Martin Armstrong Warns, Australia Is "Crossing The Line Into A Totalitarian State"

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Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

Behind the Curtain, there seems to be no government going completely nuts more so than Australia.

They are doubling taxes on all foreigners who own property, which is a violation of international law, and then they made it a crime for a foreign to even buy a house undisclosed.

On top of all of this insanity, then they are planning to strip consumers of their legal protections if they pay in cash and fail to get a receipt.

If an Australian pays for anything in cash, they suspect he is hiding money.

The Australian government is looking to impose penalties if a consumer pays cash and FAILS to get a receipt so they can end the underground economy.


They are expecting to change the culture by forcing consumers to ask for a fiscal receipts when paying cash for anything.


Now the Australian government has moved beyond eliminating cash, they seek to punish people who pay in cash.

This outrageous proposal is clearly exposing the Australian government as a leftist goose-stepping authoritarian regime going completely insane hunting Australians for taxes. They are even stalking children on their way to school and then check the school as to how they are being paid. This is real Hitler stuff.

That is why the Swiss created numbered accounts because Hitler made it illegal for a German to have any account outside of Germany.

This anti-free society the Australian government is establishing is just off the charts. They have set up a Black Economy Taskforce to hunt down their own citizens.

The Black Economy Taskforce has turned its attention from the businesses to  consumers they now say are “part of the problem” adding that “[w]e intend to examine the merits of consumer focused sanctions, including the loss of consumer protections, warranties and legal rights for people who make cash payments without obtaining a valid receipt.”


They are out to change the entire culture of Australia because the government refuses to see itself as the spendthrift causing the entire problem. They wrote: “This is not simply of matter of imposing new penalties, but part of a wider cultural change agenda.”

This is becoming very dangerous.

Can you imagine a government staking your children? This gestapo agency is indeed spying on its own citizens in every aspect just as did the NAZI government in Germany. They have put forth 35 recommendations contained in the interim report where they are arguing the need for “consumer-focused action” to crack down on cash payments.

Obviously, Australia turned their own people into a hunt for taxes. Can you imagine stalking your children is legal? What is human rights? Australia is hunting its own people as if this were a fox hunt. Those who are looking to adopt children should consider adopting from Australia to save them from a government that is going down the path of a totalitarian regime.

This is always a dangerous historical path to proceed down. It has never ended nicely.

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yarpos's picture

The wording is dishonest also,  it makes it sound like general taxes are affected when they arent.   The intent is to stop non residents soaking up the available property supply and driving up prices.

sibelius's picture

rubbish its an excuse. they intend ridding us of our ability to think for ourselves. the manuals the australian government uses are the communist manifesto and brave new world

Peterk_kk's picture

Martin you are losing the plot a little methinks.  He appears to have gone bonkers. Has the Economic Confidence Model lost its efficacy?  Australians now want a receipt for roman currency?

For many years Australia has had lax policies in relation to foreign property investment.  Criminal money was flooding in to buy property and it has been the world's best laundromat for dirty money.  The remaining argument from Marty is total rubbish. Does Marty has some untoward interest in Australia trying to stop the laundry business.  I think Vancouver is also up there.

kiwigal's picture

What a totally ridiculous article. To start with the current Australian government is conservative, same as U.S. Republicans. These laws have come in because of our Chinese pals that bring hot money to the table. Housing is a massive issue there like Canada, has seen ridiculous prices for shacks. Do realise this is not a densely populated country like the U.S. They have like Canada a large Chinese population. 


sibelius's picture

sorry dear but the current australian government is socialist - and it has been for decades. nothing to fear? no of course not. the super intelligence agency wont be picking up your metadata will they?

australia is the most overgoverned country with the most dumbed down and apathetic populace in the world

and hows the chinese canton of auckland going for you?

poetic justice's picture

It's the flouride in the water. Australia is now a nasty place (bit of plagarism there), thanks to Government Policy of selling us all down the river by importing an overwhelming amount of third world trash.

