India Deploys More Troops Along China Border, Raises "Caution" Level

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With the world obsessing over every increasingly childish outburst in the daily back and forth between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, another conflict which has so far gone largely unnoticed by the global media continues to grow on the border between India and China.

As reported yesterday, in the most recent escalation between the two nuclear powers, the Indian Army ordered the evacuation of a village close to the Doklam India-Bhutan-China tri-junction amid to a standoff between Indian and Chinese soldiers. This takes place just days after China turned the war threat amplifier up to '11' by threatening India (in an article published a Chinese state-controlled newspaper) that it could conduct a "small-scale military operation" to expel Indian troops from a contested region in the Himalayas.

For those who need a reminder, the latest geopolitical standoff between India and China started in June, after Chinese troops started building a road on a remote plateau which is disputed by China and Bhutan. Indian troops countered by moving to the flashpoint zone to halt the work, with China accusing them of violating its territorial sovereignty and calling for their immediate withdrawal.

After adding a large number of troops to the region, China then sharply escalated when a Chinese Ministry of Defense warned explicitly that Indian troops must leave the contested area if they do not want war.

Then, earlier this week, tensions escalated further when as the Independent reported, the Chinese state-owned Global Times quoted a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences who said China is preparing to initiate a "limited war" to push Indian soldiers out of the area.


To this, the Indian response was the abovementioned forced evacuation of a few hundred villagers living in Nathang, who were asked to vacate their houses immediately, according to News18. Nathang is 35 km from the site of the two-month old standoff.

Which brings us to today, and the latest report by PTI India, according to which in a strategically key move, India has poured in more troops along the entire stretch of its border with China in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in the face of heightened rhetoric by Beijing over the Dokalam standoff, according to senior government officials on Friday.

Furthermore, the "caution level" among the troops has also been raised, the officials told PTI.

The Indian officials said that the decision to increase the deployment along the nearly 1,400-km Sino-India border from Sikkim to Arunachal Pradesh was taken after carrying out a detailed analysis of the situation and considering China's aggressive posturing against India on Dokalam.

"The troop level along the border with China in the Sikkim and Arunachal sectors has been increased," said the officials on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information. The Army's Sukna-based 33 Corps as well as 3 and 4 corps based in Arunachal and Assam are tasked to protect the sensitive Sino-India border in the eastern theatre.

However, the officials declined to give any figure or percentage of increased deployment, saying they cannot disclose "operational details."

According to defence experts, roughly 45,000 troops including personnel having completed the weather acclimatisation process are normally kept ready along the border at any given time, but not all are necessarily deployed. The soldiers, deployed over 9,000 feet, have to go through a 14-day-long acclimatisation process.

The officials, however, said there is no enhancement of troops at the India-China-Bhutan tri-junction in Dokalam where around 350 army personnel are holding on to their position for nearly eight weeks after stopping Chinese troops from constructing a road on June 16.

Bhutan and China have competing claims over Dokalam, and are negotiating a resolution. Meanwhile, China has been ramping up bellicose rhetoric against India over the last few week - in many aspect echoing either side in the US-North Korea conflict - demanding immediate withdrawal of Indian troops from Dokalam. Both the Chinese and Indian state medias have carried a barrage of critical articles on the Dokalam stand-off slamming India.

India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj recently said both sides should first pull back their troops for any talks to take place, and favoured a peaceful resolution of the border standoff. India also conveyed to the Chinese government that the road construction would represent a significant change of status quo with serious security implications for it.

So far, not only has neither side pulled back troops, but as today's latest news of increasing deployment suggests, a full blown conflict, one whose consequences could be far more devastating than a US military intervention in North Korea, looks increasingly likely with every passing day.

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USA1800's picture

Life, Summer Flowers Autumn Leaves

(-Poem to Sino-Indian Soldiers, August 11, 2017, Friday

I heard the echo, from the tank engines 

I heard the squeak, from the missile wheels

I heard the yelling, from the boiling news

I heard the whisper, from the good-by soldiers


Life, thin and tinny

Life, short and sweet

Life, boom like the glory summer flowers

Life, die like the quiet autumn leaves 


Prajna Paramita 

???, ??????

Call on duty for battlefield

For my belief

For my dignity

For my Lord

For what, I don't know...for what?


I see the carcasses and the ruins

Good-By my loved...

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Ah, the peaceful PRC...




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

mabuhay1's picture

China picked India as their "test case" war to prove their new military might. We will see if India is the easy push-over that China expects. If India attacks Chinese shipping between the Middle East/Europe and in the area near the contested Spratley Islands group, they may shock China into stopping some of its warmongering.

Anunnaki's picture

So much for BRICS

rp2016's picture

ZH, you are a gem but a hidden gem. When are you going to show up, so that I can rid you of your ignorace ... help you bring to a level where you can understand that you have already lost. I just want to complete the formalities. Given the circumstances, I have not seen a person as coward as you. But, stay hidden for now; that is helpful. Good Weekend!

