be MORE wrong. US gov knows EXACTLY what it is doing; it WANTS Kim jon to react the way he did so they can use his reaction for their own fake reactions. The US gov perfected the game theory game way back in the 1940s when it placed economic sanctions on Japan exactly because it KNEW how japan would react and because the US gov wanted a way to get into WWII. The plan succeeded perfectly.

Whatta waste of Reading ZH is turning out to be; all those writers think they are discovering the wheel.

HoyeruNew's picture

the writer thinks he is so smart and that he is pointing out things the US gov hasn't thought of. He couldn't be MORE wrong. US gov knows EXACTLY what it is doing; it WANTS Kim jon to react the way he did so they can use his reaction for their own fake reactions. The US gov perfected the game theory game way back in the 1940s when it placed economic sanctions on Japan exactly because it KNEW how japan would react and because the US gov wanted a way to get into WWII. The plan succeeded perfectly.

Whatta waste of Reading ZH is turning out to be; all those writers think they are discovering the wheel.

markl's picture

Not fair. This was a paid article, not one selected by the ZH editors.


StinkyLebinowitz's picture

Well we could try the diplomacy route, or we could Hirshima them.

Which one of those has worked 100% every time it was tried?

We'll go with what works, that's what we elected Trump for!

markl's picture

"Hirshima" didn't end the war. Neither did Nagasaki. The war ended when the Soviets attacked Japan and cut off their last diplomatic hope.

RTUT's picture

If only I could reclaim the time I spent reading about half that ridiculous rant.  Kim is concerned about being popular, then he is starving his people, pretty disjointed.  Now I am wasting time commenting.  Oye!

thebigunit's picture

Thanks to Madelaine Half-bright and a parade of Democrat knuckleheads, there are NO good alternatives for dealing with North Korea.

My best bad solution is to scare the shit out of the North Korean regime so that the second tier bureacrats and military officers begin to think that the alternative to being turned into a cinder is to grab the little fat twerp with the bad haircut, take him out to a shooting range and vaporize him with an anti-aircraft gone.

My guess is that the second tier NORKS get information from the internet and are susceptible to "cyber warfere".  What if General X learns that General Y and Colonel Z are plotting a coup?  Do you blow the whistle and get incinerated by a Trump nuke, or do you join the coup and risk going before the AA guns.

Tough choices.  I'm glad I'm not a North Korean general.

Zorba's idea's picture

spot on! Kim Ding Dong could get his "Nero" moment. 

ebworthen's picture

Chris pulls a "Neville Chamberlain".

Sure, ignore the cult of Kim and their nukes, it will all go away.

rjdsaldanha's picture

Krunch Time and Countdown for Korean Krackpot Despot, Kim Jong-Un Disappear.

rjdsaldanha's picture

History repeats itself and we do not want to. We will never forget the dark times of the 1st and 2nd World Wars, so we want a resolution that goes by stripping the crazy fat boy from North Korea's.  China must stop having soft talk about this subject at its doorstep... Enough is Enough, we do not want a politically correct hypocrite from UN who did not do in time to safeguard nations and peoples of this world.

We immediately want a resolution to solve the huge problem that represents North Korea.

lew1024's picture

What huge problem does NK represent?

There is no reason to believe any gd thing my government says wrt NK, or any other country or thing, for that matter. They lie about everything. Always.

SquadronVBF94's picture

Total and utter bullshit.  Little Kim is not a rational thinking individual. His staying in power is dependent on channeling the majority GDP into the  military and the structures that support it. Yeah he may assassinate his own brother or execute a general or two with a 1.25 anti-aircraft gun but should he kill the wrong general or not fund some pet military project he would be gone in a heart beat and we wouldn't find out about it for six months. He is about as truly secure in his position as any number of Roman Emperors who crossed the Praetorian Guard.

Thom Paine's picture

This isn't so much about NK, just as much about China.


Have already noted that encouraging regime change by promising destruction is maybe one of their goals here.

thebigunit's picture

You don't control North Korea's borders. dumbell.  North Korea controls North Korea's borders.

 Immediately open the borders to allow North Koreans visa access to the rest of the world.

