Trump Disbands Advisory Councils As CEOs Flee; Pence Ends Foreign Trip Early

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Update 3: According to the WSJ, Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman called Trump to tell him council was disbanding. Then Trump tweeted he was disbanding it.

One of the councils had planned to disband after a conference call of its executives on Wednesday morning, a person familiar with the matter said. Mr. Trump’s tweet came after reports that council was disbanding. Blackstone Group LP Chief Executive Stephen A. Schwarzman, who led the Strategic and Policy Forum, phoned the president on Wednesday to inform him the group was being disbanded, according to people familiar with the call.


After the call, which was described as cordial, the president tweeted that it was his decision to disband that council. In that tweet, he also announced he was disbanding the manufacturing-advisory council. A White House spokesman declined to comment.

* * *

Update 2: Following its decision to disband, which took place even as two more CEOs from the mfg council - the chiefs of J&J and United Tech - were announcing their resignations. Trump's now defunct Strategy Council has just issued the following statement:

"As our members have expressed individually over the past several days, intolerance, racism and violence have absolutely no place in this country and are an affront to core American values. The President's Strategic and Policy Forum was conceived as a bi-partisan group of business leaders called to serve our country by providing independent feedback and perspectives directly to the President on accelerating economic growth and job creation in the United States. We believe the debate over Forum participation has become a distraction from our well-intentioned and sincere desire to aid vital policy discussions on how to improve the lives of everyday Americans. As such, the President and we are disbanding the Forum. Job creation and supporting an inclusive pro-growth agenda remain vitally important to the progress of our country. As Americans, we are all united in our desire to see our country succeed."

Meanwhile, as noted earlier, VP Pence will end his visit to South America early and fly home on Thursday, after the latest Trump scandal which led to the dissolution of two of his key economic advisory councils following the riots in Charlottesville, Va.

As AP reported previously, Pence will cut short his trip to South America, where he joined Chile President Michelle Bachelet for a joint press conference Wednesday on the political unrest in Venezuela.  The vice president defended Trump just days ago as Trump drew bipartisan criticism for his remarks following the violent events in Charlottesville, and may return in order to directly address critics and steady the administration after the dissolution of the American Manufacturing Council and Strategy and Policy Forum.

* * *

Update 1: With the CEOs within the various administration councils deciding to leave en masse, President Trump has tweeted over the top to give the appearance that he decided to shut them down:

"Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!" Trump wrote in a tweet.

*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, with CEOs dropping like flies from Trump's manufacturing councel, with 3M and Campbell Soup CEOs announcing they are out, CNBC reports that President Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum has agreed to disband.  The business advisory council is, or rather was, made up of top business leaders is separate from Trump's manufacturing council, which several business leaders left this week.

The Strategic and Policy Forum, led by Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, featured, among others:

  • JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon
  • BlackRock's Larry Fink
  • Wal-Mart's Doug McMillon
  • IBM's Ginni Rometty

"The thinking was it was important to do as a group," a member told CNBC. "As a panel, not as individuals because it would have more significant impact. It makes a central point that it's not going to go forward. It's done."

Bloomberg confirms that Trump’s council of senior business leaders who advise on strategy and policy is disbanding, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The executive council, which is led by Blackstone Group LP’s Stephen Schwarzman, planned to inform the White House Wednesday before making the announcement public, according to the person, who wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly.


The strategy group is one of several the White House convened earlier this year to advise the president.


Several CEOs from a manufacturing council have quit this week, following blowback over Trump’s remarks about racially charged violence in Virginia on Saturday.

This follows the mass exodus of CEOs, most recently 3M and Campbell CEOs. Inge Thulin, the chairman and CEO of 3M , on Wednesday announced his resignation from President Donald Trump's manufacturing council.