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Come on. You got something to say, then spit it out already. You talk like a Chinaman Screws.

Haitian Snackout's picture

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

gaasp's picture

most of the u.s. media lacks the ability to pronounce chinese and indian names to gin up interest to compete with going back to school sales and football. It is hard to point the finger at vlad 4 this one, tal vez venezuela.

Sambo's picture

A country that can kill 30 babies over non payment of oxygen bills, deserves to be exterminated by its foes 

83_vf_1100_c's picture

A country that kills millions of unborn babies deserves any better?

King of Ruperts Land's picture

And the ones that live are born into a hell designed to rot out their brains.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

You are a dupe, and you risk becoming a murderous dupe when you think like that. False flag killing of babies is standard warfare practice.

If you value "babies" your logic is flawed. You are shown 30 "babies" supposedly killed by an "enemy" who you then demonize and call for war with which condemns a million "enemy" "babies " to death which then causes the enemy to condemn a million of your sides "babies"

Just let the competent men worry about war and you just focus on nursing your own "babies" and look at the ground and keep your incompetent mouth shut. You don't understand what you are talking about and will end up getting everyone killed.

Soon we will enter a time when If you don't shut up, we will slit your throat because your stupid ass screaming will get us all killed.

johnjkiii's picture

Ok, let's re-run this one too. Mao faced down an Indian army over the same teritory. The Chinese army chased the Indian army back to the borders that had been agreed to in 1996 after being disputed for well over the previous century. It's a barren wasteland. Mao's solution was to chase India back to the border, then he withdrew his army. This is merely the latest attempt by India to test the Chinese resolve and when confronted for real, the Indian government will back off.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Some are saying that this incident is all part of an effort to take down China. If you look at the South China Sea, NK and now India China is being isolated. The only failure in this plan was the Senate invoked more sanctions against Russia.

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

We must look at what is in the Chinese mind to understand the implications for India. China has invested substantial resources in the South China sea, both island groups are designed as a strategic sea gate to protect Chinese naval invasion forces. China's strategic weakness is oil, grain and living room. The South China sea strategic plan is to invade Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei for military control of oil and gas. The secondary target is Australia for raw industrial materials, gas and living room. The Chinese work to eliminate the US and the West in Asia.

The Sino-Myanmar gas and oil pipelines transport gas from Myanmar gas fields, but the oil pipeline by passes the strategic choke point of the Malacca strait. The oil pipeline is for Middle East oil tankers. This is a small part of south China's requirements. The Chinese war machine and economy require greater and greater amounts of hydrocarbons.

India is a danger to China because the Indian navy can block imports of oil. India controls the Indian ocean trade routes from the Middle East.

The above are primary strategic plans to secure oil and gas, a secondary strategic plan is Indian Assam. This region always supplied a small amount of oil for India. However, recent discoveries of oil and natural gas are out of this world. Indian oil companies are using advanced geophysics to discover new vast fields of oil and gas. China must position itself to seize these oil and gas fields. The Doklam mountain pass war is for the purpose of building a highway for troops and armor to cut the only connecting land route between India proper and Assam. Once Assam is isolated, China will easily control vast oil and gas fields.

Assam was a protectorate under British control and passed to Indian control, but Assam is a completely different people and sparsely populated. The distance from India proper makes it difficult for India to defend. Assam is the reason and target of Chinese strategic plans.

An input needed for the article is India has the same climate pattern as North America. In about two months, the earth will begin to tilt. This will cause extreme cold and impassible snow in the mountains. India corps must be deployed at the correct moment or cold weather will sap the corps of strength. This is why the Chinese are building bunkers in Tibet in preparation for a long war. Both sides will continue to shore up logistics to be able to maintain large troop concentrations in the mountainous region.

China believed politically India would roll over. India didn't because of China's threats in Kashmir. India sent troops to Kashmir to block the new Chinese highway activity, because this would give Pakistan an advantage on India's western flank. Now China shows their hand for all the world to see in the Doklam mountain pass war. The One Belt, One Road is a political cover for building strategic highways to conquer India.

No one has successfully put the Assam oil and gas discovery in to the greater context of this conflict. Nor has anyone been able to understand the connection to the South China sea activity. It is because the Chinese are deceptive. The Chinese plan is to take control of all nations to the south of China for natural resources and living room. This is from the mind of Xi and his generals. I've explained before why the CCP must divert attention away from economic failure. It is because the CCP must control 1.4 billion people. Economic failure causes famine in China, starving people will revolt against the CCP.

Snowflakes can't see because they've been raised on television. They developed a television controlled mind. They demand more reality, well this is real. It will be a learning experience of the ages.