Kim Jong Un's power is based on giving "presents" to loyalists.  TV programs in North Korea feature Kim giving out gifts to people who support the regaime.

In order for this practice to work and keep him in power, everyone else has to be deprived and desperately poor.  Kim can and does arrange for that to be the case.

Kim's military and largesse consumes 40 percent or more of North Korea's GDP.

WeeWilly's picture

Exactly, Big. After reading this I wondered how much the author knows about N Korea (or other authoritarian regimes). Citizens do not have acess to information or opportunity and we can impact that? Has he never seen a pic of N Korea at night? There is a widespread lack of basics such as electricity. Instead of writing the author needs to read and research.

Cockoo's picture

Sanctions and embargoes created Pearl Harbor during WWII lack of metals scraps and aviation fuels dried up for the Japanese to continue their war effort in China. Therefore, sanctions against N. Korea are not giving them a way out other than a violent way out.

passerby's picture

The one idea that will never be considered is simply walk away.

Lucretius's picture

Who the hell says it has to make any sense? When did (((they))) make that rule? You know that our masters are all playing square root chess, and us maggots wouldn't even begin to understand. We ARE being "served"!?! What it in fact IS, is the question, I think. Never mind, I'ma gon watch sprtsball.

 Nice article, long on logic and history. Kudos to the author.

JailBanksters's picture

Questioning the Sanity of this for once.

What does Kimmy gain from this, even if he does turn the USA into a Wasteland ?

The best he can achive is Nothing, there's nothing to gain.

What does America gain from this ?

You could write a whole book on this, but the summary is:

Win or Lose means More Jobs, Increase in Military Manufactoring, More Jobs, Increase in Profits, More Jobs.

If they win, it's a Bonus, with Increase in Power and Control. Make America Great Again Ra Ra Ra U S A  U S A


So it makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever that Kimmy is the Aggressor when the only that will benefit from this is the USA win or lose.

This is why, this whole thing stinks to high heaven.



HoyeruNew's picture

you claim to be so ignorant as to NOT understand NK weapons of defensive and NOT offensive in nature? MUST be another dumb 'merican.

JailBanksters's picture

You claim to be smarter

There is no such thing as a Defence System, they are all made for Attack.


Who said Korea has the ability to hit both sides of Uhmerica ?

Who said Korea has an EMP weapon ?

I can't find any video of Un saying any of this in any language.

and even has no mention of any of this crap, it's only on Western Media.

It was only few months ago Korea couldn't even make it to Japan, now they hit any part of the USA ?!?

Korea has done 5 aromic tests in 10 years, and from that they made a EMP Weapon that can take out all of Uhmerica !

It's Bullshit, in 10 years the US has tested hundreds of Nukes, under water,above water and underground.

Somebody is over extending Korea capabilities by a shipload.



new game's picture

imagine that all this is fabricated from scratch. like theatre in the round.

now the table is set for moar war.

get it. 

good, send your resume to northrup and see how it goes.

get on the bandwagon and ty a yellow ribbon around a generals cock and suk hard.

simple shit maynard...

JailBanksters's picture

I'll Challenge anybody to find a single war anywhere in the World in the past 100 years, where

the "REAL" Truth about the conflict was known before the war started.

Because I haven't found one, they were all based on Lies, Deception and False Flags.

Yeah, but this one is for like real dude !!



Hope Copy's picture

Create shortages of goods here in the USA, by dropping them via B-52 on the good people of North Korea, like canned ham, pretzels and mustard.. and plenty of beer.

QIG's picture

Trump has all the elements in place now for a good deal with Kimchi Kim.

It goes like this:

1. "You can either play nice with us and all the other girls and boys in the UN group, and stop the missiles and the threats, or we kill you and pave over your country.

2. Please choose.


There is at least an amusing game option that could be done. I will call it "Nuke Ping Pong". 

He shoots a missile, we shoot one back armed the same, and on an exact reverse trajectory.


Answer him one to one until he calms down. No war head, just a thud where the intial launching site was, so long as his missile did no real damage.


Of courtse if his missle did damage then go back to option 2 on the deal, right there.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

can't China just shut of the water?