CHiCKeN RaCe 2017...

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Hot out of the train station...

~~~~)) News Flash, .. Flash Player, Not So Much, ((~~~~

Any aspiring hot dog reporters out there? ...

Fly, Zero, Tyler? .. Anyone?.......... Any of you guys want a few hot tips over Sunday crumpets and Espresso?

George Webb is spewing all he 'knows' about the banned arms smuggling Killary Gang and Co Conspirators. ....... McCabe, Comey, PetrifiesUs, etc. ..... Shipping points, names, dates and carriers. .. The whole ratline organizational chart, it sure sounds like from what I can gather..

You know good 'hot tip' information here at Relay Station Alpha Beta Zebra because the NSA jamming station down the street from me is tampering with the streaming of George's YouTube video so bad I can hardy watch it. ....... I have to pull the timeline slider forward every 10 seconds of video viewing (even though it is buffered several minutes ahead). ... That is a sure sign the video has been corrupted 'on purpose'. ......... Someone high up (maybe just AI) doesn't want people seeing that video. Me in particular (Hopefully others won't be affected. .. But don't give AI AL a lot of time to mess with things in mass.)

I am a persistent sort so a few rocks in the road just makes me put it in four wheel drive, slow down and climb over the obstacles as best I can... ...... From what I gather from the choppy feed there is a wealth of leads and information there. ........ Perhaps not for the faint of heart, however.

But for anyone interested in fresh hot information about massive government corruption and the criminals in action, here it is. ... Get it while it's still wiggling around and don't give it a chance to slither under a new rock or find a new safe house.

Leggo My Depleted Uranium =

Live Hard, Break This Story And You Will Get A Big Raise Or A Big Rise, One Or The Other For Sure, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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Fun stuff, huh!

Could be a lot of people.

My guess? .... Someone at Ft Meade that has been watching the pirates scurry around on deck for years from a distance.

The NSA gets it all. ... The little pirates themselves are so compartmentalized that no one of them would have that much detail over that much of the ratline(s). ....... Someone with an overview through a distant 'spy glass' watching the 'big show' would see the big picture.

Feeding George intel is the way the whistleblower(s) 'spy(s)' is doing something about what they are watching and don't like seeing, without 'outing' themselves as an actual whistleblower (Which does NOTHING to fix anything these days. ..... WB's are completely 'cock blocked', neutered,........ A bad joke. ... Just ask, Binney, Drake, Bennett, Tice, Birkenfeld, ect., etc.

Just my guessing, of course.

Live Hard, With Luck, This Is Going To Blow A Lot Of Evil Pirates Off Of The Bridge And Navigation Decks,...The Gun Decks May Be Next, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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Ot: According to ABC news this morning, many of the protesters they spoke to (antifa etc.) in VA came from NY, CA and Florida. Looks like a well funded/organized group.

Local media here in Boston said the same groups are planning protests in Boston etc..

I found their website and it lists all upcoming events (protests) planned.

Expect media to accompany the troublemakers and best to avoid those areas.

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"You're fired".

Okay but wouldn't "you're fried" work better? Just my 2 cents of North Korean currency.

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I really do enjoy reading the threads under my image posts. Good work all!

And that is why I vociferously slam the trolls that venture in. It took a while to get control of the situation way back when.

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Thanks for letting all of us hang out in your picture gallery cafe here on the ZH.

A finer spot nor better backdrop I can't think of to foment dissent and make trouble for the forces of evil swirling around us daily.

Here's to William the finest, feistiest, freakiest, fiercest combative artist on any and all sides of the Orient.

Salute! ... WB7!

Live Hard, Live Long And Prosper, My Friend, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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You are a good man William. 

I found out more info on that rideout.  The kids name is Henry he is only 14 months old.  He was premature only has half a heart and needs a heart transplant.  I am thinking some pretty long odds here but you never know.  I can't imagine what that is like for the parents.  I am lucky with my kids.  I'll donate money of course.  I'll just sit on my Harley and smoke cigerettes.  I don't want to talk to anyone or make political speeches.  If it might help this little kid then let's go.  I have a full tank of gas.     

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Can you wager on a chicken race? ........ What can you win? .. The winning chicken,......if you can catch him?

That would make him the losing chicken, wouldn't it.

(Did I just lay another egg? .. Shit! I hate when that happy crap happens.)

Let's play a game without losers......

