Trump: "We Have A Military Option For Venezuela"

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Having made the week for Vix buyers quite profitable, President Trump - whose North Korea rhetoric sent market volatility soaring in the past week - appeared ready to spread the love among long-suffering oil bulls, when on Friday afternoon Trump refused to rule out a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela, and said that the US has a military option in the insolvent, quasi civil war Latin American nation.

"I'm not going to rule out a military option," Trump told reporters at his New Jersey golf club discussing recent events in Venezuela.  "We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary," Trump said after a meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The president did not answer whether American troops would lead that potential operation.

"We don't talk about it. But a military operation, a military option, is certainly something we could pursue," he responded.

In recent week, Trump's administration issued several rounds of sanctions against Venezuelan leader Nicholas Maduro, whom it calls a "dictator," and more than two dozen other former and current officials. The U.S. accuses Maduro's regime of violating human rights and subverting democratic processes. Most recently, on Wednesday the US sanctioned the brother of deceased former leader Hugo Chavez - Adan, who was appointed secretary of Venezuela's new "all powerful" constituent assembly.

Separately, Trump also said he would will speak with China’s Xi Jinping tonight, adding that "we’re considering additional sanctions at a very, very high level" on North Korea. The president also said that “nobody loves a peaceful solution” more than he does, but warned that "bad things could come."

Asked by reporters to clarify what bad things and if he meant war, Trump says “I think you know the answer to that.

So, instead of just one offensive war, Trump appears set to launch two, which is probably not surprising: back in early April when Trump unleashed the military strike against Assad, it didn't achieve anything but at least it pushed the Russian collusion narrative away from the front pages for a few weeks. With the president increasingly concerned about Mueller's sniffing around, Trump may as well double down.

And with markets now having not one but two potential warzones to keep an eye on, Sunday afternoon futures activity could get interesting, while the reaction esponse in the price of oil to a threat of war in the country with the largest petroleum reserves in the world would seem obvious: up.

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dirty fingernails's picture

At least Venezuela could be argued to be in the US sphere of influence.

Don't forget to vote because horrible candidate B is gonna basically do the same shit as horrible candidate A!

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture





This is NOT, NOT, NOT!!!, the man for whom I voted, and vociferously-supported, from the moment that he and that plastic-wife-of-his floated-down that escalator, back in June, 2015.


President Trump is losing-the-support of his most ardent supporters, like myself, AND MANY, MANY OTHERS, ESPECIALLY, HERE, AT MR. DURDEN'S SITE.

If ANYONE can get-in-touch with those in his Administration, or President Trump, himself, PLEASE TELL HIM THAT THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, AND HE IS LOSING OUR SUPPORT, VERY RAPIDLY, AND HE WILL NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUR SUPPORT BACK.




Lumberjack's picture

Do you think he or anyone else in the swamp gives a flying fuck about our opinions/support?

blue51's picture

Speaking of PizzaPervs , Lispy Graham hasn't been seen drooling and giddy , about bombing NK.

Mr T's picture

Integrity is something that is impervious to how people feel.

It generally is not widely practiced here and anybody who exhibits the trait stands out like a sore thumb.

Do what you want, all emails, calls letters become Public Record, your will if you will.

Do not be afraid. You have nothing to lose. Gain your soul.

Duc888's picture



Hey 6 week troll, you can do better than that, right?

Mr T's picture

I have been wrong about people in the past, however I think zh lindsey is ok. I don't doubt he is trying to get through as am I and others. Does it matter? Nobody cares? Every person on their own. Certainly not the demented ones, What to do, what to do? What specifically is he doing? How do you sleep duc?


redmudhooch's picture

Here you go lazy fuck:

Get in Touch with The White House

I doubt it'll work though.

cherry picker's picture

The Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich has spoken.

It will go down like the other 3 Reichs

Stinkworx's picture

Trump is a sap just like Obama was. His anti war rhetoric during the election run-ups were complete crap to suck in the hopeful to vote for him. It's the old if we win we win if we lose we win game.

and we all know who's running the game

just the tip's picture

well, we do have a lot of extra personnel coming back from russia, and that syrian thing is probably leaving a bunch of MIC  people sick to their stomachs, so, a warmonger gotta warmong.

pocomotion's picture

Mr. president, sure you do! YOu have a military option to kill all life forms itself! SO you won the painted house with pomp and under investigative circumstances. NGO's have been quite active in South America since the holicaust of the Aztec empire ate people at the pyromids to ward off fucks like you and Cortez. Shit I thought you knew your pussy history of grab and conquer.
My beef is with the Jewish lead swamp in Washington as well as 80% or more that your CFR will control.
Oh Schiboli, schibolo schibolum my Christian butt. Sorry for the mis-spelling but I am typing from a phone that has softwaredesigned to report on me.
Please consider resigning as you are part of problem and not the self-proclaimed solution.
Good luck with your military complexationalism and do as the say or you are totally Kennedy without the 33rd parallel... Trump is someone's bitch and that's a rap.

pocomotion's picture

Please go to you tube and look up - communism by the back door and watch 5 hours and share with all the family as 6-8 year olds are about to go back to school to learn about unisex and no toilet seat tolerance...

rtalcott's picture

he resigns and then we get pence....

Duc888's picture



Most people simply can not grasp that fact.

dirty fingernails's picture

SSDFace, now with fantasies of The Rapture!

JLee2027's picture

We have military options for was a trick question designed to make news.

JailBanksters's picture

There's always a military solution, always.

