Fat Chicks Need Not Apply: A Look Inside The Bizarre Interviewing Practices Of South Korea

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In the United States, interview questions about a candidate's physical attributes or family history will quickly earn a company a multi-million dollar lawsuit.  Hell, if you so much as look at a millennial the wrong way during a first meeting you might quickly find yourself unemployed for your insensitive microaggression.

But, as Bloomberg points out today, questions about physical appearance and family history, among other bizarre stuff we'll get to shortly, are a common occurrence for young graduates in South Korea.  Take the case of 28-year-old Joo Yerim who was required to provide her height and weight on a recent job application.

When 28-year-old Joo Yerim applied for a job at an art distribution company in Seoul last year, she was required to provide her height and weight on the application. The experience left her angry and frustrated.


“That has nothing to do with my ability to work,” said Joo, a university graduate who had interned at similar companies in the U.S.


The questions faced by Joo, who eventually landed a position at an art magazine, would bring an avalanche of complaints and a consumer boycott in many countries. In others, the firm would be hauled before the courts. But in South Korea employers routinely demand such information, along with personal details like an applicant’s age, religion and even the occupations of their family members.

South Korea


But questions about outward physical appearance are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bizarre interview process in South Korea.  26-year-old Yang Changmo says he's frequently asked for his blood type and "drinking and smoking capacity" on job applications and is almost certain he bested another candidate for a job recently because he's a self-professed 'good drinker'.

Sometimes the information sought by companies veers into strange territory. Yang Changmo, 26, said he was once required to provide his blood type, and is frequently asked about his "drinking and smoking capacity" during interviews. Heavy drinking with colleagues is a core element of the country’s work culture.


“I think they chose me over the female applicant with almost the same qualifications as mine because I said I was a good drinker,” said Yang, who worked in the hotel industry before quitting to find a new position.

Sadly, South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in is looking to rid his country of its "old school" hiring practices which he says are tantamount to discrimination.

It adds up to what President Moon Jae-in says is discrimination against people who are less affluent or deviate from the mainstream. Moon pledged during his campaign to prohibit such practices as part of his fight against growing inequality, particularly in the job market.


Moon’s administration is working to fulfill his pledges. It will issue guidelines on questions private companies can ask later this month, before revising workplace laws to make those guidelines binding, the labor and finance ministries said in a recent joint statement.


The government is already taking action in the public sector. By the end of August, 481 public offices and companies will be banned from asking job seekers for certain personal information, including family relations and physical details. Applicants will also no longer need to submit a photo of themselves. Because a civil service test must be taken, in many cases they also won’t be required to submit their educational background.

It's too bad really because we know a lot of people who truly excel at drinking and were this close to buying a one-way ticket to Seoul.

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heh -- no fat chicks

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Do you have nice tits? Let me see. Do you hve a tight ass? let me feel. Do you smoke cigars? Show me. Would that be over the top? Not in the Clinton WH. 

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Rosie O'Donnell is going to be sooo triggered.

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Leftists now scream:  "We need to bomb them for their freedom's!"

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Wait, I think I screwed that up.  No, it is correct.  But linseed oil and gang all got boners.

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Of course, a job interview is nothing but an act of discrimination, so there's that.

Maybe we should ban them? Use a lottery, or something...

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theyre just trying to filter out americans

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Turn on any MSM network news and all you see are hot chicks talking at you. How do they interview?

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hot chicks with clevage,

there I fixed it for you

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If we really wanted to do something about obesity in this country, we'd discriminate against disgusting fatbodies too.

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This is nothing new in Asia... Just peruse the online job ads in Thailand for an example, they have no qualms about specifying age range requirements, ethnicity, sex, language skills and other sometimes odd personal requirements to gain employment... The US has gone PC crazy... 

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Heard a guy the other day saying that the women have too much power hence the PC bs. Yea-most of this is just because of the women(and the betas)
What a rascal! That fella.
The C9H9N Team

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The totalitarian matriarchy has been installed.

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...hey---do not knock fat chicks....

1) Hillary cannot pronounce "fact check," so you are discriminating against that whore....

