Genocide: Which of These 8 Stages are Happening Now?

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Via The Daily Bell

His neighbor, a woman who had lived in the same community with him all his life, shouted out to the Nazi soldiers. Hersch Altman was 11 years old, hiding with his older sister. His Polish neighbor pointed them out. He got away. His sister did not. Hersch never saw her again.

There are tens of millions of stories just like that one. You can change the names, the places, the regimes, and the ethnicity of those involved. Yet the same thing has played out again and again.

During WWII  the worldwide death toll was about 55 million. Excluding military casualties, Hitler was responsible for the death of 12 million assorted “enemies” of the state. This included Hersch Altman’s entire family. He survived by running and hiding throughout the Polish countryside.

In China just between the years 1958-1962,  Mao “worked, starved, or [beat] to death” about 45 million Chinese civilians. Millions more Chinese civilians were murdered over the next 50 years.

In Russia, Stalin starved about 7 million Ukrainians to death from 1932-1933. American intellectuals were busy telling Americans how great Uncle Joe was. Most estimate a total of 20-60 million civilians were killed by Stalin.

In North Korea just since the 1990?s several million civilians have been murdered, or died in forced labor camps. Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia murdered 2 million civilians in the 1970?s, and the Rwandan genocide in the 1990?s saw over a million deaths.

I could go on but you get the point. It is important to recognize the conditions which lead to these atrocities, in order to protect ourselves, our communities, our families, and all of society.

There are 8 stages which lead up to a genocide. Not all 8 stages always occur before a genocide, nor does any one necessarily signify an impending genocide. By recognizing these 8 steps, we can stop the madness before it starts.

1.  “Us” versus “Them”

Nazi’s are such an easy target when it comes to explaining genocide–they claimed the Jews were different, that they were undermining the culture, and that they were stealing from the rest of Germany by being the middle-man in many transactions.

In Russia, the bourgeoisie or the business class were targeted. Leaders told the proletariat they had been exploited by the bourgeoisie.

The Hutus and the Tutsis were never rival tribes. They are a made up distinction coined by Belgian colonials. They called the taller people with longer necks and lighter skin Tutsis, and the shorter people with a stockier build Hutus.

The Belgians did this to maintain control by creating a hierarchy. What they caused was eventual genocides in both Rwanda and Burundi.

Before each genocide took place, this “us against them” perspective was exploited by leaders.

I’m not saying we are on the verge of genocide in America, but we can see the “us against them” mentality inserted into politics at all levels by power hungry politicians. Poor versus rich, black versus white, Antifa versus the alt right, Democrats versus Republicans, Muslims versus Christians.

Just this past weekend this mentality led to violence in Charleston. You can see how it quickly escalates.

2. Symbolism to distinguish the Classes

Nazi’s forced Jews to wear the Star of David sewn onto their sleeve. Nazi’s themselves were identified by the Swastika.

Members of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia wore Red to identify their members. Symbols like eye-glasses were associated with the “evil” business class.

Today some countries have banned burqas and other traditional Muslim clothing. Saudi Arabia enforces a dress code for women.

In America, symbols are combined with “us against them.” The police have their thin blue line, and Black Lives Matter has the raised fist.

Of course just having a symbol doesn’t mean a group will be involved with a genocide. But there is cause for concern when these 8 indicators start adding up.

3. Dehumanization

Rats, cockroaches, vermin, cancer. Cops are pigs, the poor are leeches, the rich are snakes, protesters are animals.

Before the 1972 mass murder of Hutus in Burundi, the government radio announced that it was time to “hunt down the python in the grass.” At least 100,000 Hutus were then systematically hunted down and killed by government troops, and young supporters of the regime.

If people are thought of as less than human, as was so obvious with the Nazi treatment of Jews, it is easier to carry out atrocities against those people. Perpetrators feel that they are not killing a human, they are exterminating a pest.

After all, the proper thing to do about an infestation is to destroy it. Can you think of any groups said to be infesting America and Europe?

4. Mob Crimes.

Groups are key to carrying out genocide. People behave differently in groups and can hide behind others’ actions. Take any one individual participating in a riot, and they would probably not throw a rock through a window of a store. But rally them into an exclusive group of people, and the pressure from the group will allow evil to pass as normal.

In genocide, groups are usually organized into para-military style units so that when the time comes for the “final solution”, resistance is more easily crushed.

