Tucker Carlson Asks the Question: Will the Left Refute America’s Forefathers Because They Owned Slaves?

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I cannot see how the left cannot call for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others to be removed from the public square, libraries, museums, universities and our currency.

Since the left is out to get all racists, feverishly on the lookout for nazis and alt-right retards, ripping down statues of confederates, why not go to the source of all this racism, eh? America's forefathers.

41 out of 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves. Therefore, and using the same logic we're applying to the white supremacists in the streets demanding, err, nothing, we must reject the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America, basically.

The country is over.

Tucker Carlson lays it out perfectly. I'd like to hear from any left wingers who disagree with my train of thought and explain to me why we should revere Thomas Jefferson.

Naturally, Bill Kristol attacked Tucker for his cogent analysis. Brit Hume came to his defense.


NOTE: Earlier today, the President had it out with the media over this very topic. Here is the full showdown.

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one_fed_up_chick's picture

The left has been complaining about the forefathers for a while now.  There is a bigger fish to fry right now

The history of the Democrat party is very inconvenient for them.  The information age is a problem for them.  You, for now, can still see the true history, even with them co-opting academia.  The civil war was because they didn't want to give up their cheap labor.  The disaffected southern democrats created the KKK.  The politicans dug their heels in and fought every single piece of legislation the Repiblicans put forth to help blacks, no matter what it was.  They pushed segregation.  George "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" Wallace was a democrat. They need to erase history...their history

jin187's picture

Don't forget the terrible SCOTUS and POTUS abuses that led to up to the civil war. Purposeful politically motivated misinterpretations of the constitution, and ignoring the rule of law, such as Dredd Scott, Plessy vs Ferguson, and the Trail of Tears. All Democrats.

Supposedly, LBJ rallied support for the Civil Rights Act by telling several Democrat governors that "If we pass this the n------ will vote Democrat for the next 200 years." Looks like he was right, and my God is it hilarious to watch. The cherry on top is that over 80% of the House Democrats voted against it IIRC, and they still managed to claim all the credit. I just don't see why the Republicans don't have the kind of master politicians the Democrats seem to grow on trees. I bet if you asked Hillary supporters from the last election what "Whitewater" was, 1 in 20 might recognize the name.

aliens is here's picture

Strange MSM never brought up it was blks who sold other blks.

nsurf9's picture

Yes, and the northerners in Portsmouth, NH, Philadelphia, PA, among others in the northern cites re-sold the blacks to the south.  Along with the Europeans, the north profited handsomely from the sale of slaves which fueled it to become the largest asset class in the country.  Further, the south had few, if any, ships that could cross the Atlantic Ocean to even transport the slaves.

The fact is the civil war was caused over selective high taxes on the south that went only to the north and its infrastructure building - to the exclusion of the south.  Also, Lincoln's emancipation was a war maneuver to ensure the southern-sympathic English and French stayed out of the war and at the same time bring dissention in the south among the slaves.  And, it worked - it kept the English and French from helping the Confederacy. 

The curious fact is Lincoln, specifically, freed no slaves in the north with the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln did, however, manage to kill-off about a million people from the north and south – “to save the union!”

Yonathan Zwift's picture

Learn from history...

Enslavement always begins with purging those less 'holy' than the betters.  Eventually, only the betters remain and walk their fetid children among the fields of the lessers' mass graves their fathers planted.  Of course, the useful tools that propelled the betters into positions of power were the second wave dirt eaters - but, it was for the Greater Good, wasn't it?  Who can trust those backstabbing traitors, anyways ....

And, so it goes ... until the birth of the new emancipator ... then the blood of tyrants and their toadies shall sprinkle like morning dew amongst the flowers ... and 'never again' shall stain the lips of newfound believers - yet, will they reject 'something-for-nothing' politics that wounded so many?  Will we ever learn?  Can we?

jin187's picture

Every society created since the dawn of humanity says "no".

DarthVaderMentor's picture

Yes, they will, Tucker. They will also refute everything else including themselves via another "Cultural Revolution".

