Lavrov: "There Is A Russian-Chinese Plan To Defuse Korea Crisis"

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In a glimmer of hope that a military conclusion to the North Korean crisis may yet be averted, Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that "Russia does not accept a North Korea that possesses nuclear weapons", cautioned that there is an "overwhelming amount of over-the-top belligerent rhetoric on North Korea’s nuclear and rocket programs from Washington and Pyongyang", but most importantly said that there is a joint Russian-Chinese plan to defuse the North Korean crisis, according to which North Korea would freeze its missile tests, while the US and South Korea would stop large scale exercises.

"Russia together with China developed a plan which proposes 'double freezing': Kim Jong-un should freeze nuclear tests and stop launching any types of ballistic missiles, while US and South Korea should freeze large-scale drills which are used as a pretext for the North’s tests."

It was not clear if Russia or China, had floated this plan with the US or S. Korea prior; the most likely answer is no.

Hoping that "common sense will ultimately prevail", Lavrov said that North Korea had once signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) but then withdrew from it. The result is a nuclear-armed N.Korea which Russia refuses to accept: "Now North Korea claims that it has legal rights to make nuclear weapons and has already done so,” he said. “But you know our position: we don’t accept the fact that North Korea could possess nuclear weapons."

He added that both Russia and China have a “range of proposals” aimed at preventing what could become “one of the deepest conflicts” and a “crisis with a big number of casualties.”

Still, Lavrov said that Moscow is worried about Washington's remarks on a preemptive strike on North Korea, and said that Russia is doing its best to prevent this from happening.

“There are direct threats of deploying military power,” he stated adding that "Russia is doing its best to prevent this from happening"

Earlier on Friday, China's Global Times government-owned tabloid said that "China would not allow" the US to implement a regime change in Pyongyang.

Finally, in terms of next steps, Lavrov said that Washington should take the first step to reconciliation in the escalating crisis:

"The side that is stronger and cleverer" should take the first step to defuse tensions, he said speaking live on state television.

Lavrov echoed German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who earlier on Friday said Berlin would support “any non-military solutions” regarding North Korea but deemed an escalation of rhetoric “the wrong answer.”

“I don't see a military solution to this conflict,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin. “I see the need for enduring work at the UN Security Council ... as well as tight cooperation between the countries involved, especially the US and China.”

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ok putin chimes in. we knew that now what?

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Drumpf receives his orders

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Here’s a cute head-scratcher…

According to the Daily Mail, British planes 'to help the US spy on North Korea nuclear and military bases'

“The Americans want Britain to deploy its specialist spy planes to help find Kim Jong-un's military bases as they prepare for a possible war with the rogue state.

The revelation comes after British MPs said the UK could join a war against North Korea if it launches a strike against the US.”

Lemme get it straight… We are “locked and loaded”, our pants are unzipped and the balls are hanging out, but we have no clue WHERE “that thing” is supposed to go?

There will be no preemptive or retaliatory strikes, boys and girls. There won’t be even a single shot fired.

Let’s announce a bigly victory on Twitter and end this shitshow NOW.    ;-)


Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

I'm just glad that Dear Leader Obama got us to this point.

Praise be to Dear Leader.

He talked and talked and drew pink lines and talked and talked and drew more pink lines, and talked. And then talked some more but this time wearing his mom-jeans. What a miracle worker He was.

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Just get the orange pumpkin to shut the fuck up and everybody will be fine!

flaunt's picture

wow calling Trump "orange" how original.  I think you have a secret mancrush on President Trump because your avatar is an orange tiger.  

pupton's picture

Bill Clinton and everyone since has also sat by and watched this unfold on their watches.  They all knew they could postpone any action and leave it to the next POTUS to figure out.  Now time has run out.  This will probably have to be "resolved" on Trump's watch.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Agreed. Both Ds and Rs talked and talked, getting us here.

But Dear Leader was the ultimate talker. As a community agitator that's all he knew how to do.

Now Trump has to deal with their fuckups.

Déjà view's picture

Panhandlers N. Korcom blackmails for assistance...nothing new...
End their nonsense-NOW...once and for all...
Look at difference between Chicom supported N. Korcom and S. Korea...

HominyTwin's picture

Go resolve it, bro! Take a ship to South Korea, and invade North Korea, Rambo II style. What are you doing clattering away on a keyboard?

Mr Twitch's picture

This is all on China.  Lil Kim is their pet shop boy, their tool to get at USA. 

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I heard that Obamer is now running for President of Kenya.  He's a national hero there as a home-born son.  Should be a shoo-in.

NAVIGATOR0832's picture

Obama was a tool.  Nothing more.  

