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Damn! WB, I gotta have one of those framed for the den to hang beside your Andrew Jackson. I didn't pay attention who they hired to replace the crooked Stumpf, but if they didn't bring in outside blood and opted to promote from within, the culture probably would not change.

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Very NICEY graphic, WB7. ..... Less work = More awesomeness. Not that adding text and buttons isn't work, it is. ... You added just the right amount. .. You know what I mean. .. Sometimes less is more.... Or EXCATLY the right portion.

"Incident at TBTF Gulch" will be a classic WB7 work.

Live Hard, Me, I Can Never Resist Adding Too Much And Cluttering Things Up Like A Pentagon Plane Crash, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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Just enough to update its relevance. A beautiful image like that deserves respect.

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Nicely done, WB7.

Live Hard, Worthy Of Saying It Twice, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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They should be fined 10x the loss for any in the military that were affected.

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The ever-avuncular Uncle Warren's Berkshire Hathaway holds $ 28 billion in this backward-dealing outfit.


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thanks WB7! great stuff!

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I just love it when some libtard screams obama man best president ever. And they used to say I was nuts. How many banksters/fraudsters/campaign contributors did oslurpbag put in jail? Zippety doo-dah. Even arch criminal H. W. Bush "vacated" over 900 of them. You want a stop to this horse hockey? Try Federal vacations, it is the only way. And this bullshit where HSBC launders billions and then pays millions in fines, no mas.

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Who doesn't get welfare .... the Emperor has no clothes .... why are we picking on banks .... banking has never been so convenient .... that saves people time and money .... that's anti-slavery .... go attack evil .... there's plenty of it ?

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For a guy with such a great alias, you are otherwise pretty stupid.

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Mister, you can take yer socialist tripe and walk on outta here.

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My grandfather would have them hanging from the tall oak in his front yard and I'm just sitting here typing. Wonder why our grandparents were much stronger individuals than we are?

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The car insurance rip-off schemes at that bank are a lot deeper than you think. You can bet that there's corruption tied to the insurance industry.

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More than one way to rob people. ... Gun point works. .. The fees and charges you can't avoid picks your pocket.

But if you really want to rifle around though out the whole house looking for valuables you may need a way to calm the residents a little so as not to alarm the neighbors.

