ANTIFA Clashes With Police in Seattle

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A right wing group was marching in Westlake (just north of Seattle), so naturally the leftists led by ANTIFA in Seattle attempted to disrupt their little shindig.

As always, the masked men clad in black didn't fail to provide its audience with ample supplies of degeneracy and violence.

Here are the lowlights.

With a 'Go Back to Europe' flag in the background, an gentleman from the ANTIFA organization burned an American flag.

Here they are trying to break through the police barrier of mountain bikes, most likely to say a few unkind words to the other gents in Westlake.

They caught one! An evil alt-right racist was snagged by ANTIFA, so naturally they tried to rob him of his phone.

Unable to break the barrier, ANTIFA resorted to third grade schoolyard assaults, spraying police with silly string.

The police get fed up with having silly string sprayed on their officers and decide to reply with flash bangs into the crowd.


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I think the author meant to say "The Totalitarian Left".  :)

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The police seem far too permissive. I think they have forgotten what their night sticks are for. Breaking knuckles of those who grab their bikes, for example.


These are mercenary thugs of an invader of the country. they deserve no kid gloves.

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You always hear about these events having buses nearby that bring in the 'protestors'. If that is really the case, should be a simple matter to "follow the money", and file RICO and hate crime charges against those responsible (Soros?) Lets be honest, if Soros is responsible, then George Soros killed that woman, and Soros also killed the two helicopter pilots.

We have the most pervasive intelligence and survelliance apparatii on the planet, and if they *dont* do that, then it is because they dont want to, not because they cant...

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A bunch of white guys flying a 'Go Back to Europe' sign. Could they be any stupider?

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G. Soros and his kind are on both sides of this.  They fund the left wing terrorist and they fund the right wing terrorists.  The goal is hatred, violence, more racism, and to stop Trump at all cost.  This will ensure that minorities turn out in record numbers and vote for the next democratic candidate....

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The problem starts with Clinton puppet Macauliffe, the governor. He controlled the state police, worked with the mayor, used the double agent who was recently an Obama supporter, quelled the city police and staged the attack using operatives bussed in from other locations. They made sure they were armed and let them loose on the right-wing protestors.

The whole incident is the act of an agent provacateur with the assistance of the State and City.


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It appears that the Virginia State Police may have been working with AntiFa and BLM to send the "Unite the Right" into a meat grinder.


Gee Sessions, pull your balls out of your sack and do something. Follow the money and shut this bullshit down or get the fuck out of our way.

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I blame US congress & EU Govt.

I blame unlimited gifts & Money in US Congress, No Term Limits on Congress & Govt Employment after Military service, And no Link of congress men back to State Representatives. And Financial Conflict of Interest & Conflict of interest rules written by congress. And I blamed high federal budgets in Pentagon, VA, State Dept, & International Aid.

Oh and Death to the UN.

Teethvillage, apparent stooge

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Time for stun guns.  Time for detention in prison.

If I were the police, I would look at each of the masked terrorist as potential KILLERS.

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That bubblegum you like is coming back in style.

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What's gonna happen when the Court sees the Charlottesville driver didn't touch the girl who got killed until after she attacked the car with a club and smashed in the rear window with a blood-thirsty mob before the driver put the car in reverse.? I think Courts call that self defence and the reason he left the scene was to drive a few miles away to find a cop. Will it be like all peace, love and diversity singing Kumbaya when the driver is found not guilty? Its obvious this is not a terror attack, most likely just a panic attack after being threatened by the Left-wingers' so called 'Anti-Fa' and  BLM Black Separatists.

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Even if everything you say is true it wont matter.  He will be found guilty and hung....

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Hope he can get a fair trial. His bio sounds mentally unstable, but did see video both of his car seemingly racing into angry mob and video of his car/him being attacked by mob by violent bat.

Then the bigger questions are:
Why did the Mayor schedule 2 opposing Left and Right groups to rally in same place and same day? Other than to incite violence?
Why didn't the Police cordon off the rally sites from car traffic? We know the unstable are using cars as weapons. Learn anything from London bridge?
Why did Mayor / Governor order Police to NOT protect the Citizens?

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I am for diversity. The blacks should live in their hoods, latinos in theirs and the whites in their.  Why forcing "melting" pot on everybody? Give freedom to each race to live with their own kind. 

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I always wonder why these diversitistas are still buying Japanese Prii, when Japan is one of the most intolerant countries to immigrants and sometimes even womens rights, in the world.