"Sustainability, diversity and inclusion are my personal values and also fundamental to the 3M Vision. The past few months have provided me with an opportunity to reflect upon my commitment to these values," he said in a statement. "I joined the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative in January to advocate for policies that align with our values and encourage even stronger investment and job growth - in order to make the United States stronger, healthier and more prosperous for all people. After careful consideration, I believe the initiative is no longer an effective vehicle for 3M to advance these goals. As a result, today I am resigning from the Manufacturing Advisory Council. At 3M, we will continue to champion an environment that supports sustainability, diversity and inclusion. I am committed to building a company that improves lives in every corner of the world."

And Campbell Soup Company CEO left shortly after:

They join Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier, Under Armour's Kevin Plank, Intel's Brian Krzanich, Alliance for American Manufacturing president Scott Paul and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumpka in exiting the council, which is headed by Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris. Thea Lee, former deputy chief of staff of the AFL-CIO, said on Twitter she is quitting the council as well.

Tesla's Elon Musk and Disney's Bob Iger in June dropped out of a strategic and policy forum to the president following his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord. Since-ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quit the council in February over employee backlash.

As a reminder, President Trump tweeted yesterday:

"For every CEO that drops out of the Manufacturing Council, I have many to take their place. Grandstanders should not have gone on. JOBS!"

That remains to be seen, meanwhile VP Pence just made statement confirming he will be returning early from his LatAm trip:



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Mzhen's picture

So be it.  Globalists gotta globe.

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All CEOs on the Council can be replaced by Generals. We already have so many of them, so what’s another dozen or two?  ;-)


bankbob's picture

Replace them with someone who puts the countries interests ahead of their own.

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Kids… understand this …\

CEO’s are not business people…

They are rentier   ---   financiers.

The good thing is that the pres will  not have to deal with those schmucks anymoar.


Dukes's picture

I now have an extremely limited list of places to shop and goods I can buy.

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Fecking CEO's ... Same Shit NO Jobs ...

So Close's picture

There is no excuse or defense for the white supremacists or racists. But to not see and condemn the same foundational motivations deep in the roots of the black lives matter movement (when they espouse the execution of police, and burn down stores and cars), or postmodernist social justice warriors (who so vehemently and violently protest against any form of speech on campuses that is contrary to their own) is to not understand and see the whole of the issue. It is fine to call a spade a spade. Not calling all spades spades is ignorance, willful blindness, or demonstrates a profound lack of courage.

BaBaBouy's picture

Sorry Again Plebes... CEO'$ win, you lose...

The Ferengy Said It...PROFIT Above All...Hello Mexico...

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this just in:

ESPN2's approach to auctioning players as part of its Fantasy Sports Marathon on Monday night drew criticism from some on social media, who said it resembled a slave auction.

the association of actual owners who actually own the players and yet nobody objects to that

ps -- before we buy them, we see how high they can jump. it's just part of the process. perfectly normal. if the label on the box says "42 inch vertical", well, we just want to be sure we get the product that was advertised.

booboo's picture

Trust me, NBA owners are very very measured and PC in their speech but deep down the players are chattel to be traded like slaves. "how high can that mandingo jump Schwartz?" "That boy ain't gonna be some uppity negro that will disrupt the rest of the cotton pick...uh.... players"

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Maybe we should encourage the employee ownershio of the teams?

poeg's picture

Yeah I'm sure the next Jordan or Byant is more than willing to share the wealth with benchwarmer Bob.

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Who's that BillGates looking dweeb, Schwartz? "Oh him? That's the waterboy. My brother-in-law's kid. He got a bball scholarship at MIT."

uno's picture

CEOs of many corporations are Pedos and Satanist.  Most do not get to these levels without being part of the evil Faternity.  That is why they are on each others BOD.  They go to Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg etc.  This whole thing is obviously staged, how many nazis are out there, and out of those 50 how many are severly mentally ill or feds.  White boys and girls listen to rap mostly, how does that make them nazis.

Handful of Dust's picture

They're pissed the wall will cut off their cheap labor. I am 100% sure these CEO's can't give a rat's ass about "diversity" unless it's cheap labor and they can profit.

sodbuster's picture

Great news!!!! Their "policy" reccos are for the globalist elite- the hell with them!!