~~~~#~`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`~ ### ~`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`~#~~~~

~~)(~~)(~~** Playing US Constitution BINGO! **~~)(~~)(~~

How do you play?

Watch George Webb.

Follow his lawsuit alleging that the FBI - CIA - JTTF - DoD and Local Law Enforcement are trampling all over the US Constitution.

How do you win?

George prevails in a court of law.

How do you lose?

George Webb Swaggart loses his case or the case gets buried for 50 years (Or just 2, IMNSHO.)

Don't like playing BINGO or other games of chance (More like games where you HAVE a chance of winning actually.) ... Great, go back to watching CNN or playing the stock market (Where you always win, or so they tell you.).


George is, he is chomping at the bit to get started.

Here are your first four cards:

Day 294.01 =

Day 294.02 =

Day 294.03 =

Day 294.04 =

A background post on this mess from me is coming up........ You enthusiastic lucky BINGO players.

Live Hard, We Can Always Start A Side Pool On George's Life Expectancy, Die Free

~ DC v7.5

francis scott falseflag's picture

Tippling a little early today, dearie. 

DuneCreature's picture

Pace yourself,'s early.

Live Hard, Me, I'm Going To Wait For Dark To Crack The Cap Off Of A Cold One, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

francis scott falseflag's picture

You've been pacing yourself for 20 years and how many DUIs have you got?


Young Dune Creature is almost 17 and soon will be able to drive you to the beer store.

DuneCreature's picture

You're not even close.

You missed all three guesses badly. ....... I think you must be projecting.

I really hope you're not. ... Seriously. .. Those DUIs get expensive.

I've never had one of my own and plan on keeping it that way.

Live Hard, I'm On My Second Beer Of The Evening That I Fetched From The Beer Store And Kept It Chilled All By Myself, Die Free

~ DC 7.4

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...Side Pool On George's Life Expectancy...

"The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord." Proverbs 16:33

I'll be prayin the Good Lord's placed a special marking Angel on Webb to assure Trump's and all his brethren's gamblin halls lose massive coin on his expected and untimely demise.


DuneCreature's picture

That was a joke. ..... Gallows humor.

Sort of like 'break a leg'.

I guess we could call HRC now and have her pray too, so I gather.

Live Hard, George Wants A JFK Head Shot,....Who Am I To Argue With A Man's Last Wishes, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

Boxed Merlot's picture

...Who Am I To Argue With A Man's Last Wishes...

"'What is truth?' retorted Pilate. With this he went out again to the Jews gathered there and said, 'I find no basis for a charge against him.'"... John 18:38

Regardless, time marches on.


francis scott falseflag's picture

But, DC, you have to admire her for accepting Christ right after He kicked her in the ass.

*****Minister Hillary (and Deacon Billy Jeff) gives a whole new meaning to a life of devotion.*****





Schlump's picture

My war will be the best war.

Don't you think the mushroom cloud looks a bit like my hair? Sad

DuneCreature's picture

I don't worry about any nukes going off that Bibi doesn't personally authorize.

The Israelites infiltrated the hi-tech nuclear weapons triggering electronics world a long time ago and installed their own little 'kill/no kill switch' in all of those 'special high speed transistors' needed in all of the nuke triggers. ...... They made sure they are all made in Israel too.

Unit 8200 knows just where to insert itself to control any given potential problem situation.

Forget Kim Un Hinged. .................. Just don't Ptech Bibi off.

