Brien Lundin: If They Don't Want You To Own It, You Probably Should

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Authored by Adam Taggart via,

We're living through the most extraordinary period of monetary manipulation in all of human history. It’s as widespread as it is delusional.

One of the most perplexing mysteries to us is that right as the Federal Reserve embarked on QE3 -- which was a huge, enormous, $85 billion a month experiment -- commodities began a multiyear decline within two weeks of that announcement. Concurrently, the world’s central banks plunged the world into steeply negative real interest rates, a condition that has almost always resulted in booming commodity prices -- but not this time. Today, the ratio between commodity prices and equities is at one of, if not the most, extreme points in history.

To explain that gap, we talk this week with Brien Lundin, publisher of Gold Newsletter and producer of the New Orleans Investment Conference (where Chris and Adam are speaking on Oct 25-28):

Gold Newsletter was started in 1971 by my mentor in the business, Jim Blanchard. That's the same year that the United States had closed the gold window, closed the convertibility of dollars into gold by other nations. Jim realized that now the US could print money with full abandon, it could print as much money and create as much debt as it wanted.


And at that time still, and until we managed to get gold legalized in 1974, you couldn’t own gold legally, except in the form of jewelry or rare coins. It was up there with plutonium and heroin as substances you weren't allowed to own.


So it should be little surprise that, today, we're seeing a synchronous rise in equity markets across the globe. It corresponds almost exactly with the unprecedented rise in debt, in liquidity, in all of these developed nations. If you look for example at the rise in the Fed's balance sheet since 2008 and the corresponding rise in the S&P 500, the correlation is 97%. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. That’s where all of this reflation, this monetary reflation went, into those markets -- which is why you really need to up your allocation to the uncorrelated assets [such as the precious metals] that are at historic lows in relation to financial assets.


Every time in history, before we’ve had a great upset in the financial markets, people have said: This time is different. And every time, it’s proven not to be. You have to have a correction. You have to have things return to the mean and, usually, overshoot a bit.


Alan Greenspan just a couple of days ago made the point that we’re in a bond market bubble and that's what’s eventually going to burst. The risk inherent in bonds is not being priced into the markets now. When that bond bubble bursts, it’s going to take equities down with it. And there’s still tremendous liquidity out there; massive amounts of money will start suddenly looking for a safe haven.


The gold market is miniscule. It’s so small relative to the funds that are in bonds, interest bearing securities, equities, that it won’t take much of an allocation at all to send gold to record levels. That’s going to happen at some point. We can get fuzzy on the actual timescale and the timing of when it’s going to happen. But the fact that it will happen is inevitable, these trends are absolutely irreversible at this point.


So...What’s so special about gold? If it's what they tell us: that it’s a barbaric relic and it has no use in society, then why be so secretive about it? Why be so reluctant to have your citizens own it? That alone tells you all you really need to know.


If they don’t want you to know about it, if they don’t want you to own it, you probably should.

Click the play button below to listen to Chris' interview with Brien Lundin (46m:01s).

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J S Bach's picture

Gold and silver are real money.  They don't want the plebs possessing real wealth.

Same thing with history.  If it's "forbidden" to talk about, it's probably true.

Same thing with morality.  If it's pushed by the media and academe, it's probably unnatural and immoral.

This period in history will be known as the 180s.  That is... everything is 180 degrees out of kilter.  But, that is the natural result when the world's eternal deceivers hold the reigns of power.

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Mr. Bach, regarding your point about "history", this is what awakened me to (((THE TRUTH))) of the macrocosm:


..."Why the number “Six Million”?


As documented in the book The First Holocaust, the Zionists have continuously and hysterically attempted to claim that six million Jews were dead, dying or in grave danger in Europe and Russia since the late 1800’s. Any time there was turmoil in Europe, albeit turmoil often instigated by Jews in the first place, prominent Zionist figures and Jewish-controlled media organizations world wide continuously whipped up a frenzy with phony sob stories to get people to feel sorry for Europe’s Jews and donate money to Jewish charities. It turns out that this mythical six million figure, long since discredited even by mainstream Holohoax historians, comes from a Jewish-Talmudic religious myth that says “ye shall return minus six million” or “you shall return to the land of Israel with six million less”, and of course WW2 birthed the modern state of Israel which was established in 1948. Israeli Jews often excuse their systematic genocide of Palestinians and theft of Palestinian lands by bringing up the so-called Holocaust™ of WW2, which any serious researcher and critical thinker knows by now is a fraud of collosal proportions. The Zionists have so much influence that they turned a delusional Jewish religious prophecy into “historical fact”...




LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

This is a YouTube-ADL video, USING ACTUAL PHYSICAL NEWS-PAPERS FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE TIMES, showing constant use of (((the magical number))), well-before "the holyhoax:


FACTS ARE FACTS, Folks, regardless of what you may, or may not, want those FACTS to be.



tmosley's picture

If they didn't want you to own it, it would be expensive, not cheap.

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Mr. Mosley, you know that I "almost" always agree with you, but on THIS point, I can not.  The price of BitCoin is because of the Chinese money-launderers/businessmen converting their fortunes into BitCoin, and others, ESPECIALLY drug-dealers, and does nothing to refute my very, VERY strong stance on what I see happening, VERY, VERY soon.


It is all a scam, Brother, because there is NOTHING AT ALL there--just literal electrons, displayed as 0's and 1's on a computer-screen, which can be manipulated, at ANY point-in-time, regardless of what ANYONE else will tell you.  On-top-of-that, BitCoin, and other "crypo"-currencies are NOT, NOT, NOT!!!, anonymous--The NSA has the ability to trace and to track ANYTHING, and I mean ANY THING, that connects from one point, on-line, to another.


I know that this is the fact that it is, and will not argue with anyone about it.  


Thank you for understanding the reasons for my stance, and I do hate to dis-agree with someone I really like, admire, and appreciate, for his knowledge and intelligence.




tmosley's picture

>and does nothing to refute my very, VERY strong stance


LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

What I, unfortunately, forgot to mention, but INTENDED, was that once (((they))) are ready to make everything go-full-tilt-boogie, you, all, will see a PRECIPITOUS collapse in the price of BitCoin, which will mean a DEVASTATING loss to all of the suckers, ESPECIALLY THE CRIMINAL- AND TAX-CHEATING-CLASSES, all across the world.  

I do not have to tell "almost" anyone, here, at Mr. Durden's site that (((they))) control almost the entire system, AND THAT INCLUDES, ESPECIALLY, THE "CRYPTO"-CURRENCIES.  You can see a MICROCOSM of to what I am referring, by looking at what (((they))) did to Millennials, with that joke-of-a-"company", SnapChat!  *laughs seriously*  Those young suckers thought that they were going to "make a fortune" by buying-in to a company that does FUCK-ALL, and produces FUCK-ALL, just like all of these other companies that produce and do FUCK-ALL, JUST LIKE THE "CRYPTO"-CURRENCIES, and you saw what is known in the business, as the classic #PumpAndDump.


I stand-by all that I have said, and while all that I have said is my OPINION, it is what it is, as far as I will ever be concerned.


Thank you.




tmosley's picture

>will see a PRECIPITOUS collapse in the price of BitCoin


How do like that argument?

I don't know how many more of those I have in me. I'll probably shit myself next time.

But I'll still be richer than you.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Lindsay has a habit of making an assumption and then treating it as fact.

His arguments smell worse than your farts.

Dsyno's picture

Funny that tmosley's favorite rebuttal is always "Not an argument" yet his ingenious argument here is "fart".

And Lindsey, I assume (and hope) your "I almost always agree with tmosley" is sarc.

You two need to be on the Special Olympics debate team.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  Pardon me for being a bit slow on the uptake but I am beginning to see why you have so many detractors here. LNW was as polite as a man can be and you respond like a low IQ spoilt teenager.

