1 In 7 New York City Public-School Students Is Homeless

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Despite promising to do everything in his power to improve the quality of life for New York City’s most economically vulnerable residents, Mayor Bill De Blasio has instead presided over one of the largest expansions in homelessness in New York City history.

Over the past two years, the population of homeless students in NYC’s public schools has exploded, increasing by 20% between the 2015-2016 school year and the 2016-2017 school year, which concluded in June. There are now more than 140,000 homeless public-school students, according to the Atlas of Student Homelessness, an annual study conducted by the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness. At any given time, roughly 9% of NYC public-school students are homeless. Another four percent were currently housed, but had experienced homelessness at some point since 2010-2011 school year. Furthermore, one in seven NYC students will have been homeless at least temporarily during their tenure.

According to the New York Times, which published a summary of the study's findings, the increase in homelessness since De Blasio took office has been driven by three factors: Dwindling federal aid for housing-insecure Americans, rising rents and the closure of state-run renters’ assistance programs.

“The growing number of homeless children is part of the fallout of the city’s housing crisis, which has seen a growing number of families in city shelters, as rents have risen, federal and state aid has dwindled, and a state rental assistance program ended. The de Blasio administration has struggled to slow the rising numbers, but with little success.”

Being homeless can have a profoundly negative impact on students’ long-term academic performance, even if they’re only homeless for a short period of time. This is because for homeless children, just getting to school each day can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

“Homelessness is difficult under any circumstances, but for children, the stress and physical dislocation can be like a tornado dropped in the school day. Students bounce from school to school as their family leaves home, perhaps staying with friends, before entering the shelter system, where they are often moved from place to place. Getting children to school each day becomes an enormous challenge, especially if families have recently moved across the city.”

Because of this, homeless elementary school students on average missed 88 days of school last year, which amounts to about half of the year. According to Anna Shaw-Amoah, the senior policy analyst at ICPH, students who “fall behind” in kindergarten or first grade often struggle for years to catch up.

“…the challenges are not just about whether you’re currently living in a shelter or a doubled-up setting, but did they have that experience last year, or did they have this experience in kindergarten? The instability really travels with students. If you fall behind in one year, it’s going to be harder to get on grade level the next year.”

Students who live in shelters achieve proficiency on 3rd–8th grade math. Yet even after a student’s family has found permanent housing, the psychiatric effects of homelessness often linger: These students exhibit chronic absenteeism at 1.5 times the rate for students who don’t struggle with housing insecurity.

Of course, homeless student populations can vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood, and from school to school.  The rate of student homelessness ranged from a low of 2.5% in Bayside, Queens to a high of 20% in the Bronx’s Highbridge/Concourse neighborhood.

“Another crucial point in the report is how homeless students are distributed among the city’s schools, with some schools and districts seeing intense concentrations, while others bear a relatively light burden. In Bayside, Queens, 823 students were homeless in the 2015-2016 school year, while in District 10 in the Bronx which includes neighborhoods like Fordham and Belmont, more than 10,000 students did not have stable place to live."

Another factor compounding the difficulties faced by homeless students is that many are English-language learners. The study found that one in every six English language learner (ELL) students was homeless in SY 2015–16. 

In summary, the data suggest that any plan to ameliorate the negative consequences of student homelessness must be individually tailored to the school and the district. The recommendations are simple: After-school programs help keep kids off the streets and under adult supervision. Providing lunches and snacks helps keep students focused on the material being learned instead of their empty stomach. Small changes like these may not put a roof over a child’s head, but they can help undo some of the psychological damage that being homeless can inflict, increasing the students' chances of making it to graduation.

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IronSights on'um's picture

who's policy built it...

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That's another issue.  The safety nets of the many government support programs means that folks do not have to move.  Both the jobs(and now the housing) has to come to them.

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So why did they tear down the old Yankee Stadium again? or build homeless shelters on GROUND ZERO?

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1/7 are homeless...tough---

"These things happen in a Big City. People just have to get used to them!"



More impotently, 50% of men, aged 40-55 have erectile dysfunction! Now that's impotent!!

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666 Park Avenue probably has a few square feet available. Or maybe those empty vaults where gold used to be under 33 Liberty.

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I thought NYC was full of "progressives" who cared about the poor.

