Futures Up, Gold Down With World "On The Brink"

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Despite the dramatic action in Bitcoin this weekend, it appears the world's wise capital markets investors know just what to do faced with civil war in America, kinetic war with Venezuela, and nuclear war with North Korea - simple - Buy The Dow and Sell Gold...

Bitcoin suggested some 'angst'...


But the machines wanted to take out The Dow stops from Friday...


Currency markets are dead for now - JPY unch, EUR unch, CNH modestly higher.

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Quantum Bunk's picture

Gold isnt a market. Where is all the physical coming from ?

Soul Glow's picture

If people were actually worried about nuclear fallout - which they are as is evident in purchases of gas masks and bunker items - one would think gold and silver purchases are up.  Since really no one knows how much one needs in times of nuclear war, with them at very low prices via the dollar, it would be logical that there is a lot of gold and silver being purchased.  If this is the case it could disrupt the physical market (also note miners are under producing right now).  So we could run up against a margin call for gold, which would send the price skyrocketing.

Kotzbomber747's picture

The world isn't "on the brink."

Remember all the drama around Easter with the Carl Vinson heading towards Korea but gotten 'lost' on the way over?

ZH has become worse than the Daily Mail or the National Enquirer. Stop being such drama queens, and stop trying to talk up gold.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Looks like the 12 monkeys I saw last week found their hammers!  If you like gold at 1300 you should love it at 1200.  I'm waiting for 50, thats whats on the coin ...

johngaltfla's picture

This too will pass. The war party will make sure of it.

yogibear's picture

Bank of Switzerland, BOJ and ECB out buying tonight.

Coordination since 2009 of keeping stocks heading higher.

So much for the dip.

A nuclear war couldn't stocks from elevating with the central bankster algos. 

Hikikomori's picture

It's mean-spirited to deny the Zero Hedgers their "Heros of the Apocalypse" fantasies.

ExplodingEntropy's picture

God dammit, YA AREN'T SUPPOSED TO SAY IT! Fantasy ruined.

Anywho, there will be no heros of the apocolapse. We have 2 choices: Mad Max world or Sci-Fi world. Either we save the world from the EROEI equation through energy tech or we dont.

Gold will go up nicely, nothing crazy.

Silver will go nuts.

But the ledgered points we shall exchange our excess calories for shall be CRYPTO.

That is the future, you are welcome.

Bay of Pigs's picture

ZH? What about the endless shit on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC and the rest of the hysterical mainstream media?

Raffie's picture

Pull that gold back to the loving arms of $1250 range....

FactDog's picture

Thin air. We trade one piece of worthless paper for a certificate saying they will give us more worthless paper at a later date.

afronaut's picture

Silver premiums are high where I live. Asking 25 CND for maples

Yellow_Snow's picture

Wow, with Bitcoin up so much, you would think gold should've been up 'bigly'.  Go figure...

charlewar's picture

3 tulip bulbs for 1 bitcoin...

harrybrown's picture

one British "tally stick" could buy all the bitcoin in the world today,
funny how gold has outlasted them all & the elite are buying up the gold... I wonder why!!!
(while the goons are going all in on digital shite lol)

Down vote away, gold has always had the last laugh, as will I too!

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

You will be in the ground long before that happens. Be sure to have your mortician put a smiley face on you.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Oh yeah? Please explain golds run form 2001-2011 that sent the price from $250 to $1900?

Get fucked you stupid asshole.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

C'mon Pig, you don't have to call me names.  I got in too, from back in the 80's!  But it's 2017 and it ain't done nutin since then.  But my stawks have gone up and paid juicy dividends along the way.  Meanwhile, my rocks still weigh the same.  I face reality the way it is, and the way it is, is that stock are going up and rocks ain't doing a damned thing.

Bay of Pigs's picture

You don't know the future holds. You're just trying to justify your insulting comment to the guy above.

That's why I called you an asshole.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Was not insulting him Pigs, providing a reality check.  You are not going to get rich with the rock.  Banks own this place.  Price in $$ is set by the guy who prints the $$.  You can't beat the printers with their own printing press, really let this sink in.  They lie, they cheat and they steal.  Now and forever, as long as they can print IOU's to short the market for metal they don't have, and the miners sell their real metal at that price you will get your ass handed to you.  Every day of the week and twice on sunday.  You "hope" that this will change. Hope is not a good investment strategy.  That is why rockhounds have been getting their asses kicked since $1900 price ... Don't hate the player hate the game, and the game is stawks. Stawks are what is winning. That is what I'm buying. That is how I am making $$ bro.