  You already shit yourself dude.

flyingcaveman's picture

Bitcoin might go sky high while the dollar crashes.  The rich would have to put their federal deserve notes somewhere.   They'll get even richer,  bitcoin could be a mechanism to controll inflation.  Then they could either pull the plug on it after its performed that function.  Or maybe they"ll switch everybody over to bit coin with some kind of windfall tax on the wealthy to appease the poor even though the rich will be a milliom times richer of they can prove they wasted some cpu cycles.

tion's picture

The Chinese shadow gold can back a crypto and get hooked up to the gold ATMs and possibly also a means of depositing phys in the big int'l cities, wont lack any of the benefits of bitcoin but have the added phys  aspect, may be decentralized with involvement from numerous intl state actors.  The folks working on this would likely be capable of implementation within 18 -24 months, however the actors involved may also hold significant quantity of bitcoin and may be inclined to let the price keep running or let the fiat paradigm remain for a good long while for as long as it suits them. Get exposure to crypto but don't cash out the phys for it.

BadLibertarian's picture

You are absolutely correct that Bitcoin is not anonymous, but that's not necessarily true of every crypto.

However there *is* something there - supported by all of those electrons - decentralized currency that people create for themselves rather than just taking the crap they are given from governments and central bankers. And beyond that, there are even better use cases for using decentralized computing to automate supply chains, provide decentralized heding markets, create sharing economy services that don't need jerks like Travis Kalanik getting the majority of the benefit while the drones get very little, etc.

You may think it's all a trap and the NSA has outsmarted everyone - maybe you're right. But you may also be wrong.

The more you can research it, the better informed your bet about that will be. I've spent several years digging into it, and that research time has already become the best investment I ever made in terms of building wealth.

progolfdoctor's picture

There is only 1.2 Trillion actual dollars in circulation - The rest of the Trillions are DIGITAL NUMBERS displayed as 0's and 1's.

J S Bach's picture

The Ponzi Schemers of the world's central banks are at a crucial point in their scam, Mr. Mosley.  They do everything in their nefarious power to keep the price of the precious metals well below their true worth in fiat currency.  This is why they routinely dump millions of paper contracts in the wee hours of a weeknight to smash the price down.  When (not if) they are no longer able to control the natural laws of supply and demand, those prices will skyrocket and their entire scheme will be laid bare for those with eyes to see and brains to think.  Just before they reach this point, they will attempt any nightmarish deed to deflect the inevitable - including WWIII.  So, I guess my advice would be to trade some of your own paper currency in for a few nuggets of those rare metals while they're still - in your word - "cheap".

tmosley's picture

Any second now, I'm sure.

Memedada's picture

I own and buy silver and gold not as an investment in the mathematical certainty of the collapse of the Ponzi but as a way to keep my wealth outside the banking/FIRE-sector. The same reason why I refuse to get “free” credit/go into debt. It is an act of civil disobedience – not playing their (rigged) game.

The trick is not to be depend on any return on your gold/silver holdings. In the old days in Denmark we had something called “arvesølv” (inheritance-silver) – it was the family wealth that was not used but was passed from generation to generation.  I see my gold and silver as “arvesølv” and a finger to the banking-sector.  

By the way: you’re obviously right about the manipulation. It has been proven multiple times and it is very logical why they are doing it. If the price was natural and thereby followed the hyperinflation in the "money"/fiat supply people would lose confidence in the Ponzi in a second (why own FIAT if the real thing/real money was an option?). In other words: crypto-currencies and precious metals are the nemesis of FIAT-banking. They know this – and they’re accumulating the real thing too (again robbing the public/taking the real thing out of the national reserves and putting it into private pockets. Morgan and Goldman being the prime movers in this game – and of course the states of China and Russia on behalf of their oligarchies).


Anarchyteez's picture

No it wouldn't. It would be a horrible place to put money. Which is the point and which is a fact.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Stop talking to sense to bugs.  They have gold plated skulls, nothing can get through ...

hxc's picture

Gold is actually very malleable. But i like your posts

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

"If they didn't want you to own it, it would be expensive, not cheap."

Uh... Maybe when your talking guns, but not in the case of securities, bud. I know you sold all your gold for bitcoin but let's keep it real, ok?

Gold has proven that it will never be worthless, what does you gut tell you about your crypto?