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Once worked in multicultural country in large business. The only managers were Japanese descendants. Both upper and middle managers. When management positions opened up the Japanese higher ups only promoted the Japanese.
All the worker bees were the other races.
It was pretty obvious what the game plan was, everyone knew you could not rise thru the ranks no matter how hard you worked, how good you were at the job, or how long you were there -- unless you were Japanese.
And of all the races working there the minority was Japanese.

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ANTIFA are a bunch of cowards, wearing their masks. At least the right wingers are brave enough to show themselves.

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There is no way to settle this peacefully.  1861 is going to happen again, there is no way around it.  When the LEFT refuses any form of civilized adlult dialog, uses imported criminals to inflict physical abuse......we will DIVORCE ( seceed ) or  a dictator will be installed during the ensuing war.  there is no quelling the insolent child any longer.........the left will eat itself once divided, the conservative will return to minimalistic government , with an amended 1789 version of the constitution.  I can envision Jefferson shaking his head , I told you so.......godspeed

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It was not a civil war. A civil war is conflict between two groups for control of one country. It was a war for secession as with the declaration of independence.


Looks like the antifa fags have alot of days off work. I mean no matter when or where theres "protesting" to be done then theyre there. How convenient.

Its just like zeros article yesterday-a billion eddie barzoons. This is the real problem. These entitled smug lazy trouble makers dont have anything to do but make trouble. Play on their i thingy. Play video games. Watch teevee. Feel special. Thats about it.

Even if i gave a shit i dont even have enough time on daily basis to do my own shit, much less be part of the traveling circus of hyenas. This is what always brings down empires-largesse.

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Most of these antifa work for Soros...


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 It would be pretty funny to set up a pro fathers rally and not have any fathers show up. We could sit at home and watch the feral eat each other.

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When people are anonymous on the internet they become much less polite. They say things they would not dare face to face with others.

The mask worn by an Antifa works the same way. These people hide their faces, and that allows a brutal inner self to come to the surface. The ironic part is that brutality is their true nature, but in everyday life they may put on invisible masks of civility to hide this dark inside. Wearing their black masks cover up their civility masks, in a sort of double negative expression of themselves.

Totalitarians are basically evil people because their mode of operation is to use force to take away the rights of other people in order to feed their own flawed personalities. Plunder, power, and control are the lifeblood of these sociopaths and psychopaths. They demand that you be a servant to society instead of to yourself. In the contorted thinking of a person who does not see himself as an individual, but rather sees everyone else as part of him, service to society is service to him. This is why they are attracted to socialism and communism. The left is the natural home of those with anti-social personality disorder.

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Well said.
Spent last evening at dinner with leftist friends. Mentioned feeling compassion for the paralyzed mom of the Charlottesville driver.

Oh boy, next 2 hours was a barage of red faced angry accusations. Kept cool and responded with logic, but they continued with illogical blame flame throwing. They would attack verbally with prosecutorial questions then interrupt even four words into a response with more attacks.
When they were met with only quiet logic; they melted into crazy crying fits then recovered and back to more attacks.
Funny thing is could agree with some of their concepts, but even the areas of agreement were not enough. It was as if the expectation was for a shared angry all consuming world view.
Kept cool, was able to outlast them, but came home exhausted.
These were people have known for years.

It was not about dialogue or exchange of ideas.
It was about attacking any thought or idea that did not fit a cookie cutter Leftist world view.

White Devil's picture

Their masks are not bulletproof.

Never One Roach's picture

The way to stop this is to force then to take off their masks. Stop hiding and show the world whom you are and what you are.

antif crowds would thin very fast.

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The way to stop them is to blast them in the streets. Like feral dogs, they will get it when they see snowflake bodies piled up.

DarkestbeforeDawn's picture

Yep-a couple nice sweeps from an AK on full auto into the ANTIFA crowd will solve this problem.

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Some of the Right wingers need to grab one of those Antifa fuckers and unmask them in front of a camera.

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I could have made a killing there on wacky hair dye, ear lobe discs, and appe products.

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The Anglo-Zionist FAKE NEWS Media is always on-hand for these events because they are tipped off beforehand by the political parasites that they are going to order the cops to allow unfettered rioting.

Totin's picture

Yeah, the whole "evil Zionist" mantra went out of style like 10 years ago.

