Embattled Trump Praises Kim Jong Un For "Very Wise Decision"

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After a fiery press conference yesterday that seemingly did more damage than good, President Trump seems desperate to change the topic this morning.  Having attacked Amazon earlier over Twitter, the President just tweeted the following message thanking Kim Jong Un for a "very wise and well reasoned decision" saying the "alternative would have been catastrophic."

"Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!"


Seems we've come a long way since the "fire and fury" promised last week.


So, with a nuclear showdown with North Korea moved to the back burner for now, what other fireworks will we get from Trump Tower today?  More advisory council resignations perhaps?

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aloha_snakbar's picture

Come on Trump... make WAR, not love...

serotonindumptruck's picture

Trump's comment seems designed as condescending and patronizing towards Kim Jung Un.

Some of North Korea's latest statements seem to be the same.

They're trying to piss each other off with subtle language skills.

Looney's picture


Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well-reasoned decision.

We won! We won! WE WON!!!

Now, we need a Ticker Tape Parade ASAP… before Little Kim resumes nuclear tests and ICBM launches.  ;-)


sickavme's picture

Why does being forceful over the childish reporters during a press conference make trump "embattled"?






GunnerySgtHartman's picture


"They" may wind up in the mental ward before the 8 years of Trump is over.  :-)

attila404's picture

Most will. These are very weak people.

Occident Mortal's picture


I do wonder if I will look back at Trump's time in office and realise his biggest achievement was cock blocking Hillary.

His administration is colorful and hyper communicative, but will it actually change anything?

He needs to make a difference for every day Americans or history will record him as the David that beat Hillary Clinton's Goliath, that isn't the sort of framing he likes.

He needs to get moving on tax and infrastructure. He needs to tell America about the Trump doctrine. Build it big, build it now.

pliny the longer's picture

u raise good point; for all the bluster, he's been rather impotent and feckless as a leader for any sort of change.  He's perfect in fact for the deep state and opposition

svayambhu108's picture

Perfect honeypot - with love AIPAC 

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Lots of peanutz don't realize that they are negotiating, and Trump is inviting Kim to continue down the path of de-escalation.

This will be resolved less than a year from now, without war.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: This will be resolved a year from now ... without war

Probably right. But it would have been resolved ... without war ... if we had simply ignored North Korea, and kept our air craft carriers, destroyers and submarines in Pearl Harbor. And kept our bombers wherever we keep our bombers.

Membership in Club Nuclear is going to continue to increase as long as America remains a proactive Policeman for the World. These nations don't fear America's freedom. They fear the military of America and American presidents who love to utilize said military to achieve neocon objectives. To them, we are the danger. ("Breaking Bad," memorable quotes from).

SilverRhino's picture

That's the funny part.  He IS negotiating. 

Compliments for someone who is doing what you want them to do cost nothing and do in fact ENCOURAGE that behavior to continue.

"Use the language of your oppoent" - Trump 


And Trump is getting what the USA wants.  A quieter, possibly more reasonable Kim Jong Un

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: "Trump is getting ..."

I think Trump is getting ... a North Korea that damn sure doesn't want to start a nuclear war with America, or any kind of war with America.

But: Trump had that one month ago, seven months ago when he was sworn in as president. North Korea was never a threat to launch a preemptive attack against America or any of its allies. 

Now, North Korea felt that America was a legitimate threat to attack its country, either  to bring about " needed regime change" or just to  "spread a little more democracy and freedom."

I don't know what gave them the idea this might happen. Anyway, they are building some nukes and some missiles to reduce the probability such a scenario will occur. Apparently, the head of the regime is not for regime change.

tion's picture

If the cards are played right NK will actually have an opportunity to take a seat at the global table with their sovereignty still in tact.

svayambhu108's picture

An then US goes and do military exercises with Japan!

Crazy Or Not's picture

I give thanks daily we didn't end up with that Babylonian whore.

shovelhead's picture

I don't know of any living Babylonians that voted for her.

I can't say how many dead Babylonians did...

Akdov Telmig's picture

Just face it and get along with it, you've been played/fooled again this time by an narcissistic pervert manipulator professional bullshitter fan of Twitter.

lucitanian's picture

So might we. just following his tweets!

spastic_colon's picture

race baiting is now very profitable for the jobless; it also sells advertising in print news apparently; the libs are lapping up the attention but dont know they are being played by the media.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: "Victory!"

Yep. See how easy this is? Just declare victory, and bring the troops (sailors) home.

This said, I'll postpone my little celebration until all those aircraft carriers are safely back in port in San Diego.

geno-econ's picture

Nothing like Triumphant Humility to stoke ones Ego that is so Insecure

Joe A's picture

Flattering can be the biggest form of insult. Condescending and patronizing as in your words. Or perhaps meant in such a way that everybody can walk away from this with their pride intact.

