Indian, Chinese Soldiers Clash Following Alleged Chinese "Incursion"

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In what may be the first documented clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers who have been piling up across the border between the two nations over the latest territorial dispute, Reuters reports that "Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in an altercation" in the western Himalayas on Tuesday, "further raising tensions between the two countries which are already locked in a two-month standoff in another part of the disputed border."

While there has been no official confirmation yet by either India or China, a Reuters source in New Delhi who was briefed on the military situation on the border, said Indian soldiers "foiled a bid by a group of Chinese troops to enter Indian territory in Ladakh, near the Pangong lake." He added that some of the Chinese soldiers carried iron rods and stones, and in the melee there were minor injuries on both sides, the source said. 

"There was an altercation near the Pangong lake," said a police officer in Srinagar, the capital of India's Jammu and Kashmir state, under which the area falls. An army source in Srinagar, quoted by Reuters, spoke of an altercation following what he called a Chinese army "incursion in Pangong lake area". This fresh standoff at Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh comes in the backdrop of tensions between Indian and Chinese troops over Doklam plateau in Sikkim sector with the PLA skipping the ceremonial border meetings on Independence Day.

Pangong Tso Lake

Here are additional details from the Indian Express:

Amid strained ties over the Doklam standoff in the Sikkim sector, Indian and Chinese boat patrols clashed at the Pangong lake in Ladakh on Tuesday even as the People’s Liberation Army declined the Indian invitation to participate in ceremonial border meetings on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. This is the first time since 2005 that the PLA has declined to meet with their Indian counterpart.

Courtesy of the Indian newspaper, here is a breakdown of all that happened in the past 24 hours

1. Indian and Chinese boat patrols clashed with each other at Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh at 7:30 am near the Finger-6 part of the 135-km long lake, one-third of which is in Indian control and the rest under Chinese control. The brief standoff led to jostling and exchange of blows between soldiers of the two armies. No shots were fired though.


2. Sources told the Indian Express said at least 52 trucks belonging to the Chinese army were spotted parked on the road built by the Chinese on the side of the lake but they moved out by the evening. The Indian Army, however, refused to comment on the issue. Also Read: Indian, Chinese patrols clash on Ladakh lake, PLA skips Independence Day meets


3. This fresh standoff at Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh comes in the backdrop of tensions between Indian and Chinese troops over Doklam plateau in Sikkim sector with the PLA skipping the ceremonial border meetings on Independence Day.


4. For the first time since 2005, the ceremonial meeting with the troops of both sides was not held on August 15. Another ceremonial meeting, which used to be held on the Chinese side on August 1, the founding day of the PLA, was also not held this year.


5. Indian and Chinese troops have been engaged in a stand-off in the Doklam area of the Sikkim sector for seven weeks now after Indian troops stopped the Chinese army from building a road in the disputed area. China claimed that they were constructing the road within their territory and has been demanding immediate pull-out of the Indian troops from the disputed Doklam plateau. New Delhi has expressed concern over the road building, apprehending that it may allow Chinese troops to cut India’s access to its northeastern states.


6. India has conveyed to the Chinese government that the road construction would represent a significant change of status quo with serious security implications for it. Doka La is the Indian name for the region which Bhutan recognises as Doklam, while China claims it as part of its Donglang region.


7. Of the 3,488-km-long India-China border from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, a 220-km section falls in Sikkim. China also claims that Thimphu has no dispute with Beijing over Doklam.

To summarize: soldiers of the world's two populous nations just got into a skrimish - luckily without shots fired for now - over a terrotorial dispute that is far from over, and if anything, is just beginning. As a reminder, the two armies are already engaged in a standoff in the Doklam plateau further east, in another part of their 3,500 km (2,175 mile) unmarked mountain border. As we reported on Friday, India had deployed even more troops to fortify existing positions, as China does the same, while raising the military "caution" level.

China has repeatedly asked India to unilaterally withdraw from the Doklam area, or else face the prospect of an escalation. As reported last month, Chinese state media warned India of a fate worse than its crushing defeat in a brief border war in 1962.

The latest standoff between China and India started in June when India sent troops to stop China building a road in the Doklam area, which is remote, uninhabited territory claimed by both China and India's ally Bhutan.  New Delhi said it sent its troops because Chinese military activity in Doklam, near the trijunction of the borders of India, China and Bhutan, was a threat to the security of its own northeast region. But Beijing has said India had no role to play in the area and diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis have not made much headway.

An Indian government minister told Reuters efforts were continuing to find a way to end the standoff.  The minister, "speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue" , said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government had "no choice but to act to stop the Chinese road activity in the region because it had come too close for comfort."

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I hope Canada is watching; here in the US, we're not gonna take your dry sarcasm for very much longer!  Talking to you, Toronto!

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The US wants in on some of his Action...

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Two countries with a combined population of almost 3 billion people “involved in an altercation”. What could go wrong?  ;-)


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That My Lake, No It My Lake, NO NO That My Lake...

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Chinese testing new infantry equipment?