The thought of living permanently in South Africa, is looking better everyday closer to retirement. Can't work in SA, although the pay would be ordinary, so I work in AUS. Of course my South African wife can run a business so I am looking forward to be happily involved with that in the future. Strangely enough I enjoy my time in South Africa and I know the local people are watching my back. It is an area of very little poverty and I enjoy the benefits of being one of the the only white men living there. I do not pose a threat to anyone. Wish I could relate that situation to my own country. In total contrast the Australian Gov is betraying the white population of Australia. They are all Fukin traitors...

Oh Yeah.. In Australia I have to compete for work against foreign nationals who unfairly, in many cases simply refuse or omit to pay tax.

Example: Security company in Perth run by Russian Nationals will only employ Foregn Nationals fron the Sub Continent. These people work on ABN's (probably Bunning's ABN?) paid Au $16 per hour. So if they pay the required Tax and Superanuation, they end up with only $10 an hour. Are they really going to comply and pay tax on that? Other companies are going out of business because they cannot compete and the Gov doesn't give a shit.


Akhenaten II's picture

Another ill-informed comment by Armstrong who has no idea about the background to the affordability crisis of property driven by hot foreign cash.  AU property is being used to bank money from around the world with up to 60% of new apartment developments left empty to Chinese owners.  Property - a roof over your head and somewhere to sleep and within in reasonable commuting distance of your means of survival - work - is a human right.  Property is not meant to be an ever appreciating asset class for international investors who have no interest in the nation or the community in which it resides.

AU is one of the few countries that allow freehold land title and allow anyone, from anywhere, to purchase it.  Crazy shit.

This is why the loony libertarians loose support - they take economics to insane degrees and declare property rights acquired through the power of paper money trumps the rights of people with families who form the very basis of 'their' economy.  

TradingTroll's picture

All good points but the Auzzie politicians have been asleep at the wheel allowing fake money in.

The Chinese Wealth Management Programs and Rehypothecation of nonexistent collateral has been used to create fake money, backed by nothing.

As long as any government permits good money to be exchanged with fake money this problem will exist.

The Auzzie government is taking a completely unintelligent approach to this. Martin Armstrong is correct. They are stalking children to find offshore money but refuse to check the source of funds of Chinese investors. Well this is the outcome, and we have it in Canada too.

Friend of mine works in wealth management at a top Canadian bank. He says that the risk with Chinese clients is now so great that the bank sends an analyst to China for a few weeks to determine the source of a prospective client's funds before an account can be approved. If it's dirty money, the client is rejected.

Martin Armstrong is right. The Auzzie government is not even addressing the problem correctly.

Paul Morphy's picture

I'm Irish and I've several acquaintances who, having earned a great living in Australia, chose to return to home to Ireland. The wealth that they had accumlated in Oz was subject to huge taxation on their departure out of Australia. Of course that is a decision made by the Australian authorities and good luck to them. It appears that they want all wealth accumulated in their country to remain in their country, which is fair enough - otherwise you'll pay if you try to remove any wealth accumulated.

Akhenaten II's picture

They should have converted all their wealth to Bitcoin and just walked out with the hashtag code on a piece of paper.   No Tax. But of course, they are Irish so....

blue51's picture

Paddy's are willing to pay a 50% tax , until there is a MickCoin . Stubborn baaahstads .

Aussiekiwi's picture

What TAX? If I Left Australia for another country there is no Tax on me departing? Why would they not just transfer their money to an Irish Bank and stroll on out of the country, please explain?

yarpos's picture

I would say thats cobblers and if you scratch one layer deep you will find there is more going on such as:

- previous unpaid taxes

- unpaid student loans

- capital gains tax on sold assets , usually property

raybies's picture

Just your superannuation (401k, pension, what ever the fuck u want to call it) mate... we'll take 65% of that if you want to take it out.

hooligan2009's picture

any criminal buyers of property are aided and abetted by the sellers of property it takes two to tango.

australia is a socialist country, even if the trade unions are not as powerful as they used to be.

as anywhere else in the world, the property boom is concentrated in the major conurbations. you go out in the wop wops of queensland, nsw, sa, wa, nt, tasmania and victoria and it is a depressed property market.

do criminals and politicians infest cities? yes of course, because that is where the money is.


Doom Porn Star's picture

"any criminal buyers of property are aided and abetted by the sellers of property it takes two to tango. "


Not the seller.  The broker and the real estate agents.

