Baltimore Mayor Offers Solution To "Out Of Control" Homicides - Free Community College For All

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Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announces her crime-fighting initiative last Wednesday, portion of which includes free community college. 

Her answer to a homicide rate that is doubled Chicago’s is free community college for Baltimore youth.

Here is what she had to say per WBALTV:

“Community college has become critical in providing the necessary education and training that high school graduates need to pursue a trade or a four-year degree,” Pugh said.


“What we are going to do in Baltimore City is make Baltimore Community College free.”

Earlier this week, ‘Project Baltimore’ asked this question: How can a high school with zero students proficient in math, have one of the highest graduation rates in Baltimore City? 

In a stunning interview from one of the masked educators who uncovered this possible great theft of education.. They said, “grade changing. Giving out diplomas to students that did not earn them.”

So, therein lies a major issue of efficiency in the city. An alleged corrupt school system in Baltimore is handing out high school diplomas like candy to students who have zero proficiency in math. Then the expectation is to push these students into free college in the name of stopping homicides. This does not pass the smell test.

Perhaps, the problem is much deeper and it starts with deindustrialization of the city and 50-years of democratic controlled leadership. This has forced a shocking facial wealth divide - 1/3 of black households have zero net worth.

Education Attainment for Black or African American is shocking


Baltimore Mayor Pugh needs a lesson in timeframes. Her holistic approach of free college for Baltimore youth will not solve today’s homicide rate that is doubled Chicago’s. We’re sure Baltimore taxpayers will be thrilled.

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Blacks kill blacks all the time.  Just look for a rekt thread on 4chan /b/ they post blacks doing some really terrible things to one another.  How about Hotel Rwanda?  There was some serious death there.

DavidFL's picture

Only in America. Most other countries would handle this problem differently. Now Baltimore will make the Community Colleges killing zones which will run out the real students!! A solid plan all around and hastens the death of the city!

Corey331's picture

Educate more FBI agents maybe? No this bitch is just a part of the problem.

Catullus's picture

Let them sell drugs to each other. Who cares?

Omen IV's picture

so the solution I to extend the baby sitting from high school to college

To keep them off the streets - so it is cheaper to have free college than put them in lock up

This isn't about education

Now wait until you add brown and Muslims on the pile

At least a trillion

WP45's picture

Oh that is fantastic that all those teachers and other personnel are going to work for free!!!

Twee Surgeon's picture

Avoid the Algebra classes at all costs. X=2 = a good stabbing.

Drop-Hammer's picture

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Barrock's picture

Really, what a dumb ass.  This seems to be the answer from all of the socialists: FREE EVERYTHING

Mena Arkansas's picture

No problem, we'll just give them free grade upgrades to make sure they graduate.

Fuck it, let's cut to the chase and just mail them the diploma.

And because of muh slavery lets not fuck around. Lets give them all free masters degrees in computer science from MIT.

Then they can all get a job at Google. And if Google doesn't hire them it will only be because they are evil racists.

(well Google are evil racists but they only hate white people)

Fish Gone Bad's picture

While CS is a worthy degree, why not make them all licensed physicians and surgeons? MDs are already plenty scary and they actually went to 4 years of medical school and a residency.

Utopia Planitia's picture

Since that is what is already going on at colleges and universities they will have to go one step farther.  Send trucks full of diplomas from various institutions around the 'hood and let people choose "where they want to graduate from and what degree they want".  All they have to do is sign their name on the <put name here> line.  Uh oh, I thnk this idea has a problem too...

SuperRay's picture

Niggas be dumb, yo. Niggas who act like they smart, be dumber. Crackers who aspire to be niggas, be dumberer...

any_mouse's picture

Yep, if the first 13 years K-12 did not do it, then community college should surely do it.

How about any black in possession of a firearm is summarily executed or castrated, their choice.

How about a curfew law, say starting at sundown, that will keep blacks sheltered indoors until sunup.

How about sterilizing the baby mamas.

How about work programs that keep black males fully employed, working hard ten to twelve hours a day, six days a week.

Proven solutions.

Rick Cerone's picture

Great idea!

Future nuclear technicians.

Someone has to change the fuel rods.

Pausebreak's picture

How about we give PHDs to blacks when they are born along with their birth certificates.

NoPension's picture

Like the Nobel Peice Prize winner?

Yeah....peace....I know.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Let's helicopter 100K to each and every negro, every year.

Then they'll behave.  I guarantee it.

UselessEater's picture

You have the proof. Bad = Rhodesia, Good = Zimbabwe plus a few trillion, gazillion...baboonillion.

Nukerella's picture

Facial wealth divide? Interesting.

Rebelrebel7's picture

Baltimore is a disaster. I don't know if a more educated population would attract businesses to Baltimore or not. I can understand her sense of urgency and desperation grasping at straws for a solution. It is an unbelievable tragedy. 

williambanzai7's picture

Good idea, so everyone will be studying instead of homiciding.

What community college did that moron attend?

silverer's picture

One where they didn't learn anything useful.

