2 Dead In Police Helicopter Crash Near Charlottesville "Unite The Right" Rally

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Update: After addressing the attack in Charlottesville during a press conference earlier in the day, President Trump has tweeted his sympathies to the families and colleagues of the two state police officers killed in this afternoon's crash: "Deepest condolences to the families & fellow officers of the VA State Police who died today. You're all among the best this nation produces."

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Update: Virginia State Police have confirmed that two people are dead after a helicopter crashed after a helicopter crashed seven miles southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday afternoon. The National Transportation Safety Board and Virginia State Police are investigating the crash.

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As we detailed earlier, in the latest development coming out of Charlottesville Va., where an as-yet-unnamed assailant rammed a car into a crowd of counter-protesters killing one and injuring 19 others, local media is reporting that a police helicopter has crashed into a wooded area not far from where the “Unite the Right” rally was being held.



The crash happened around 5 p.m. ET. Video and photos of smoke emanating from the wreckage are just starting to emerge.


* * *

A local ABC News affiliate has released audio of the emergency dispatch reporting the helicopter crash...




Check back for updates....

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UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Tyrants in the Sky, sung to the tune of Riders On The Storm..Like a dog without a bone,  his brain squirmin' like a toad, a Killer in the sky.

ebworthen's picture

Waste of lives.

Everyone should have just stayed at home, had a barbecue, and talked about the weather.

Hulk's picture

The Charlottesville city council has much to ponder on in the coming weeks...

Bigly's picture

And their cops.

1. Why did we shut down the protesters who had a legal permit?

2. Why did we allow antifa free reign to protest? No permit. History of irrational violence.

3. Why did police become a scare presence within the antifa protest given their history?

4. Will anyone on the force ever grow a brain or some nads one day?

tbd108's picture

Can't talk about the weather ... brings up "global warming", I mean "climate change." Also can't talk about our health ... brings up Obamascare. For those with poor memories, see "My Fair Lady" for more details.

Corey331's picture

Maybe the norks figured out how to hack our aircraft. Alot of jets and shxt crashing recently.

apocalypticbrother's picture

Norks. Thats funny. There is another tribe that comes to mind...

Xena fobe's picture

Mercury is retrograde for the next 3 weeks.  Take extra care.

Consuelo's picture



Sure thing Clif...   Bitcoin to $13k by Feb too...



HRH Feant2's picture

Plus the solar eclipse is on the 21st. The path of totality crosses the entire US.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Plus the solar eclipse is on the 21st. "

Crosses right over %1 central, Jackson Wyoming.  

Boxed Merlot's picture

...solar eclipse is on the 21st....

Isn't the max somewhere around Paducah, KY?

If the Levitical priests were still calling the shots, that would be the start of the new moon / month, as well as a second "sabbath", i.e "day of rest", in the week. (Well, unless there was a higher bidder that needed a different date for whatever superstitious programming was in vogue at the time.)


tbd108's picture

One man's superstition is anothers religion! Also, my mother's family is from Paducah, so is this eclipse my lucky charm?

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

max is at Carbondale, Ill, home of So. Ill. Univ.

therealestg9's picture

Also the eclipse will be happening right over Trump's ascendant. Never a good thing.

Previous Eclipses in this Saros (no, not Soros) series, every 18.5 years,  make interesting if worrying reading with some events happening earlier than August and some the following year, as is customary with Eclipses which tend to cast a shadow in both directions.


1998/9 – Bill Clinton impeachment, Dec 98 to Feb 99.


1981 – Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in March.


1963 – Assassination of JFK in November.


1945 –August: Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs dropped. Death of FDR (by natural causes) in April

Maghreb's picture

I hate to fan the flames of superstion but you missed the big one.

1918 and the Spanish Flu.

About 3% of the worlds population died and the mainstream media (Hearst and Pulitzer) never reported it outside of Spain. That catastrophic loss of life is never factored into any economic or political considerations. It wa sperhaps the water shed moment in Western history and yet its completely ignored.

I´d ignore all this shit if you knew what was good for you. I don´t think it works they way you think it does. I´d avoid Salem Oregon and Mt Pleasent and other sites associated with these kinds of places and the things and the people who think in such ways. If its not real you are courting madness if it is the world has much bigger problems to handle and should leave it to the professionals if such things to exist. I think biblical the phrase "No New Thing Under the Sun" Applies here......

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrietta_Lacks (daughter of John Randall Pleasent)

Get the references and you´ll see where I´m going........... 

therealestg9's picture

Great point about the Spanish Flu (you're correct, it is one of the most under-emphasized events in modern history), but 1918 doesn't fit into the roughly 18.5 year Saros cycle that the upcoming solar eclipse is part of. 

When you're telling me to ignore this, are you referring to astrology in general? Well my family is from India and astrology has been a huge part of the Vedic culture going back thousands of years. It doesn't have any sinister connotations like it seems to have in the West, it's simply another way of observing patterns in nature and trying to draw conclusions from them. At least in my experience, I've found it to be quite accurate in many ways. But to each his own...

The end of your comment is a little vague, though I'm guessing you wrote it that way on purpose. I'm not sure how Mary Ellen Pleasant and Henrietta Lacks relate to the occult matters in your last 3 links. I guess you are trying to highlight a supposed link between occultism and astrology. I do believe in the existence of things such as Luciferianism. However here let me strongly emphasize- the Vedic view condemns such practices as unholy and spiritually perverted, as it is a matter of using the help of beings from lower dimensions in order to fulfill purely hedonistic desires, which is totally contrary to the teachings of spirituality in the Vedas.

