China Warns Trump: "We Will Prevent A North Korea Regime Change"

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In a troubling repudiation of President Donald Trump’s demands that Beijing do more to rein in its bellicose neighbor, Beijing, through the state-owned media, cautioned the US president on Friday that it would intervene (militarily) on North Korea’s behalf if the US and South Korea launch a preemptive strike to “overthrow the North Korean regime,” according to a statement in the influential state-run newspaper Global Times.

"If the U.S. and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so," it said.

At the same time, the Chinese regime  made it clear that its preferred outcome would be a continuation of the status quo, warning Kim Jong Un that it would "remain neutral if North Korea were to strike first." The article, cited by Rueters,  reiterated calls for a diplomatic solution. However, the possibility of talks between the two sides was looking increasingly remote as both Trump and Kim continued to exchange threats of nuclear annihilation, with Trump clarifying Thursday that his earlier promise to respond with “fire and fury” should the North continue to threaten the US may not have gone far enough.

China - North Korea's most important ally and trading partner -  has reiterated calls for calm during the current crisis. Beijing has expressed frustration with both Pyongyang's repeated nuclear and missile tests and with behavior from South Korea and the United States, such as military drills, that it sees as escalating tensions.

"China should also make clear that if North Korea launches missiles that threaten U.S. soil first and the U.S. retaliates, China will stay neutral," the Global Times, which is widely read but does not represent government policy, said in an editorial.

Meanwhile, as the North may be planning its next ICBM launch, the US is stepping up military exercises with Japan and South Korea.

“On Thursday, U.S. and Japanese troops began an 18-day live fire exercise on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, which was to include rocket artillery drills and involve 3,500 troops. The Northern Viper drills are one of the scheduled exercises that Japan's Self Defense Forces conducts regularly with their U.S. counterparts and are not a response to the latest tensions. South Korean and U.S. troops are also gearing up for an annual joint drill from Aug. 21, called the Ulchi Freedom Guardian, in which up to 30,000 U.S. troops will take part.”

US officials were also discussing coordinated contingency plans on Friday to formulate exactly how the allies would respond to an attack.

“South Korea's national security adviser Chung Eui-yong and his U.S. counterpart H.R. McMaster spoke on the phone for 40 minutes early on Friday, a spokesman for the presidential Blue House in Seoul said. The two discussed responses to North Korean provocations and the security situation on the Korean peninsula, he said.”

Not surprisingly, analysts have compared the standoff between the two nuclear powers (the North is a recent, if untested, member of this club) to a modern day Cuban Missile crisis.  "This situation is beginning to develop into this generation's Cuban Missile crisis moment," ING's chief Asia economist Robert Carnell said in a research note. "While the U.S. president insists on ramping up the war of words, there is a decreasing chance of any diplomatic solution."

Judging by the markets' reaction in the past 48 hours, this troubling reality has finally filtering through to risk assets.

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shake n bake's picture

China hides their true military expenditure. Don't be a coward

Fuck china

MaxThrust's picture

China needs to stop the South Sea expansion and island fortress building

Ok, fair enough, then the USSA can cut back on it's 100+ overseas military bases.

Do we have a deal?

Neocons say No, Israel says No, MIC says no, Alphabet agencies say No. Bought and paid for politicians say No.

Insane politicians (Mc Cain) says No.


Oh well it was worth a try.

MsCreant's picture

Almost 800 in 70 different countries, but yeah, you got a point.

Déjà view's picture

Tariffs = $350Bn p.a. trade surplus MFN status...Wall Street darling Chicom...severely tax Chicom RE and other investments in U.S.
Ask them if they want to be paid on their $2Tn U.S. debt holdings...
Time to play very HARD BALL...they only understand that...

U.S. enables Chicom who enable N. Korcom...WTF...insane
Would be speaking Japanese were it not for U.S...
Nerve of these ungrateful backstabbers!

Paper Tiger...issues threats to U.S. naval vessels...

EnglishMajor's picture

Just overthrow the oompa loompa already so we can make way for the economic hitmen and integrate them into the south.

Oldwood's picture

That's pretty funny when you think about it. We are so afraid of our economic tyranny while sitting in relative luxury, warning of the consequences of unseating a madman who has forced his population into total poverty....,that they may ultimately suffer the perils of the south Koreans.

Sometimes I think we are simply insane, like children having a tantrum because our parents made us come in out of the rain.

There is no doubt that our corrupt contrived economy is sick, but our fear should be that we end up like NK, not that we should worry our values will corrupt their pristine Utopia.

wafm's picture


mkkby's picture

Pretty easy to get rid of little kimmy.  Just tell china if they invade and overthrow him, they can make NK part of china.