BingoBoggins's picture

Just a warmup. Next is the Russian Special Forces.


They don't stand a chance, pinko commie faggots!!

Guess who I'm talking about if you can!!! The Great Bingo Has  ... ahh, fuckit.

Aireannpure's picture

The Black Swan awaits patiently.

Totin's picture

Found myself staring at it for minutes.

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Try to visualize the next moves by both sides.  Antifa (NWO puppet)  believes what they are doing is working and through the compliant Politicians it is.  The Alt Right wants to fight these matters in court, they will find that does not work.  The police are mercenaries that will do whatever the powers that be want, afterall they have their salaries and pensions on the line.  The Alt right will ramp up their demonstrations and will be targeted by the cops while the Antifa is allowed to freely antagonize their opponents. This can only lead to greater aggression and that is what Soros wants, expecting that the bought off politicians will crack down hard on the pro National movement.  The problem that he has is that Nationalists have the weaponry, which they will albeit reluctantly use.  Once the momentum is started in that direction the passive larger population will begin to take sides...Civil War II.  Just a theory.  

StarGate's picture

Theory is helpful.
Much better than more name calling.
Humor also helpful, can be hidden wisdom.

Use the energy to perceive the patterns. We don't have all the facts, but you don't need all the dots to start connecting them.

libertyanyday's picture

not a theory , it is reality.  the issue now is what is going to be the final straw..........

we will secede or a dictator will be installed, the republic is dead.

1033eruth's picture

I like some elements of your theory.  The Alt Right hasn't been on the scene but for ONE demonstration.  NOBODY knows what they even stand for at this point.  

Its obvious to me, thanks to Maxipad and so many other racist blacks fanning the flames, that the agenda is a race war WHICH will have lawmakers passing laws left and right to infringe on first amendment, making so many things illegal.  The agenda is more control of the masses via laws.  EXACTLY like we have for the 2nd amendment after every incident.  Remember the Boston Bombing?  Legislators had a law ready to ban or restrict gun powder? when in fact, the pressure cooker had fireworks in it.  

Every single last incident of violence is designed to promote more government interference through legislation to control the masses.  TSA is one of the biggest coups that the deep state ever had.  

GunnyG's picture

I find it funny that the ANTIFA pussies only riot in Leftist towns. Bring that shit to a town haevily right-wing and add a few hundred of us hardcore bikers and those pussies will wish that all they got was an atomic wedgie like that last shitbird got.

Wieners For Breakfast's picture

I am curious. The NC Rally was a permitted event, correct? A court sanctioned freedom of speech excercise, correct? Was the counter protestor "Antifa" protest a permitted event? Have any of these "Antifa" protests from D.C. to college campuses ever had the benefit of permitting? Why is this never mentioned? Their "permits" apparently are granted by the "wink and a nod" method from the powers that be. Which assembly is the unlawful one?

StarGate's picture

Good questions.
Kessler stated they went to court when their granted permit was squashed. Fed court judge apparently reinstated the permit pointing out that Mayor had granted 2 Leftist groups permits after pulling the Right's permit.
Court replaced Right's permit under "freedom of speech" amendment.

Kessler states that when they saw Mayor had them sandwiched between 2 Leftist groups, they got Police agreement for protective escort for their speakers. 180 police. But then when Rally was to start they were told the police escort was yanked (by Mayor?) and barricade placed to prevent their rally. They then asked for police protection to leave as they were surrounded by angry Left mob and told Police were ordered (by Mayor? by Gov'r?) to not protect them.

There is article about DOJ looking into Antifa internet pre-planning to violently crash the Right's freedom of speech Rally.

1033eruth's picture

And I have wondered WHY Antifa was on hand for the NC rally.  Why was it they were prepared and ready to interfere.  

Why would the NC advertise their event so that Antifa would know all the details?  

If I was NC, it would be a closed group and ONLY the participants would be privy to the date and time of the rally.  But that's just me and common sense is not common.  What happened was like Antifa was INVITED to come and raise hell.  

Just like West Side Story - lets rumble.  Anybody else find this curious?

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

See today's later story. The neo-Nazi "leader" is a leftist ringer. The whole "alt-right" march was faked for the stage, so hatred and violence could break out. I think it can be laid at McAuliffe's feet.

ironmace's picture

They knew it wa going down. Someone fed them the information. It's not a secret.

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I'm sure the Mayor let the cat out of the bag there.