But if you want a war you can have a pretend one with the Mule's Ass Crevasse up on The Hill.

Live Hard, We Could Sell Tickets And Call It 'The Battle Of WH Interns vs Team FF Cover Ups, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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Given their "announced intention" to destroy the USA, and if they do shoot "overflying the S. Korea nation", than I would have to say that I would approve of:
1) shooting their weapons down, if possible, and
2, Destroying 100% of N. Korean Military capabilities, and
3) then helping S. Korea to proceed to take over the North with our help.

If Kim lives though all this, then I think it would be appropriate for the North Korean people to hang him, with our help.?

We must be prepared to absorb damage from China, and if so, I think we ought to "deconstruct their little sand Islands in whatever "answer" we give them.


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Good afternoon WB7, Hedgers, Deplorable Gentlemen, Ladies of Discernment, Refinement & Wit and all others who happen to pay this cool lil corner of the interwebs a regular visit.  Great work of late, Banzai!  Seeing how the day is grey and overcast, all of the usual things I do on a Saturday in the summertime are necessarily precluded; and so I thought I'd share another janus anecdote from the recent past -- as in this past week. 

WB, for some reason, your chickens remind me of hens; and it just so happens that janus -- cock that he is -- has had yet another run-in with a frumpy, dumpy clucker.  Any who've witnessed Nature as manifest in the society of domesticated fowl will tell you that a frumpy hen is no match for a fiesty cock.  Alas, in human societies we have laws designed to invert the Natural Order; bitter, fat, dour, hostile, tempestuous, mercurial and vindictive bitches (Hillary's hen-pecking minions) rule the roost.  It would be one thing if it were lovely, competent, compassionate and intelligent ladies at the helm.  But, strangely, this new-fangled girl-power has more contempt for lovely, competent, compassionate and intelligent lades than they do for Deplorable Cocks.  Essentially, the hill-bot-hen-peckers want to suffocate everything awesome beneath the sprawl of their hideous girth.

The hens to which I'm referring constitute a certain archetype within our species; janus affectionately refers to them as 'girthzillas'.  Having been the target of these fowl beasts over so long a period of time, I've become rather traumatized by the experience.  You guys remember those Chuck Norris movies where, when seeing a gook, Chuck has a flashback, goes hyper-PTSD, and experiences his agonies afresh, like he's still caged in a bamboo box somewhere outside ho-chi-min?  That's a fair analogy to janus and his conditioned response viz. girthzillas.

Okay, so, janus had his dream job in paradise...everything was ideal...everything...everything except for one enormous impediment obstructing my perfected happiness.  And for the sake of narrative, I'll from henceforth refer to this wretched thing as, oh, i don't know...hillary.  janus being the noble sort, at first I sought only to see the good in her; but this proved to be a futile undertaking, in that there isn't any good whatsoever there to be uncovered, even by the most careful scrutiny.  Hillary just so happened to be my boss; and how she talked her way into that position remains for me a mystery -- she is woefully ill-suited to the task.  Anyway, upon my first brush with her nastiness (which happened early in the first day), janus had his very own chuck-norrish flashback.  I started sweating, heart palpitated, pulse raced.  Even at a world class golf club designed to cater to the very dynamic and highly successful Deplorable Cock archetype, these sad sacks of curdled bitterness cannot be avoided.  There is truly nowhere to hide.

Her management style could be fairly charecterized as manic-hostility.  Never did an occasion to exercize cruelty pass without her taking full advantage.  Otherwise, I was happy as a clam at ebb-tide, basking in my mini-paradise.  I truly did come to love that place and its membership.  Nevertheless, my first week at work was also the club's big tournament.  I worked over 80 hours, seven days straight...and janus has a VERY strong work ethic.  Hell, janus can outwork a whole village of mexicans -- they're all like, 'yo, gringo, go poco, making us look lazy.'  janus is all like, 'now way, jose! janus is a jobber!!!'.  

