FBI Unexpectedly Releases Confidential Employee Evaluations Of James Comey

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In an unexpected, impromptu release, on Tuesday morning the FBI's "Records Vault" twitter account released a trove of information, divulging "Field Office and Headquarters Climate Survey Results" among which are annual results for the years 2013 through 2017, but more notably, the confidential employee evaluation results for now-former Director James Comey.

It is unclear why the FBI releases this data now, although like on previous occasions, it was likely prompted by an external FOIA request.

In the description of the survey results, the FBI notes the following:

The FBI Annual Employee Survey (AES) provides an opportunity for employees to anonymously share their perspective on the performance of FBI leaders and the organization.


The AES is comprised of two surveys: the Leadership Survey, measuring employees' perceptions of their supervisors' leadership abilities; and the Climate Survey, measuring employees' attitudes about their work, work environment, and the FBI as a whole. The FBI analyzes the data to help improve current leadership, pick new leaders, and encourage employees to express ideas on how management and the FBI can improve.


Each survey item is rated on a five-point scale. Each rating is averaged by the number of respondents. The following scoring breakdown is congruent with the scoring ranges identified by Human Resources senior level executive in the Senior Leader selection process:


  • Average scores between 1.0 and 2.99 indicate potential areas of concern which could worsen if not addressed. A focus on development in these areas would be recommended.
  • Average scores between 3.0 and 3.80 indicate positive feedback in these areas with potential for improvement.
  • Average scores between 3.81 and 5 indicates success in those areas.


FBI Field Office and Headquarters Climate Survey Results (2013)
FBI Field Office and Headquarters Climate Survey Results (2014)
FBI Field Office and Headquarters Climate Survey Results (2015)
FBI Field Office and Headquarters Climate Survey Results (2016)
FBI Field Office and Headquarters Climate Survey Results (2017)
FBI Director James Comey Climate Survey Results (2015-2017)

In the charts below, we have summarized the disclosed results from Comey's survey results, broken down across 4 key verticals: i) Personal Characteristics and Values, ii) Leading People, iii) Managing Work and iv( Miscellaneous. While there are not drastic changes over the roughly 3 years during which Comey was FBI Director, there appears to be a notable downward shift in Comey's evaluations by anywhere from 36 respondents (in 2015) and 48 (in 2017).

While there are more details in the full evaluations, here is the core breakdown:

Personal Characteristics and Values:

Leading People:

Managing Work


The full Comey Survey Results are below (link)

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GUS100CORRINA's picture

FBI Unexpectedly Releases Confidential Employee Evaluations Of James Comey

My response: Now this is getting interesting!!!!!

Pinto Currency's picture

Employee evaluation of a perjurer.

Who cares?

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

HR departments are TOTALLY a snowflake invention, so Sad!

Mtnrunnr's picture

You're sucking Trump's dick so hard you even sound like him now. So sad. Its the worst. Terrible.

janus's picture

No, we're simply supporting him; and we're supporting him simply because he's kept his word, has pursued the priorities outlined in his campaign and has the kind of intestinal fortitude requisite for effecting them.  He's being attacked from all sides by a bunch of herd-minded bullies, media minions, deep-state globalists and a sad gaggle of worthless millenials.  He doesn't back down from these yapping hyenas; he stands tall in the pit and swats down the bullshit.

You people have been openly and boldly threatening the life of a lawfully elected president.  You encourage and ethusiastically support violence and financial persucution against any who dare to express any unfashionable opinion.  You are the intolerant bigots.  It is you who advocate hatred and violence.  We have principals; for you, the end (and none of you understand the end of the agenda you're advancing) always justifies the means.  

by the way, as for cock-sucking, etc.  do you recall the name of the former president's "body man"?  wasn't it reggie love?  


y3maxx's picture

When will the FBI release Obama's college records, and his Foreign student loan information?

Sector Catalyst's picture

When will the FBI do a proper investigation in Seth Rich's murder?

I tried saying that with a straight face and failed...

nmewn's picture


And back on Comey, look at those graphs...lol...is there any rational person who can now say Comey didn't deserve to be fired?

NiggaPleeze's picture


Come again?  3.81 is success and he scored above that in each category in each year.  Sure his approval went down - a little - over the years but look where they started (hint: stratosphere) so there was no where to go but down!  Trump's approval has dropped much more. 

Of course employee reviews is not the sole basis for hiring or firing an FBI director in any event.

Never let ideology (incl. partishanship) blind you to the truth .... :)

fx's picture

Are you fucking kidding me? 36 (or 43) respondents, from the entire FBI? Meh, I don't care one iota what 0.1 % of the FBI's 40,000 or so employees think. It's absurd to even publish a survey of such a ridiculously small sample size.

