Al-Qaeda's "Inspire" Magazine Targets US Commuter Trains With Homemade "Derailment Devices"

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The magazine that helped the Tsarnaev brothers pull off the Boston Marathon bombing – while also purporting to teach wannabe jihadis how to “make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom” – is homing in on its next target: America’s crumbling transportation infrastructure.

“Inspire,” the Al Qaeda propaganda magazine, will dedicate its next issue to America’s passenger and commuter trains. The focus on rail transportation comes at a time of great anxiety over the scarcity of resources devoted to repairing America’s vulnerable trains, which is advantageous to a group aiming to reestablish maximum relevance.

Derailments in the Bronx, Philadelphia and New York City’s Penn Station have made commuters anxious. The effort to rescue New York City’s deteriorating subway system has been one of the most closely followed stories of the summer, according to the Washington Times.

“Issue No. 17 is headlined, “Train Derail Operations,” and will spell out ways to create rail disasters in a transportation system that lacks the stiff security procedures of airline travel.


It’s competing Sunni extremists group, the Islamic State, for more than a year has advocated using vehicles to mow down innocents. Its murderous followers have weaponized vehicles in Nice, Berlin and London, creating hundreds of deaths and injuries.


Adding trains to the terrorist’s priority list would put at risk virtually every mode of transportation and placed added pressure on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”

Furthermore, two of the deadliest terror attacks in European history were carried out on public commuter trains. The 7/7 London tube bombing, when four suicide bombers killed 52 people on the London Underground. And the Madrid train bombings, when a terrorist cell linked to Al Qaeda killed nearly 200 people on a Madrid Cercanias train. Now Al Qaeda wants to replicate those attacks in the US.

A “trailer” for the new issue was being shared on the social-media app Telegram, a popular venue for sharing extremist content that has often been used by terrorists for recruiting.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) put out a report on Friday saying al Qaeda has teased the Inspire articles with a trailer appearing on Telegram app channels operated by its fans.


“The trailer highlights that derailments are simple to design using easily available materials, that such a planned attack can be hard to detect, and that the outcome can substantially damage a country’s transportation sector and the Western economy in general,” MEMRI said.

The New York City subway is featured in the promotional video, which depicts derailment devices that the narrator says could easily be attached to tracks, causing a derailment.

“Simple to design,” the promo says in English script, mentioning “America” several times. “Made from readily available materials. Hard to be detached. Cause great destruction to the Western economy and transportation sector.”

The magazine’s push is part of a rebranding effort for Al Qaeda as the group seeks to regain the upper hand in recruiting from ISIS, which was recently driven out of Mosul, and has also suffered other setbacks like the death (and miraculous rebirth) of the group’s founder, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Al Qaeda, which is trying to reassert itself by forging alliances with other jihadist groups outside its home in South Yemen, wants to revive its formerly fearsome reputation…and the most effective method would involve an attack.

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nmewn's picture

Home made derailment like DeBlasio bombs then?

cheka's picture

chertoff must be selling derailing device detectors

Mr. Universe's picture

Wait a freaking minute...

The magazine that helped the Tsarnaev brothers pull off the Boston Marathon bombing

They had nothing to do with it. Another Deep State false flag narrative to stir up panic and hate.

Looks like it's working.

Future Jim's picture

To paraphrase every progressive I have met: The soultion is a trillion dollar super train. Every advanced nation has a super train except America. We should have the best super train. It would do wonders for the economy.

TruxtonSpangler's picture

Everyone knows "Inspire" is published out of Langley

Manthong's picture


If the sub-90 IQ muslim crowd was really inventive …..

They would figure out how to put a a really  big couple of pieces of steel on the tracks and make the thing jump like a dozen feet up..

but they would need to engineer it so the back of the pieces did not detach as the wheels engaged.

I do not think they can get the appropriate welding equipment out there,

It would be be a freaking sight if the morons could pull that off..


TBT or not TBT's picture

Attacking unionized public transportation.   Sad!