The members really took to olde janus; and the feeling from me was more than mutual.  Even so, the week was not without life's regular traumas.  My septic tank backed up, so I had to shower under the garden hose on a few of those mornings.  janus and mrs. janus were bickering endlessly; and with all the shit that's happened lately, compounded by the fact that my mother in law had to recently move back in, janus had had enough (and so had mrs. janus); and so she left, taking my youngest son along with her.  

Now, here's where things got heavy, like the heft of the whole world were suddenly freighted on my shoulders:

Recall if y'all will that in my last piece, janus quoted the Book of Proverbs wherein it is written that "pride proceedeth a downfall".  Well, pride is not the lone prelude to a catastrophe; janus can confidently add vodka to that list. 

Having only a few hunderd dollars to my name, janus stopped at the package store, bought a six-pack, downed it and then headed to the local pub to down a few more and feast on some fried fish.  Exhausted as I was after another 12 hour shift at the end of an grueling 80 hour week, cooking was out of the question and janus was famished.  And so it was that I drove the moped -- seeing how i didn't want to risk recieving a DUI -- to the pub, watched the Red Sox win, decided fix my compass to happiness' center pole (even though my life at that moment was like something drawn from the saddest of country songs), devoured some delicious fish; and started to smile.  'accentuate the positive', that's what janus says (and you can quote me on that).

Now, here's the thing, janus can consume a stupendous volume of beer and still remain lucid and coordinated; not so with distilled alcohol.  As it was, the bar in question had this proprietary vodka (infused with garlic and a bunch of other herbs).  The bartender -- a great guy -- fed me a few shots of the stuff; janus staggers out, dons his combat helmet, cranks up the moped, and heads directly to the beer store to buy another sixer.  As I'm leaving the beer store, the proprietary vodka starts to kick-in.  janus musters himself, and pedals off with brio, expecting the thing to crank right-up with fury of fifty-ccd POWER!  janus, dumbass that he is, forgot to unlatch the kill-switch before pedaling away...and then, bip!, janus goes crashing onto the pavement...beers come tumbling out of my basket...and the sad country song starts another stanza.

after pulling everything together, i noted a small miracle.  not a single bottle broken!  only one of the six buds came uncappped...but my knee was bruised pretty badly (on balance, not a bad exchange).  things were to soon take a turn for the worse...literally.  inexplicably, taking a hair-pin turn on a moped whilst a belly of vodka and beer play havoc with one's fine motor skills is more difficult than it seems.  janus wasn't up for the challenge.  at about 20 mph, janus goes sliding along the pavement, the beers again come spilling out, one of them breaks, and, regrettably, the red-hot engine comes to rest on my calf...burning it pretty severely.  but all hope was not lost -- once more, a minor miracle...only a singe beer breaks in the meelee. 

okay, so, having learned my lesson, janus again collects himself, gets back on his steel pony, cranks her up and buzzes off into the night.  tragically, the next hair-pin turn was more ruthless than the last.  again i go sliding on the pavement, again the searing hot engine comes to rest on my other calf, and again the five remaining beers come tumbling out onto the street.  one more broken budweiser, one more permanant scar.  

seems things do really come in 3s.  another turn, another injury and another broken budweiser (yes, janus did clean up all the glass each time).  

not really my finest hour.  even so, i still had 3 cold beers, a check on the way, and tomorrow was to be a brand new day!  just like the phrase i coined above, one must always accentuate the positive.

after showering and examining my wounds in the light, i came to realize that most who saw it would assume i'd contracted some virulent flesh eating bacteria; and that pain would rule my days for the next week or so.  it was then that i finally turned to check my voicemail and other messages.

