Gold Jumps, Stocks Dump After Trump Disbands CEO Councils

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The initial reaction to headlines about President Trump's councils being disabanded was a leak lower in stocks, but once Trump tweeted, gold spiked and stocks slumped...



The dollar is sinking and bonds are bid...

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BLOTTO's picture

Our Life is one giant cosmic lie.
Have a nice day.

Raffie's picture

Don't worry, they will knock the PM price over the hear and toss it back into the basement.

knukles's picture

So here we are again, the Deep State villifying Trump, and Trump's response.
Stick to your companies, gentlemen, for you've far too much on your plates.  Might even contemplate some anti-trust activities.
Bezos.  No problem
Gates?  Microsoft's a untility.  Used by folks like water and power.  Regulate pricing.
The list goes on and on



BaBaBouy's picture

Billionaires: 1
Plebes: 0

Who Woulda' Thunk ?

BaBaBouy's picture

OK, while your At It, How about disbanding The FED ?????

MrSteve's picture

Would you make them give back the money they just got / took / magically appeared, before disbanding them?

rmopf2010's picture

End the FED !

I would like to see what these briliant CEOs would do without ZIRP/QE free fake money as their corporations are higly leveraged

Bet my grocery onwer would do better then these unpatriotic ceos with the same interest rates

Give Me Some Truth's picture

There would be a riot if Trump tried to disband the Fed. A riot of CEOs, corporate cronies, everyone in The Establishment, Deep State, all the neocons, all the publishers and editors of the MSM, central bankers, too big to fail bankers, retired bankers, future bankers in college schools of commerce. Talk about fired up and engaged to protect their cause. I don't know where they would riot or mobilize, but it might be a great place to get them all with some quick sand and a giant net.

GeezerGeek's picture

Just announcing an audit of the Fed would cause the riot of which you speak. It would be like Toto pulling back the curtain, exposing the scam.

Donald "Toto" Trump? "Pull it!"

Dane Bramage's picture

I'm a sad Bramage that a $5/0.39% increase in gold is considered a "jump" or "spike". :-(

HarryKallahan's picture

Doesn't that happen every day, when traders come back from lunch?

Now watch it drop as they go for afternoon ice coffee.

GeezerGeek's picture

A pox on all those PC global corporations. They care not about America and I care not about them. Still... 

Microsoft isn't like a utility company, since there are available alternatives to their operating systems, to their office applications, to their cloud services, and to their game systems. Anyone who cares can find alternatives, unlike water companies. Pardon me if I disagree with you on this one.



crazybob369's picture

They will, until they can't. Only question is; will we live long enough to see it?

Raffie's picture

We just don't know how deep them pockets are.

Would be nice to know if they are starting to pull lint out of their pockets.

crazybob369's picture

It's all dependent on the bond market. Once it starts to rollover, the jig is up.

Raffie's picture

Its tearing, but when does tearing turn into rolling over?

When exactly does spooning turn into forking?

crazybob369's picture

Oh, don't worry. Regardless of what happens, we are totally forked. And I'm guessing sooner, rather than later.

small axe's picture

I noticed that too. It's a bitch.

Pleb_From_Windsorstan's picture

BTFD Bitchez... (physical offcourse).

dogballs's picture

Our world started with a Big Bang and so too will it end this way.

crazybob369's picture

I think we're actually just a cosmic computer sim, programmed for some bored, pimply, teenage god's amusement.

GeezerGeek's picture

Our perception of reality -matter and energy, space, time - has many unanswered questions. There are numerous youtube videos claiming we live in a holographic universe, or a simulation, or some other such construct. There do seem to be problems at the boundary conditions for such "simple" things as length. Everything seems to fall apart when you get down to the Planck length. Living in a digital construct would also explain many other weird things that people have reported.

I recall a story a few decades back about a person who discovered he was living in a simulation. The simulation, it turned out, was part of a computer application being run by an advertising company to determine what would be the most effective way to sell certain products.


crazybob369's picture

Do you know if someone has attempted a novel based on the concept? Might give it a shot.

Ben Tornilloed's picture

Not even a stab at the correlation?

Hkan's picture

Gold.....just taste the word.....

Raffie's picture

I got gold caps on my teeth so....................been there, done that for a long time now. 

meterman's picture

Gold  -  taste  - then spit

c2nnib2l's picture

I'm loving it.... !

it was a good day to short the DOW ! 

rbianco3's picture

I made that mistake once. 

Sucked. I didn't down vote your comment by the way.

Doug Eberhardt's picture

Gold up because the Fed has no clothes. 

Sizzurp's picture

How can you have confidence in a country moving fast forward towards Marxism? Obviously, you can't, and the next question is how can you live in said country?

rbianco3's picture

And next question- where do you go?

Leave this mess to the terrorists and illegals to fight over

moneybots's picture

So it turned out that corporate leaders running cover for ANTIFA, a violent leftist fascist hate group, had consequences.

allamerican's picture

screw these fucks, why cause trump did not directly support jewish right.

go to hell..

Seb's picture

That is not a jump. If you want to see how a jump looks, check the Bitcoin charts.

blueskyranch's picture

Yawn. Queue the Monkeys with hammers. It'll be down in a jiffy.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

wise prediction watch this drive ( paraphrase Poppy Bush)

HarryKallahan's picture


Maybe it's not Soros running the rabid left.

Maybe it's the US corporations, conveniently operating in every US city.

Dumpster Elite's picture

I don't know...Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P are still in the green from where I'm watching.

bardot63's picture

The CEO councils were worthless to start with.  No loss there.  Fuck 'em.   I still love Trump.

TheSilentMajority's picture

It is great news that Trump disbanded them.

The main motive for most of those greedy evil globalization CEO creeps was to lobby for open borders and a continuation of huge trade deficits.

AKKadian's picture

Pump and dump, what's new. For gawd sake can we go to war already. This becoming tedious. There is only one ending and we all know it. When the monarchs of doom become erratic, you know, they are losing control of everything and they want to fight, every time.!!!   

GoldLion's picture

CNN - Is that you?

fuckstar's picture

Thank you, Mr. President! Thank you very much!

Goldbugger's picture

Silver to $600 , the criptos will be embraced and the dollar will  just disapear. It's only matter of time.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Gold only took a little under 100 yrs to go from 20.67 to $1300, so there you have precedent.  If history is any guide, why sometime next century you can post how correct you were.