2) I messed up in Thailand and a very large Thai female was at my door.....hurt her fweeelings? No---I was too lazy to find another.

One of the best boomsings I had in a long time---same with her! I phoned her the next day and she was still in bed!

She missed two days of work! I stopped by her place of employment---massage shop---and all the girls wanted to "go with me."

I chose the fatty again....she was great!


BTW...I have a moped, TWO of 'em!

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Asia is almost shocking with so few fat people.  KFC and McDs are there now and bicycles being replaced with scooters.  Fatness is growing over the years.  They export deflation.  We export fat lifestyle.

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American fast food is the bane of the world...  It creates fat people where ever they open a franchise... 

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How do they interview?

"I seem to have dropped my pen under my desk. Would you mind?"

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Hey, theyre completely fair.

Best performer on the casting couch gets the position . . er, job . . . er, you know what I mean

Antifaschistische's picture

everyone's got their own opinion....as one who has traveled extensively through most asian countries I have maintained for many years that the South Korean ladies are the most beautiful of all the Asian countries.

If you want to add some spice to that...they are also some of the best mothers...their children are well disciplined and they are respectful.  Flying Korean Air with mothers and kids is better than any other combination I have experienced.   


Antifaschistische's picture

ps...and thank you SK for recognizing that being fat and unhealthy should NOT make you a model.

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that's because they get the most plastic surgery. well excepting the ladyboys in Thailand. 

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I have mentioned before that it doesn't cost any more to hire pretty girls. Putting that comment next to a statement about ladyboys might not be too clever

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It's ludicrous the lefties and media praise these fat women as models as said above. Higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and so on.


What kind of message does that send our kids?!

More examples of decline of American values.

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As far as beauty goes, my guess is that you haven't been to Vietnam and google-eyed the French/Viet/American-mixed variety.

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...several months ago, I had a Tai shortime on the back of my Kawasaki, buzzing along. If you are planning on heading to SE Asia, save your life (and others) by learning to handle a motorbike in USA. Safer.

SEARCH Motorcycle Rider Foundation. Take lessons, get proficient. Without a motorbike between your legs in Asia, you will not be getting far. SE Asia is HEAVEN for all motorcycle riders, fun place, know your shit, bring your own HELMET over from USA or Germany. Tai helmets are garbage, called "salad bowls."

Little Ms 39 kg Hottie leans into my ear as we are passing a Burger King and coos "....khun Somchai, where is the KING?"

Once addicted to Asian hotties, sorry American chicks----game over.

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My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

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or lie on the application.

Reason left last position: " the rest of the employees weren't heavy enough boozers. No challenge drinking them under the table. I want employment that Really tests my liver. We love a real challenge."

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Anybody old enough to remember the "pencil test" for a female secretary decades ago? LMAO 

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Do you like it when I grab your pussy...

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I thought you would never ask, I am blushing

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This is Larry, although you knew me as Lori. You can still do me from behind, nothing has changed there xoxo

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That depends on your height and your bank balance.

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Getting hired on your capacity for drink? Sign me up boys.

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That soju ain't gonna drink itself.

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Nothing like a Soju martini at one of those lame Asian dives without a real liquor license....ugh

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They didn't hire her because she was a Joo.

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Never ask a Joo how much she weighs.  Big no no!

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Fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round
Fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round

Get on your bikes and ride!

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If you had a million armed Norks within throwing distance, ready to artillery bombard you, invade you, and even nuke you - - youd drink like crazy too.

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Perhaps we could use some of that.

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I drank with many Korean businessmen. Although I am not sure they were involved in legitimate businesses....

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I've partied with many different Asians. The most memorable comical drunk conversation I had was with a bunch of Taiwanese bankers. It went something like this, "Why do everyone always accuse Americans of being racist? (slight laughter) You'll never be as racist as we Chinese! (more laughter). We Chinese find racism funny and interesting! (louder laughter)."

After this we went to K-TV and got blown in the VIP room.


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i once did five asian chicks in a day, it was a lot of fun. had time for another one, but couldnt get the fifth one leave that dinner table. still a day to remember.  

I've been hooked ever since

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Koreans are crooks. Be very careful when dealing with them, and never take one as a partner.