OverTheHedge's picture

Thank you for cutting to the central issue: this means nothing.

nmewn's picture

Its the trajectory my nigga ;-)

veritas semper vinces's picture

How about the 650,000 e-mails from Weiner's laptop? How's that for a start?

Mtnrunnr's picture

Trump doesn't give one single solitary fuck about you or me. Support him at your own peril. He would, will, and has sold us out for a buck. Golbal capitalists have zero interest in the state or those within it. He's baiting you with race and job loss rhetoric (which is or may be correct) and switching it on you so that he can profit.

Mtnrunnr's picture

HRC ISNT THE FUCKING PRESIDENT. GODDAMN IT. HRC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. throw her in jail. Kill her. I don't care. There are millions of people dieing of opioids because you and 30% of voters care more about her than the country.

knightowl77's picture

Basic fcking point...Nov 2016 we had two (2) choices for President - HRC or Trump....Period!


Trump on his worst fckg day is better than HRC anyday and better than anyone in the establishment always...


So I will support him to the end against any and all in the establishment/the DC crowd. All the cucks in DC can go to hell.


slyhill's picture

Even that day she impersonated a sack of 'taters?

Eyes Opened's picture

"Even that day she impersonated a sack of 'taters?"


And as an Irishman, if I was alive during the Great Famine, I would NOT have eaten one of those "taters"...

LOCK... HER...UP... FFS !!!!

drgizmo's picture

If HRC was on fire I would not even piss on her ...squirm and burn bitch... and rest in the hell you made...

Zero_Ledge's picture

Really?  Huh.  That's odd.  I specifically remember voting for Gary Johnson.


knightowl77's picture

Yea? How many Electoral votes did he get?????? Good Job!

chiswickcat's picture

You may well have voted for whomever, but in reality, there were only two candidates in the running. You dreamer.

Zero_Ledge's picture

Stop being so short-sighted, and study some history for crying out loud. Parties and politics change slowly. Vote for the best candidate - always.  That's how things change.

lew1024's picture

The moronic Libertarians decided they would rather be respectable than adopt a 9-11 Truth position, passing up the finest scandal, the most scientific evidence, in human history, one that half of the people in the US already understood.

And you voted for them?

Nobody paid any attention to Libertarians and won't. I resigned from my lifetime membership, they are completely irrelevant in US politics.

bh2's picture

Gary Johnson is not a "libertarian". Neither is his VP nominee, William Weld.

Zero_Ledge's picture

"the most scientific evidence" ?  right.....

iamrefreshed's picture

They should die, they are drug addicts. Survival of the fittest and all that jazz.

peippe's picture

actually tens of thousands are dying every year, by choice.

it will tale a score of years to even approach one million ODs in America.

not too concerned about other's deadly habits.

StephenHopkins's picture

You need a medical intervention

Syrin's picture

Then you can keep on sucking Hillary's dick fuckhead.   If he's an insider, why is EVERYONE who we know is an insider trying to take him down?   Your anal incontince from years of ass pounding is clouding your judgement.

janus's picture

okay, assuming for one moment you're correct in your first assertion.  The problem still remains that there are legions of 'folks' who do care about janus; they care in that they're animated by a spirit of vengeance and retribution, they've been so thoroughly conditioned to believe -- passionately -- that, because of my identity and intransigence viz. advancing their bolshevik dogmas, i need to be punished.  Moreover, not only am I expected to feel some shame at not enthusiastically celebrating a myriad of cultures and identities, I am to be crucified if I don't denounce who I am and the culture that wrought me.  Even the faintest hint at honoring a heritage like mine is grounds for murder -- and they don't even pretend to disguise their demonic hostility anymore.

As to your other contention, I would say you're so wildly off-base that it's hardly worth addressing.  Nevertheless, I'll say that it's your side incessantly race-baiting and fanning the flames of divisiveness.

What you'll soon come to find is that the only parties inimical to Trump are those outlined above.  Non-activist black-folk kinda like Trump -- and they like him a whole hellofa lot more than hildabeast.  The American people LOVE authenticity; and having been deprived of it for so long, they are happily refreshed by each additional measure.  You will also come to find that Mexican Americans kinda like Trump; in that the ones here now know that they're pay and positions are threatened by unlimited immigration.

No, Mtnrnnr, I would say that the peril is facing you.  Yes, perhaps Trump will be taken down.  Hard to say at this point.  However, and mark it well, if that were to happen, the response to such an act would indeed 'fundamentally transform the United States of America'.  So, impeach this President at 'your' peril.  



drstrangelove73's picture

You do realize that you have no possible means of knowing that which you have just asserted to be the truth-unless you are in his cabinet.Mnuchin,is that you?If not,then why don't you shut the fuck up and go back to sucking your own dick..