J Robert Burgoyne's picture

MK, interesting perspective. Where are your other writings? Thanks. 

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

I write essays under ZH articles, it has a particular intellectual motivation for me. It is also a secure platform for ideas. Previously, my local newspaper was my platform. The Zuckerberg Facebook took control of the comment section, not only was all of my work destroyed, but every time I wrote I was censored with no explanation. Facebook has taken over the comment section of well over 350,000 publications. ZH is one of the last free thought environments.

Facebook Zuckerberg is a disciple of China's Xi. Zuckerberg carries Xi's book around quoting like a modern day Mao's Little Red Book. Zuckerberg makes the most outlandish communist speeches and the like. Zuckerberg Facebook was kicked out of China, Zuckerberg meets with Xi all the time and is the best known American billionaire in China. Facebook must prove to Xi, Facebook is able to censor comments to reenter the China market. Thus AI robotic censors are used in the US. Christian thought, a small script from the Bible is censored, then Zuckerberg made a speech in Chicago how Facebook will begin to create groups on Facebook to replace churches since Christianity is dying anyway.

Zuckerberg is doing this because Xi began a Red Guard cultural revolution type crack down four years ago. Censorship is huge in China and the 80 million Chinese Christian movement is being destroyed. High ranking Communist Party members, the wealthy and the intelligentsia were a part of the new Christian movement in China. Many people have been executed and imprisoned.

Zuckerberg works with the Chinese Ministry of State Security to develop censor technology. Xi is a hard core communist demanding China return to it's communist roots. The new crack down is to eradicate all American culture and ideas from China. The takeover of Hollywood is to produce films with Chinese actors saving the world and to eradicate Americana themes. No American icons are allowed.

In your case, you are a photographer who has spent time in China, you report conversational Chinese as one of your claims to fame, your sexual exploits with Chinese women doesn't qualify you as a China expert. I am a mind warfare soldier of Central Intelligence. I am going to kill over 300 million Chinese and divide China into four parts.

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

There is going to be a massive national mobilization draft. Over time, the draft could be up to 20 million. Your language capability, photography skills and travel in China will win you a position as an intelligence officer in any branch. If an age waiver is needed, then you will get it.

During this time, the US will be under martial law. It will not be fun, thus being an intelligence officer or an enlisted intelligence analyst would be a coveted position. It would likely be at a protected base of operation.

J Robert Burgoyne's picture

Thanks for writing back. I appreciate that. 

There's a lot for each of us to contribute but time is short and life responsibilities too numerous. And interest levels in the subject are minimal, even among my Taiwanese friends. Perhaps it's me that's dull.

I did meet another ZHer of interest in Canada a few years back and that was completely worthwhile. I asked another intellectual friend about your comment regarding different people employing different logic, and he simplified it down to everyone having different priorities. We can either try to live with those differences, or not.

My intellectual priority for many years has been to learn the truth and execute on what I learn. I was trained in logic by my deceased Dad, an attorney, who encouraged me to join the debate team in high school and to pursue some philosophy classes in college while I earned my degree in Physics. I had other applicable training later in life. 

I've wanted the situation with USA/PRC to improve since I first became acquainted with people from China in the mid 1980s at UMCP, but I never found the facts to reinforce my past optimisim. I did have a lovely visit to Kunming and Yunnan province some years back before the development and construction related pollution took over. Quite a few westerners at that time had created a nice living environment with cafes and a low-key life in Kunming. Alas, it was not to be. You will no doubt recall that Kunming was used by the USA military during WWII. I also had a spiritual revelation visiting the Terra Cotta warrior musuem in Chengdu that I am happy to share offline. 

When I have shared my proprietary knowledge with various people in government who were in a position to do something, they blew me off and never followed up, so I dropped the effort. For deeper knowledge, @niubi on Twitter is an excellent resource to follow with vast, up-to-date knowledge and complete Mandarin fluency.

Wilbur Ross, Robert Lighthizer, Peter Navarro, and Steve Bannon are a better team than the USA ever put together previously to deal with the issue, but the large corporations are all mostly compromised, and will work to weaken resolve, as you point out with your comments about Mr. Z. Notice how quickly the border tax idea was shelved. Lighthizer is certainly the person who could get it done, and his personality is the right type to do so. Time will tell if he's allowed to move forward or neutered. 

If you visit China now as a foreigner, upon entry you will be electronically fingerprinted, all ten fingers and both palms. Since the personnel database was stolen a few years back, that means it's rather trivial for China to put together comprehensive profiles of all Americans who visit China and who were ever fingerprinted in the USA. With the all-encompassing security in China, and knowing that your identity is compromised and that if you visit there you're actively helping them, the thrill of visiting China and finding new things is gone. And you can't even begin the discussion with friends in China. 

