Forget The Russians: Blame "Robot Anxiety" For Losing The Election

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

Robots are taking our jobs says the Brookings Institute.

This causes “Robot Anxiety“, but not everywhere, just in the Red states that swung the election to Trump.

Robots, it turns out, are congregating densely in some places but are hardly found in others. Specifically, the map makes clear that while industrial robots are by no means everywhere, they are clustered heavily in a short list of Midwestern and Southern manufacturing states, especially the upper Midwest.


More than half of the nation’s 233,305 industrial robots are burning welds, painting cars, assembling products, handling materials, or packaging things in just 10 Midwestern and Southern states, led by Michigan (which accounts for nearly 28,000 robots, 12 percent of the nation’s total), Ohio (20,400, 8.7 percent), and Indiana (19,400, 8.3 percent), followed closely by Tennessee. By contrast, the entire West accounts for just 13 percent of the nation’s industrial bots.


Focusing on the largest metros along the Interstate corridor from Indiana to Alabama, auto-intense metro Detroit—with more than 15,000 industrial robots in place or 8.5 per 1,000 workers—dominates the map with more than three times the number of installed robots of other metros. Other major manufacturing centers like Toledo, Grand Rapids, Louisville, and Nashville also loom large. Each of these metros saw a tripling of the number of their robots in operation during the post-crisis auto boom between 2010 and 2015.


The uneven map of industrial robotics makes a simple point about technology change. Automation—like so many other economic trends—won’t occur in the same way everywhere.


Anxiety about robots — like their physical distribution — will also likely have its own geography. On this point, while the nation’s anxiety about automation appears broad and diffuse, the specific facts of robot use suggest that the most significant social impacts of at least this form of automation remain concentrated. Specifically, the robots map suggests that robot and broader economic anxiety (along with associated labor market stresses) may also max out in the industrial Midwest—particularly in such robot-exposed “red” states as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania where the election’s outcome was determined.


It is telling that the robot incidence in red states that voted for President Trump in November is more than twice that in the blue states that voted for Hillary Clinton, according to our analysis of the IFR data (a finding that parallels an earlier analysis by economist Jed Kolko of the geography of the “routine” jobs deemed vulnerable to automation).

Red State Robots

Top and Bottom 10

Those darn Russians infiltrated the US and planted enough robots in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Wisconsin to steal the election from Hillary.


The beehive of Russian activity is centered around Elkhart, Indiana, with an amazing 35.9 robots per 1,000 workers.

More seriously, Trump knew how to tap worker discontent and so did Bernie Sanders. Hillary blames Russia.

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Stuck on Zero's picture

You could replace Congress with a 33 MHz x86 with 640K RAM.

Countrybunkererd's picture

You could replace Congress with the pet rock the kid at the front the bus carried when we were children.  Ok, two rocks with a copper wire duct taped to them.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

All of the blame is on Cankles. It's that simple. That the DNC, et al, let Cankles related emails get out so people knew what she thought, so were more against "her," is even more damning of Cankles.

jeff montanye's picture

indeed and that is why, contrary to the headline of this story, we must not, ever, forget the russians and the related hoax, russiagate.  this is the best chance we have of getting debbie wasserman schultz, hillary (and probably bill) clinton, the seditious factions in the fbi, cia and nsa, as well as the worst of the legacy media (most of it) in one cauldron and heat them up to toast.  

the mueller special counsel is a blessing in disguise if the hearings are forced to be public, with strong cross examinations of witnesses under oath.  not sure of how to force them to recognize such as forensicator, adam carter and vips.  we could use some more computer experts going over their material and pushing the frontier of evidence further, if possible.  mueller must be made to get at the actual dnc servers and make public the findings in their entirety.’s-left-russiagate-–-are-we-down-1000-paid-trolls

ReadyforLiftoff's picture

Yeah, this article is bullshit. The blame for the "election loss" goes quarely on the DNC for fraudulently putting forth a candidate thats as energetic as a sloth, combined with Pizzagate and Cocksucker Comey revelations.

lasvegaspersona's picture

but robots in Blue states voted predominantly for Clinton....

Bigly's picture

You are too generous with the RAM. Pelosi, Waters and McCain alone bring down the avg as they are braindead.

The brainpower of all of congress is more like an 8MB memory stick. And fully half of that is Rand Paul.

Jim in MN's picture

Cue Million Robot March for more meaningful tasking, regular motherboard dusting etc.

The Cooler King's picture

They've already done that. They were wearing pink pussy hats.

Lockesmith's picture

Or maybe people who actually make shit prefer Trump?

put a kettle on's picture

Ain't it a problem that every decent sized town and city in the country has its own dot? Used to be you could live a life in this country, that's been traded away by our brilliant countrymen for endless hours of bullshit online entertainment.