NidStyles's picture

Welding tracks is hard without the right materials.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

The CIA's Vault 7, as exposed by assange, tells us they have the ability to track every and any person who downloads this magazine. In the UK in 2016 there were 55 000 downloads of the last edition of this mag. They were not rounded up, and the tactic it recommended of ploughing cars into high density crowds was deployed in UK, Sweden and other EU countries.


lew1024's picture

welding rails is easily done by thermite.  My kid made thermite in 8th grade home experiments, a few bricks would contain it enough for welding.

WakeUpPeeeeeople's picture

Welding tracks?
No problem. Thermite will do the job nicely.

besnook's picture

everything on the net has to pass through a supervised gate to gain entrance yet this tttttuuuuuurrrrrriiiiiisssssstttttt crap gets through without a problem.

remember, the usa .gov hates you for your freedom.

Conscious Reviver's picture

"The magazine that helped the Tsarnaev brothers pull off the Boston Marathon bombing"

Stopped reading right there. Major nonsense alert going off early in the OP is at least considerate.

francis scott falseflag's picture

The Boston Marathon bombing was the last of the Wolfowitzian CIA terror events.  Shoe and

underwear bombs were more comical than scary, and it was time for the CIA to hit the Homeland

again.  So after Russia warned the US about the Tsarnaev brothers, the CIA sent one of their sting

operators, no doubt a Chechen, to trap them into planting a bomb at the Marathon.  This Chechen

most likely supplied the bomb fixings, told them where to put it, what streets to walk on (by cctv), and

what boat to hide in if anything went amiss.  That's why they shot the older brother so fast and why

they knew exactly where to find the younger brother.


But they had a friend from Chechnya in Orlando and they might have told him about the CIA Chechen.

This was when Obama asked Mueller to stay 2 more years as director of the FBI.  To wrap up the Boston

bombing.  And not to have Comey start out with a lie and a murder.

 Two Mass State troopers and 4 or 5 FBI agents, on Mueller's orders, showed up at Ibragim Todashev's

apartment in Orlando early one evening in May and and when they left, the unarmed Todashev was

dead with 6 bullet holes in him.  Mueller's orders were to get a signed confession from Todashev about a

different crime or kill him.  They killed him.  

Did Mueller order it? 


lew1024's picture

George Webb's latest videos have discussed the Boston Bombing hoax and the Tsarnaev brothers' role as patsies being killied by the FBI to get rid of their role in other killings.

McCabe ran the Boston crime scene through Whitey Bulgar, had witnesses killed to cover all that up.  Tsarnaev bros and another guy were the team that killed those killers of witnesses, the previous kill team.

MozartIII's picture

Oh nooo's!! The leftest trains to no where will fall off the tracks.....

Chuck Walla's picture

What can ISIS do that the BLM clients aren't doing on the CTA, BART or METRA trains everywhere?

Darkman17's picture

Can we charge the union workers with terrorism when their incompetence derails trains?

I don't think they need any help, the trains will fall apart on their own.

Taint Boil's picture

Really the only thing one needs to do is stop the flow of oil (refineries) and the world comes to a halt. I have said before “50 towel heads with 50 calibers” can probably take a country down [hitting refineries].

lew1024's picture

No. Better hit the 400KV long distance transmission line transformers, semiconductor factories.

Some guy at the Naval Postgraduate School wrote a paper on this about 20 years ago, $10M costs for multi-$B returns in futures trading.

He dropped a couple of bridges into the Mississippi to stop barge traffic also.

Omen IV's picture

The DeBlasio Sanctuary City millions of illegals and refugees are the most dangerous issue in NYC

THE Milenials have little recognition of the inevitable fate that awaits them

Swedish Meatball's picture

All ISIS has to do is to get them elected to Congress. 

Oh wait, we've already done that.

Delving Eye's picture

My father, a Metro North commuter for 30 years, would have welcomed anything that kept him from having to commute.