In some parts of the US the buyer and seller NEVER even meet each other.  NO contact whatsoever.

The entire transaction is done via their proxies.

I was just involved in one such transaction a few months ago.   I know full well of what I speak.

..& don't even get me started about the outrageous frauds that are being perpetrated via E Signatures.



hooligan2009's picture

fair call.

i net the sellers of 4 properties i have bought, and 2 that i havrn't.

my point was that responsibility for selling to a criminal buyer can't be hidden by the use of agents as the doctrine of privity applies in all contracts/

The doctrine of privity in the common law of contract provides that a contract cannot confer rights or impose obligations arising under it on any person or agent except the parties to it.

The premise is that only parties to contracts should be able to sue to enforce their rights or claim damages as such. However, the doctrine has proven problematic due to its implications upon contracts made for the benefit of third parties who are unable to enforce the obligations of the contracting parties.


PeterLong's picture

Leave the Nazis out of it.

everythingIsAwesome's picture

Their vaccine policies and medical tyranny are out of control as well. 

yarpos's picture

mmmmmmmm sure is,  but oddly disease isnt,  except where numpties chose to let their children get infected and poetially risk others

two hoots's picture

When you have too many people operating outside of laws and acceptable social norms your problems are much bigger than mere compliance or lack of enforcement.  Over time the government failed to manage or the system they manage is incorrect or evolved to inadequate. Jackboots on throats is the typical response but just an escalation of everything else they have done wrong.  System needs a relook.  Many do.

Drop-Hammer's picture

Most people do not know that just like the JewSA, Australia too is run by the Christ-killers.  The kikes have subverted every Australian institution just as they have done in the U.S. and every other country in which they have insinuated themself.  

yarpos's picture

another contribution from Alpha Centauri

August's picture

One of the best things about New Zealand is that a great many of the gays and Jews move to Australia.  Just sayin'.

The Squid's picture

I disagree with Martin Armstrong re Australian property. For years we have had dirty chinese money pouring in buying everything in sight. This, coupled with easy RBA money and tax incentives for property investment has resulted in young people being permanently frozen out of the property market. When any coastal population centre has a price multiple of 8+ times average household earnings, young people are not buying property any time soon.

The older generations, which include the politicians have all of the property investments and as such they are not really going to try and attack the problem, as it would affect their investments.

So they simply take the easy route of putting restrictions on foreigners in order to placate the vocal parts of the electorate.

I have always said it, I dont understand why property should be an investment.

You should be able to own a home and a holiday home and anything more than that is just greed. Which, at the end of the day is the root cause of most of our issues

kiwigal's picture

You have absolutely nailed it. The same situation has played out in New Zealand. The current leader of the country has investment properties. Quite simply there was no will by our elected officials to deal with Chinese money as it gave the false impression of a 'rockstar' economy. 

lakabarra's picture

I agree with you strongly. The Chinese are buying half of Australia, property farmland everything. The apartements they buy often remain empty because in their mind a used apartemnt in not OK for their kids. There are a lot of people living in dire circumstances and there are homeless. Foreigners should not be allowed to buy anything at all.

Herdee's picture

From freedom to fascism - the full movie, it starts at 1913:

radbug's picture

After the CBA Austrac fiasco, who cares? Canberra can't find its way out of a revolving door!

Spiro The Greek's picture

This article is total fiction.

HoserF16's picture

Laugh my Fucking Ass Off. What the Fuck, did they Think was gonna happen after turning in their firearms???

Aussie's are not the smartest people in the room. Nuff said.

roddy6667's picture

Let's look at the gene pool. First of all, criminals. Second, the dumbest criminals...the ones that got caught. Put a bunch of them in a confined area to interbreed. Result? Australians.

ShakenNotStirred's picture

Don't even start with Canadians. An explosive mix of indians, hippies, negros, travesties, quacks, muzzies, trans, homos, gypsies, crackpots, and what not.

Feral cats have more identity.

Australians are still a luxury in comparison.

yarpos's picture

Brilliant comment Hoser.

Firstly , you have no clue re the firearms, never happened, try and educate yourself instead of just repeating urban myths

Secondly,  not the smartest people in the room?   maybe not but at least average.   I spent a lot of years as an expat working outside Oz,  and met many other Aussies doing the same thing.   The world seems to have an OK view of how smart we are.    You probably made your contribution using wifi,   try looking up where that was invented.   Dickhead.