One of the underlying precepts of the Globalist Socialist Liberal Collective is Stalinism. Before long, just like with Mao and his famous wife (she's much like Elizabeth Warren) they will turn on their own for "cultural (ethnic) cleansing". Just like Trotsky, we will have a cultural revolution here in America ordered and led by the strong central government directed by the Globalist Socialist Liberal Collective and monitored by systems created "for our own good and protection". 

I predict that the country's fathers, the Constitution, and yes, even Martin Luther King will be destroyed and vilified before long by the good little liberal zombie borgs of the Globalist Socialist Liberal Collective.

We are marching happily back to 1860 to a Civil War but this time it'll be the Globalist Socialist Liberal Collective using enforcement organizations like CAIR, the Muslims and Sharia law that will dominate our lives in the next millenium. 

Boss Tweed's picture

you are invalid, the fly is a racist skinhead piece of shit and all this false equivalency ignores the fact that you faggots LOST and have then proceeded to spend the next 150 years butthurt bitter with the most butthurt whinny racist skinhead being tucker carlson


fuck racist shit abc media ltd/ zeeee eaaaaih and especially a big fuck you to the "fly" hey fly take that abc media tip your sucking on outcho mouth nigga

gilhgvc's picture

what the hell is wrong with you whiteboy? quit with the black trolling bullshit. the correct term for morons like you is WIGGER. Now go back to your room and imagine you are some brave bad as Shaft kinda dude and don't forget your skullcap

GeezerGeek's picture

Thanks for such cogent analysis. You are cut from the same cloth as your namesake.

Dumpster Elite's picture

This just in...Washington DC to be renamed "Alinsky-grad, District of Columbia (University)". Washington State to be renamed "Obama-grad". All former Southern Confederate States to be renamed D'Shaun, Shaniqua, or Tyrone. Up next: reparations.

GeezerGeek's picture

I vote for renaming Broward County, FL (home of Debbie-does-Awan) to ShiThead. It properly describes the vast majority of people in this deep-blue sunshine wonderland.

truthseeker47's picture

The answer to Tucker's question is YES, destroying the ideals of the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and America is exactly the goal of the far left.  They just keep chipping away at it, like boiling a frog.

Jethro's picture

1984's memory hole. 


It's the same reason that effiminate faggot, Obama kept referring to the US as a "Democracy" instead of a constitutional repulic.  Dumb down the public enough over a couple of generations, and they have no problem endorsing their own death warrant. 

TheAntiProgressive's picture

Not only that, far to many people on the right and ALL on left state often it is the "Democratic" party, NOPE it is the "Democrat" party.  Applying the term democratic to the Democrats is a misapplication of words.  A favorite of the left.

The Gladiator's picture

Let's see. He said white Christians owned slaves. He mentioned Mohammad as being a slave owner,so that's Islam. But. He convienently left out the fact that jews owned the ships that brought the slaves here. Come on,folks. Don't forget,FOX is no different than the other MSM outlets. They are all owned by the jewish cabal.They are only the lesser of many evils.

Calculus99's picture

Tucker, if you're reading this (and you never know) keep up the GREAT work, you've got many fans here in the UK. 

PS. You've got the best 'bemused' face in the business. 

Grandad Grumps's picture

Did all of the founding fathers own slaves? I think not.

Does the action of one pedophile in Congress (Dennis Hastert) invalidate all laws made by Congress? Same logic.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Not to them.

  1. If logic does not serve the party, then discard logic.
  2. They like pedophiles.
Dumpster Elite's picture

MLK Jr. was a very well-known serial philanderer, and cheated on his beautiful black wife Coretta Scott MANY times with street whores. Does this give me license to go around with my pick-up, tying a rope around and pulling down every single MLK Jr. monument I come across? And the po-po will just stand by and watch approvingly? This is the logic of the left. Hey, he kept ALL women of color down with his cheating ways! He's no better than a white man. Where is my pussy hat???

rf80412's picture

As far as the left and blacks themselves are concerned, slavery is a permanent get-out-of-jail card.  Nothing compares to what was done to them first, so nothing that blacks say or do can be held against them.  Being the victim of one evil excuses all lesser evils that you might do.