Not Too Important's picture

Nazi's? Adolph Hitler was a committed Socialist. He has more in common with Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump. Free healthcare for all? Hitler did it, too.

Hillary and her crowd are more like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Trotsky, full hard-core Communists more than willing to kill hundreds of millions domestically.

Then there's the Moloch worshipping/child eating...

Insurrector's picture

Off on the Moloch tangent again?

Seriously you think Hitler is more in common with Bernie than the Donald?  And your threadbare argument is what, socialism?

Hillary is more than willing to kill hundreds of millions domestically?  You brain is addled with Trumpian Kool-Aid, or worse yet, you've fallen in with the conspiracy of conspiracies shit slingers.

new game's picture

fuking labels to incite hatred. it works. so fuking wordsmith slanted.

destroying merica with each and every hour of brainwash.

the fuking tb is on at work in the breakroom. disgusting shit...

sneaky slanted shit planting subliminal shit, fukers...

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Howzabout they do the left a solid and just smash out all of their own windows?

Corporate HQ goes first.

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Forget the idea of draining the swamp. Just abandon it. Leave DC and never go back. Operate the executive office from elsewhere and call in the deplorables. These people are ALL against you Trump and they always will be, the reds, the blues, media, croney captains of industry, all of them, let's get on with it.

Taffy Lewis's picture

Yes, Chunga, I have been thinking this for awhile... The Kansas City airport is nice with 1 of the 3 terminals currently idle. The ex-Sprint complex in Overland Park has tons of space... In the heartland and smack in the middle of flyover country; just make sure that the new capital is on the Kansas side (anti-slavery) and not the Missouri side (pro-slavery) of KC.

7thGenMO's picture

As more globalist elites and their waterboy CEO's, MSM, and pols turn against Trump, the more support he deserves because he's probably doing what's in the interest of the common American.  However, we have to give Obama and the globalist cabal credit, they were able to turn the dialogue in this country into such a red-hot emotional tantrum that any room for logical discourse is nearly impossible.  Ironically, as the left becomes more focused on statues of secessionists, the more traditional Americans will look to leave the Union.

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Krugman, is that you?!

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Only Jewish Supremacy is acceptable, eh Schlomo? Nice try.

Blankone's picture

Please define white supremacist and white racist.
That term is being used against anyone who calls for pride in being white, white history and white accomplishment. Just what is wrong with those things?

White racists - that term is used if you do not support anti-white groups, if you prefer the company of whites, do not want to marry certain other groups etc.. Why is a white only charity racist, a white only club racist, a white only entertainment award racist, a white only beauty pageant racist, a white only business org to support only white businesses racist, a white only college fund racist? When the opposite is not only declared "not racist" but being prideful in their heritage and morally superior in their actions?

How about we go by ACTIONS. When was a minority group who got legal permits to gather violently attacked. Not only that, but the msm then blame the legal gathering. When last did white supremacists, as you call them, burn down the neighborhood and businesses?

You can form any group you want, and have any political agenda you want, and get permits to gather and make you message known. But not be violent or commit criminal acts. Now again, which groups initiate violence as a practice, which groups physically attack legal gatherings as a practice (peaceful, permitted counter gatherings not being an issue.).

Not Too Important's picture

Did you see the pic of the Antifa guy that showed up with a Nazi shield and blended in with the Alt-Right crowd, to get shit started by attacking his own Antifa people?

It's easy to find assholes that will start violence for $25 an hour, lots of them.

Scuba Steve's picture

Why isnt that marketing firm finding these people liable?

Not Too Important's picture

IBM supplied the Nazis with their analog computer devices, spare parts and support all throughout WWII, for many calculating jobs, especially keeping track of all their prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.

Those numbers tatooed on Nazi prisoner's arms? Those were IBM numbers.

Racism and slavery must end now! Boycott IBM!!!

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Trump stop being a loveboy.

People elected you and you prostituted them going to bed with GS and the rest of Zio-Banking Mafia. The results is you don't have too many "friends" left any more.

For the God sake be a US President and stop being a Tweeter clown. Be desisive and bold. There is no ways back. Do not argue with your enemies, destroy them!

