Goldman Warns S&P, VIX, Credit Signals "Suggest Period Of Corrective Price Action Has Begun"

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Goldman Sachs' Technical Analysis Team is concerned as signals from the equity (S&P), volatility (VIX), and credit (CDX IG) markets are suggesting this is more than a brief dip to buy.


The index has finally seen follow-through since the bearish key day reversal high on Tuesday. The balance of signals suggest potential to have started a period of corrective price action (overlapping/ lower).

a)     S&P Intraday/Daily – There was some small attempt at a relief rally on the day following the key day pattern (Wednesday). Historically, this tends to be the case, prior to seeing continuation of the initial decline. As previously discussed, seven of the past seven bearish key day reversals have had some follow-through in trend (between 1 and 4%). With this in mind, the index is now right on top of a trendline formed across the lows since May as well as a minor ABC target at 2,448-2,446. The next two retrace levels below there come in at 2,429 and 2,391 (38.2% and 61.8% since April). And if this is truly a 4th wave to a sequence that started in Feb. ‘16, it has scope to run as far as ~2,368 over time. This would mean retracing 23.6% of the length of wave 3 since June. It’s worth noting that wave 2 (the Jun. 7th/27th ’16 selloff) was fairly sharp/quick. This would imply that wave 4 could be more complex and take time to fully materialize.

View: Focus shifting lower. Next immediate support at 2,448-2,446. Retrace levels at 2,429 and 2,391. Scope to eventually see 2,368. Likely complex/ time-consuming.

b)    S&P Weekly – The index has also come into two longer term pivots at 2,452-2,478. This area includes a 2.618 extension target for wave III from ’09 as well a target for wave 3/(5) from Feb. ’16. Weekly oscillators are on track to diverging negatively against the new trend highs; this has been a reliable signal in the past. Finally, the market is on track to forming a bearish key week reversal if Friday’s close settles below 2,472.


All in all, the balance of signals suggest there’s scope for some corrective price action.



Seeing similar “risk-off” type signals from the vol market. These have tended to work well in the past, suggesting that a possible turn/correction is likely underway.

a)     VIX Daily – Currently testing trendline resistance at 14.41. This level acts as the top of a declining wedge that’s been in place since the Jan. ’16 highs. Wedges tend to be long-term reversal patterns which often see quick/sharp break-outs. These are also often associated with material/lasting trend shifts. The next level in focus is 16.22-16.48; this includes the April/May highs and a 2.168 extension from July. Getting a break above this would damage the existing trend of lower lows/lower highs and significantly increase immediate topside risks. Anything back underneath the 200-dma (11.98) would signal near-term stability.

View: Keeping an eye on 14.41 resistance. Topside risks heighten significantly through 16.22-16.48. Need below the 200-dma 11.98 to signal near-term stability.


b)    UXA Daily – It’s worth watching the active contract for additional signal. The index happens to be breaking its respective downtrend since Jan. ’17 (12.57). It’s also through the 55-dma which is down at 12.518. This trendline/55-dma combination has held a number of previous tests in recent months, adding conviction to the fact that real damage may have been done to the immediate trend. Would need to see the index back underneath Wednesday’s high 12.61 to signal a possible reversal/false break.


CDX IG Spreads 

This too seems to be breaking from a declining wedge. All of this adding to mounting evidence that a broader trend shift may be taking place.

a)     CDX IG Daily – Currently wider than the trend across the highs since Jun. ’16 (60.39). This trendline has held on multiple recent occasions. The break also comes after the completion of a 5-wave decline since March, further encouraging the notion that this may have started a meaningful reversal (towards wider levels). As previously discussed, wedges tend to see sharp/quick breakouts in the opposite direction to the preceding trend. The next level to watch from here is 63.32; the interim high from Jul. 7th. The 200-dma is above there at 65.12; the market hasn’t seen a close above this moving average since the Jun. ’16 wides (right when the wedge initiated). At this point, spreads would have to narrow back under 60.39 (prior wedge resistance) to imply that this was a false breakout.

View: Break above 60.39 signals potential for a trend shift towards wider levels. Next in focus 63.32 and 65.12. Risks heighten above these levels. Re-assess below 60.39.

b)    CDX IG Weekly – There are two interesting points to make about the longer term chart. Firstly that this wedge is considered the C wave of an ABC that began at the Feb. ’16 wides, suggesting that a turn could be something more material/lasting. The second thing to mention (outside of Elliott wave theory) is that wedges have worked in the past on this particular asset. A similar wedge formed from Jun. ’12 through Sep. ’14. The eventual breakout in Sep. ’14 initiated a widening target of 129.43 (back where the wedge started). The high from Feb. ’16 came almost close enough at 127.62. This time around, the wedge gives a projection target of ~92.08 (from Jul. ’16).

While it’s still very early days, it’s certainly something to keep in mind; particularly if the breakout is sustained.

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jamesmmu's picture

I believe a correction has begun. But how deep can it go? and how soon will dip buyer come in and rescue the market?


two questions need to be answered.

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"Paging Marc Faber. Marc Faber to the red phone in the lobby, please..."

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Goldman Warns S&P, VIX, Credit Signals "Suggest Period Of Corrective Price Action Has Begun"

My response: REALLY??? TVIX was only up 25% TODAY. I guess GOLDMAN 'SLACKS' IS RIGHT.

StackShinyStuff's picture

Goldman using Elliott Waves.  Hmmmmmm...


order66's picture it all. got it.

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Golds up way too high, prepare for the good old 3am hammer smack. 

wisehiney's picture

All liars tell the truth occasionally.

AlphaSeraph's picture

<<<<<< Goldman is now net short and has already sold its muppets out

<<<<<< Goldman is net long and looking to destroy the muppets with a headfake

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With PE ratios this high, subsiquent 20 year annual returns have never exceeded 2.5%...

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Ah, some more Sharts.  Everyone has sharts.

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Good news for bear, 2:30pm rally just failed. Thought it will pick up most of lose today, but it failed. Hope the market will just crash all the way down .

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Goodbye booms and bubbles. Hello sweet, sweet profit taking.

poland spring's picture

Buy the dip now as the last 17 million 1 day down days have done.  

Tomorrow up 200 pts and wait for the ZH headline "Biggest Short Squeeze Since Last Week..."

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Meh, nothing a little Central Bank Speak cannot reverse. BTFD

shizzledizzle's picture

Been a long time since all S&P, DOW and NASDAQ have ended %1 or more down... DOW isn't there yet but looks like it could get there by close.

Bryan's picture

Bah.  Wake me up when the S&P is under 10K again.

Scuba Steve's picture

Wake up, S&P is under 10,000.

H H Henry P P P Paulson's picture

Goldman Sachs is always there helping the little guy out, they really are great people.

silverer's picture

I think at private parties they call themselves Golden Ransacks.

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Calling all muppets...


"Full Faith and Credit"


cat2005's picture

Is this Goldman's research wing? Don't the research wings and investment wings in such banks often say different things?

I am not saying Goldman is wrong on this call but is there another part of Goldman saying this, or something else?

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Translation: "Go short fuckers so we can scalp you!"

Thank You
The Squid

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Buy the dip. You've been told to do it for years. So you must obey. Must obey. Must obey...