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Just a bunch of cigarette-puffing tough guys brawling over the little diving floatie.  Not like it's Chicago or anything.

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Let’s think about this for a moment…

The globe’s largest population country in conflict with the globe’s second most populous country……

What could possibly go wrong   ????

.. and don’t even think about the nukes

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I’m sorry….

Trying to think forward….

Clinton, Bush and Obama  took out a few million…….

Stalin took out something like 30 million,,,,,

Mao took out more nearly twice than that…….

Hitler, personally only took out a couple of 10 or 20 million……

…so what is next….. and where?

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Georgia Guidestones´ population targets need energetic action.

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This all has to do with water rights.

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Pagong Lke is part of the South China Sea and the exclusive zone of the PLA.  South China Sea extends from the Volga River south to the Amazon and north to the Kicking Horse River in British Columbia.  You all leave, no discussion. We will not abide by any UN or world court ruling on this.

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Anyone who has ever bought, or used china is now part of china.

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Loch Ness monster is there. 

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lock ness monster?


is chinese dragon from ancient times!


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Both of those herds could use some thinning.

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Yea no kidding, what could go wrong.



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Quite a bit of cannon fodder if you know what I mean....they could send in reserves for 20 years or more...

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Another CIA/Mossad planned war:

Has Narenda Modi Switched Sides? By F. William Engdahl, August 12, 2017

read and weep.

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He was always on the wrong side. .He was made by the wrong side.

Now, the plan is unfolding.

China and India working together is not palatable or planned.

The jews in the city of londonium have a lot to answer for....

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Damn skippy, no one has a war without us!!

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I'm sure McCain's working on that...


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 Ironically, every time someone says "blame Canada", we Americans know it's a joke, but some spun up Canadian has to downvote. 100s of fuckin' years without a major dispute, Canada, it's a joke, we're joking, you know we'll back you guys if the shit goes down!

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Taking back Lake Erie!  WOLVERINES!!!

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To my spun up, down voting Canadian friend...+1 lol

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Probably because they're generally bad jokes.

'Heh heh, Um a genna beatchu' isn't exactly the pinnacle of humour.

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I know...what's up with Curling, and the CFL, and milk in bags, and the metric system! I hate those people!

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don't forget that dumbass "canadian bacon"

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See, this is why people don't find American jokes about other countries funny. Americans don't get irony, and they don't know anything about other countries, so really it is an accidental irony about themselves.

The only really good jokes about Canadians are the South Park ones. And why are they funny? Because there is such a severe gap between reality and the image that it becomes absurdist. It is really a joke about American stupidity, same theme as Borat - and even in this British version Americans don't quite get that the joke is on them.

Irony requires subtlety, otherwise it is just absurdity or sarcasm. American humour is basically the same misunderstanding as British humour, they've taken that over-the-top absurdism and replaced it with low-brow comments, references, their own ignorance, randomness, awkwardness, vulgarity, or put-downs. Brits are still funny because they make fun of themselves, and if they make fun of other countries there is a subtlety and intelligent remark, while also recognising that they are partly making fun of themselves. Americans are so conceited that they can only ever make fun of themselves by accident.

Of course, most of these jokes are just a reference to Canadian humour about themselves anyways (Strange Brew), so it's not even going to hit, let alone hit hard (which completely ruins the aggressive style). And to top it all off, (((they))) make up all your best comedians, not to mention all the Canucks living in America...

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C'mon, tell us how you really feel.  Quit being so umm ambivalent.

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"I hope Canada is watching"

Yeah, after we get through with NK and Venezuela, you are next!

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@ParkAveFlasher, Before we attack we need to keep in mind Canada does have the Wolverine of  X-Men fame, but he's fictional, we've got Chuck Norris, though, so not so worried, now that I think about it.

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Canada has Dudley Doright.....hes a stud in that hat

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Dan Aykroyd, John Candy (RIP), Rush, Triumph (the other Canadian rock trio), Bob and Doug MacKenzie, and the Trailer Park Boys. All Canidiots that have culturally enriched me, eh!

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Toronto could use a good kick in the ass on a regular basis. Just my opinion from Calgary.

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Nice country you have up there, be a shame if something were to happen to it ...

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I had to read that with a Jersey Guido accent in my head.

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some chinese soldiers were armed with iron rods and stones.......did WW3 happen and I missed it?

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Masonic slang for cock and balls.  The numbers give it away again. 

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Please take Toronto. It's technically yours anyways...

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Only if you take Detroit, and Chicago every other weekend.

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Iran Threatens to Go Nuclear “Within Hours” – Of Course they Do, This was the Plan All Along

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this must be Trumps fault and those evil white people !

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Street shitters vs anywhere shitters.

The Greatest Shitshow on Earth

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Can't blame the Indians.  You've never had saag paneer, have you?

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Thank you for triggering my Gag Reflex, Flasher.  ;-)


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Give India a break, their food turns your anus into a frikkin' geyser.

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Everyone is just itching for war...