Martin Armstrong Warns, Australia Is "Crossing The Line Into A Totalitarian State"

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Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

Behind the Curtain, there seems to be no government going completely nuts more so than Australia.

They are doubling taxes on all foreigners who own property, which is a violation of international law, and then they made it a crime for a foreign to even buy a house undisclosed.

On top of all of this insanity, then they are planning to strip consumers of their legal protections if they pay in cash and fail to get a receipt.

If an Australian pays for anything in cash, they suspect he is hiding money.

The Australian government is looking to impose penalties if a consumer pays cash and FAILS to get a receipt so they can end the underground economy.


They are expecting to change the culture by forcing consumers to ask for a fiscal receipts when paying cash for anything.


Now the Australian government has moved beyond eliminating cash, they seek to punish people who pay in cash.

This outrageous proposal is clearly exposing the Australian government as a leftist goose-stepping authoritarian regime going completely insane hunting Australians for taxes. They are even stalking children on their way to school and then check the school as to how they are being paid. This is real Hitler stuff.

That is why the Swiss created numbered accounts because Hitler made it illegal for a German to have any account outside of Germany.

This anti-free society the Australian government is establishing is just off the charts. They have set up a Black Economy Taskforce to hunt down their own citizens.

The Black Economy Taskforce has turned its attention from the businesses to  consumers they now say are “part of the problem” adding that “[w]e intend to examine the merits of consumer focused sanctions, including the loss of consumer protections, warranties and legal rights for people who make cash payments without obtaining a valid receipt.”


They are out to change the entire culture of Australia because the government refuses to see itself as the spendthrift causing the entire problem. They wrote: “This is not simply of matter of imposing new penalties, but part of a wider cultural change agenda.”

This is becoming very dangerous.

Can you imagine a government staking your children? This gestapo agency is indeed spying on its own citizens in every aspect just as did the NAZI government in Germany. They have put forth 35 recommendations contained in the interim report where they are arguing the need for “consumer-focused action” to crack down on cash payments.

Obviously, Australia turned their own people into a hunt for taxes. Can you imagine stalking your children is legal? What is human rights? Australia is hunting its own people as if this were a fox hunt. Those who are looking to adopt children should consider adopting from Australia to save them from a government that is going down the path of a totalitarian regime.

This is always a dangerous historical path to proceed down. It has never ended nicely.

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Aquarius's picture

The 1% Rule

We read all the email jokes and sometimes forward on the good ones, but this is certainly no laughing matter

I just  wonder who will bother to pass this one on.
AND very  happy to be of the 1%.

Someone  please tell me what the Hell is wrong  with all  the people that run this  country!!! 

Why do both LABOUR & LIBERALS always seem to agree, only on THESE issues

We're told we are so "broke" that we can't afford to help our own 


But in the past years, Australian tax payers have provided direct cash aid to... 

Congo  - 359 M
Egypt  - 397 M
Ethiopia  - 981 M
Haiti  - 1.4 B
Hamas  - 351 M
Iraq  - 1.08 B
Jordan  - 463 M
Kazakhstan  - 304 M
Kenya  - 816 M
Libya  1.45 B
Mexico  - 622 M
Mozambique  - 404 M
Nigeria  - 456 M
Pakistan  - 2 B
Russia  - 380 M
Senegal  - 698 M
South  Africa - 566 M
Sudan  - 870 M
Tanzania  - 554 M
Uganda  - 451 M
Zambia  - 331 M,

Indonesia – The mind boggles as to how much they get 

 (they got $650m in 2013!) 

And with literally Billions of Dollars and they still  hate us!!!

Our retired seniors are living on a 'fixed income' 
Do they get any breaks while our government and religious organisations 
pour Hundreds of Billions of Au$$$$$$'s and Tons of Food
to Foreign Countries!

We have hundreds of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room

for the adoption of  foreign orphans.




A  country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, 
elderly going without needed medication and mentally ill without  treatment...  etc. 

We still allow illegal free loaders on our shores while  we are lining up with food,  clothes, bedding, doctors and medical supplies.

Imagine if the "GOVERNMENT" gave 'all of us' the same support they give to these other countries. 

Sad isn't  it?

99% of people wont forward  this. . . . . . . .    I'm one of the 1%..........


miketv's picture

You might want to check where the foreign aid goes to, I'm sure some of it ends up in politicians pockets.


gregga777's picture

All foreign "aid" to Africa winds up in numbered Swiss bank accounts minus a 1%-to-10% skim to kickback to the originating nation's political parasites who approved the aid funds.

Aquarius's picture

Studies of the World Bank made Independendtly (when Tiny Tim was there) have shown clearly that over 70%  of the funds are taken by political leaders of the USA, 25% collected by aid agencies and local politicisns and a maximum of 5 % getting to the target project.

In other worlds: The Political Looters scam and loot everybody.