The Jews think the same way about the Holocaust: "Never again!" justifies any and every action they or Israel might take, from 1946 until the end of time.

Bastiat's picture

A "Get out of Responsitibility, Free" card.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

I posted this under a different article earlier........This movement is already underway.  There was a story this morning on Chicago news, they're wanting to rename Washington and Jackson parks in the city because they owned slaves.  It's real.

ipso_facto's picture

Why didn't police do something WHILE the crimes were being committed?

hoytmonger's picture

They did... they watched.

Police have no legal obligation to protect civilians. They are state goons that obey state orders.

iamerican4's picture

McCabe-briber McAuliffe is the Mob.

hoytmonger's picture

McAuliffe is a bag man, middle management.

indio007's picture

The irony is that slavery has NEVER been based on race. It's based on whether some ancestor pledge themselves and their heirs to someone else.

This is substantially following the common-law rule, which was borrowed from the civil law. Justinian's Inst, book 1, title 4, p. 13. The rule of the civil law was, that one born of a free mother was free, although the father was a slave; and so, on the other hand, if the mother was a slave, the offspring partook of her condition. Rutherford's Inst, 247; Shelton v. Barbour, 2 Wash., 67. There can be no doubt that the rule partus sequitur ventrem gen- erally obtains in this country. Hudgins v. Wrights, 1 Hen. & Munf., 137; Pegram v. Isabell, 2 Hen. & Munf., 193; Chancellor v. Milton, 1 B. Mon., 25; Esther v. Akin, 3 B. Mon., 60.


In the case of the United States V. Sanders (Ilempst.. 48G) the court held that the quantum of Indian blood in the veins did not determine the condition of the offspring of a union between a white person and an Indian; but further held that the condition of the mother did determine the question. And the court referred to the common law as authority for the position that the condition of the mother fixed the status of the offspring. Tlie court is sustained in the first position by the com- mon law, and also in the last position, if applied to the offspring of a connection between a freeman and a slave, upon the principle handed down from the Roman civil law, that the owner of a female animal is entitled to all her brood, according to the maxim partus sequitur ventrem. But by the common law this rule is reversed with regard to the offspring of free persons. Their offspring follows the condition of the father, and the rule partus sequitur patrem prevails in determining their status. (1 Bouvier's Institutes, 198, sec. 502 ; 31 Barb., 486 ; 2 Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 147 ; ShanlvS v. Dupont, 3 Pet, 242.) This is the universal maxim of the common law with regard to freemen, as old as the common law, or even as the Roman civil law, and as well settled as the rule partus sequitur ventrem. the one being a rule fixing the status of freemen, the other being a rule defining the ownership of property ; the one applicable to different political communities or states, whose citizens are in the enjoyment of the civil rights possessed by people in a state of freedom, the other defining the condition of the offspring which had been tainted by the bondage of the mother.

GeezerGeek's picture

If it comes down to the condition of the mother, Obama wasn't our first black president, but just another white one.

He certainly had me fooled!

TeethVillage88s's picture

I say this is the Globalist Agenda forcing itself on Trump Administration.

Globalist Agenda is what Barack & Hillary are fighting for.

Let's keep this simple. They have destroyed the courts, schools, universities, US Congress, Central Bank & US Treasury... destroyed the Currency... Destroyed or shoved aside the US Constitution.

Now they want to normalize laws to match China. Control free speech & History as they do the MSM.

Globalist Agenda marches on... good subject for a hard rock song.

undercover brother's picture

Throw each and every one of them in jail until this crap stops. Destruction of public property, disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly, etc. etc.  They are breaking so many laws, how about local and federal administrations and police taking a stand to stop this violence once and for all.  Follow the money trail and put a stop to their funding. If you're legitimately protesting, you don't come armed with bats, mace, masks and goggles.  Enough is enough with these agitators and enough is enough with their supporters.  