If they don't cooperate, here are the incentives.  Recognize taiwan as an independent country.  Large import tariffs (should do that anyway to bring back jobs).  Siege on fake islands.

China has a lot of weak points and a billion plus mouths to feed.  Before western corporate help, stupid chinks were living in the stone age.

the_narrator's picture

I kind of agree here with China.  Pre-emptive military action is always a really bad idea.  That's how we got into the Iraq war, etc. Hopefully this threat will be a deterrant to war for both the U.S and North Korea.  Containment and mutually assured destruction worked for 40 years so why can't it work here?

Max Cynical's picture

What are the chances the REAL threat from NK is an EMP?

Tracking page for North Korean satellite launched February 7, 2016...

Wiki page on KMS-4...

Perigee 465 kilometres (289 mi)
Apogee 502 kilometres (312 mi)

From The Space Review: The EMP threat: fact, fiction, and response (part 1)

While it would be far too high up in the atmosphere (40–400 kilometers) to directly kill people by blast and heat, such an attack would have “the capability to produce significant damage to critical infrastructures and thus to the very fabric of US society”, according to the congressional “Commission to Assess the Threat to the U.S. from EMP Attack”.
Lynn Trainor's picture

Containment and mutually assured destruction worked for 40 years so why can't it work here?

Because Kim Jong Un is a total crackpot.  He can't be reasoned with.  He's not stable, he's vicious and threatens to wipe us off the map every other day.  Should be we just do nothing while he keeps rapidly building this alarming capability to destroy us within 30 minutes?

Slack Jack's picture

Lynn Trainor @ Aug 11, 2017 8:49 AM

Containment and mutually assured destruction worked for 40 years so why can't it work here?

Because Kim Jong Un is a total crackpot. He can't be reasoned with. He's not stable, he's vicious and threatens to wipe us off the map every other day. Should be we just do nothing while he keeps rapidly building this alarming capability to destroy us within 30 minutes?


Because TRUMP is a total crackpot. He can't be reasoned with. He's not stable, he's vicious and threatens to wipe NORTH KOREA off the map every other day. Should be we just do nothing while he has this alarming capability to destroy us within 30 minutes?

I'm beginning to think that TRUMP is madder than Kim Jong Un.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Fuck off, paid thread hijacker.

farflungstar's picture

Typical normie limp dick response: "He's crazy"

Krungle's picture

Can you point to actual evidence of him being crazy? Trolling and shit-talking hardly constitute crazy. Protecting your country so you don't get Libya'd, Iraq'd, etc. hardly seems crazy. The US did try to wipe his country off the map, and threatens to do so every time it does invasion drills on the border. Often conveniently forgotten is that North Korea did offer a few months back to suspend it's nuclear and missile programs in exchange for the US ending it's invasion drills. That is, your supposdely "crackpot" Kim Jong Un offered to stop researching weapons aimed at the US if the US would stop practicing to invade his country. The US stance, as it always is, has been stop trying to defend yourselves and we will not attack you right now and we will not stop practicing to attack you. 

So who is really the crackpot and vicious party here? I am not sure why Americans fail to understand that they murdered millions of North Koreans for no reason (no, them going communist is not actually a reason) and burned their country literally to the ground with millions of pounds of napalm. Every living North Korean has some family member that was burned alive by napalm. Americans ought to really let that sink in. How would you respond if someone set grandma on fire one day for no reason and burned your entire life to the ground? You might go and build a nuke too. That is, in fact, a fairly rational response to an irrational actor. So of course they make threats everyday--how else do you reason with an irrational actor but to threaten physical harm? That is the only language bullies understand. Americans would do well to flip the script here and understand the rational motivations of the other side and to see that their own actions are not just irrational, but immoral and evil. 

We could easily agree to sit down, negotiate demilitarization of the entire Korean peninsula, and offfer to invest in North Korea, send scientific delegations, cultural exchanges, blah, blah. You know, instead of bombs, offer them the actual fruits of our civilization. This would in no way weaken the US. In fact, instead of looking like the insecure dog who has to bark at every chihuahua that walks down the street, we would look supremely confident by being so secure that we would willingly offer technology to a former rival. You know, just like we did with Germany and Japan after the war. But, alas, we are utterly lacking in confidence or morality as a nation. Thus, we approach every situation with bombs and not peace. It should truly disturb all Americans that after Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc, etc. that we still cannot find a way to deal with problems other than bombing them. And despite more than half a century of data telling us that bombing problems does not work, we continue to do it, all while frightening ourselves with the latest, greatest boogeyman. 

wafm's picture

EVIDENCE is not part of the yanks dictionary. 