Bill of Rights's picture

Aren't Liberals classified as Robots?

bamawatson's picture

unlike liberals, robots actually perform useful tasks

jeff montanye's picture

the nation ran an article on russiagate that has the daily kos shitting in its pants.

seth rich stole the emails and got them to wikileaks.

seymour hersh said the whole russiagate thing is a disinformation operation run by the asshole brennan and the cocksucker rogers.

the becks are suing the dnc for defrauding bernie sanders and his supporters.

that's pretty useful.

and that's the thing.  the hillary deadenders, the deep state, the rinos and the dinos are being caught in a pincer movement between those left of them and the alt right.  we should distinguish between the real enemy and those who can be tactical allies, if we really want victory.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

The populist left and right do share a common enemy. 

goldoverbtc's picture

Oh but dont worry those jobs are being replaced by other jobs, you just need to get off the opioids and go out there and find them!


HK VP9's picture

How about you put the blame squarely where it belongs: Cankles. Probably the worst candidate ever fielded by the Democraps. Wouldn't surprise me to see them run the dumb bitch for a third loss in 2020. 

Bill of Rights's picture

Man I hope they do ha ha ha ha

stitch-rock's picture

Even if the "jobs are coming back",
the jobs ain't coming back.

Be an artist.
The thinking is it will be the one thing computers cant do:
recognize and expand upon beautiful mistakes.

fuckstar's picture

Be a criminal. It's a lot more liberating than pawning shit nobody needs. Revenge is awesome.

stitch-rock's picture

Some artists are criminals.
Ever seen Jeff Koons or Cy Twombly?

truthalwayswinsout's picture

There is no doubt that robots are here to stay but if we get decent trade deals and deport the illegal aliens there will be plenty of jobs in robotic factories, and logistics supplying the factories. 

We would probably have a net gain in jobs of 2-3 million over a 10 year period and reduce our trade deficits by 100%.

We lost 70,000 plus factories to China, Japan, Korea and Mexico.

Also, if you fix Google screwing small business and reign in Amazon with antitrust you will also create 2-3 million more small business owners.

And last but not least if you Take NASA public you would create 10 million or so jobs, 10's of companies, pay off the National Debt and save the environment as well.


deer_flasher's picture

The US lost the factories for not being able to compete with third world countries, the over-regulation, over-taxation and lack of work ethic. There are jobs in the US, but americans don't want them.

Blue Steel 309's picture

Lack of work ethic? You mean the slaves weren't killing themselves fast enough?

You libertardians make me sick.

There was never a need to allow slave labor arbitrage to affect our own economy.

deer_flasher's picture

HAHAHA Calling someone who disagrees a "libtard" never gets old, be creative snowflake, is like calling someone a racist or a bigot. Far from it, I'm against the food stamps, lazy ass unskilled workers who think that a high school diploma will compete in the real world, paying someone for having kids or disability frauds. You probably feel sick for some other ulterior motives, anyways.

Here is the thing, people these days seem to think they deserve their dream job, just for the hell of it, which is incorrect, that's where I'm going with the work ethic part, If you want a good job, acquire the skills and earn it. A robot can make things faster than most people, but still requires a skilled operator. If you took the time to read mike rowe's article on the skill gap (which I doubt), problem is not lack of jobs, is the lack of people "willing" to do them.

America needs skilled labor to be great again, otherwise, you get a bunch of loser democrats and republicans whinning all the time in ZH comment section. If people is not willing to learn new skills or acquire advanced knowledge, corporations will look elsewhere for someone to do the job, perhaps a wong fu, juan martinez or raj muhammad, if john doe is not willing to do it.

sgt_doom's picture

Soooo that's why the began offshoring programmer jobs to Ghana back around 2003 to 2005!

Thanks for explaining that, now will you explain to me how I can wipe my ass?

deer_flasher's picture

Perhaps look for a youtube video on the matter, case in point, since mom and dad failed to teach you how to wipe your own ass, no wonder ghana programmers got an edge on you.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

You might be right but I'd love to know on what basis you arrived at those figures.

Juliette's picture

Interesting. ZH and its shills love robots, as we all know. Now it turns out it is the liberals who love robots most and people voted TRUMP because they fear robots. Lessons to be learnt?

Cardinal Fang's picture

Its starts out as proximity to Pittsburgh. Carnegie Mellon, specifically and spreads from there.


sgt_doom's picture


We'll tip off ISIS and al Qaeda and Alex-what's-his-face and the Antifas that the proper way to bring Amerika to its kneeds is to blow the Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute to smithereens!

Outstanding . . .

medium giraffe's picture

Maybe it wasn't 'robot anxiety'. maybe it was a large group of people who registered their discontent at the polls.  Sadly, they voted for a fucking imbecile fraudster in a sham system. 

On the face of it, this sounds like a bad thing, but it is not.  The more powerless people feel, the angrier they get.  The angrier they get, the closer they are to proving that they are not powerless. 