Disgruntled Goat's picture

White property owners!..... prepare to "donate"...!

uhland62's picture

Nice one, we heard that a company linked to a certain Mr. Kushner owns a bit there. I wouldn't put a nickel on that if I was a betting man.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what kind of occupational therapy you devise. 

silverer's picture

The politicians broke it years ago, and now they want to increase the stress on citizen producers with a pie-in-the-sky solution to "fix" it. The architects of these ideas are basically incompetent, and don't know what to do. The real fix for the problem is presently "politically incorrect", so they are just winging it with very limited options inside their broken system to attempt to put on a different face which, when you think about it, is just another can-kicking scheme.

VWAndy's picture

 Price and value should match up nicely in no time at all.

DaveA's picture

Everything blacks do, and everything whites do for them in the name of equality, only makes it more obvious how inferior blacks really are. Every victory for civil rights is actually a defeat for civil rights because nature always wins.

E.g. diversify your tech company by hiring 99th percentile whites and 99th percentile blacks, and it will be obvious to employees and customers alike that every white employee is a lot smarter than every black employee. Or in the case of Obamacare, match up 99th-percentile blacks with 60th-percentile whites of equal intelligence, and discover that neither is able to build a website that works.

Hillarys Server's picture

Just call the jails "community colleges".

Everyone goes there eventually.

NoWayJose's picture

Hey you clowns - I like her solution. A lot of the homicides are drug related, and many of those are due to differences in counting the supply or the money. When one side feels cheated they open fire. So getting a degree will give everyone better math skills. I bet they even come out with an app to look up current street prices.

Stinkytofu's picture

da prollem be dat in da mats clazzed dere don be no wrong anserz....


SquadronVBF94's picture

Seriously? Half these dumb fuvks can't count past ten without unzipping their pants.

Sid Davis's picture

How is it that people object to the high crime rate in their cities, and then suggest as a solution yet another crime, the theft of one person's money to pay for the education of someone else.

Maybe they instead should suggest that everyone quit supporting fascists/socialist/communist government, which is nothing more than slavery for the many so those in power and their friends can live high on the hog. How about freedom for a change?

dunce's picture

The problem precedes college, several schools have no one proficient in math or english. Midnight basketball cost much less and was a marginally better idea.

GoldHermit's picture

Smacks of desperation to me. How about free hookers, you know make love not war and all that.

SquadronVBF94's picture

It won't cost the city a dime. All those fools don't want to graduate high school never mind go to college.

SquadronVBF94's picture

It won't cost the city a dime. All those fools don't want to graduate high school never mind go to college.

Free Man's picture

When, as usual, low IQ blacks fail the classes they will have yet another excuse to start killing.

danl62's picture

Well they won't fail. You can bet that they will just pass them on. Sort of like a "participation trophy".

Free Man's picture

It's the dumb leading the dumb.

are we there yet's picture

I've stayed in west Baltimore. The black youth doing the killing and criminal activities neither desire, or are capable of college education unless it means free money, drugs, and no need to go to class. Really, just drive through the murder triangle in west Baltimore (during daylight) and use your own eyes.

chubbar's picture

No one really wants to face up to the reality of the situation. The fact of the matter is that these thousands, if not millions, of low IQ violence prone inner city blacks are not useful for anything. There is no job in existence that they are suited for and that is assuming there would be a demand for that many workers in that job.

What the hell is our civilization going to do with these millions of people who are nothing but parasites on our society by either needing direct support or going to prison? That is to say nothing about their intensely negative impact on the quality of life for those who come into contact with them?

This is the elephant in the room that no one really wants to address because the logical solution can't be vocalized without being charged as a racist mass murderer. The crazy part about all of this is that successful whites are now being blamed as the cause of this situation with the suggested solution being LESS whites hired into jobs and promoting low IQ minority workers in their stead. It's complete fucking insanity.

SmittyinLA's picture

She's fully aware colleges are "socialist radicalization centres", a tool for foreign I vasion and a tool for looting the treasury especially for those that shouldn't be in collage....... or maybe not, maybe she's a graduate just parroting the bankers she works for, and why shouldn't she she's cleaning up on Baltimore debt commissions.

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Funny, the Mexican behind her, she'll sell her own people out for a taco.

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Baltimore is scheduled do for population replacement (not Black or American)


Wooooohh! Pee-eewwww! Something stinks! Stinks like affirmative action. What this crooked nigger bitch isnt saying is that........guess what? Theyre niggers! Its ffrreeeeee for them anyway dammit. How do you think that rotten pos got her edamacation? Think SHE paid a damn dime? Nope. (Oh and what a fine edamacation she has, it takes a genius to come up with this bs). As long as youre not yt then college is frreeeee anyways. Do you see those hoodrats utilizing it? Fuck no. Why? Theyre all just killing time (no pun) until they become baskyball stars or musicians-lol-lol-lol....i mean rappers. Lol. They dont need no stinkin college degrees. Days all gonna be rich yo.

FoggyWorld's picture

Might be smarter to spend that money way up front so all kids can read, write and do arithmetic.  Then if they get interested, they just might want to push on.

artichoke's picture

You think there's been a lack of "Head Start" and other things?  There's lots of them.  But the value doesn't last.  By about third grade the advantage disappears.

It seems the kids have less trouble learning at elementary school level than high school level.  Something about fast maturation?