Sometimes the Bankster Dot Gov Pirates even resort to gas warfare...


~~~~))) ... Don't Worry About Kim Un(hinged), Worry About Wray Un MRAPped ...(((~~~~

We do have a drug problem in this country, but it's not the drug problem you think.

It's when the government imbeciles start playing with dangerous drugs they don't understand. .. We don't have a drug problem. ..... We have a Drug War problem. .. And it's putting people to sleep.

Why are you hearing about this fentanyl stuff all of a sudden?

Because your local chapter of the Domestic Terrorist Lodge (the Fusion Center and JTTF gang members) want you to be very familiar with the term. ....... You see, they have weaponized Fentanyl for their own use and want you to know that only extremely bad guys do fentanyl. ... So they have been spreading it around the druggie community a lot as cover for their own use of the stuff. ...

Yes, Margret, they control the WHOLE show, distrabution and interdiction both.

The NEW twist = Your local Domestic Terrorist Gang (DTG) or JTTF SWATeams have started using gas warfare on the local population. .. Knock out gas. .... Put everyone to sleep, odorless, tasteless gas. .... Dose a structure or area, wait a few minutes and walk in like you own the place. ....... Because they do now 'own the place'. (In more ways than one, thanks to civil asset forfeiture.) ..... Everyone inside is asleep, unconscious, snoozing.....................OR DEAD.

Yes, dead. ...... Death happens very easily with an uncontrolled fentanyl dosing delivered in a gaseous form. .. So why are the JTTF SWAT using a deadly gas? ...... Because they aren't really law enforcement, they are, in fact, a Domestic Terrorist Gang (DTG).

And you thought all terrorists were Muzzies and crazy back woods survivalists with Swastika tattoos. ... (Oh, you mean like red neck Toothy McVey? .. He didn't have any Nazi tattoos, he looked like he was straight out of a JTTF SWAT. ... Only he was pulled from US Army Special Forces, also a chapter of the DTG/JTTF)

Here is how a botched gas raid goes down if DTG SWAT isn't trained in the use of Fentanyl Knock-Out Gas properly. ........ They end up gassing themselves and have to be 'treated' by some of their teammates. =

Then they have to make up a 'parallel construction' story to cover for the fuck-up. ...... In this case they 'knock over a table' with powder on it that the 'bad guys' were using at 3 in the morning to cut and bag-up heroin. ............. That 'oops' dosed 18 SWAT gangsters, er, I mean, officers that were all jammed in the same room with deadly fentanyl powder. ........... Of course ,that means the bad guys would have been working in full supplied air Hazmat suits when SWAT broke down the front door rushed in and knocked over the table. ... No, it was fentanyl all right,........Fentanyl Gas the SWAT brought with them.

Make believe bad guys only use Hazmat suits on the TV show "Breaking Bad", BTW. ....... I'm sure of this.

Live Hard, Someone Call Service Master, We Have A Baking Soda Spill In The Dining Area, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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DC, keep up the good work. Thanks

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Here's my last one for the day.... I have grass to mow calling me and Mr Creature left me an ultimatum when she left this morning. .. The grass gets cut today or I find a new zip code.

I like my zip code, it's easy to remember sooooo......


The Strange Demise of James Edward Gibson

Washington DC Metro PD is awash in sloppy Newshamness.

For those that don't know what a News Hamming is, well, use your imagination.

That's what Metro PD does when they wing it at press briefing. .. I mean use their imagination(s). Make something up on the fly. .. They call it a 'running play' inside the Metro police department. .. Yelling something crazy you make up while running away from reporters. ... Improvise. ... Improvise, duck and sprint for a safe spot to make a phone call or two to cover your bogus story on some official paperwork in case you get cornered by someone who looks like a lawyer. ....... Paperwork helps when you are in news ham mode in that sticky situation.

Live Hard, News Ham's Law - When Corruption Runs Down A Blind Alley It Sometimes Has To Grow Wings And Take A Whooping Flight Of Fantasy To Escape The Front Page And Keep Your News Hamming On Page D16, Die Free

~ DC 7.4

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"I have grass to mow calling me and Mr Creature left me an ultimatum"

freudian slip?  ;D

your vid clip jttf doesn't want competition.  kinda funny what their trying to pin on folks in the house they raided, were able to crawl out the window???   wonder why they just didn't use emf?

here's sumpin else to ponder with these miscreants.  “Basically, they just fell out of the sky"   sounds like haiti to me.  so you never know what they're going to put in the chemtrails.  some pilots are even leaving dashes in the sky by intermittantly turning off the nasties.


serious question here DC...GW is too damn smart.  1 way or another, i think he's being fed a buttload of the info he's bringing forth by someone with a conscience.   what say you?

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Hey Ye, WG.
You are lucky (or not). I almost didn't check back on this dead thread.

No fraught to it, it was a finger slip (typo). .. 'Mr' should be 'Ms,' of course. ...... I'm the only mystery mister hereabouts. (Unless Ms Creature is keeping another man in her walk-in closet.)

GW? ... Well, yeah I think we established a long time ago he is getting fed intel from somewhere. .. The crowd sourcing is doing a bang-up job of vetting and documenting things on line (TPTB like to ridicule on-line research but EVERYTHING is on-line anymore. ... It's the way the world works these days.) but there is a lot more to it than grannies in tennis shoes, and a couple of dudes helping out in their spare time.

George couldn't possibility be coming up with all the intel he comes up with from even a single source. .. He has a whole team feeding him stuff. ... And some 'protection' too.

Who is that team? .....

Someone who doesn't like the JTTF / DynCorpse / Clinton Satan Foundation business model. .. That's about all I can tell you for sure.

It makes them an ally of mine on that point. ...

George and I may have a falling out over Mossad however. ... Those assholes have tried to kill me in the past. .... I have 'issues' with those sorry MFers.

Live Hard, George Doesn't Have The Whole Picture,...None Of Us Do, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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Dune, as I mentioned, I stopped listing to George Webb some time ago after it came out that he has a background in the theatrical arts and his sidekick, Jason, is a filmmaker. It’s OK, though, I do think they’re performing a service to expose multiple crimes against humanity, and leave it for the real investigators to bring indictments.