FactDog's picture

Again simple: The bankers are selling their ETF naked short gold to buy physical and BTC and futures........

Nothing like a balanced portfolio -- Greed, treachery and profit.

Seasmoke's picture

I would be disappointed if the criminals gave up on a Sunday night. 

thinkmoretalkless's picture

Sunday nights have been bearish for paper gold the last 3 years. I don't know who they think they are fooling with the obvious crap they pull. Doesn't bother me much as my strategy has been get out of debt, move to the country, take up prep as a hobby, and manage a balanced portfolio of precious metals, the market and bonds. Feel good, sleep well, and don't miss the crap.

fockewulf190's picture

They aren´t fooling anyone.  Matter of fact, they WANT everyone to know that gold and silver are  manipulated..."they" however will never utter a word regarding the issue.  The CFTC knows as well, but they have been ordered not to interfere (they claim not to have the resources, but it´s all a sham excuse).

Soul Glow's picture

Dead cat bounce.  Turmoil in markets will continue Tuesday.

SheHunter's picture

OPEX week.  Should be fun to watch; risky to trade

So It Goes's picture

Just stupid - "gold down".  Yeah - it is down a whole $.20.  I would call that a flat open.  Inaccurate doom porn - Tyler's - don't you realize your credibility is on the line - or don't you care?

Lost in translation's picture

The real Tylers sold ZH some time back, and are long gone.

ZH is now owned by ABC - didn't you know?

So It Goes's picture

Didn't know that - I hope that's not true.

Soul Glow's picture

Uhm, do you really care that Tyler wrote that gold was down?  Do you really care?  Aren't there other things you could care about that are more important?  Do you have a life?  Or do you just sit around and bitch about the title of fucking news stories all day.

So It Goes's picture

Soul Glow,

Don't be such a petulant bully.  The price of gold in dollars is worth watching because it is one of the canaries in the coal mine to assess confidence in the Federal Reserve.  If you don't want to watch the gold price for clues as to when, then don't.  I can only imagine that your dumb-ass ad hominem attack really means that it is you who does not have a life and sits around bitching.

Get a grip man, and try to add something positive to the discussion.

Soul Glow's picture

Just stupid - "gold down".  Yeah - it is down a whole $.20.  I would call that a flat open.  Inaccurate doom porn - Tyler's - don't you realize your credibility is on the line - or don't you care?

Don't be such a bitch.  You were bitching about the headline.  I pointed out that you were bitching.  So then you bitch to me some more.  Ad hom?  Maybe, but if you're going to bitch then you are going to be bitched at.  And as for adding something to the discussion you must not read my posts.  You may want to start.

So It Goes's picture

Ok - I got it.  You WIN!!!!

SheHunter's picture

It's true.  Scroll to the very bottom of this page and read the fine print.  ABC Media owns the Tylers.

slvrizgold's picture

Yeah it's true.  ZH now owned by beak-nosed bald-headed beady-eyed nation-wreckers.   Just scroll down all the way to the bottom and look.

Soul Glow's picture

ABC media ltd is not the ABC that owns Disney btw.

e_goldstein's picture

ABC Media (a Bulgarian corporation) is not affiliated with the American Broadcast Corporation.

I made the same mistake years ago assuming it was.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

So that is why we never have articles knocking Bulgaria. /s

Crypto Kevin's picture

That's why we have articles worshipping Putin and sucking his dick.

SheHunter's picture

Chill.  Russia is not our enemy and Putin is Russia's Trump.

afronaut's picture

Noticed once they went soft on the Dems and hard on trump.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Sure are some stupid motherfuckers posting here these days.

meterman's picture

Sell Gold? What happened to all the ZH articles just last week that gold was going to the moon? I don't believe I need to waste my time reading your crap any longer Tylers.

PrezTrump's picture

you can see the haters hate here at the hedge.  i too am waiting for that "moon".

Doug Eberhardt's picture

Gold just opened up in Asia. Spot price is up a buck from Friday's close to $1,289.40. Why the dramatic headline so close to open? Gold on its way to $1,400 this leg, but not a straight line. 

c2nnib2l's picture

yeah its going to be a rocky road

Gold open not with Asia but with New Zeland & Australia and they always sell... They don't like gold they love Crypto and digital cash ! :D

wait 2-3 hours ;) 

it's 7 AM in Japan and Korea 

6 AM in Hong Kong HK is always the biggest mover 

The Old Man's picture

Oh!!!!!!! I had to take my heart medicine! (2 Aspirin) GOLD WAS DOWN .60 cents! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!



The Old Man