seems girthzilla called right after i left to inform poor janus that he wouldn't get paid because some little box on my W-2 wasn't checked.  now, inasmuch as hillary had been incessantly marginalizing me, abusing me, scalping my schedule of all decent shifts, and generally trying to undermine me in every way, i reckoned this 'over-sight' was deliberate.  i texted her politely to ask what was lacking and if there weren't any way to remedy the situation.  she texted back an hour or so later.  not with an answer to my question, but rather to accuse me of stealing some very expensive scotch.

janus was now fully triggered.  improvidently, i basically told her how i felt about her.  never did i use threatening language or profanity, but i did give her a brief run-down on my estimations of her inadequacies and defects (something i'm particularly good at).

knowing immediately that i'd made an unwise decision and that i'd probably be fired for it, janus did the sensible thing and finished the beers.  the die had been cast; and janus crapped out.  all the same, it was going to be her or me anyway.  there is no way i could've finished the summer being incessantly menaced by that foul-tempered girthzilla.  perhaps i should've just stayed; reported her to upper management for the baseless accusation (at 11 PM on a saturday of all things) and for creating a hostile work-environment; and fought a long war of attrition with her.  

then again, maybe it's all for the best.  Father Time will tell; and, bonus, he heals all wounds.

And though I have every right and reason to sink into a deep funk, I won't.  A great job will come my way; janus was in bad need of a break from mrs. janus and all the other hens pecking away at my bliss; it's still summertime in Cape Cod; the moped is still running great; my wounds are starting to not sear in agony; later today i'm going to bleed the brake lines on my Jag (LOVE working on cars.  btw, any of you motor-heads out there got any tips for bleeding brake lines?); i'll break open a fresh 12 pack in about 4 hours (maybe go for a moped ride before the dimunition of my fine motor skills sets in); bbq some chicken on the grill; listen to some tunes; hang out with my older two sons; smile; take each day as it comes; consider the lessons i've learned and press always ahead.





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If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you to be an Irishman. 

Since the demise of my business of which I am still somewhat bitter, I have had a few jobs kicking around, working late hours for people who, by and large, could care less about whether or not I see my children while they are awake. Stepping forward is the only way. I have, like you, left numerous paychecks with these people as a token of my esteem of the pain and suffering while in their employ. 

If I may, stay off the drink while in a state depression as it adds to the pain and suffering. I gave it up thirty years ago and though there are days I miss it dearly. 

janus's picture

i'm glad to have beer.  i do steer clear of liquor booze -- that shit is as bad as cocaine.

anyway, i am partially Irish (about a 1/4).  in point of fact, i'm directly kin to Bobby Sands, the great hero of Irish resistance.  I have his brother's number on speed dial.

Erin go braugh!



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Outstanding wordsmithing Janus. Even reading pain, it elicits grins and the elusive chuckle. Pain gained, pain received, this pain to shall pass. I've been where you are brother, but my ability to turn it around only happened after staring down a .38 round, hollow-point. That was 30 years ago; and I still carry the wound, but it is now relegated to the closet where all the other nasty bed crouching monsters drool.

I wish I could have found, capped, and distributed the humor in my situation. Only the few.....

janus's picture

nothing can kill me; and all this shit is only making me stronger.

fuck these cunts and their machinations.  

i'm probably gonna finish the summer up here and leave late into the fall; upon my departure from yankeedom, it's either south carolina or virgina for janus.

and then it's all-out war.


thank you for your wine, california...

(btw, you are among the few...which is why you came to the Hedge)



Wild tree's picture

I was trying to find me something

But I wasn't sure just what Man

I ended up with pockets full of dust

So I went on to Cleveland and I ended up insane.

Great tune Janus, let me know if you make it to SC. We'll break open a brew, as I am in mid Jawga.