Our extended family had various people in the newspaper business and international trade that went to all sorts of countries that one can never visit in 2017. So I get the idea that massive changes can occur and parts of the world that were once OK to visit can quickly become impossible to visit. 

Has anyone else watched the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin? I met Stone and one of his researchers earlier this year and believe they pass the MK Ultra test of being normal logic people. I'm curious what others thought about the interviews. Stone derailed his career after JFK; fortunately he had already made his FU money. Look at the dropoff in the awards he earned after 1995:

Lynn Trainor's picture

Good stuff, Ultra Alpha.  Enjoyed it.

Another regional indian.'s picture

''The Chinese plan is to take control of all nations to the south of China for natural resources and living room.''



Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

                                                                                -Mike tyson.


Just out of curiosity why are you rooting for china over india? I dont 'emotionally care' who you root for, i am just curious....

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Curious. I didn't see any "rooting for China over India" after reading the article. I understood the author to be explain how the Chinese rulers see things.

Another regional indian.'s picture

I was asking that question to MK ultra alpha, not the author of this article :)

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

There was no rooting for China in the essay. Perhaps because I didn't give defense suggestions for India, you came to the conclusion I was rooting for China. It was a mind warfare intelligence assessment. The data comes from the minds of Chinese leaders.

The USA is at war with China. One must understand the mind of Xi to grasp the totality of what we are facing.

Xi believes he has unconditional support from Russia, unlike North Korean nuclear blackmail of the US, China believes it has the Russian nuclear umbrella protection to conduct operations to secure Indian oil and gas fields. The latest news about the discoveries are adding fuel to the fire. India must recognize the threat and hopefully the above essay ties it all together for all to see.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

The Australians deserve to lose their country if they don't smarten up. They need to re-arm their population or they will all be Chinese slaves.

Thom Paine's picture

So is this the US just sending a bit more pressure China's way

numapepi's picture

So... your contention is that the US government foced the Chinese to start building roads on Indian territory?

HomelessPatriot's picture

Does anybody know if this will affect my calls to customer service?

numapepi's picture

China is an empire in the traditional sense.

The Han Chinese have established a military hegemony over diverse peoples. The Tibetans, Mongolians and Uyghurs are all subject peoples. Soon the Philippines, India and any other bordering nation will come under the gauntlet. as the world navel gazes...

Here is an idea... what do the people actually living there want???

Another regional indian.'s picture

Inda is not some banana republic to come under china 'guantlet' culturally or militarily.  

EternalAnusocracy's picture

China and India need to work out this issue via dialogue.  Neither country should engage in excessive bravado.  Neither nation is capable on militarily defeating the other nation.  Only USA will benefit from a war between India and China.  I predict that this dispute will be resolved without a single shot being fired.  

King of Ruperts Land's picture

China is the one that is going to war. US vs North Korea is just code for US vs China. US new US first path is going to cut off import of cheap Chinese consumer goods. Walmart is going to have to resource its goods.

India may be, and certainly has been an industrial growth dynamo. Can India supply some of our goods while we ramp up domestic production? Could we export arms? Arms are basically metals and chemicals. Is the US even competitive there?

rwe2late's picture

A lot of misinformation in the comments.


Despite what the MSM portrays,

China has NOT invaded any territory of India's.

India however has sent troops into Bhutan.

Chinese road-building at/near territory disputed by Bhutan and China

is said to possibly "threaten" a Bhutan army base

and India claims that in turn threatens India's "national security".

Many in Bhutan believe India has unnecessarily sent troops into Bhutan

intervening in what should be a bilateral dispute between China and Bhutan.


Obviously if there were some impartial way to settle the dispute that is best.

But jumping onto the MSM bandwagon to support the Modi government of India

in a depiction of Chinese "aggression" is definitely not astute.


runnymede's picture

Looks like nature is gearing up, getting ready to cull several billion resource users rendered unnecessary and superfluous by progress. It will be a spectacle unprecedented to see for whom the bell tolls....

onmail1's picture

Indians are subservient to west
They can do everything to please the whiteman

Btw when any new war starts
u will see that lndian soldiers will abandon their tanks etc

W H Y ?

Ans : Though lndian govt spends maximum on purchase of arms

and lndian summers/winters are very harsh
it is a torture to do even civilian work without AC
but the soldiers which are supposed to protect the nation
for whom the politicians sing praise in public

are in fact

left for dead
Left to roast & rot within their military hardware
Indian govt thinks that AC is luxury for soldiers


I challenge the decision makers to come & sit in the lndian
tanks , APC etc and realize that they are actually torturing
their own soldiers without whom the very existence of politicians
(who maintain more than 10 ACs in their official residences)
will be in question
And they expect to win wars with tortured soldiers Hah ?

What a shame, it is inhuman
as if they assume that the soldier going to war


so no need to give him AC , right?

Wrong , very wrong