Crash Landing Of U.S. F-18 Fighter Jet Closes Bahrain's International Airport

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A US F-18 fighter jet crash landed at Bahrain's international airport Saturday, causing the complete closure of the island's main commercial flight hub. Photos and brief video footage quickly posted online shows a badly damaged but intact jet with its tail on the ground and nose in the air in a gravel area located completely off the runway.

According to a statement by Navy Cmdr. Bill Urban, the jet suffered engine trouble after taking off from the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf and attempted to make it to Sheikh Isa Air Base in Bahrain but instead had to attempt an emergency landing at the busy commercial airport. The pilot ejected as the jet skidded off the runway and escaped unharmed.

US Navy Super Hornet at Bahrain International Airport. Image: Twitter

Bahrain, which is connected by bridge to Saudi Arabia, is home to the US Navy’s 5th Fleet and about 8,000 US military personnel which are mostly attached to the island nation's Naval Support Activity base, which monitors and supports all 20+ US and coalition naval vessels in the Persian Gulf. Britain is also currently constructing a major base on the island.

The airport shut down for about 7 hours and Bahrain's Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications said that no one was injured in the crash.

Bahrain and allies Kuwait and the UAE are geographically at the forefront of a pro-Sunni GCC arch (Gulf Cooperation Council) along the Persian Gulf, which seek to maintain a collective barrier against Iranian interests.   US military presence in these countries is considered vital by the host nations in ensuring both defensive posture against Iran and stability against Shia opposition groups and popular movements at home. 

The Persian Gulf has been increasingly busy in terms of military and naval activity over the past years, with the potential for highly visible provocations between Western vessels and Iran on the rise. A 2016 incident in which an Iranian boat intercepted two US Navy patrol boats on their way to Bahrain resulted in the brief arrest and detention of ten US service members by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards. At the time US media presented the incident as an Iranian act of aggression, though a US Navy investigation later confirmed that the US boats were in Iranian territorial waters after having violated dozens of Navy protocols. A total of nine officer and enlisted personnel were later disciplined over the incident - with some officers being relieved of their command - which reportedly embarrassed the White House shortly before Obama's last State of the Union address.

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Rather symbolic ... 

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NK definitely caused it to crash. Time to man the battleship boys.

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Yes these things happen, but WHO GIVES A FUCK?!?!

Most folks here are interested in macro geopolitical and economic news, not a single airplane crash.

This site is becoming more and more like the National-fucking-Enquirer or the Daily-fucking-Mail.

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"Photos and brief video footage quickly posted online shows a badly damaged but intact jet..."

Badly damaged yet intact?! Who writes this fucking drivel!?

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Looks pretty clear to me that the jet didn't fucking blow up into little pieces on impact and generally remains in one piece.  Also looks pretty fucking damaged.  What the fuck is wrong with you?

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He has a problem distinguishing between the words intact and damaged.

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This is google translate, so bear with it.  Baghdad today US President Donald Trump has decided to send envoys to the Middle East soon to discuss "the road to Israeli-Palestinian peace talks," Reuters reported on Friday. US President Donald Trump has decided to send his daughter-in-law Jared Kouchner and negotiator Jason Greenblatt to the Middle East soon to meet with regional leaders and discuss "the road to substantive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks," Reuters quoted a White House official as saying.        Somebody has a sense of humor here.

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Trumps comment re Russia ejected state dept agents was great...
helping us cut down payroll..


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Yeah, McCain is flying again.

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Can't be...the story said the pilot "took off" from the carrier, not "killed 100+ people in a fire by fuckin' around, cause Daddy's the Admiral".

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Ah yes, the U.S.S. Forrestal has fond memmories of John McCain dating back to 1967. YouTube has it.


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Man. Can you say that again? I'm playing "The Doors" real loud and I can't hear you...

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I have a theory (like I have an asshole) that McCain's unit took action on a threat to the mission.

Took McCain into a bar ashore, got him drunk, transferred him to local criminal elements, who then put McCain on a journey to the Hanoi Hilton. If McCain was actually in a North Vietnamese prison facility.

