Baltimore Mayor Offers Solution To "Out Of Control" Homicides - Free Community College For All

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Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announces her crime-fighting initiative last Wednesday, portion of which includes free community college. 

Her answer to a homicide rate that is doubled Chicago’s is free community college for Baltimore youth.

Here is what she had to say per WBALTV:

“Community college has become critical in providing the necessary education and training that high school graduates need to pursue a trade or a four-year degree,” Pugh said.


“What we are going to do in Baltimore City is make Baltimore Community College free.”

Earlier this week, ‘Project Baltimore’ asked this question: How can a high school with zero students proficient in math, have one of the highest graduation rates in Baltimore City? 

In a stunning interview from one of the masked educators who uncovered this possible great theft of education.. They said, “grade changing. Giving out diplomas to students that did not earn them.”

So, therein lies a major issue of efficiency in the city. An alleged corrupt school system in Baltimore is handing out high school diplomas like candy to students who have zero proficiency in math. Then the expectation is to push these students into free college in the name of stopping homicides. This does not pass the smell test.

Perhaps, the problem is much deeper and it starts with deindustrialization of the city and 50-years of democratic controlled leadership. This has forced a shocking facial wealth divide - 1/3 of black households have zero net worth.

Education Attainment for Black or African American is shocking


Baltimore Mayor Pugh needs a lesson in timeframes. Her holistic approach of free college for Baltimore youth will not solve today’s homicide rate that is doubled Chicago’s. We’re sure Baltimore taxpayers will be thrilled.

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When liberal politicians run out of ideas they always fall back to advocating for more education as some future fix.  People are dying now.  Free college is paid by taxes, so it's not free.  The entire myth that these politicians spew must be met by an active tough news media.  How does the mayor prevent another murder today?  No answer.  Next person up.

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Schools are 90% indoctrination, 9% incarceration, and 1% education.  Of course liberal-progressives like them.

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Here's how Michigan keeps the Urban Crowd pacified.


University of Michigan to offer free tuition to some in-state students


"Here's how it will work: Starting in January 2018, any current or future in-state student whose family earns $65,000 or less will be eligible for free tuition for four years. That's worth about $60,000 for those four years total."


"When the program is up and running, it's expected to cost the university between $12 million and $16 million a year. The university will cover the gap between traditional financial aid like Pell Grants and the cost of tuition."


"In-state undergraduate tuition will increase by 2.9% to $14,826 for the most common lower-division rate. Comparable tuition for out-of-state undergraduates will be $47,476, an increase of 4.5%. Tuition for most graduate programs will increase by 4.1%."

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That is one expensive band aid supported by working folks. Pathetic excuse for a solution. Let the High school dummies get another 5 years of social engineered aid. Don't forget to give them free breakfast and lunch. Keep 'em fattened up by free access to the public funded trough of entitlement.

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Mustn't forget free cell phones and probably free internet service from the cloud where they share free passwords to connect for social action against Trump....this has multiple possibilities for the Demorats.

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Oops. Duplicate post. Sorry.

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Building on success of higher HS graduation rate! Seeing farther by standing on the shoulders of dwarfs!

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“It was called Harrison Bergeron ... I was just commenting on high school.” - KV

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Wtf stop at community college?

How about free PHDs for everyone with literacy and da maffs optional

Since we are going full retard we might as well finish with a reach around

Snout the First's picture

Free stuff has worked so well these past 50 years in solving America's social problems, we might as well double down on it. <venom dripping sarcasm>

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The interesting thing that evades the liberal mindset is that a community college degree is useless unless there is a business willing to hire someone.

By claiming every police arrest as 'racist', and by taking away 'stop and frisk' (even in high crime areas), there are no 'safe spaces' to operate a business.

Then, to pay for all the freebies, taxes go way up for businesses such that they cannot make money. And no business is in the business in order to lose money.

So you have removed any and all opportunities for a business to hire 'trainee' positions at trainee wages - thus knocking out the first rung in the economic ladder.

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All babies born in Baltimore will have a college diploma printed on the back of their birth certificate.

Winning bitches!

thebigunit's picture

Oh, and they probably won't be able to call it "Community College" anymore.

Maybe, "adult baby-sitting" or "micro-security prison".

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Help the communities have purpose and hope. There has to be an end goal that people can buy into. Free community college is not aspirational. Forcing a change in the system (to what? I don't think they thought that far ahead) through violent protest is aspirational. Change was/is the goal, not the change to "what".

I am all for getting rid of the Zionist in Chicago and replacing him with a woman of color. Strong black women should rule. It is the new meme.

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When I hear free - i'm guessing that they want you and me to pay for it, while school administrators raise their salaries knowing that there will be a lot of free money flowing their way.

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Baltimore, Liberia .... there's the solution ?

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Cuz they took that free high school education sooo seriously.