Gold Up 2%, Silver 5% In Week – Gundlach, Gartman and Dalio Positive On Gold

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Gold Up 2.3%, Silver 5.3% In Week - Gundlach, Gartman and Dalio Positive On Gold

- Gold is up 2.3% this week and silver has surged nearly 5.3% as stocks sell off on geopolitical risk
- Billionaire fund managers and commodities experts increasingly positive on gold
- Risks are rising, and everybody should put 5% to 10% of their assets in gold - Dalio
- Dalio's Bridgewater, world's largest hedge fund, warned clients that geopolitical risks are rising
- 'Gold is about break out on the upside strongly' - commodities expert Gartman
- Gartman believes right now investors should have 10% to 15% allocation to gold
- "The stock market looks a little vulnerable. The geopolitical circumstances are getting worse and worse" - Gartman
- Run up in gold prices is far from over due to economic risks - Gartman
- Gold's chart has 'one of the most bullish' patterns - Billionaire bond guru Gundlach
- Gold up 6.3% and silver 8.2% in 30 days and look on verge of major move higher

Market Performance - One Week (Finviz)

Gold in USD - 30 Days

Gold in USD - 30 Days

See below for Business Insider UK article on Gundlach, CNBC article on Gartman and Business Insider on Dalio's views on gold

News and Commentary

Gold ends at 2-month high: Risk aversion is back on (

Stocks Drop Most Since May, Bonds Rally on Tension (

GUNDLACH: Gold's chart has 'one of the most bullish' patterns around (

Dalio Recommends Gold as Hedge Against Rising Political Risk (

'Gold is about break out on the upside strongly,' Dennis Gartman says (


Everybody Needs To Put 5% to 10% of Their Money In Gold (

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Sanctions will destroy the dollar (

Bitcoin Debate between Keiser and Schiff (

Decade after financial crisis, World is still hooked on debt that caused it (



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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

11 Aug: USD 1,288.30, GBP 993.67 & EUR 1,096.47 per ounce
10 Aug: USD 1,278.90, GBP 985.39 & EUR 1,091.67 per ounce
09 Aug: USD 1,267.95, GBP 974.80 & EUR 1,079.79 per ounce
08 Aug: USD 1,261.45, GBP 967.78 & EUR 1,068.20 per ounce
07 Aug: USD 1,257.55, GBP 963.41 & EUR 1,065.90 per ounce
04 Aug: USD 1,269.30, GBP 964.92 & EUR 1,068.37 per ounce
03 Aug: USD 1,261.80, GBP 952.41 & EUR 1,064.96 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

10 Aug: USD 17.08, GBP 13.14 & EUR 14.57 per ounce
09 Aug: USD 16.59, GBP 12.76 & EUR 14.14 per ounce
08 Aug: USD 16.39, GBP 12.57 & EUR 13.87 per ounce
07 Aug: USD 16.13, GBP 12.35 & EUR 13.67 per ounce
04 Aug: USD 16.70, GBP 12.71 & EUR 14.07 per ounce
03 Aug: USD 16.47, GBP 12.50 & EUR 13.91 per ounce
02 Aug: USD 16.67, GBP 12.60 & EUR 14.09 per ounce

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rex-lacrymarum's picture

This almost sounds like a "sell while you can" warning. 

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Gotta love Gartman, best inverse correlator eva ...

Silver Savior's picture

Been loading up on Scottsdale 10 ounce silver stacker bars at around $18 an ounce when you buy two at a time. Score! From 401k money baby! Fuck this shit. Fuck the world!

silverer's picture

Let's hope Gartman is right for once. Or maybe he'll jump back out just before the big increase kicks in. That will be the typical Gartman move.

Latitude25's picture

Gartman long gold.  Short the hell out of it.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Hear hear, going to sell my eagle at the coin shop TODAY

847328_3527's picture

Lets see gold hit $3,000 by end of year or early 2018. That would be a reflection of the mess the world is in.

bobert727's picture

Gundlach and Dalio better be careful.....

gmrpeabody's picture

..and then you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "Gartman loves gold"...

OpTwoMistic's picture

NK noise will be over in a week or so and if the dollar still exists,  PMs will be slammed again.

Silver Savior's picture

Then let them slam them. Buy that shit up when it's low.