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

This is, without ANY question, THE single best essay written on the issue of proving the lie/fraud/hoax of the holyhoax for the lie/fraud/hoax, that it ABSOLUTELY and PROVABLY is:


..."Jewish scripture relates a prophecy that 6,000,000 Jews must vanish before they can reclaim Palestine as their ancient ancestral homeland.


"The Hebrew word for 'ye shall return' (TaShuVU), seems to have been spelled incorrectly.  Grammatically it requires another (vav).  It ought to read (TaShUVU).  Why is it lacking the letter (vav) which stands for six?  [TaShuVU] without the 'vav' is a prediction to the Jewish people of ultimate return to their national homeland.  TaShuVU in numbers adds up to 708: tav=400, shin=300, vei=2, vey=6.  When we write the year, we ignore the millennia.  In 1948 on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel.  On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5708.  That was the year predicted by the incomplete word (TaShuVu), you shall return.  We did return, lacking 6 - an all important 6 million of our people who perished in the holocaust.  Yet the fulfillment of the prediction of return in precisely that year implied by the gematria of TaShuVU gives us firm hope that the words of the prophets for Final Redemption will come true as well."


Here are two additional commentaries on the origins of the "Six Million" from History & Scriptural Origins of the Six Million Number:


"Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must "vanish" before the state of Israel can be formed.  "You shall return minus 6 million."  That's why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the "6 million" is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion.  Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in "burning ovens," which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates.  As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: '... without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.'  A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the 'burning ovens' (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophecies have now been 'fulfilled' and Israel can become a 'legitimate state.'"


"Regarding the 'six million' number you should know the following: In the Hebrew text of the Torah prophesies, one can read 'you shall return.'  In the text the letter 'V' or 'VAU' is absent, as Hebrew does not have any numbers; the letter V stands for the number 6.  Ben Weintraub, a religious scientist, learned from rabbis that the meaning of the missing letter means the number is '6 million.'  The prophesy then reads: You will return, but with 6 million less.  See Ben Weintraub: 'The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism,' Cosmo Publishing, Washington 1995, page 3.  The missing 6 million must be so before the Jews can return to the Promised Land.  Jahweh sees this as a cleaning of the souls of the sinful people.  The Jews must, on the return to the Promised Land, be clean - the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes."


Is it just coincidental that the flimsy and farcical story of "6,000,000 Jews" being murdered in "gas chambers" and burned up in "ovens" in concentration camps during WWII gave the Jews the impetus and PR ammunition they needed to make their "gallant return" to the "promised land" at the war's end - occupying and ethnically cleansing much of Palestine through terrorism and force of arms - establishing a racist/apartheid "Jewish state" called "Israel" in 1948?  And this all just happens to fit the previously cited ancient Torah prophecy to the letter?  I hardly think so!


Today, the Holocaust™ tall-tale has taken the form of a bizarre cult-like State-enforced and protected religious dogma of the West (i.e. Holocaustianity), as it is illegal to question, dispute or deny in over a dozen European countries, under punishment of heavy fines and imprisonment!  This farfetched Zionist-trumpeted conspiracy theory is being utilized by Jewish hucksters and scam artists as a money-making enterprise - a larcenous con of near-planetary proportions which Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein dubbed "The Holocaust Industry."  (The Holocaust Industry: Reflection on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering)  On top of that, this myth has been wielded by Jewish zealots as an ideological sledgehammer to club Gentiles over the head with any time non-Jews dare criticize or oppose the global banditry and menacing influence of the self-professed "Chosen People."


Below are reproductions of many press clippings and articles featuring the cabalistic 6,000,000 number, dating back to the year 1900.  Note the ceaseless references to "6,000,000 Jews," the continuous begging for money and land (Palestine), and the term "holocaust" used well before the events of the 1940s.  It is also noteworthy that the authors of the vast majority of these propaganda articles were the richest of Wall Street's Jewish bankers as well as leaders of Zionist pressure groups - Schiffs and Warburgs among them.  (More examples can be found here, here and here; credit also goes to this blogger for unearthing many of these article clippings)."...






MFL5591's picture

And we are to believe that these insane Zionist criminals running the Federal Reserve did this by chance?  Not on purpose?  Fuck you !