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And they say you can't keep a good man down?

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... symbolic of lowering the bar for inclusion of those demographics, who otherwise would not make it.

McShame was a precursor of things to come. You know what I speak of. 

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Flip a thermite grenade in it and walk away.

ET's picture

This is the legacy of Obama's defense cuts.

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Legacy of MIC and endless war.

Elected politicians are puppets with deep state masters.

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Let me guess, Russians did it?

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How much did this crash landing of the F18 cost US taxpayers?

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Luckily, it wasn't a front tire.

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 Shitty beginning of the WAR!! Was John in that fucking thing?????

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Would have thought the Navy and Hanoi had enough of that clown.

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Obviously, landing gear failure. Shit happens.

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Global Research had this in January:

From the article:

"...Although more than 70% of the population of Bahrain are Shia Muslims, their fundamental human rights [are] disregarded by Bahraini administration. The law of Bahrain deprives Bahraini Shias of living in more than 40% of Bahrain’s territory; for example, the city of Riffa is a forbidden area for them. Whilst the Shias remain generally in the low level of Bahraini social classes, the most important jobs have been allocated to Sunni Muslims. The Shias have no right to be employed in police or army; their children are educated at different low level schools; and they have limited rights, in contrast to their Sunni counterparts, with regard to their bank accounts. The king of Bahrain, all his family and Bahraini elites belong to the minority of Sunni Muslims...."

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Sovereignty and private property rights are bitch huh, especially for breeder-socialists that want free shit.

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expect new spare engine parts at the flea market in Cairo within two hours.

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Add this incident to the two Marine jets that dropped out of the sky last week. Meanwhile, you have Congress and President threatening to invade or whip every country between Venezuela and N. Korea, with a brief stopover in Iran. Our political system is delusional and is Hell-bound for a crash...The U.S. military is running ragged and a bit stretched.



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Probably Muslim sabotage. Read about all the sabotage on Navy ships during Vietnam to keep them out of theater. Quite common.

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MIC repair and support contracts run into the hundreds of billions a year.  There is zero incentive for the contractors to build reliable weapons systems.  Also, once a program goes into production, the ineffectiveness of the systems are brought to light, requiring funds for new, updated systems.

As General Smedley Butler wrote in 1935 "War is a Racket."

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Any landing you walk away from is a good landing.

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You're setting the bar really low there bruv!

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Yup, and if you can use the airplane again it was a GREAT landing.

In this case it was just a good landing tough.

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Little bit of bailing wire some duct tape and few tubes of crazy glue and it will be as good as new

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But ?? .... he DIDN'T walk away ... he ejaculated outta there... lol

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Nope, in the modern Naval Air service, that is not permitted.  It comes from that Tailhook conference back when. 

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Yesterday the news reported that the only female candidate for Navy Seals quit the program. A program, that accepts only the Top 3% of candidates. 

I heard an educated woman in her 50s say: "That's because it's a Boys Club."

I know her well enough. Although she was raised in an affluent and conservative Catholic household, and went to an all-girls private high school, she then went to a liberal West Coast college. She studied psychology and joined a pretentious sorority. It is here that her feminist views were reshaped to what they are today. Hence her comment.

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She's cleared not "educated", more like "indoctinated" or "willfully blind", or PLAIN STUPID.

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And today's Navy Seals are not what they used to be. Even few years ago I watched a television program on the training of the seals and it was kind of alarming. They were using lot more positive reinforcement than the old-fashioned negative reinforcement. Lot of "good job" and "great going" instead of "get your ass in gear you slimy maggots".


Ask this woman if she thinks that female candidate can perform all the physical tasks that the men can.

Ask her what happens when she has to go on a mission when she has PMS.. especially if they do a wet approach in an area where there is a possibility of sharks while she has her period. Sharks can smell blood for miles.

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Let's hope female combatants are not captured by the enemy. They would have a "hard" time as A POW.

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They can take it like a man. Or stay out of the way.

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The Iraqis raped Jessica Lynch and the women helo drivers who got shot down.  Army PR notwithstanding.

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What's the difference, the Arabs would like those young American boys.