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Do like oh so enlightened Germany and confiscate unoccupies apartments.   When those are filled up, move them into spare bedrooms in the yupper east side.  Use force if you have to.  Most property owners are racist anyways, otherwise they would of already invited Tanesha and her 5 childrens.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

I think this report is probably true. The population of the homeless is under-reported during the presidency of Democrats, I suspect. 

If this is true, how in the hell can the unemployment rate really be 4.3 percent? How could the economy be growing at a good clip? How could the stock market be soaring to new highs every day?

140,000 homeless kids in one public school system ... in  a city whose economy is allegedly booming? 

The stories don't match.

victoriamproletari's picture

Moron. These kids are morons but you are the ones that let a zionist bank run the country hahaha

Whites are so supreme they bend over for the zionists.

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give them a one way plane ticket to Hawaii and let it be an obama solution

ejmoosa's picture

At some point we have to acknowledge that not everyone can live where they desire and that it's not the government's responsibility to find affordable housing for them.


I'd like to live in Nantucket in a home I can afford if it is the government's responsibility.

Offthebeach's picture

Used to take 13' Boston Whaler from Bass River to Nantucket late 1960's before the boat basin was built. Was like costal Maine. Leave it on the beach, wander around for a few days, sleep on the beach, ....
Now? One word. Fake. Nuke it from orbit.

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that would be LBJ and his Great Society ... you are now reaping the world wind ... when take God out of your life... ...you have no meaningful life ... and your society goes to shit ...and your children.. are homeless 

peopledontwanttruth's picture

The one that said we're going to expand this empire and bomb everyone and everything back to the Stone Age.

It's both the offense and defense of the same team.

venturen's picture

Thanks Ben

Thanks Hank

Thanks Tim

Thanks Janet

Thanks Lloyd

Thanks Jamie


Keep rescuing the richest....wait there is a racist Trump vote...

Enjoy your SNAP card in your cardboard box

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Who is the mayor there?

Crazy Or Not's picture

You ever get the sense that the system may be broken?


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72% of blacks are raised without fathers.  They don't give a fuck about their own children.  You expect them to care about your country or your constitution?  Sheeeeeeeeeeeit

No system is going to fix that.

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

Hey, what could go wrong when a country continues to pay welfare trash to breed more of them? Anybody? Bueller? 


LBJ..'we'll have them N's voting for us for the next 200 years"....his words not mine

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433 blacks were killed so far this year in Shitcago by other blacks, as it turns out.


If I were a journalist I'd be asking Jamie, "What do you have to say about that?"

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We employed a heroin addict for 2 years. He broke into the office twice, traded stock for cash stole from employees and more stuff. 
Only after two years of countless interventions and relapses was he well enough to look at himself and re-examine his values and where they had brought him. Desperate people do desperate things, survival is just that - survival. If you've never experienced love nurturing and compassion how can you give it to another? The article seems to suggest that a stable home and good schooling would seem to help. Somewhere along the way values and morality have to be brought home, or yes you're right like our heroin guy, they won't give a fuck about anyone else until they realise that people care about them .... and possibly they may.... just may start to care something back. Though after so much bad and hate it may take time, but it does save them from going through life hating others.  

Mtnrunnr's picture

If I grew up homeless I'd be pretty fucking pissed at the world.

Crazy Or Not's picture

That's the thing, Zombie Apocolypse... or Slave revolt,  the have nots are going to come from somewhere.
If we all started from Zero, then fine go out make something of yourself...
But some start from +100 and others from -1000. 
If we can and choose to do nothing to help, we're no better than the Corporations/Globalists/ 1% that we complain so much about.

Our (ex) heroin addict is married now with two kids and is making a go of it. He also paid back everything he stole.

Bigly's picture

As opposed to mad at your crack whore mother and disappeared father?


Homelessness is not that prevalent in nuclear families....

Mtnrunnr's picture

I've been homeless and I have never done drugs. I went to college and graduated with a 3.6 in a STEM field at Davidson (look it up). That crack addicted thing causing homelessness is a false narrative.

Bigly's picture

Great for you. You have oercome hideous adversity through who knows what combo of attributes.... Strength of character as well?

People are dealt shitty hands. And sometimes through no fault of their own ( e.g., small child's crappy parent).

But the hardest thing to learn is LIFE IS NOT FAIR. If dealt a shitty hand actively try to get to a better place. Some can/do. Lots do not.

But it's boy who cried wolf. So many programs sucking tax $ the truly needy get the big shaft.