This is the reality.

Octagon's picture

Not to mention the 10's of millions they gave to the Clinton Cunt!!

I live in WA. This state is currently collapsing. You can't see it in the city yet, but come out into the country. Government is BROKE with no mining revenue.

Police are like gestapo with their revenue raising.

Fucking nanny state with all these laws to 'protect' us.


gregga777's picture

The United States of America's Feral Gangster Government has The exact same policies except the amounts are much larger.

To date, Israel has been the beneficiary of approximately $125 billion (not adjusted for inflation) in U.S. aid, an unimaginable sum, more than any other country since WW II, and which is slated to further increase to some $165 billion (also unadjusted for inflation) by the end of the new ten-year aid package, in 2029.

U.S. aid constitutes some 3 percent of Israel's total state budget and about 1 percent of its GDP. U.S. aid constitutes some 20 percent of the total defense budget, 40 percent of the IDF budget, and almost the entire procurement budget.

Plus pursuing the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria for them has cost us at least several $ TRILLION. All that for a country that is insignificant with respect to US national security. No, I take that back. Israel poses a serious and ongoing detriment to US national security.

keep the bastards honest's picture

AND AUSTRALIA HELPS THE USA:  75$ million USD last year to Clinton

WHAT about   PINE GAP??  

What about DARWIN with US now infested: their GIANT TURDS beaking down the sewerage system so it has to be replaced.


gregga777's picture

It's no secret that following VE Day US OSS and then CIA (Criminally Insane Agency) set Up "ratlines" to help Nazi war criminals escape to North America, South America and apparently to Australia. The 4th Reich is rising in nearly every Western nation and they are all frothing at the mouth to have another go at the Russians.

gregga777's picture

Western governments are frantic to eliminate cash in service to the Anglo-Zionist banking gangsters that own them all. Can't have a bank run if there is no cash!

GodSpeed_00's picture

WTF is this? I know in Australia they grabbed the guns ages ago.

Utopia Planitia's picture

Elon "Musky Odor" to the rescue! By Tuesday Elon will have the government of Australia purchasing thousands (millions? billions?) of small, solar-powered printers so children and the homeless can "print a receipt" any time a transaction takes place! I hope his bankers are increasing their vault size(s) to accomodate the rushing influx of yet another country's taxes!

Yen Cross's picture

  The RBA just knows that the $Aud is going to "mean revert" back to levels seen in the late 90's.

   The Aussies don't want a quarter billion chinks [spending fake Yuans]floating around the 'Great Barrier Reef' with cheap Chinese plastic donuts as flotation devices.

  Personally, I think the Aussies should offer 90% off coupons to Queensland during " Stinger Season" for all the Chinese travel agencies.

Manipuflation's picture

God damned it Yen the good Aussies will have to come here then.  I don't have THAT many guns.   

Yen Cross's picture

 The WHOLE country of Australia, which is slightly larger than the  forty eight contiguous United States, is just over 25 million people.

 The state of Texas is 27-28 million, and the State of Komifornia is 36-37 million serfs.

  Why would anyone from Australia want to relocate to the United States?

Manipuflation's picture

I really liked those Aussie gals even though I didn't bed them.  Didn't seem prudent.  Really nice women.  I have some guns for you Aussies.  There is only one major problem...our .govs.

Free Man's picture

"That is why the Swiss created numbered accounts because Hitler made it illegal for a German to have any account outside of Germany."

A blatant lie.

You've drank the Zionist Kool Aid and don't even realize it, and you talk about Australia.

There were the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological '6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers' and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

The '6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers' are scientifically impossible frauds.
see the 'holocaust' scam debunked here:
No name calling, level playing field debate here:


Blue Steel 309's picture

"They are doubling taxes on all foreigners who own property, which is a violation of international law, a"

What kind of treasonous nonsense is that? That assertion negates the concept of sovereignty. The author is a JWO shill who needs to go in the oven.

marcel tjoeng's picture


errr, Martin Armstrong, this is about Chinese (over-) paying real estate in Australia in cash.

Have you seen the real estate prices in Australia's seaside suburbia's? These are insane, a million for a hovel.

Australia might be taking advantage of the public out cry to do an 'India' on Australia's population, where tax evasion is also a national sport, there you might be right.



RedDwarf's picture

International Law is bullshit.  It's so many layers removed from even the concept of 'consent of the governed' that it's ridiculous to even pretend it has any legitimacy.