During the Armenian genocide the victims were marched into the desert without food or water, and systematically attacked, robbed, raped and killed by groups of Kurds working under the Ottoman Empire. The Young Turks were the political group that sprung up with the goal of eliminating Armenians from their Turkish society.

Genocides are almost always carried out by governments. They already have military and police units at their disposal. Not only does this cause group think, but the hierarchical structure makes it difficult for underlings to decline to participate in the violence.

In Burundi, a small initial attack by Hutus on Tutsis was used as an excuse by Tutsis to kill all Hutus.

Tensions are rising among political factions in America. Riots could easily spiral out of control, from an initially isolated violent group attack to large scale retribution.

5. Polarization

Hate groups are set up that drive people apart. Moderates are ushered into one category or another, “because you are either with us, or against us.”

Under these circumstances moderates often become a silent part of the problem, fearing reprisal from the initiators of the genocide. It became a crime to sell weapons to Jews in Nazi Germany. Russians who hid political dissidents were sent to the gulag as well. Under Mao, you either turned in your neighbor or became a target yourself.

This is the more violent and hate filled second phase of the “us against them.” It must happen after dehumanization because moderates need to be bullied and brainwashed to not resist. Fewer people will stand up to protect rats than will protect neighbors.

Hersch Altman’s neighbor who pointed he and his sister out to the Nazis didn’t feel that she was condemning an 11-year-old boy and his teenage sister to death. She felt she was helping to prevent rats from growing large enough to steal from her. Years of polarization culminated in the civilians not simply standing by while Nazis rounded up the Jews, but gleefully participating.

And then when Hersch was fleeing and hiding in the countryside of Poland, many families who he came across wanted nothing to do with him. If they took him in, they would be complicit and murdered themselves if caught.

Unfortunately, in America, some historically marginalized groups now feel it is “their turn.” Black student groups have kicked white students out of their black only events. A generation of Bernie supporters think the rich made them poor, bankers should be in jail, and wealth should be confiscated and redistributed. Others assume Mexicans are taking their jobs, bringing disease and crime to the country.

Even when there are elements of truth, it is important to remove emotion from the equation and come at the problem rationally.

6. Organization

Polarized groups will be ushered into ghettos or concentration camps. Logistics are put into play, with secret police or other groups trained to carry out raids, and conditioned to perform atrocities.

In the Philippines, drug dealers–or anyone suspected of dealing drugs–can be murdered without consequences for the killer. Their police just killed 32 suspected drug dealers in raids this week. President Duterte praised the murders and encouraged the police to commit more.

He already succeeded in polarizing and dehumanizing drug dealers. Why should people care about what happens to these animals undermining society? Mob murders of supposed drug dealers were encouraged, and the organized police forces are now escalating the violence.

Concentration camps, the gulag, the desert, and abandoned schools in Cambodia have all served as the setting for genocide.

7. Extermination

In this stage Jews were put in concentration camps and murdered or worked to death. Hutus and Tutsis, first in Burundi, then in Rwanda, were hunted down by neighborhood gangs and government troops and murdered with machetes. Armenians were forced into the desert on a death march.

The people carrying out the atrocities will say it is a good deed, that the world will be better to be rid of the targeted group. In Soviet Russia, the bourgeoisie were carted away because of past “crimes” that exploited the working classes. In Cambodia children were either “reeducated”, or if that failed, murdered.

One Nazi soldier wrote home, telling nonchalantly of shooting at Jewish babies other soldiers tossed into the air over the mass graves.

As you read this, North Koreans are being murdered by their government for as little as practicing any religion. They must accept Kim Jung-un as their only god, or die.

8. Denial

After it has all been done, the victims have been murdered, and the murderous regime has fallen (or not) there is denial. Denial of the scale of the atrocities, denial that they ever happened, denial that the perpetrators are who we say they are.

Bodies are burned and buried in the hopes of not being discovered. It took years for people in the west to know about and believe the Soviet orchestrated starvation of 7 million Ukrainians.

War criminals on trial say that they were just following orders. New governments will help cover-up the atrocities to save face. Victims will be blamed, facts will be denied, paper trails will be burned, and excuses will be made for why it happened.

To this day countries will deny the existence of genocides that happened, or question the magnitude, or seek to redefine genocide so that what happened in their country does not fit the definition. But by the denial stage, it is too late to help most of the victims, and the only thing to do is to bring those responsible to justice.


We can start by refusing to engage in an “us against them” philosophy.

The government, media, and corporations want us to be polarized and fight amongst ourselves. We shouldn’t play into hating any large swaths of the population, just because the propaganda says to.