Son of Loki's picture

These ceo's are morally corrupt. They realized they are not going to get handouts from Turmp like Obama handed them to Immelt, etc so they used this lame racist excuse.


My guess is they all have at least two bodyguards 24/7 and live behind 15 foot walls like Zuckerberg and could care less about poor whites or blacks other then use them for cheap slave labor.

bearwinkle's picture

As long has the Constitution still exists, I don't care if you are a white supremacist, racist, BLM, etc. or whatever you still have a right right to assemble and a right to say whatever you want to say. There maybe people who don't want to hear what you have to say but you can always walk away from it. Period.


Soundgardener's picture

How much is organic and how much is externally fomented shit-stirring, that's the question...

Nazis, communists, religious nuts, Scientologists, Moonies, yuppies, racist bigots, Tibetan red-hat wearing Dugpas: all part of the scenery since I can remember, fuck 'em all with a donkey's dick, on principle (the ones my size or smaller, at least), but what's so pressing all of a sudden? Eradicating contrary idealogies & human ignorance isn't high on my agenda atm.

So what's up? External fomentation / shit-stirring. Polarization. Divide & conquer. Bread & circuses. Well funded & resourced, media / celeb / political / entertainment icons pulling the gullible / reactive along by their nose rings.

Male vs Female (MGTOW vs Fem)
Black vs White
Baby Boomer vs Gen X vs Millenials
Christian vs Muslim vs Zio
Alt-Right vs Alt-Left (Trumpeters vs SJWs)
MSM vs Web / Journalism 2.0 / Indie / Alt media
Nazi ('Adolf Hitler is misrepresented by history') vs Commie ('Stalin / Mao don't count')

One-note Johnnys, as Robert Anton Wilson would say (and at risk of supporting Jim Quinn's horse-shit article y'day).

Most people have more to fear from Govt, (inc. deep state / 'intel' agency) & the web of connected entities (military, corporate sector, political foundations, religious relics, aristocratic relics, organized crime, 'secret' societies, academia) than anything else. If for no other reason than political ponerology / pathocracy has more room to breathe (more evolutionary generations / selective layers to generate, nurture, & concentrate scumfuckery to the rarefied depths where the likes of Merkel, HillBillary, Marcon, et al slither & squelch).

Aah well...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, eh Steve?

barkingbill's picture

its more then that. trump is interfering with the globalist strategy to use hate for nationalists, and turn that into a hate for nations altogether.....bringing about the "no borders" world. 

InjectTheVenom's picture

well, if CNBC is reporting it, then it MUST be true !!!

The Cooler King's picture

We have problem in country & the problem is CEO's. Throw the CEO's down the well!

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Now why did we have this - ah, team, group, body, committee, people that get together and talk to one another - in the first place?

Any more tax-payer funded groups that we can disband just as quickly?

HalinCA's picture

Why is Pence coming home early?  Tyler put that is for a reason, but no one has opined on it yet?

I think that is more important than the dissolution of the council.

Countrybunkererd's picture

Something nasty this way comes?  Pulling the plug?  I now understand the strange and ugly turn artwork took in the 1930's.

The Cooler King's picture

Because another cute teenybopper from Scripps College is supposed to show up for a FOTO OP, and THIS TIME he's gonna say "Fuckit ~ I'm just gonna go full Biden & feel her up, squeeze her buns"

Got The Wrong No's picture

At that point he would gain respect from the Satanic Left. 

chunga's picture

I get the feeling what we've seen in the past few days is the swamp tightening the screws on it's opposition.

Handful of Dust's picture

The media has gone full retard with distorted news or outright lies.


It's coming. Something evil this way comes.

chunga's picture

I feel it too. While all this shit is going on, in Las Vegas there is a re-trial concerning the Bundys, the ranchers, BLM. People who said NO to the govt. This is something the judge said:

She has made it clear that there is no such thing as self defense against the government, or that of defending anyone else against the government.

Pretty much a complete media blackout on this, it's astonishing.