Yen Cross's picture

Laws get changed on a regular basis. That's what libtards HATE!   Sovereignty

Flankspeed60's picture

If the true intent of the .gov is to eliminate tax cheaters and the 'black economy,' then the simplest of all solutions is a national sales tax (consumption tax)  in lieu of an income tax. Voila! Underground economy vaporized in an instant. Every retail outlet becomes a collection point and the .gov bureaucracy withers. Tennessee has a state sales tax - no income tax -  and it works beautifully, since EVERYONE pays something. But no, the purpose is CONTROL, and that .gov will NEVER surrender, at least peacefully.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

The taxpayers must be punished for the effects of 10 years worth of free money corporate welfare as the money finds it's way back into the community and completely destroys the supply and demand system. Funny how you see this happen in lots of places and the government answer is always more "monetary controls for you and me", but never, ever look behind the Fed curtain to see what is actually causing the problem. Hell, it's almost like they don't want the unwashed to touch or have access to the funds they, themselves have created. Different type of money, you see, you're not allowed to handle it.

The Real Tony's picture

It's only the Chinese in Autrailia who pay no taxes. I see it if I ever venture to the Pacific Mall in Markham, Canada. It isn't just Chinese Malls it's most of the businesses the Chinese run. Everything has a quoted price but when you pay at the till (cash) you just ask how much does this cost. All cash and phony receipts, the receipts just prove you bought something if you need to bring it back for an exchange. It is sad what the Chinese have done to Austrailia now Chinese Malls will sprout up everywhere.

tuetenueggel's picture

Where did first australian settlers come from ? No Aboriginees meant. First to conquer Australia where british criminals, murderers and other subjects of no value for any civilization. To grow the population, whores and other lower settled female citizens where deported by the british also there to.

So population of today is the later result of those.

As politicians in Europe are mostly rotten individuals, why should australian politicians be different.

Utopia Planitia's picture

I think the point is simply:  "...politicians are mostly rotten individuals..."

Marketing Consultant's picture

Looks like too many countries have too much government.

That sounds like revolution is very close across the world.

el buitre's picture

In Australia, if you don't vax your children you get denied all government benefits you would otherwise be entitled to.  A very unpalatable government, even worse than Canada and California.

ZKnight's picture

Only some benefits are denied, but enough to compel the sheeple to deliver a death sentence to their kids. 

Thisfuckenlife's picture

If there's one thing we've learned from 20th and early 21st century history, it's that it's the people who are responsible for their government. And as such, when the people refuse to stand up for their individual rights it is still they who deserve to suffer for their passivity. Don't feel sorry for them.

tlnzz's picture

Just remember that THEY DISARMED THE PUBLIC before moving in this direction of control.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Alibaba is showing how entrepreneur the Chinese have become responding to a crisis in demand. You can now buy specially made refugee boat if you want to make it to tax-free living in Europe. Better hurry up while supplies last. No passport needed. Just say you are Muslim and from Syria but because of the war you have no papers. For just $800, you, your family or home-boys, can reach the land of handouts and you better hurry up before they go broke and run out of money.

ronin12's picture

They also have serious problems with CPS taking kids away from the parents.


gdpetti's picture

Keep the Big Lie Alive... that's what this is... as all fiat based economies are essentially fake, but the establishment has to keep the herd belieiving in it... and those using cash aren't supportive of the switch to digital.. they are a threat to the system as any home schooled person is... as any 'off the grid' person is.... they aren't obedient enough and any non compliance is a clear and present danger to the system. This always happens at the end..... months to a years... the rope gets tighter.. as the PTB get more afraid of losing control.... and allow the psychos to run wild.

thefinn's picture

I don't give a fuck about your UN or international Law.

Sydney House price 1970: $13500 Minimum Wage: $2

Sydney House price 2017: $1.2M Minimum Wage: $18

You do NOT have a right to own property in my country if you're a foreigner.

Fuck the globalists.

SPQR 70AD's picture

fucking right. chinks other gooks  snake charming indians etc are buying up billions of property in the US sold by greedy traitor money grubbing "americans"

raybies's picture

Funny enough they do... fark they own most of the country bcos those cunts you voted in sold it to them.

Aquarius's picture

Australia is a Colony own by the Queen of England

It is you that have no Rights

And it seems most of our Government are foreignors according to the MSM including the beloved Sir Tony, and they all own property.

Do as you are told and pay your taxes.



CockerSpankiel's picture

The Constitutional Commonwealth of Australia went bankrupt in 1929.


The current "Commonwealth of Australia' is a corporate entity registered in Washington USA.


Section 44. (v. ) in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more 
than twenty-five persons;

The Parliament of Australia has more than 150 persons. 
COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (Corporation) registered in the 

CIK (0000805157) 
SIC: 8880 - American Depositary Receipts 
State location: DC | Fiscal Year End: 0630

Business Address 

NOTE; This is not the Constitutional Commonwealth of Australia, which is of one Electorate.
And there is no provision in the Constitution for any political parties. 
The above Commonwealth of Australia Corporation was formed by the Political Parties.
Under the Crimes Act 1914 Part 2 Section 24AA. Sabotaging the Constitution is treachery.

Links to proof of information.