The answer is not take more tax $, we must do away with pet projects that pander for votes and zero in on the most worthy uses of funds.

Mtnrunnr's picture

Its modern slavery. Thats a bit different than unfairness You're not a badass because you overcame adversity. You're lucky.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

You're a hard worker and focused not lucky. Give yourself some credit

You're an example

Offthebeach's picture

A house is not a home. Section 8, 2-3 step brothers/sisters,  Welfare....will never be a "home".

drgizmo's picture

and who's fault is that ?   ... LBJ took the father out of the family ...making the Godless state responsiable ... there you are ... progressive heaven... enjoy...

Crazy Or Not's picture

I've only intervened where I've chosen to, there are some henious folk out there who cannot be helped and will suck the lifeblood out of any hand out.
When I've seen something in the eyes of someone and I had the inclination to do something I've done what I've had the capacity and ability to do, and with the agreement of all others involved. If I'm looking for something its Ambition. The will to be more than what they presently are, and a determination to do something about it. Handouts in general lead to dependency and stasis, which is obviously fucked. 
Conversly if you took most Ivy league kids and put them in a tough home situation they'd never make it, they're not tough enough. Kids from tough backgrounds who do make it are diamonds - because they know what a rare gift opportunity is and are never complaicent about what they have.

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the problem is all about lead hardness.

Crazy Or Not's picture

It sucks.


On a single night in January 2013, there were 610,042 people experiencing homelessness. Homelessness has declined by 9% since 2007 (HUD, 2013). However, unofficial estimates of total homelessness range from 1.6 million to 3.5 (NCH, 2009), and in 2013, 2,483,539 children experienced homelessness (NCFH, 2014).

Parallel Universe.

Thebighouse's picture

There is no system failure.  It is failure to participate in the system.

You cannot have a society without a family unit.  Our society is closer to doom because we have abandoned a family unit and  morality.

We have been taught to depend on the government ...or whatever....and not ourselves.  Taught to DEMAND THAT.

We have rights to entitilements....we have no such rights.  And life on entitlements is cheating.

Dope is wrong. 

Amorality is wrong.

Things matter.

As a society, we have be drugged into the belief that nothing really matters.  We will be provided for.  That is a failure to participate in a society that

was founded upon belief in God, ten commandments,  honest effort and work, and that all men (and women) are created equal...but effort and ability will enable you to

become "unequal"....to prosper more than the other person.  That could be hard work or good fortune.  But not theft, and sloth and entitlements.  The world

CELEBRATES OUR ABILITY TO PROSPER.  IT IS CALLED THE AMERICAN DREAM.   You are NOT entitled to a dream.   You have to attain it with effort.

Obama spent ten TRILLION of our dollars to divide us, to lie to us, to encourage lack of effort and a sense of entitlement. Spied on and lied to us.  Put the mainstream

media into the same mold as himself.  Liars and fakes.

The swamp needs to be drained.  

Time to stand up for who you are!  


Mtnrunnr's picture

How much does a living unit cost there? 2 mil? What a fucking joke.

drgizmo's picture

Exactly everyone get a fair chance to succeed ... every one is not guaranteed an successful out come ... earn it fool.

Thebighouse's picture

And the govenor...who is that?

FoggyWorld's picture

And the mayor...who is that?

boattrash's picture

How many in 7 are there legally?  Fuck sanctuary Cities.

c2nnib2l's picture

yeaah they should adjust their statements


1 in 7 children is a homeless illegal migrant 


it really surprise me to be honest, this country was build by migrants in times when there was no minimum wage and no social support system, almost everybody had a job and nobody was complaing !  and USA was blooming ! 

Empire state building was constructed in one year without even holding the traffic for a day ! that was progress, and they say that we are NOW living in best times evaaaa yeaah right ! 

fuckstar's picture

The study found that one in every six English language learner students was homeless. Thats 1 in 6 short criminals that broke into our country and are plundering it until its just like their dump. For every one of these cockroaches there is a nest.

I am Jobe's picture

It's for the Children.


Most Murikans will be homeless soon. Enjoy while you can. 

Netflix is not gonna save anyone. 

redc1c4's picture

let them live with the teachers & administrators...


c2nnib2l's picture

that's what I normally say to those who support Merkelism and taking refugees in.


You want to take refugees ?

No problem, just put your address down in here and sign

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Does this mean Jimmy Kimmel will cry on TV again tonight?