Gary Cohn Reportedly "Disgusted & Deeply Upset" At Trump's Last Few Days

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Former Goldman Sachs President and current National Economic Council chair - who is also Jewish - is said to be "disgusted" and "deeply upset" by President Trump's comments on white nationalists according to The New York Times.

Axios also reports: "we're told Cohn - who was standing next to Trump in anticipation of questions about infrastructure legislation - was somewhere between appalled and furious."

NYT reporters cite thre people who are familiar withe the matter...

Presumably this corners Cohn to either publicly deny the story or pressures him to resign if this is truly how he feels.

With CEOs dropping like flies from his various councils, President Trump would be in grater trouble if a close aide were to resign, the floodgates could open.

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I guess Cohn's not going to be the next Fed head...

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If the jews/leftards/domestic/economic terrorists are mad, then must be doing something right.



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Cohen is just interested in eliminating the rest of GS's competition, he could care less what Trump says since that would imply morals or ethics of some kind.

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The tribe sticks together. Just another reminder.

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How is it disgusting to say that everyone involved was to blame ?

This hardly letting off the KKK, who were a minority, of the people who showed up to protest the removal of the Lee statue.

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Smells like BS to me, what was so outrageous about what Trump said? He called out both sides. That was deserved. Should we just pretend that ANTIFA doesn't exist and aren't denying people their right to assemble and speak? If it is true then he has no place in his cabinet to begin with. The radical left has shown themselves to be much more violent than the other groups.

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Just pointing out, he was on the stage with Trump for the infrastructure conference.  He may not have realized what he was walking into.  Also, you know what it's like to have leftist relatives, imagine having many Jewish relatives.  He had to do this for his personal life, I'm sure.  (Not that I'm ok with saying nice things about evil bankers, lol.)

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no day goes by without mention of the trials and tribulations of the tribe. if this pc bs keeps up, there will be no one left to hate...

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FIRE everyone from the fucking squid!

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Fire that motherfucker and I'll run up another prominent American flag in my front yard for everyone to see!

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"No leaving admin but not happy" Yeah, well, it's not important enough to take it in the wallet.

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If Cohn is upset over Trump's repeated repudiations of white nationalists then I suppose that makes Cohn a Nazi sympathizer.

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Question: What do you call a deeply upset pirate?

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Except for the date, what has that left wing rag published that has been accurate?
It is nothing more than a propaganda tool of the Soros gang.


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Here is all you need to know: "...according to The New York Times."

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From Glenn Thrush of all people, who in the campaign was controlled by Podesta.

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now's the time donald, to redeem yourself...expose the Protocols and the zionists for what they are and what their agenda is to destroy this it!  you'll continue to be complicit until you do...

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"Trump would be in grater trouble if a close aide were to resign"

That would be the Evil Cheese Grater of Doom?

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So if people are upset about GS destroying the country, it's OK now to go tear down the GS building in Manhattan?

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with all the Veterans from W & Obama's wars available, why does Trump not hire them for the top positions.  The Federal Reserve prints unlimited money, so it does not matter who is in the cabinet or high level govt.  At least the Vets would be loyal.

Sadly I believe Trump is blackmailed, that is why there are so many slimballs at the high positions.  Probably related to Jared and the magically 666 family obsession.

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Gary Cohn desperately wants to be the next Fed Chair.  He is not stupid.  He'd be a moron if he resigns.

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.....And he is a another Faux-Jew/Khazarian menace to society if he stays....or is NOT fired!  The Donald is being "handled" by People who claim they are Jews, but are NOT Jews.

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What do you mean by this - that there are good jeuws, jeuws we should respect and trust?


Blue Dog's picture

I'm sure the vast majority of Jews don't deserve to die. I assume that you hate Jewish children too.

Nostradumbass's picture

Accidentally downvoted you - oops. I'd fix it but that would require an upvote which is crazy.

Are you a jeuw?

The vast majority are a hivemind and must be eliminated. How many are you friends with? How welcomed are you into their homes and circles? 

But yes, jeuwish children are jeuws so hating them is just logical.

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Did he already get a tax free liquidation of assets?

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There's no greater trouble than 'grater' trouble. I'll say that!

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It grinds you down like frozen ginger.

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man, I wouldn't want to be in that kind of trouble

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"J S Bach Reportedly 'Disgusted & Deeply Upset' At Gary Cohn's Existence"

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The swamp establishment is ramping up on Trump because they're afraid millions of people are disgusted and will respond to call to arms.

Here's Paul Ryan - "We must be clear," Ryan tweeted. "White supremacy is repulsive. This bigotry is counter to all this country stands for. There can be no moral ambiguity."

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Has Paul Ryan repudiated his own white skin and that of his family? If not, why not?

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Can anybody else feel the tension being ratcheted up? I gotta get going here, this is an observation from last night. Apologies for the paste I just gotta go.

I've been working outside a lot lately getting most of my fake news from the radio. You hear a bunch of songs mized in with local commercails then at the top of the hour a national outfit gives a rundown on "top stories". The sound bites are very interesting.

Last night the fake news guy came on and used this same "doubling down" remark about Trump that he was digging in his heals to protect white supremists. Then they played some of his audio where he says there was trouble from both sides. From there it broke right into some scholarly expert tribe guy calling Trump's remarks a "very dark day" for the country...followed by the AFL-CIO quitting the council's remarks.

Then the original fake news guy goes on to quote Paul Ryan saying there in no place for ambiguity on this matter.