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Nice to read you. Haven't seen a 3rd party Jaunus post in a while. I had a boss like that. Left the job. Lived off my pension for 10 months. Four months ago got a new (same field) job. In two months I got promoted to a sweet position and my bosses don't suck. Stick with it!

janus's picture

these fucks can't break me.

fuck em' and feed em fish-heads...that's what one of my mentors taught me.

here's my theme song for 2017:


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Wholly Shit,,, I wish I could type that good when I'm wasted,,, I have this inverse relationship with intoxication and communication,,, Be carefull man, they can still bust you for a DWI on a moped,,, Like ur gonna hurt someone else,,, And for bleeding brakes, any auto parts store should have a self bleeder tool which I was amazed actually works pretty darn well,,, They also sell replacement bleeders that have a check valve in them for the same purpose,,, Stay safe brother,,,

janus's picture

i wasn't wasted when writing that piece; but i'm half-way there now.  brakes were successfully bled.  thanks for your advice; the master-cylender is sponginess in the pedal...8 beers chillin in the fridge...good tunes on the is good!

all the same, many thanks, my Brother.


Dougs Decks's picture

You sound too much like me,,, Lost in thoughts, And lost in Alcohol,,,

Bear's picture

So much bluster by such big blusterers ... it's all about celebrity

Dougs Decks's picture

Thanks WB,,, Now every time I see my damn birds, I'm gonna be thinking of this,,

williambanzai7's picture

Aren't bird cages shaped like mushroom.....never mind

Dougs Decks's picture

My birds look pretty much like the ones in your Pic,,, Just with normal chicken heads,, Could you please enlighten me how to post a picture in my comments,,,, I can't figure it out,,, Wanted to post a pic of my avatar, which is a fire breathing Rhode Island Red,,, Thanks,,, Another excellant post, BTW,,,

williambanzai7's picture

Unfortunately, you can only post pictures here if you are a contributing poster. They once experimented with picture posting and it was lots of boobs.

Not that that is a bad thing. But is means the whole site becomes NSFW.

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With Earth's first Clay They did the Last Man's knead,

And then of the Last Harvest sow'd the Seed:

Yea, the first Morning of Creation wrote

What the Last Dawn of Reckoning shall read.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Compare WB7 .... to Andy Warhole .... compare Trump .... to the "Korean Blob" .... Insult Dogma ?

Manipuflation's picture

I feel like Tommy Chong everyday.

The welfare office.

wisehiney's picture

Hey y'all!

Come out here in the yard!

You can see that fireball from here!

Manipuflation's picture


That poor child passed and never had a chance.  I have been invited to ride for a fundraiser for another little kid who has some serious trouble.  I do not normally do things like this.  I don't like ride outs but if it is for a little kid who is very ill then I will.     

williambanzai7's picture

A beautiful frame job...


Arrest Hillary's picture

In college .... I knew a guy .... who ate condensed chicken noodle soup .... right out of the can .... my music teacher in high school used water to make canned tomato soup .... I was not prepared for the poor taste .... of the lower classes ?

Manipuflation's picture

Who is here junking William?  If you are going to junk then at least have the courtesy to explain why. 

Manipuflation's picture

I love that William.  You have some Warhol in there. 

JailBanksters's picture

has NK done any harm to the usa ?

has NK ever impossed any sanctions against the usa ?

has NK ever been involved with trade wars with the usa ?

has NK ever done any terrorist attacks against the usa ?

the only country NK has invaded was SK, and that was 30-40 years ago.

And that's sort of like the USA invading Texas.


What if we swap the words NK and USA ?


libertyanyday's picture

And that's sort of like the USA invading Texas.

Its not sort of like that at all. 

What other country on the planet has threatened to use nuclear weapons offensively.

What other country is willing to kill millions of innocent civilians, both friend and foe.

Its not what NK has done to anyone, it is the verbal and physical show of will to inflict death

upon the free world that puts Kim in a class by himself.

Kim has earned nothing , he fell into it inherited is never appreciated like money earned.

williambanzai7's picture

Watch what you say, the thought police will knock on your door any minute...

Joe A's picture

Yes, that thanks to Goolag maps they know where you house lives and how it looks like.