Eyes Opened's picture

"Trump doesn't give one single solitary fuck about you or me. "


Lets just agree you are half-right.... lol

Murderface's picture

Many of us know this, janus.  THEY don't, and THEY will fail like they did in November 2016.  

It's fascinating watching these mental retards make the same mistakes over and over again.  It is impossible to have a rational, logical conversation with ANY of them because they  cannot think or theorize for themselves.  

mrjinx007's picture

I am going to give you a 0 on your evaluation of the situation.  

robertsgt40's picture

I don't really give a sht how people "feel" about Comey. I'm more concerned about why Comey and much of the Obama administration are escaping investigation  and prosecution for treason. 

Insurrector's picture

Vladimir smiles at your words.

robertsgt40's picture

Vladimir has more character than the whole of the US political system.  He's the one person on the planet that has prevented WWIII. Being tone deaf and an intellectual illiterate, that escapes you.



Mtnrunnr's picture

'The situation'? Which one would that be? Who cares about Comey's evals. They're bullshit and everyone knows it. My apprasial of the situation is that you're being baited and switched by someone. If you havent noticed healthcare is still fucked, banking is still broken, inflation is still out of control, infrastructure is still unfunded, and taxes are still too high. Trump hasn't done a goddamned thing he said he'd do. Circle jerking yourselves over Comey isn't helping 'the situation'. But keep doing what you've done since the '80s and ignore 'the situation' as power takes away your rights, your money and your future. Keep on jerking that cucked cock over Comey if it makes you feel better.

Syrin's picture

Yeah, Congress, the media, and the Mueller situation haven't had ANYTHING to do with those.   Are you as dumb in real life as your are online?   Advanced cranio-rectal syndrome.   So when you stop supporting Trump, and they put in the McCain Hillary equivalent, you'll be all smiles.  Fuckhead.   He's the closest thing to an outsider as we have head in DECADES, and you dump him like an AIDS ridden limp wristed fucktard.   Enjoy President McCain because that's what your shit for brains attitude gets us, MORON

Mtnrunnr's picture

Really? An outsider? You can't get to be worth a billion dollars as an outsider. You're deluding yourself.

NashSolstice's picture

You think Floyd Mayweather is an insider?  Billionaires are common, over a couple thousand now

vato poco's picture

you remind me a LOT of my Scottish in-laws. nothing, and I mean nothing, makes a Scot happier than being the first to gloomily proclaim Oncoming Doom, because then they get to say those Sacred Holy Words: "I told you so! But would you listen?!? Ohhhhh, nnnoooooo"

shorter mtnrunner: "Trump totally sucks! He's just like all the rest! We're all fucked!"

ZH commentariat: 'so why don't you do something about it?'

mtrunner: 'there's no point! the system's rigged against us all! we're helpless against it! we're doomed, **doomed** I say!!!!'


what do you tell yourself you're doing? leadership by whining?

Syrin's picture

Amen, just a shit spreader.  All talk, no action, no solutions, just piss and hate.

detached.amusement's picture

Says the asshat that believes in the carbon dioxide hoax!  You've already proven to the community here that you're an idiot.

tion's picture

Aw bae look at you, a twenty-something youngin, how cute. Do you really want a government where one man can almost single handedly completely change the current paradigm in a matter of months? No, surely not. We've got the separation of powers and all that, many things have to go through the legislature. Many bigger changes will have to wait until 2019.  

In the meantime, discard any entitled millenial mentality (that also applies to the grumpy geezers) you may be clinging to expecting a few people to create all of the change you want to see, and start holding yourself accountable as well. What will you personally do to help create the positive change you seek in the world?

Choosing to be a hapless victim of your circumstances is for limp-wristed cucks...

Murderface's picture

It's all bullshit.  It's like sales guys who are looking for work who tell me how great they are.  Really?  If you were great, you wouldn't be LOOKING for work.  

If your underlings are giving you great scores, well, you're not LEADING and you're not good at your job.  MY JOB is to maximize revenue for my company, and I manage over 200 people, and the percentage who are lazy pieces of shit don't like me.   That's just the way things are.  The guys who are working hard to make a name for themselves like me.  Those in between, a toss up.

Gov't workers are ALL lazy pieces of shit, if they all like Comey, well, that speaks volumes.....  My opinion?  He's an enabling, narcissist who wants to be liked, doesn't push people hard, doesn't take a position..... Typical politician.