You may not agree with me but that is quite all right, I'm not intending to proselytize here. But thanks for a quite unique and interesting comment.

Ms No's picture

She got booted and was properly mourned by the rest of us delinquents.  You'll never run into an astrologer like that again.  They broke the mould with that one.  Just a guess but I'm pretty sure if she was here she would tell us that we are screwed.  lol


therealestg9's picture

What did she get booted for?

Ms No's picture

Probably complaints about racism or something similar.  Joo stuff has gotten people booted before.  Anything that sounds like a threat to an individual is frowned upon also, especially politicians, although I never saw her do that.  I think it's usually racism complaints. 

WaterWings's picture

Well, I am surely glad YOU are still around to guide. I have a few people relying upon me for info. I am just trying to keep it real, sane, spiritual, and hopeful. I have a good idea of what comes next, but little for the interim. Merci.

RawPawg's picture

Fuck This Crazy World

i'm  just gonna play on the Xbox till the EMP's knocks me into my "New Reality" 

virgilcaine's picture

This is getting good. Daily stormer for more.

shimmy's picture

I'm guessing the libtard media idiots like that clown at buzzfeed will somehow blame president pumpkin for this crash. 


Cluster_Frak's picture

Dumb and dumber are incharge of false flags now. 

whitedragon's picture


A good sniper can one-shot kill small helicopters easy. I've had enough of their noise pollution and endangering everyone under their flight path. More to come.

VWAndy's picture

 Its a helicopter. About the spookiest way to fly.

Twee Surgeon's picture

P.S.T. timezone. I got a phone call from an elderly lady that woke me up from my dreamy best sleep time. "Sorry, wrong number", the old girl said.

I rolled into the living room and told Wife I was getting Trolled by the Ancient Woman and had an Ear Worm. For those not in the Know, an Ear Worm is when you wake up and you have a song in your head or a song that remains in the head. It must be a Psychological condition or whatever, but....

I told her I have got Drive in Saturday going through my head. This is a true story. I sat up on the side of the bed and I have a music track in my head.

I have no claims or anything, the Lyrics are not Nostradamic or anything. Just a dull true story from my living room.

Drive in Saturday. I thought it was a bit weird later after seeing the Car smash thing.


Twee Surgeon's picture

Well thanks for the downvote, I'm not sure what would warrant that. The old womans wrong number and the song in my head, this isn't something I could make up.

I describe an unusual instance in my morning. Take it or leave it. I do not profit either way and would not bother to post lies. Life is too short for bullshit in my humble opinion.

dirty fingernails's picture


 We can argue until the cows come home about every thing under the sun, but there's enough lies in the world for a hundred other worlds.  I never understood lying in an anonymous forum, but I'm  not normal so...

VWAndy's picture

 At least it wasent. Puff the magic dragon,,,

Bigly's picture

Our company had a helicopter and 2 pvt jets.

I would be amazed at people who flew the heli. No f'ing way! When it goes down you are toast, period.  No gliding, no chance....and those spinning blades and fireballs....

peippe's picture

if you are with a guy (that's right a guy) who flew 5,000 hours in 'nam, 

he will give the old autorotation a shot, probably even did it before over there...

BUT those guys are getting too old to be hovering anymore so you'll get some chimp doing poo like this 

with a tail rotor strike in the trees & Goodbye To You.

SilverDOG's picture

Have a friend that flew the Apache and became trainer etc etc.

He said helicopters are 90,000 parts that should not be in the air.

I'll fly my Triumph 955i over the crests on the road before you'll get me on the airborn cuisinart.

MotoGP Austria tomorrow ! 

Lyman54's picture

I guess you never heard of autorotation. That is what you do when you lose power. It used to be mandatory to demonstrate an autorotaion to get your licence.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Helecopters are extremely complicated pieces of machinery. They fly apart for the damndest reasons at the least expected time.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

I always felt like a fish in a barrel waiting to be shot or dropped out of the sky.

pcrs's picture

Russian hackers


YourAverageJoe's picture

Watergate burglars

As Robert E. Lee put his love of Virginia before his employment with the US Army, I can fully understand why Virginians might be a little sensitive about having General Lee's name and statue stricken from the park established in his honor.

It is totally correct that this action opens old wounds mistaken thought to be forgotten.

When you've had enough one-sided tolerance and inclusion and multiculturalism and your race being the only one capable of racism, some pushback shouldn't come as a surprise.

YourAverageJoe's picture

Watergate burglars.

I regret the violence but do doff my hat to those that are defending our Confederate heritage.

At least they aren't the same ilk of cowardly revisionists that caused South Carolina and Georgia to modify their once beautiful state flags and the removal of statues of Confederate Heroes in New Orleans and the changing of the names of schools in Houston, to erase the names of the Confederate patriots at taxpayer expense.

In Dixieland I take my stand!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

With an airplane spelling out in a large contrail above Charlottesville...

"George Soros Was Here"!!!

wisehiney's picture

"I learned a thing or two from Charlie doncha know...."


Full Court Lugenpresse's picture



Haitian Snackout's picture

Damn tall photographer. 

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Chinese made helicopter?  #tradewar = #sleeperchips

Restorative_Ally's picture

Gotta pit neighbor against neighbor before pulling the (((EMP))) reset plug!


Rick Cerone's picture

Unite the idiots on both sides.

Should have let them kill each other.

virgilcaine's picture

President pumpkin..lol.