Tarheel's picture

Did you actually expect the author of this crappy excuse for an article to be able to understand subtle language skills? "Tyler" completely misses the point and fails to grasp that a President has a shitton of things to respond to in this country in crisis. POTUS doesnt need an excuse to broach issues with NK or Amzn.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

I read Trump's tweet as Trump backing down and declaring victory. Someone talked some sense into him. 

Yes, he could have easily started a war. But this would not have benefitted the United States of America ... or its "embattled" president. Said president would have become more "embattled" (literally). Really, he protected his own ass. He lives to tweet again. He is no doubt happy with himself.

HRClinton's picture

Trump's handlers and (((billionaire backers))) are now worried that the Norks could EMP the US, and send its enslaved population back to the 1800s, where they would be free of (((Their))) financial and ideological slavery. The horror, the horror!

robertocarlos's picture

Then why the fuck do you have B-1 bombers flying over Korea?

newdoobie's picture

the news said they were flying southwest of the Korean Peninsula

NickPeeMe's picture

Embattled Steve bannon breaks his neck trying to bend over and suck his own cock while trump watches.

BabaLooey's picture

Nice. Typical liberal asshole trash.

Troll harder - dickhead.


Just the relentless whining and pants pissing by the loser leftoid fucksticks in the MSM and spolied millionaire cunts.

I encounter an anti-Trump person? TO a person - dumb as shit, and devoid of ANY empirical facts to back up anything they spew.


QIG's picture

Trolls get paid by the comment (about 25 cents per posting), so their comments are short since they have to pile into many sites to earn their bread (about 40 comments a day).

They have no facts because that takes time, so they just attack people usually and inflame others.

Everyone needs a place to hang their hat, at least they are "working", more than most Congressmen care to.

I doubt very much if they ever read the comments back to them, no time. But is is sometimes it is intersting to reply as a conversation amongst ourselves! :^) WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR.  Keep on keeping on.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: Trolls ...

The government of Russia paid me 50 cents per post back in the days when we were meddling in the U.S. election. I used to meet my handler by the Slurpee machine at a nearby 7-11. They pay in cash too.

Bill of Rights's picture

Hey dumb cunt you think by changing your avatar no one wil notice ha ha ha typical dumb fuck.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Typical "dumb fuck" name caller. Or, maybe "dumb cunt" name caller.

Out of curiosity when did your CIA recruiters discover your talent, your potential to help advance the cause? Third grade? Fourth? Or did you start coming into your own as the school bully in high school?

QIG's picture

Maybe you should have exressed your true feelings about him right out loud, instead of moderating yourself so much.

joey stalin's picture

I know Lindsay Graham is more you're type.

The central planners's picture

Just read that Germany supports the China.-Russia plan for peace in the NK issue.

QIG's picture

Germany is a complete basket case under their fat and ugly little idiot for a leader. Their agreement with anything means nothing.

IENTJ's picture

This is ridiculous, and dangerous, at the same time.

QIG's picture

Not as dangerous as it seems. It is comparable to the sputterering in a fry pan when you pour cold water on it to cool it down. We are all head back to "America" from the nightmare of the civil war.

brushhog's picture

"After a fiery press conference yesterday that seemingly did more damage than good...."

I dont think it did more harm than good. Who said it did? The frenzied media? Trump struck a blow for common sense and for regular Americans during that press conference. Best thing he could have done.

Hillarys Server's picture

It did damage to snowflakes.

They were so upset they almost dropped the improvised flamethrowers they were using to burn people's faces off with.

EuroPox's picture

N Korea was simply a distraction - nothing was ever going to happen!  But what is Trump going to do about BLM and Antifa??  Far more important to deal with them and not get distracted by crap.  Kessler was a leftist plant put there to sucker Trump supporters into a fiasco - same tactics that Project Veritas revealed during the election.

Trump needs to focus on his domestic problems - not N Korea or Iran.


Quinvarius's picture

It was no distratcion.  It was the left cheek of Obama's unwiped ass.  An adult was needed to get that situation under control.  And it still isn't over.  Kim is incapable of sticking to any agreement that involves him not having nuclear ICBMs.

EuroPox's picture

Kim has a few nukes and a rocket motor (courtesy of Ukraine) - but he can't put them together!  He does NOT have an ICBM; he does not have the tech to get a nuke through re-entry - it is all MSM BS!!

Kim's threat is not to the US - it is to S Korea and Japan.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Tell me again why a third-world, impoverished nation wants to start a war with South Korea or Japan. This will help North Korea how?

EuroPox's picture

I don't believe the NOKs do want to start a war - they just want everyone to leave them alone.  BUT if they are attacked, they will fight and will hit S Korea/Japan because they can do that.  Best for all of us, would be to leave them alone with their non-Rothschild controlled central bank...

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Our thoughts are the same. I think it's called a "deterent." It usually works, but first it must be deemed to be "credible."

But since it "usually works" regimes are apt to give it the old college try.