Bigly's picture


My comment was going to be that metronorth does this on their own well enough.  My condolences as that is a brutal/mind numbing commute, especially if your stop was @ new haven or similar

Delving Eye's picture

He rode from 1948-1977, before cars had A/C. Brutal. When the train broke down, exit doors locked automatically. He said he felt like a canned sardine, helpless. Very stressful for him. On those days, his evening nightcap often turned into 3. ")

Bigly's picture

35+ miles on I95 each way for my dad so he drove b/c he did not go into the city. He must have wanted to drink. I know I would.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

There are soooooo many people driving horribly already, I was thinking that we were already under attack.

land_of_the_few's picture

They got it all wrong, in Popular Mechanics, Raqqa Swimsuit Edition, it is said that absolutely the best method to use is a true follower should place their head or torso on the track. Train will not cut through and keep going as many think, but will bounce over the failed martyr (curses be upon his head!) and fall off the rails because the soul of the infidel passenger is so small it is very light.

Ms No's picture

I thought the US stopped funding ISIS/ Al Qeada/ IS/ Al Nusra/ Moderate rebels ????  We already heard stories about how the CIA just couldn't shut down ISIS' website Dabiq with a large staff on the case because "It was too unsophisticated".  Now this BS?  Who is funding their magazine?  So Israel and Saudi Arabia are behind all this now and the US is going to pretend they don't notice?

TuPhat's picture

The FBI was behind the Boston Bombing so they could be behind this as well. 

lew1024's picture

The FBI and CIA are effectively one organization, different names.

JTTF is military.  George Webb's Youtube series is hot on this just now.

yellowsub's picture

It's safe to say with prior events that nothing happens in the US w/o the US knowing or actively participating in it when it comes to using a foreign entity as a threat...

miketv's picture

Real Jihadists don't target innocent people, that's the domain of western intel agencies.


JuliaS's picture

"I'm tired of hearing of innocent victims . It's fiction. If you live on this planet you're guilty, period, fuck you, next case, end of report. Your birth certificate is proof of your guilt."

- George Carlin

silverer's picture

George always had some good lines. I began to watch some of his videos and appreciate him more now since he's been gone.

"I have absolutely no sympathy for human beings whatsoever. None. And no matter what kind of problem humans are facing, whether it’s natural or man-made, I always hope it gets worse."

George Carlin

DaveA's picture

Easy, attach a big C-clamp to the outside rail of a double track, so that the train derails onto the other track. And choose a spot where it will hit the clamp thirty seconds before a high-speed train passes in the other direction.

kommissar's picture

we really don't need that kind of help here.  STFU!

silverer's picture

Good to have all these skills. As the good guys, you keep them in your pocket, under your hat. Because after the bad guys take over, you get to turn the tables again with this knowledge against the bad guys. The truly hardest part, is determining who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

Solosides's picture

The weight of the train will snap that C-clamp like a twig

Able Ape's picture

Most US subway systems don't need any help to run poorly; they're doing it all by themselves...

totenkopf88's picture

The Fed has funneled trillions to their fellow Tribesman on Wall St so no joobux for goyim's infrastructure 

cherry picker's picture

If .gov can shut down Kim dotcom why not ban these sites?

Ms No's picture

Haven't heard shit from him lately. I guess he more concerned about securing his own ass. The story of Seth Rich is dying.

Utopia Planitia's picture

This is all being done in coordination with the communists out here in Seattle who are rushing headlong (over the cliff) to force everybody (except themselves) from automobiles onto trains. Next up: Let's see which area can be the ripest target?

ebworthen's picture

Let more Muslim immigrants in from known problem countries - it's the only way we'll ever get Amtrack upgraded!

apocalypticbrother's picture

If I was a terrorist I would not be blowing up such soft targets. I would copy the left wing and take out a high level politician or business leader. Only government agents are evil enough to murder innocent people.

markitect's picture

These motherfuckers write, edit, produce, print and distribute a magazine and with over a trillion doller budget we cant find and stop them?  I call bullshit on the whole fucking charade.

Stud Duck's picture

The Anarchist  Cookbook covers that stuff with all kinds of suggestions. I suggest a large socket set and loosening a few bolts at  the switch plates for maximum effect.   Derailments on bridges make for better results!

joego1's picture

I wonder if Inspire magazine has any tips for their Muslim brothers on goat fucking;

A bunch of swarthy goat fucking Muslims- take that.

Seems to be an epidemic;