MalteseFalcon's picture

"Everything created by White men will be forbidden. "

Cultural appropriation is bad, K?

GeezerGeek's picture

There goes Algore's internet. And pizza, and telephones, and A-C electricity. Welcome to the huts common to some African tribes.

Reaper's picture

We need give the Whites-haters that White free world they desire. California can be their Promised Land. Everything created by White men will be forbidden. All electric objects removed, Edison and Tesla were White. All medical procedures invented by White men forbidden. All medicine derived from theories of White men forbidden; witch doctors will be praised. Airplanes were created by the White man.

"All men created equal" was a myth created by White men; traditional slavery and despotism will return.

jin187's picture

By that way of thought, does that mean Black people would have exclusive rights to refrigeration, peanut butter, and blood transfusions?

Major Eric Shunn's picture

Hey racist assholes, the confederacy lost the war. Get over it they lost, game over. The Nazi's lost in WW2 and you don't see Hitler or Himmler statues all over the place in Germany.

You stupid racist fuckers want to blame evertbody else for your pathetic pos lives. Blacks, Jews, Muslims, etc. have a right to be on this planet as much as you so. So crawl back under your rock or better yet read a book (with plenty of pictures so you'll better understand all the 'big' words) and grow the fuck up! 


jin187's picture

While you're tearing down the monuments to those evil racists, why don't you go international? Tear down those statues of the murdering enslaving dictators in Burma, North Korea, and China.

markar's picture

You're the ignorant asshole who needs to go back and study history. The civil war was about state's rights and the stranglehold the North, through their London banker masters had on the South's economy. Lincoln didn't give a shit about the slaves any more than their Democratic masters in the South.

Kickaha's picture

Somehow you mangaged to get that all backwards.  It's the antifa crowd and its allies that not only seem to have a pathological need to blame white men for their pathetic, meaningless lives, but who are also actively seeking to re-write all laws and policies to make them first and foremost group/idenity-based, and actively out assaulting anyone and anything, even poor statues, they see as interfering or opposing their radical agenda, which at its core denies the prime role of individual rights and responsibilites that has served as the very foundation of Western civilization for millenia.

hoytmonger's picture

Hey moron, the Confederacy's role in the war was justified, the Union's was not.

Take your cultural Marxism and shove it up your ass.

Antivenom's picture

Will Sheila Jackson Lee change her last name?

NickPeeMe's picture

First of all if some town want to remove or put up a statue of Robert E. Lee that is their fucking business and unless you live in that town fuck off. This is such an idiotic argument. Only in this dumb fucking shit bag country would people try and start a civil war for taking down statues from the last civil war. Grow the fuck up. this has nothing to do with Washington or Jefferson.

awakeRewe's picture

They are just removing these monuments to make room for the heros of the 2nd un-civil war.

mike_king's picture

I don't care what the reason is, I just want the civil war to start. Democrats and establishment Republicans need to exterminate each other.

NoBillsOfCredit's picture

Although the last war you're talking of is not actually a civil war but it was a war between the states. You sound like those Isis fighters who are blowing up all the ancient statuary and monuments and buildings to erase history. The Nazis did the same thing to erase history by burning and destroying books and historical records. Pharaoh did the same thing about Moses to try to destroy him and erase him from history. There's a lot more to say about your ignorance of history and your foolish position but I've got other things to do.

HenryHall's picture

>> using the same logic we're applying to the white supremacists in the streets demanding, err, nothing, we must reject the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America, basically.

No. Fuzzy thinking. The Constitution has been amended. For example by allowing women to vote. It is a living document.

GeezerGeek's picture

At this point I'm on the verge of saying yes, dump the Constitution, go back to the Articles of Confederation.

jin187's picture

Screw that. We should sell the east coast back to the UK, and the west coast back the Mexicans and Canadians.