I do not believe a genocide is close to occurring in America. But it is a scary yet enlightening exercise to go through each of the eight stages and think about current events that match the description.

In the comments, tell me what came to mind as you were reading about each stage.

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re Genocide: Which of These 8 Stages are Happening Now?


Ask the Experts: The ISISraelis

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FICTION SECTION P-l-e-a-s-e.....

What step are we in with the book written by Russian Kazarians:  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

That's all I really need to know. 


I'm an American white male in search of truth and love my home country.  I really am proud to be a white male.

America is worth correcting and defending from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

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In each of the examples of genocide pointed out by the author, it was the majority that producd the genocide. In the US, it is not the majority that calls for genocide. The majority are just frozen sheeple. When and if they get the courage to respond, it won't be a genocide but a permanent seperation. 

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This is a war against the media.  Media is leading EVERYTHING.  They are the true opposition and (along with the TBTF banks) the true evil in this world...

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

It's always been a media war and that's why the 2% own it in every country they operate in.

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The very same folks in the UN-DIVERSE MEDIA who sing the praises of DIE-VERSITY for all white countries, ignore the fact that
ISRAEL SHUNS DIVERSITY LIKE THE PLAGUE....Because diversity destroys, and unity hold things together. Imagine that, the privileged Jews not practicing the racist lies they preach.

Sweden is now the RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, THANKS TO DIE-VERSITY. The "FAKE NEWS" just "forgot" to report that. 75% of illegal invaders  in the U.S.are on welfare and EBT, the 25% who do work take jobs from the most vulnerable AMERICAN CITIZENS...ooopsie!!! Forgot to report that too!

Israel is also the most racist country an earth. No black people are allowed to immigrate to Israel, no Hispanics, no Asians, no white people, no Indians, and NO CHRISTIANS ARE ALLOWED! So that Makes Israel, Racist, Anti-Semitic, Hinduphobic and Christophobic. Does the Jew run media  ever report on that? WAKE UP WHITE SHEEPLE! Why doesn't a Federal Judge say the SIX BILLION IN FOREIGN AID TO ISRAEL HAS TO STOP? Who controls the JEW-diciary?

Take a guess!!! Ummmm What can't that SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS BUY?????

frontierland's picture

You need to understand what the UN Conventions on Genocide are.  (Please see below)

Genocide is not simply murdering groups of people, it pertains also to an incremental disenfranchisement, displacement and dispossesion.  Using Anti-White POLICIES like Replacement-Level Non-Homogeneous Immigration and Forced Integration, giving foreign ethno-nationals Special Rights and Privileges, along with Affirmative Action POLICIES, Quotas and Prioritizing the Non-White Population.  Small business Loans are given to "New" Immigrants and Non-White citizens.  The Non-Homogeneous, Non-White groups and their, comparatively exponential reproduction rate are subsidized by the host White Population. We are paying for them to replace us.

As well, Hate Crime Laws are created to ensure Non-White Violence on Whites is discounted, while Non-Whites commit Race-Based, violent crime at epidemic levels against Whites.

By Comparison, Whites are denied Special Rights and Privileges which cripple our success rate and our reproductive rate. 

Whites have been heavily demoralized and propagandized and encouraged not to reproduce. It's beaten into our psyche, that we are the worst race on the planet, everything we have or have not done was done by no other race but ours.  Our history is demonized and is being erased.  We're told there's no such thing as a White Race.  That Whites have no culture and that we are a cancer on the human race.

The 1965 Hart/Cellar Immigration Act, which single-handedly ended immigration from Europe and Opened the Gates and began Flooding us with whats now 1/3 of Latin America and Asians and now add to that Arabs, Pakis, Indians and even more Black Africans...  We can't even keep the blacks we have here under control. 

What's more, Whites are the GLOBAL MINORITY.  Each one of the Non-White Races & Ethnicites who are Replacing us in our homelands will still have a Nation where they are a comfortable Majority.

The United States went for 90% White European to 63% White today.  This quickens exponentially now with the high birth rates of our non-white replacements.  About 4 to 1.  Many States, many counties are now Majority Non-White.

When you combine the effect of the Anti-White System the Policies, the Open Borders, the Replacement-Level Illegal & Legal Immigration... We Whites face a Demographic Cliff.

This is the willful Replacement and Dispossesion of a People from their homeland, by our own "leaders" and with the demoralized complicity of the White, Anti-White Race Traitors among us.  Even you 'color-blind' Whites, you are making a grave error.