Yesterday, I listened to a summary or two. I was a little surprised that George was repeating how he doesn’t hold any of them in ill regard. I read a few comments of his now-disgruntled followers, and it was obvious that his technique of crowdsourcing the investigation has exposed a lot of loose ends that would otherwise have taken years to root out. That benefits the culprits, too, obviously, and they can now plan accordingly.

As I mentioned before, some of the worst will end up walking. It’s the way of the world.

BTW: my friend who works in AI advised me not to use the Cloud for storage, in particular Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google Drive. He kindly uninstalled them for me when I didn’t follow his advice quickly enough. A real friend :-).

DuneCreature's picture

Right, FoL.

Using M$ Windows 10 is curtains for privacy. ... I don't care how you configure it. .. I (we) use Win 7 Pro on anything connected to the Internet. Linux and NT on an air-gapped network for things I don't want stolen. ... Air gapping isn't fool proof, but it ups the ante on the bad players considerably. ... I 'think' the network is clean but you can never be 100% sure. .. One thing is for sure, if data goes out, I WILL see it go.

Yes, George is an actor, knowingly or not. ... We all get 'used' and 'played' by AI AL. ...... Just cherry pick the useful parts of his program and never forget where the ((really bad players)) in the world seems to be coming from. ....... Hang outs or agents or whatever you what to call them are still useful. ... Maybe the best kind of useful. They do all the work and take all of the heat for you. .. LOL!

Live Hard, Jason Seems To Be George's Handler, Because He Actually DOES Have Good Intentions, They Can't Have THAT Crazy Unleashed SHIT Going On!, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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Caught, ya, Donnie.

That didn't come off of the ZH server.

Live Hard, See'ya In Federal Court, Die Free

~DC v7.4

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Welll... it doesn't look that bad anymore. Low interest rates from 2001(16 years). Discount Window opened in 2007-2010 for even corporate paper (300 plus companies bailed out). TARP Bailouts with Salary Increases and Bonus money for executives in TBTF, $700 Billion Fiscal Stimulus, QE1-3 with no capital controls on how it is spent... while Federal Reserve buys up Global Toxic Assets,... Prosecution Waivers & DOJ/FBI not asking for Cases from US States or Western Countries.

- No telling how much fraud was un-punished, ... "but we aren't really sure it's illegal anymore to commit accounting control fraud or securities fraud."

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They're wearing Wells Fargo lapel badges today.

Which bank badges tomorrow?

And the day after?

All banksters crawl out of the same sewer.

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.....another classic William. Fine work. Most Americans have no clue the Chinese are using Wells Fargo to "return to sender" US Treasury bonds.

Now used as collateral by the Chinese to buy up American properties. What was that about Marx stating that the capitalist (hmm?) would sell the rope for his own hanging?

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sure do not here much from largest shareholder Buffet... nor the media asking Buffet for comment...

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Someone should start throwing around the terms "control person liability" and RICO Act, that will get his attention.

But in the post Citizen's United world, no politico has the cohones.

williambanzai7's picture

Look at Mr Ed on the left thinking WTF!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Look at Mr Ed on the left thinking WTF!

"Assad must go-o-o-o-oah"

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"WTF? Should have stayed home with Wilbur!!"

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He was alwasy a curious horse. 

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So there we were, held hostage at gunpoint by the dirtiest, lying thieves & scoundrels east of the Pecos and just when we thought it couldn't get any worse 13 desperados on horse back appeared on the hill to our right  ;-)

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Hell, sometimes the Killary uranium crooks use snipers a mile away from the robbery.

But no one is allowed to talk about THAT in a court of law.

Why? .. Because the snipers are from the government to help the robbery victims decide to surrender their (our) property to the Killary crooks without a fuss.

The Bundy trial in NV is coming off of the rails.

You'll have that during a major justice system train wreck.

George Webb's suit against the JTTF ought to be a Major Stunt Monkey Farce in a Feral District Corpse of Law.

Venue counts, and so do splash guards, paper towels and hand clearer for the jury, observers and press. ....... The shit is going to get flung around like it is coming out of an overloaded, uncapped Waring Blender stuck on high.

Live Hard, Due Process Is Going Due South In The USSA, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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After they took all our loot, they forced us to sign up for credit cards that carried an annual fee.

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I am amazed the number of people who still use banks.

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Wells Fraudco will settle with the DOJ and the proceeds will not go to the muppets but to the Feral Gubermint, and nobody will go to jail.  Not only is Wells Fraudco TBTF, they're TBTJ (jail). 


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Yup.  No one in handcuffs or an orange jump-suit. 

"Fines" that are a drop in the bucket compared to the trough of theft and bailouts.

The banks have letters of marque to plunder the citizenry at will.  Thanks WB7 - the visual combat is appreciated.

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No admission of guilt and a fine of 10% of the grift. Go forth and sin no more.


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But, we can trust other bankers at their Fed. Trust is a fool's opiate.

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Warren knows Americans are lazy to the bone, will do nothing, and in 3 days all will be forgotten. 

Just like the Awan brothers....forgotten.

williambanzai7's picture

Awan brothers, who are they? North Koreans?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Awan brothers, who are they? North Koreans?

They look suspiciously Iranian to me. You never can trust them there Ay-Rabs...

Gohigher's picture

Nice touch with congress driving the stagecoach.

The robbers are likely in cahoots with the drivers (rhetorical)





williambanzai7's picture

It's fun taking an old picture like that and bringing it back to life.

The original scoundrels in the picture were labelled Trusts.

And it is a great old picture. Modern cartoonery killed the art of illustrated news.