FoggyWorld's picture

Australians are among the funniest people in the world and that takes an above average IQ in the general population.

RagnarRedux's picture

Kevin MacDonald(Ph.D) The Jewish War On White Australia

Frank Salter(Ph.D): The War On Human Nature In Australia's Political Culture

UselessEater's picture


you might like this, Andrew Carrington Hitcock author of the Synagogue of Satan and radio host for TBR, recent guest Goodson former direcot of sth africa central bank


jay35's picture

This article might be correct, but the way it's written with over-the-top exaggerated language and a slew of typos comes across like some amateur writer having an aneurysm. Calm the hell down before writing an article if you want to be taken seriously.

yarpos's picture

Agree,  there may actually be some valid points in there.  They way its written makes you think he is bat shit crazy and cred flies out the window

ZKnight's picture

True, I am an Australian citizen, haven't even heard of this stuff before. I use cash for some things I don't want the gov to know about and card for other things. I put other things in my Foundation so it is no longer within their jurisdiction. They think they own everyone. The people are so dumb they vote for the 2 Zionist parties. They are all fluoridated, vaccinated, brainwashed by the MSM, addicted to social media, there is not much hope for them. 

Michael Musashi's picture

This jigga is cray-cray!

Stevious's picture

I wonder just how the government plans to "stake the children?"  Tie them spread-eagled to 4 stakes?  Stake through the heart? 

Gosh, I wish someone would proof read these articles.


galant's picture

There's nothing totalitarianism about Australians monitoring who is buying their country, or imposing restrictions.

it is in fact contrary to the globalists' agenda.

And the IMF-led push for a cashless digital world is another question not addressed by Armstrong's emotive garbage. 

Crusader75's picture

This nutty American jailbird should mind his own business.

shadow54's picture

I just checked used sites like craigslist and kijiji and compared Toronto Canada to Sydney Australia.

Both are fairly large cities in the British Commonwealth.  

Toronto has a vibrant market for everything used on those sites. You can choose from dozens of used items. Computers - there are 11445 listed for sale in Toronto on Kijiji used.

Sydney has about nothing or no items. So it looks like they are cracking down big time on cash sales. You can't sell an old laptop there without fear of the police tracking you.

vladiki's picture

You're like my Aunt Aspidispira ... "I met an American once  >>>>>>> they are so rude".  Australians don't buy used computers, they give them away after scrubbing the HD.  Craiglist is for sheap roots

hanekhw's picture

Well, modern Australia DID begin it's political life as a penal colony........Americans are lucky though. They have the FED who's legally stealing everything.

Flibbertigibbet's picture

It's no coincidence that the Australian landmass resembles a splotch on a petrie dish. If it's being proposed here, it's probably coming to a "western democracy" near you.

Apparently (((they))) have earmarked Oz as their next bitch-boy, particularly resource rich western Oz, which is crawling with their lowest criminal scum...apparently...according to Brendon O'Connell(YOU toob him!), so none of this comes as a surprise...anymore.


vladiki's picture

Hysterical nonsense. ZH is spoiled by this nutty stuff. No society can function without GENERAL ACCEPTANCE of many rules, and support for ENFORCEMENT on the non-accepters. You give to the group; you get from the group; rules apply; some suit you; some don't; too bad. Society itself has "equal rights". The rights of the individual do not come first. Put one over the other and you get (1) Nazi Germany or (2) a shambles.

The US is no model to follow just now. It's in a no man's land between fierce individualism (ask for nothing from the state, concede nothing to the state) and secret welfare addiction from Wall St down (QE, and those entitlements that consume 70% of Federal funds). No placards screaming "DON'T GIVE ME ANYTHING". It's somewhere between a real wall and a pile of 320million bricks. Aus may or may not move against cash. Not stupid. No conspiracy. Fully consistent with its longstanding national ethic.

U4 eee aaa's picture

Just another petri dish experiment for the one world government they are planning. If you look around the world at all the totalitarian governments, they all seem to be doing it in slightly different ways. It is as if they are trying out different methods to see which will work best