Or if it does then some lunatic like Rumsfeld will remove any meaning to it... remember what he said,  "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"... 

America IS evil, there aint two ways about it.

jin187's picture

The world is built on evil. Every speck of land on this planet has been fought over at some point, and the winner has always whoever was the most ruthless. This has been the case since even before humans. Deal with it.

Pacman7293's picture

I dunno if we have any reason to attack first. We will probably only attack once we identify an imminent threat and move to stop it. But no matter what we do it will be the wrong thing as far as China is concerned. They are the most beligerant force in the world today.

wafm's picture

incorrect. the US is a threat to world order. infact the main threat.

general ambivalent's picture

Why is the ziocon base of Drumpf so YUUUUUUUGE!?

Buck Johnson's picture

They did it this way because they know that the US is about to launch an attack and they want them to know without no obfuscation how they stand.


Doom Porn Star's picture

"If North Korea attacks the US, China stays neutral. "


This is not official policy of China at this time.  

IF and when it is official policy it will be seen as a warning to NK.

IF NK wishes to pursue aggression against SK and/or the US -then NK goes it alone.


IMHO: China does not want a nuclear NK on it's border and intends to let the US ( continue to ) do the dirty work of restraining it's neighbor.

After all, it is China that has NO heavily fortified DMZ and vast military between itself and NK.

Whether by NK belligerence or instability it is China that is actually most threatened by proximity.

The greater vulnerability -is actually China's.

SoDamnMad's picture

So let NK clobber Seoul, Tokyo, Guam, Anchorage, Seattle and we won't step in. Thank you very much.

Stinkytofu's picture

almost correct.


if the little fat man attacks the us (which would include firing missiles *at* guam,

then little chubby has become too much of a liability, and china will remain neutral.


if the us stikes first with the goal of regime change, then china will have to



if the us strikes first, not to regime change, but to remove the nukular threat?

china stance here is unclear, but seems they would be satisfied that little 'un

was defanged but remained in place, with nk as buffer zone.

jin187's picture

My question is would China find regime change acceptable if the new leader just rules over a parking lot.

HardAssets's picture

Problem is, donut boy Is the Nork regime. As long as he is pursuing the capacity to nuke the US, they are a threat. He's either got to change his course, be removed, or their nuclear threat eliminated.

That assumes that what the government is telling us about the Nork threat is true. We have no way of determining that, unfortunately.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"This time, it is very simple – “If North Korea attacks the US, China stays neutral. If the US attacks North Korea, China moves in.”"

Yup, crystal clear. Your move Donald!

The Ram's picture

I suspected that Chinese never would support a US/SK invasion and regime change.  Of course, we do not have to worry because the US does not have near enough troops for a ground invasion into the moutainous terrain of NK.  We tried that one before and it did not go too well....AND the US had a draft in those days to replace the dead and wounded bodies!  Today 

Wang Dang SP's picture

The question becomes, "what constitutes an attack?".

sgt_doom's picture

Strategically --- and I have long been saying this --- the best course is to preemptively nuke China, then take out the border military fortifactions of any sort on the North Korean/China border (with non-nukes, of course), allowing in hordes of fleeing North Koreans.

Remember, it was the actions of Bill Clinton (as president) and Donald Rumsfeld (on the board of ABB) which allowed for North Korean nuclear technology to exist.

When the old Soviets notified the Nixon/Kissinger gov't of their decision to do a preemptive strike against China, those two dickheads saw it as an opening with China, and made numberous trips there, accompaniled by David Rockefeller who began banking operations in China in 1973.

Said globalization did not work out well, as everything Kissinger had a hand in did not work out well!

jin187's picture

Preemptively nuking a nation is a pretty ridiculous line to take. Particularly nations that are run by reasonable people. China isn't going to destroy or enslave the world, and neither is Russia. They're simply large and powerful nations looking to expand their influence and enrich themselves. North Korea and Iran might be crazy enough, but they lack the capabilities. There's nothing to accomplish right now by using nukes to attack any of our enemies that can't be accomplished with conventional weapons.

Then what happens with Russia, the UK, France, etc, when we preemptively strike China? Will they just sit by and twiddle their thumbs while we wantonly toss nukes around in response to mere saber rattling and political gamesmanship? Maybe we end up with every dime of US foreign assets seized, our citizens and diplomats expelled from every country, blockaded by nuclear subs, cutoff from the rest of the world completely under sanctions the likes of which have been reserved for the worst actors in history. Which we would be at that point. And that's not even a worst case scenario. WWIII could literally end up being us versus the world.