The closer we get to that point, the more likely it becomes that things will change for the better. 

This is a Good Thing, if a little unpleasant.

sherwoodmerc's picture

Does that include those who self identify as a robot?

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Get it through your thick skulls: "your" jobs aren't coming back. Ever. At $15 and hour thats over $30K ... per year!  I can build a lot of bot for $30K.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

And that is the real growth industry.  A $100,000 bot that can replace a $30,000 per year worker.  $10,000 per year in maintenance and upkeep.  If that robot can last ten years it is a bargain.   If you use it for three 8 hour shifts of $15 per hour employees that is a super bargain.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

When they open the robot box, is there a community organizer there with a voter registration card? Or does that come with the invoice?

jughead's picture

dey terk ur jerbs!

Let it Go's picture

Americans don't just want jobs, they want "good jobs" and this means full-time work that pays well and has benefits.After facing decades of stagnating or falling wages when adjusted for inflation little wonder exist as to why the average American feels insecure or downright betrayed. Several new technologies headed in our direction scream more economic disruption ahead.

The fact is in my area while we continue to hear about unemployment at sixteen-year lows many people remain under employed and are struggling. The ball is now in the court of Washington and President Trump, more on this subject in the article below;

taketheredpill's picture



When will Hollywood start to see a tech impact:

- AI screenwriting

- Robotic actors?  VR actors?


Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Robotic actors? Have you seen Kirsten Stewart?

Last of the Middle Class's picture

It's just hard to get FB ro(bots) to vote.

dickizinya's picture

No actual correlation.  Just a bad candidate that didn't play in the heartland because the candidate made it clear she didn't care for the working class.

FlKeysFisherman's picture

Robotic spot welders have been around since the 80's. More robot BS.

Driverless cars and trucks, now that would be a problem.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Not a problem.  A solution.  Productivity growth is what saves us.


Also imagine roads where all cars are linked together on carnet. Each car knows what all the others cars within a five mile radius are doing.  Cars can drive closer together.  They can be easily coordinated into the most efficient traffic patterns that get everybody to their destinations in an efficient way.  You wouldn't even need street lights anymore since carnet would manage the flows.  We could probably quadruple road capacity with the same efficiencies we have now.

any_mouse's picture

Cheeze whiz, smart guy.

Free Shit Army!

The State will take care of them.

just the tip's picture

they are clustered heavily in a short list of Midwestern and Southern manufacturing states,

i have never understood these journalistic types who refer to places like illinois and ohio as the "midwest".

midwest of what?  what point of reference do dumbfucks like mish use as a reference?  is then philadelphia mid-america?  if NYC is the center of the universe, how can it be on the east coast?  anything west of east is west, would mean anything east of west is east.

if you are looking at a map of the contiguous 48 states, or 57 whichever, wyoming is the midwest.  those states that dumbfucks like mish refer to are mideastern states.  everyone knows what and where flyover country is.  but what it does geographically is separate east from west.  dumbucks.  and considering their geographical point of reference being what it is, no doubt their financial point of reference can be any different.

Authored by Mike Shedlock

should have stopped reading there.

DaveA's picture

Guess what meatbags, the robot apocalypse arrived early. Machines are very far from achieving sentience and autonomy, but they are such a force multiplier to human labor that less than a fifth of the adult population produces everything everyone actually needs (food, clothing, shelter, medicine, etc.) while the rest of us collect welfare or try to look busy in unproductive make-work jobs.

This hits white people the hardest because being useless layabouts is against our nature; niggers and beaners are happy to just stand around chillin' with the homeboys.

Anteater's picture

When the first cultipacker came out, I sold my horses and bought a tractor.

Why drag a chisel-tooth back and forth, back and forth, to break up furrows?

When the first NC mill came to our farm equipment machine shop, I sold the

farm. Why drag around in the dirt and saw shakes all winter, when you could

get a paycheck running machines? When the first CNC controller came out,

I was running a 5-axis mill, and that just made my job that much easier.

But when CNC started controlling the tool change out, and I was reduced to

baby-sitting blank-loading, with CNC code being written by some H-1B Hindu,

I quit the machine shop and went into CAD design for construction. That was

good money and steady work, most people didn't know how to read or draw.

In summer, I worked outside as a land surveyor, doing property re-grading.

Then BIM and CISR came out, survey went to SAT GPS, and everything was

being done remotely in India by H-1B Hindus in Waiting. Tried to tell myself

that everything is a robot, from your toaster to your Tundra, but now you

can't work on your Tundra without a chip-reader, and your appliances have

a mind of their own you need a programming guide for, lol. My kid has to

come over and show me how to run the X-Box/Big Screen HD TV interface.

I just want to go back to plowing my back 40, with horses and a 2-bottom.