It is so fucking obvious the entire establishment is so against Trump because either they fear he could issue a "call to arms" from the WH OR they allowed him to win for the pupose of fomenting this shit.

My wife heard the radio fake news too and she deliberately avoids politics and fake news and she very rarely swears. After she heard that she immediately said "what the fuck was that?".


PT's picture

Trump exposes the cockroaches but there are too many.  He can't stomp on all of them by himself.

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If someone mentions Israel, Jewish nationalism, Chabad Lubavitch (which is Jewish Supremacy, ascribed to by Jared and Ivanka/Yael), this will go away REAL fast.

They are not going to want an in-depth discussion involving those talking points.

But you will of course be called Hitler and 'anti-semite' about 100 times in a minute.

GoingBig's picture

The fact that you cant see the KKK and the Nazi party as anything but hate is nobody's fault except your parents for not educating you on the scourge of these groups.  There really should be no ambiguity here. Equating the Nazi's/KKK with most any other group is absolutely absurd.  The Nazis were responsbile for the deaths in the multi millions of Europeans, Jews, and especially the Russians. For you to gloss over this and be ignorant to historical fact is ridiculous. 

The establishment is against this absurdity too. 

WTF has this place become. ZH was once a place of intellectuals, now a vacuous stream of people like yourself getting mad because the president gets called out for being an idiot. He is an IDIOT.

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The KKK and Nazi elements infiltrated into the group of people who were there objecting to the removal of the monuments for the purpose of propaganda and to ostracise everybody against the "establishment".

The antifa and blm groups were there as props to make sure that happened in kind of a roundabout Reichsag Fire deal.

Trump called it right and you are the idiot or you're part of the spin machine. One or the other.

veeger's picture stupid motherfucker

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Did you know Paul Ryan can bench press his own weight?

Billy the Poet's picture

That's an impressive feat for a fat head.

NAV's picture

If the United States has representative government, just who does Paul Ryan represent? In fact, who does Donald Trump represent? The media says he represents white supremacists. Are we to allow the media to tell us who is who and who is the enemy?

The Establishment with its wars and profits has decided they want their own leader. And now that there is an elected president, they want him removed and their mouthpiece – the media – is doing all it can to create the slippery slope that leads to impeachment and removal from office.

These are desperate moves in desperate times. If we will not be properly represented in government, then we must fight.

To begin with, we must identify the enemy. Can there be any doubt that it’s the same enemy we’ve struggled with for a century and a half – international communism. It takes many forms and has many faces. It could be the face of George Soros and it can be the face of Establishment Republicans. Trump was an opportunity, and even this last great chance has been corrupted by the poison of status quo collectivism.

The tyrants are alive and well in the government offices and in business offices in Manhattan. It’s time to fight or we shall lose not only the integrity of a presidential election but we shall lose our individual freedoms. Our enemies will not stop until they have taken them.

zedwood's picture

CORRECTION> we are at war with the Global Elite.  Communism is just one channel of control they use.

NAV's picture

It is communism and its spread that has the world in its grip. Abolish private property, which is now happening in the United States, and you abolish all rights and liberties with it.

"Terror is ... Communism's substitute for law. It is not an accident that it is a substitute; it is not a whim of those who rule; it does not arise simply from the love of power. Terror is as essential to communism as oxygen is to fire. ... How much terror is necessary is an entirely different matter; it is, in any case, a question for tyrants to debate." -- Clarence B. Carson

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Exactly.  It is one arm of their pincer movement.

Debt jubilee, ban fractional reserve banking, fiat currency and usury (and educate the people, because you know these concepts will simply be rebranded), break up Amazon, Google, end the Fed. 

Sometimes, to create, you first have to destroy.

Clashfan's picture


The Luciferian global elite, in fact.

Moustache Rides's picture

To quote a favorite movie "communism is just a red herring".  Although, under the shroud of so-called communism, they have executed "the long march through the institutions" which is what has actually done all the damage to our society and culture for the last 70 years.  But, it is true that the root of this is a global elite that serve Lucifer.  This is a spiritual war.  That's why I say let them divide us.  It only helps to see which people are on the side of righteousness and which aren't.  They have used the Jewish religion as cover because they are NOT Jews.  They are the synagogue of satan.

Low-Withers's picture

Global elite use all types of governments for a means to their ends.
Chrony capitalism the left hates.
Communism the right hates.
Socialism is the fuzzy middle Hates depending on how much social perks you "want or deserve".
Global elite thrive by diverting hate away from the microscope focused on them.

pods's picture

And Ryan should say he would fight to the death for Americans to hold that belief.  

White Supremacy is repulsive TO HIM.  He is not the judge of all things good.  I would think that if he were the moral determinor of all things good, well then we are in a very bad spot.

That is why these people are so hated. They think that it is their duty to be the moral leaders of the country.

This country (ie government) should protect the freedom of people to think how they wish.  


chunga's picture

The long-winded point I was trying to make is the establishment swamp is really stepping on the gas. Listening to a tunes station news 2 minute blurbs, as opposed to other mediums, is so super concentrated over the top fake news even people who don's want to know, like Lovey, now knows.

She is not a white supremicst extremist hate mongerer at all, or a news junkie but she's getting pissed. So if casual observers like her are getting pissed many others are too. She'll be even moar pissed at me, cutting an 8' hole in the side of the house for a sliding glass door and internet pontificating with rain if the forecast.