CalifornianSeven's picture

 President Obama on N. Korea 2012 in Seoul:  "Here in Korea, I want to speak directly to the leaders in Pyongyang.  The United States has no hostile intent toward your country.  We are committed to peace.  And we are prepared to take steps to improve relations, which is why we have offered nutritional aid to North Korean mothers and children…There will be no rewards for provocations.  Those days are over."      What a jerk...

Han Cholo's picture

They don't call him the "Magic Negro" for nothing...

Mr Twitch's picture

Obama!? Seriously?'' .  'Wah'  lol. 


This is all on China for not reigning in that fat little butt dart... 

DRTexas's picture

I can't believe I agree with you. 

Caloot's picture

This rhetoric is the only thing keeping the soft coup out of the news and essentially preventing it from gaining momentum.  At least in the public eye.

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Yes, this will all be forgotten when Clumpf gets to send a stupid twatter pissing off the aliens.

Winston Churchill's picture

Let me guess, its the same one thats been on the table for years and ignored by the US ?

assistedliving's picture

no worries Looney.  Those Brit spy planes are to spy on US(A).

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And you receive your parents' allowance. It's friday, have fun.

aPocketofResistance's picture

Yea, we should have elected Clinton, you know, the dumbass democrat family that gave reactors to NK and stopped their pursuit of WMD's with a "good deal".

The_Juggernaut's picture

Thanks for your useless input, Sergei.  We've already tried that and it didn't work.

assistedliving's picture

no worries D.  Too logical, too Russian, prob work means -0- chance imo

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Re... “But you know our position: we don’t accept the fact that North Korea could possess nuclear weapons."

How about “We don’t accept the fact that Israel possesses nuclear weapons"?


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Trump to Lavrov: "You don't tell America what to do, we tell everyone what to do."

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Amazing. Take the jew out of the equation and problems can be resolved.

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

problems can be resolved...

that is so anti-semite, goy

farflungstar's picture

The things that you can accomplish with non-jewish grown-ups

TheLastTrump's picture

There's a certain sameness to you schmucks. Anti USA, anti Israel, anti Jews, pro Russia, pro China, hell pro anyone BUT the USA lol...





“This reminds me of anti-Semitism,” Putin said. “The Jews are to blame for everything. An idiot cannot do anything himself, so the Jews are to blame. But we know what such attitudes lead to. They end with nothing good.”

If the shoe fits, wear it.

flaunt's picture

When discussing the grand scope of history it's always Kosher to talk about "the rise of right wing extremism the likes of which we haven't seen since the 1930s" and other topics that are threatening to those currently wielding power.  But never, EVER in any of these discussions is it Kosher to talk about other (((coincidences))).  Face it, we have a Jewish problem.  "Not all Jews" to be sure, but in the same way that "not all Muslims" are running around blowing us up.

farflungstar's picture

Shut up you gimp. Are America and israel above any and all reproach? 

I am definitely pro USA and pro Trump, this does not mean israel uber alles, or that I support US war with everyone who doesn't do what we say or govern their countries the way we say they should. 

Imagine being a grown up and being as dense as this Trump Chump. 

NAVIGATOR0832's picture

It is said that the Chinese are the "jews" of the orient.  

Mr Twitch's picture

Oh, so this is a central bank issue? 

Mr Twitch's picture

Oh, so this is a central bank issue? 

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(((His))) pain will stop when he stops hitting you.

HRClinton's picture

Re.. "Amazing. Take the J*w out of the equation and problems can be resolved."

(((His))) pain will stop when he stops hitting you.

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let's not bring reason into this meme........

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Totally. Let ourselves be swept into a powerful and irrational national psychosis driven by propaganda that results in war and mass death.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

I knew it!...

Syria chemical weapons confiscation "redux/Deluxe"!...

And the best news of ALL?... They will have the votes they need to getter done at the UN "Security Council"!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Won't matter if they play that card and I'm praying that they double down to do just that.

Then the only EU members that matter will play the hardest ball with the unilateral sanction(s) imposed by the U.S. Congress and President on Russia that will lead to retaliation by the Germans, Austrians and (everyone else that enjoys that pipeline to it's turf)!

This will of course lead to the U.S. military performing more "exercises" in the Baltics and illegally in Ukraine of course... But the idle threats will continue to fail miserably as "Yankee Jewdle" sinks ever deeper into the quagmire of it's own insurmountable debt!!!!

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock!

Vardaman's picture

In other words, "we don't want US to resolve it for us..."

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

In other words, "we don't want US to resolve it for us..."

Because we got the "sound money" the rest of the World wants and NEEDS!...

Fixed it!!!