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Please re-write in a more understandable syntax what you are trying to say, especially the "Fuck you!", as it makes-no-sense.


Thank you, in-advance.



user_name's picture

Does it really fucking matter the number killed?  Maybe it was only 2 million, maybe 4 million.  No one really knows.  What we do know is it was a genocide.  You're arguing semantics.

Theft of Palestinian  And I suppose we stole Texas and California from the poor Mexicans.  Go to Mexico and see what a shithole that country is, just like Palestine.  We did the Mexicans a favor by giving them a decent place to illegally immigrate lol.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Stop spouting revisionist history, we stole it fair and square!!  And we ain't giving it back...


The 6 million comes from a number of sources but one of the most recognized is that of Adolf Eichmann. He stipulated that in his estimate it was around 6 million.  Whether it was 1 or 4.3 or 6.2 million it doesnt matter. It happened it was systemic and insanity of a nation led by criminal sociopaths

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

*laughs*  You people, including (((mr. mosley))), need to know that I have been-in-this-game for DECADES, and have a genius-level IQ, to-boot, so you are going to have to do MUCH, MUCH better than you are doing, to have any hope of trying to besmirch, belittle, or refute, someone like me.




Better luck, next time.


*smiles seriously*



hxc's picture

Look, the tribe bugs me as much as any ZH'er, and i agree with the majority of your posts (and consider the rest), but from another person lucky enough to have a "genius-level" IQ...


MANvsMACHINE's picture

There are two certainties about people who claim to have a genius IQ:

(1) they are not very smart
(2) they have a very small penis

tion's picture

Yes basically this, but I hope they won't consider your post an invitation to bust out the measuring tapes - there are some things I'd just rather not know >.<

when the saxon began's picture

Does anybody doubt we have some ADL trolls on here?  Notice the downvotes to clear truths on some comments above, and the upvotes on this feeble attempt at propping up the holyhoax fable.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Happy August 15th...RM Nixon

Rothschild Omniscient's picture

Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. It doesn't mean one cannot make money. However the anonymous people at the top are the ones that make the real money. Sound familiar? Old formula, new act.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Since Rothschild Omniscient said it, it must be true.

wisehiney's picture

They hate treasuries more than gold.


Salzburg1756's picture

I hate everything more than gold.

Juggernaut x2's picture

They hate guns above all else

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

I am telling you, ALL, and please do not ignore my words:  (((they))) are getting ready to pull-the-rug-out-from-underneath the whole fucking game, and that is ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR "CRYPTO"-CURRENCIES, PARTICULARLY THE FAKE (((BitCoin))).


There is fuck-all to these (((magical))) 0's and 1's, and there are HUNDREDS of these crypto-currencies that fly-by-night operations are creating and pushing, and once (((they))) are ready to make everything go-full-tilt-boogie, "I TOLD YOU, SO".


Please do not let me have to say that to you, Folks, and prove to (((them))) that you are smarter than (((the cabal))) gives you for being.


You're welcome.



ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Lindsey, it's puf puf pass. You forgot to pass ...

Manipulism's picture

I would love to hear your oppinion about this topic:


This Person tries to explain their goals.

As I understand it they will digitize every asset on earth and make it tradable through the SDR as a token in a blockchain.

Thank you


booboo's picture

and why on a rumor of a nazi gold stash a town digs up an entire mountain looking for it in 2017 and why they lock the doors on the Morgs vaults at night and post guards, they ain't looking for paper sonny.

Juggernaut x2's picture

The Morg doesn't have any gold and neither does the Fed or Ft Knox

MonsterSchmuck's picture

Does ZH get a kickback on bullion purchased after
an especially juicy apocalyptic fear porn article?

booboo's picture

You are young, one good confiscation and anal rape by Uncle Sugar and you sing a different tune. You should be writing a diary, the history books your grandchildren will read won't mention the current and coming misdeeds by the government. My grandma had a storehouse full of canned goods in the basement and morgan silver dollars in mason jars under the floor boards when she passed away at 93, she saw what they did in the 1930's. There were a shit load of one parent households trying to raise a family of for or more. That generation is gone now so they get a do over at your expense. You think she was a doomer or just wary of the government?