Not to mention, if you really want to play armchair general, screw 1973. We should have just kept marching east and south, and occupied everything from Japan to South Africa, only letting go once Japanese style reforms had taken root.

HardAssets's picture

None of us have any idea what the Norks can or cannot do. Or perhaps you get the latest above Top Secret intel briefings ?

Given the nature of the Deep State and the MIC, who knows if Trump is getting the truth either.

What can we do about all this ? Probably nothing but pray.

That and savor time with family & friends.

For the partying types, this is as good an excuse as any.

reTARD's picture

China/Russia should regime change Canada just for lulz. ;-)

Playtime's Over's picture

Yep hit nail onthe head.  But from readin fake newz headliner one would think they we will be screwed if we attack as retaliation.  Reat between fake news lines.

Vageling's picture

Yup. It,s not rocket science ;) (pun intended) We all have our agendas. 

The Norks won't do shit. If the USG does... How damn stupid can one be?

HardAssets's picture

What a deal.

If the Norks nuke us first, the Chinks will stay neutral.

But if we hit the Norks to prevent an attack, then the Chinks will hit us ?

Buzzzz. . .click . . .

Solution from WarGames WOPR computer:

- Simultaneous massive thermonuclear attack of North Korea and China. If Russia shows signs of aggression, launch against them too. -

Hmmm . . . that doesn't sound very good. Who programmed this thing, - Satan ?

StarGate's picture

The US posture toward NK is reportedly actually a message to China about the water War it has started with India, 2 nuke powers beginning to Duke it out and destabilizing the planet.

It seems over populated China is always hungry for more resources and now wants to Tibetize Bhutan.

NK is treated by China like a China satellite. Kim Joon not being crazy but fearful of losing his position as supreme leader-God over NK does not really want to attack USA but rather wants assurance from USA that it will not Gaddafi-Saddam-Assad-Norega him.

halcyon's picture

Fuck you dumb twats. 

This is USA trying to circle China as it has with Russia. Pure escalation. 

How would you feel is China started putting missiles in Mexico, Canada and Cuba? 

Us should get the fuck out of Asia and fix its own problems. 

But no, global-zio war is lucrative business. 

Dilluminati's picture

Hate America first, blame America first is howling.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The cry of your anal pain is heard.

Let it Go's picture

The first four words of your comment seem a bit harsh!

sgt_doom's picture

Well, I would feel mighty bad if China hacked into the OPM and stole over 25 million personnel records, having previously hacked into the Pentagon, and defense contractors, stealing the plans to ALL the major American weapons systems.  I would also feel bad if North Korea had a cyber-warfare-partnership with China which, oh BTW, they do!

Yup, guess I fell mighty bad. . . .

veritas semper vinces's picture

Exactly.It's unbelievable how many "armchair generals" here do not see this and support a catastrophic attack.Fortunately,the days of cheap american bravado are coming to an end.

I can't wait to see what will happen to the thousands troops stranded in the 900+ military bases around the world  when TSHF is finally here.Won't take too long now,judging by the desperation of the American gov.All these moves:the sanctions against Russia,threats and sanctions against Iran and NK,try to "color revolution" Venezuela,killing civilians,bombing infrastructure in Syria where the AAZ empire has lost the war,increasing troops in Afghanistan,sending troops in Yemen,Somalia.Sudan,sending weapons to Ukraine,etc..(it's exhausting to name all the crap Jewmerica is doing now in the world),ALL these shout  desperation  from the empire.


Putrid_Scum's picture

Behind all the layers of perception, the Chinese leadership know that we're on the brink of World War. 

North Korea is a strong buffer between our Imperial armies and China's industrialized core, so no matter what, Kim knows China will protect him. 

There is very little time left, The Reset has already begun.


sgt_doom's picture

+1,000  (and I say this as an avowed Socialist!)

shankster's picture

China is making it clear that they are the ones pushing NK to this madness, not only pushing but supporting them behind the scenes. Iran does the same thing and neither nation is a friend of the west. That said, the US should leave NK to it's own devices and back off..if NK launches missiles at Guam or Hawaii then fry the country but until then leave it alone.

Lynn Trainor's picture

But at the rate Kim Jong Un is building his capability, he will soon be able to hit New York or any city in the U.S.  Leave NK to its' own devices?  Shouldn't we deal with this problem now?