It is White Genocide.



United Nations Genocide Conventions

The crime of genocide is defined in international law in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Article III: The following acts shall be punishable:

(a) Genocide;
(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
(d) Attempt to commit genocide;
(e) Complicity in genocide.

The law protects four groups – national, ethnical, racial or religious groups.

A national group means a set of individuals whose identity is defined by a common country of nationality or national origin.

An ethnical group is a set of individuals whose identity is defined by common cultural traditions, language or heritage.

A racial group means a set of individuals whose identity is defined by physical characteristics.

A religious group is a set of individuals whose identity is defined by common religious creeds, beliefs, doctrines, practices, or rituals.

cashtoash's picture

whites are not being replaced or marginalized anywhere I can see. Whites still have all the major positions in govt, senate, house, judiciary, military, banking, education, etc.  for years and years, euroean whites controlled not just their land, they had all of asia, africa, america-sounth and north.  no matter who produced the goods, money ended up in europe.  Now that the money when Arabs sell oil, or when chinks sell the toys or when Japs sell the cars, no longer gets deposited in teh ECB or the Feds banks, suddenly they feel they are being replaced in their own homes. You are not being replaced, only the free lunch you had is ending

frontierland's picture

The great thing about Anti-Whites like yourself is, they can't help exposing their contradictions.

After you make the ridiculous claim that Whites are not being Demographically Replaced..

You then can't contain your Celebration as to why the Dispossion of Whites is simply Historical Justice, for all the evil things you claim we did.

You can't have it both ways. 

But to Anti-Whites like you, this won't stop you from trying to con everyone into participating in your twisted form of Social Justice.


Whites are being demographically replaced by Non-Whites.  An easily provable fact, revealing your willful ignorance of facts:

It’s official: Minority babies are the majority among the nation’s infants, but only just


Honest Sam's picture

No it is not.  

Pogo has a far better handle on what has really been responsible for the white population sliding to disastrous, permanently multigenerational oblivion.  

It can easily be traced back to the Supreme Court allowing women the legal right to kill their unborn children so that they could enter the work force, and generally  behave just like men, having affairs, a more what they consider an exciting life over the burden and boredom of staying home to raise a family of 2-5 kids.  Media encouraged this migration and in the process were a major contributor to what is now "the Darkening." of indgenous people here and abroad. 

White women overwhelmingly used R v W as birth control since its inception.  For 40 years or more, the white female population have killed at least 40,000,000 white babies, while blacks, hispanics, and muslims, have gone balls out to 'out-populate' whites. 

The specious, falacious argument that they had to do so because it became necessary for women to supplant the incomes of their spouses due to high taxes, and cost of living rise in the next 40 years and counting ignores the snake eating its tail phenomenon of more demand chiefly by tens of millions of white women, "liberated", to be men.

Meanwhile, back in the bedrooms of the muslims, blacks, and hispanics all the fucking going on resulted in tens of millions of new tan and black people, exercising their form of Choice.

Don't blame "White Genocide", the whites killed off their chance to be a majority all by themselves, due to one murderous law that sought to eliminate the right to life of 40 mm kids and counting.


frontierland's picture

This is a myopic view of the greater problem.

Anti-White Propanda reinforces the Anti-White Policies, like our funding of the importation of Replacement-Level non-Whites into White Nations.

As I stated, Low Birth Rates are a part of the problem.  Just not THE whole problem.

I am pro-abortion for non-Whites.  Anti-Abortion for Whites.


Keeping the non-White parasites out of our realms is the #1 solution.   

It's preposterous to allow non-Whites, with disproportionatly high reproduction rates that are subsidized with POLICY, flood into our nation and then have a contrived and futile competition for supremacy. 

One of the successful behavioral traits of Whites is that we have fewer offspring that we dedicate more time and resources to, as opposed to non-Whites who have more offspring often with many partners, dedicating very little time and resources into raising their young.

This is how you get an India and an Africa, where they are breeding themselves into their own horrific living conditions, if not mass starvation. 

I'm not blaming White Genocide, this is silly.

White Genocide is the intended result of the Anti-White POLICIES of the Anti-White Oligarchy.

Umh's picture

The problem is much more pervasive than just Roe vs Wade. Subsidizing poor people from the pockets of the middle class is the largest reason middle class women have fewer children. Poor people are paid to have children while the middle class receives a small tax break that is immaterial in the cost of rearing a middle class child.

frontierland's picture

This is what I stated clearly.  I think they're not comprhending my statment.