But this solution was probably planned a decade ago

cherry picker's picture

I wonder if there is a military option for the politicians and POTUS's who ignore the Constitution and go on shooting/bombing sprees in foreign countries they have no business being in?

shimmy's picture

"We have a military option for everyone"

Keep up the war mongering there, president pumpkin.

Rick Cerone's picture

So much talk, so little action from this guy.

cherry picker's picture

Blessed are the Peace Makers....Jesus Christ

Doe that mean America is going to Hell?  Or does that apply to the decision makers and those pulling triggers?

Give Me Some Truth's picture

"What Would Jesus Do?"

Well, he would start a war with N. Korea and Venezuela, while continuing wars with Iraq and Afghanistan and quasi wars with Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Ukraine and Pakistan while agitating for a war with Iran and pushing as many buttons as he could with Russia and China.

All of Trump's Evangelical, pastor buddies have signed off on these wars, interventions and impending wars and have assured Trump he has Jesus's endorsement.

God Bless America!

detached.amusement's picture


That depends if you're talking about the actual historical figure, or the juice rewrite version that all the dumb christians are propagandized with.

Bay Area Guy's picture

I'm pretty sure there's a military option for every man, woman and child on the planet, both individually and collectively as nations.  After all, gotta slop the MIC hogs.

Deep Snorkeler's picture

America, A Rollicking Thrillride of National Decline

1. In the modern world, there are no military options.

2. Trump is a desperately incoherent rage emoji.

3. He doesn't know just how much he doesn't know.

4. Trump is alone in a meaningless world.

5. Do not blame yourself for this, you will achieve

revelation in the milliseconds before you die.

Duc888's picture



Hey deepolesmoker, Trump's still off by about 100,000 deaths or so compared to your butthole-hero-Obama.

Duc888's picture



I much prefer the "leave them the fuck alone" option, HOWEVER... if they want to send some of their Blazin' Hot chicks northward... I say we allow them in as refugees.

gnjus's picture

It is unbeliavable how fast they switch from their pre-election rethoric to McManiac level lunacy just few months later.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

You know, the only candidate who would have been different is/was Rand Paul. Definitely Rand's father. But counting the Dems and Republicans there were about 15 candidates last time. Fourteen of them would have been doing the same thing with N. Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia and probably Venezuela.

Makes you wonder why we even vote.

skinwalker's picture

I'm just going to assume the computers running the matrix are breaking down.

That makes as much sense as any explanation.

skinwalker's picture

I'm just going to assume the computers running the matrix are breaking down.

That makes as much sense as any explanation.

redmudhooch's picture

Wheres Barron Trump, did The Rothchilds kidnap him, WTF?

Trump needs to stop with the 24/7 Bankster porn show.

Piranha's picture

i wonder if this would qualify as meddling in another countries affairs? hmmm

Obsidian Samctum's picture

If you like your life, better shut up and let them do what they do. You think freedom is free? No, no it is not.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Do you really think starting a war with North Korea would have anything to do with "freedom" here in America? North Korea isn't threatening any of your or my freedoms. If we go to war with them, our government will probably take some more of our freedoms and liberties ... in the name of "protecting us." 

It's our government that is a threat to our freedoms. Repeat this and think about this long and hard.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: "Does this qualify as meddling in another country's affairs?"

Please type this up and mail it to the NYT and WaPo as a "letter to the editor." CC it to CNN and NBC.

Stormtrooper's picture

Barron and Jared are now in boot camp learning how to shoot a weapon.  They'll be commanders leading the charge in Venezuela or NK.  Any other Americans who find the illegal actions reprehensible are welcome to my property but you will still need to bring a weapon/ammuntion and learn how to be a sniper and a good soldier.  You know.  A good offense is the best defense.  If your vote doesn't count, then you have to water the tree of liberty.

beijing expat's picture

Overthrow the democratically elected government. Install puppet dictator. Murder every mother fucker who doesn't sing the praises of the new found freedom.

Works every time.

Benjamin123's picture

The government of venezuela annuled one referendum it lost, the legislative branch and cancelled all elections for mayors and state governors. It is not as democratic as touted.

Laughing.Man's picture

WTF?!  Not our business.  Let Venezuela figure this out on their own.

Obsidian Samctum's picture

How is it not our business? We've sanctioned them into a disaster but maduro still will not give up, so we must move in with our military and get the job done physically.

You comfortable under that rock? You need water or anything?

Centerist's picture

Statements about Zio-whatevers and conspiracies are pretty useless to these discussions because they are nothing but impotent expressions of misdirected rage.  

With that being said, a military option for Venezuela makes no strategic sense.  Intervening in others' affairs based on humanitarian concerns yields us no benefits.  Let Venezuela burn itself out.

blue51's picture

  Intervening in others' affairs based on humanitarian concerns  makes for  opportunistic , decieitful war criminals. Yeah ....THEM ( Zombies for Zion ) . " Don't have to be jewish , to be a Zionist "   I believe what is happening with Venezuela , is directed from outside ((forces )) to gather all petroleum  enriched  nations ,( other than russia , for now )  not so much as for $$ , but for control of the entire supply and thus control , of ALL products that require petroleum as a means of production .

Just bid-ness , to THEM .


pine_marten's picture

In this unraveling world think of the opportunities a charitable foundation might have. 

Storm-Clouds's picture


Buddy! Hold on. Wait a minute!

We have 3 soldiers left!

And they are translucent!

Yeah maybe we can get Mayweather for the right price but we are spread out......