Barney Fife's picture

I do not think that genocide is coming. 

The same 8 steps can also lead to a civil war, which I DO think is coming. 

Genocide will only happen if one side is disarmed and I do not see that. If the right started to "politically cleanse" the left then the later would lost its phobia of arms real quick. 

If the left tried it the viola, there's your civil war. 

messystateofaffairs's picture

Civil wars can have many forms including multifaceted ones like what is happening in Syria.

jughead's picture

The genocide can begin with civil war as each side tries to exterminate the other, then the victor can continue to exterminate the loser to ensure "peace in our time".  Stay frosty.  

Swampster's picture



Goyim and Schvartzes must  unite against the ashkeNAZIS!

White Devil's picture

There is too much diversity in the world. Diversity is perversity.

NukeChinaNow's picture

HEY! That's MY bumper sticker! And it damned well is true!

Usura's picture

A bit of background on the (((Tutsis)))


Usura's picture

Hersch Altman is such a fucking liar.  Predating the Belgian colonization, here is the origin of the Hutu / Tutsi divide:

According to many scholars, Hutus first settled in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa between five hundred and one thousand BC. Generally speaking, Hutus were an agricultural people who lived in large family groups.

The Tutsis, also known as Watutsis, were a nomadic people who began arriving in the Great Lakes region from Ethiopia some four hundred years ago. Eventually, the Tutsis settled amongst the Hutus – adopting their language, beliefs and customs.

But economic differences between the groups soon began to form. The Tutsis as cattle-herders were often in a position of economic dominance to the soil-tilling Hutus. That is not to say that all Tutsis were wealthy and all Hutus were poor, but in many areas, like Rwanda, the minority Tutsis ruled the Hutus.

jin187's picture

It is "Us vs Them"

That's a conflict on a grand scale that has taken place since life began. One organism has stuff, another organism needs stuff, they try to kill each other, and the winner gets the stuff. With our ability to reason, and our complex emotions, we disguise this simple truth behind veils like justice, religion, class, or culture. In the end, it's still just "Gimme what I want, or I'll kill you".

The few people that understand how this need for conflict works forget they are a small minority, with most of the rest of the people being base savages that are easily manipulated, and can't be bothered contemplating anything beyond how to obtain their next meal or fuck, while the remainder are mostly evildoers using that mob for their own gain. Preaching peace while the enemy sharpens knives, means your knives are dull when the enemy shows up at the gates.

I simply accept that whether I like it or not, I'm on this team, and then there's the other team. Things could be better on my team, but I have no complaints. Although I do like to point out the problems my team has, I generally do it for comedic purposes, unlike some idiots who think they'd be better off in a country that votes with machetes. My team has big screen TV's, blunts, 40's, and bitches. It's a good team to be on if you want to have fun. So the way I see it, with a few exceptions, if my government tells me someone is the enemy, and that I need to kill them, I will. Not because I think they deserve it, or because they are the cause of my problems, or because I hate them. It's because I want my team to win.

ICValue's picture

It is interesting to note that the "might makes right" way of taking stuff one wants leaves less while cooperation makes more and it is also interesting to note that in nature the organisms that have the ability to cooperate and do so are more successful than those that do not. I think it was Darwin who wrote about this. 

Govt typically resorts to the might makes right authoritative taking.

Setarcos's picture

And what if, now, the government IS your enemy, or rather the mostly obscure people who own the government?  What then?  What when, as Smedley-Butler and John Perkins told us, the US military is basically a mercenary force for corporations?  What when the corporate owned media conveniently manipulate you to believe in "foreign enemies", when they are really domestic?  You are extraordinarily naive if you think that the government is your team and that you are on it - to plagiarize George Carlin.

I admit that up until the Vietnam war I more or less thought as you do.  I will also grant that maybe up until the 90s widespread affluence led people to believe that they were "middle class", or even higher up the ladder and with real skin in the game, but how do you maintain the illusion this far into the 21st Century?  It's not as though you would make any difference if you could actually kill your designated enemy.  At most - maybe as a drone operator - you might kill a few dozen people who also had no power.  Btw your team/Empire has not won a war since WW2, so now it is trillions in debt and losing all round.

natashav's picture

You're absolutely correct, BUT.. I disagree with you on one point,

The USA did not win WWII. 

PGR88's picture

Studying economics, history, society, languages, etc... always helps.

The best thing to do to prevent mass violence?  

Become a Christian.

East Indian's picture

So many lies at one go. 

Norks do not worship Kim Dong One. They punish people for practising Christianity. If you think it is wrong, then consider the case of Japan. They also discourage Christianity. 


Hutus and Tutsis were real, distinct social groups (or tribes), who lived in the same area. They did not coalesce into one group, because they did not intermarry. This was very common before the European rule; in India, you can still find areas where many tribes live together, but never intermarry. 


The Philippine President is doing a job approved by his people. A drug dealer deserves a fair trial and punishment. But if he resorts to underarm methods, like terrorizing the witnesses, bribing the police, and engaging the vermins called advocates, and escapes punishment, and flourishes right befroe the eyes of the public, then at some point the society will lose its patience. It will either formally abrogate the due process and finish off these blood-suckers or it will go under. The Philippines is doing the former. Do not try to impose your views on them. Your values are not universal.


No comments on the 'six million'. 

tr123's picture

Great writeup. What I never understood tho was that if one group wants another gone, then why don't they just deport them? If I knew my government hated my guts and wanted me dead, I'd leave the country. And if they wanted to systematically deport me, that would be a free ticket.

On a more serious note, perhaps it is naive to think that humans are capable of avoiding "us vs them" philosophy. It only takes a small group to sink the ship. The Jews may have rejected that philosophy in 1940s Germany, but did the Nazis give a fuck? Of course not. Neither did any other Genocide perpetrator in the entire history of humanity. It's a losing proposition, best find another.

So if it can be proven that "us vs them" is one of the darker pitfalls of human nature that we can never eliminate, then it would be wiser to either anticipate and then be on the winning side or, if that's not possible, self-deport to a safer place, ideally before things get wild. Frankly, if everybody did that there would never be an incentive for genocide in the first place, at least not how we've observed it so far. Maybe rulers would invent a new arrangement for the same old crime, who knows.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Wait.  Is this place now ZioHedge? 

I have to stop distorting the time/space continuum!

Usura's picture

Exactly.  The article is so full of factual errors that it could only have been written by a lying jew.

aloha_snakbar's picture

And then nuke them from outer space... just to be sure...

Herdee's picture

I'm thinking of what the white man did to the indigenous populations of North America. Today, they still refuse to settle their land claims.

shovelhead's picture

There's a lesson in unrestricted immigration in there.

frontierland's picture

If what happend to the American Indian was so bad, why the fuck would we want to let it happen to us White's.

Other than the obvious fact of (((Media))) implanted, Pathological Altruism and a sick pact of Suicidal Solidarity of self-hating White Anti-Whites.

unsafe-space-time's picture

The trick is to genocide the genociders before they genocide you. 

Xena fobe's picture

Too bad we can't genocide monopoly corporations. They are the enemy of every American. 

Xena fobe's picture

We are at stage 5. People moving from blue cities to red states.  People getting fired from jobs.


Barney Fife's picture

Antifa, BLM, and other neo-marxists are Rats, Cockroaches, Vermin, and Scum. 

Not even human. They are a cancer to our failing republic. 

Reaper's picture

Believing in your high priests' or their political substitutes' bogeymen is their Scopolamine for you.

Emoting negates thinking. Your enemy is your controller.

Crush the cube's picture


1. Hard work and freedom lead to a vast abundance.

2. Vast abundance lead to government growth.

3. Government growth lead to overabundant law and massive amounts of Prince's prancing.

4. Abuse of law leads to collapse of freedom and misappropriation of abundance.

5. Easiest way out, hand it all over to the root cause, grow government at accelerated levels, stop growing food.

6. Join a gang or ism, or get run over.

6. Food fight to the death!

ToSoft4Truth's picture

#8 - after the deed we'll have to reformat the Interent.

redmudhooch's picture

"Democrats versus Republicans"


malek's picture

I think the author should more look into the stages towards a civil war.

poeg's picture

Just wow. Jackass kills one with a car and it's the end of the world. Drunk jackass hits a car and kills the whole family, it's a "bad childhood brought me to the bottle" he's just misunderstood. In the late 80's early 90's, gangs painting neighbourhoods in 9mm brush strokes was a problem and a rapper you liked that caught high velocity lead poisoning was the assassination of JFK all over again. Third verse, same as the first...

shovelhead's picture

No sane person likes rap.

End of story.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

The same was said of Jazz, Rock & Roll and Dance/House Music. Crawl back to your hole.